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<lovesegfault> talyz: I pushed your work to impermanence after doing a nixpkgs-fmt pass, hope that's alright
<ashkitten> getting my floppy drive tomorrow! gonna install ms-dos!
<samueldr> which version?
<samueldr> going for that unofficial "7", or keeping it real with a 5?
<ashkitten> 6.22
<samueldr> oh, I forgot that one
<samueldr> I conflated the unofficial 7 and the windows 9x MS-DOS as having different version numbers
<ashkitten> it's bs that freedos can't even be installed by floppy
<samueldr> 7.1 (CDU) I have in mind, if you didn't know about it
<ashkitten> oh huh
<samueldr> (oh no, keeping it real could have been so much better with a pun for real mode)
<ashkitten> lmao
<ashkitten> i just need something to run my demos on ;-;
<samueldr> writing or watching?
<ashkitten> both
<samueldr> nice
<ashkitten> i've written exactly one so far
<ashkitten> and don't have any ideas for another
<samueldr> one more than I
<ashkitten> and i found a bug in qemu
<ashkitten> well, actually it's a bug in seabios
<ashkitten> haven't reported it because I Dont Actually Care
<ashkitten> and i dont think anyone else does either
<ashkitten> it just sets up the graphics mode i use wrong
<ashkitten> but i dont know if seabios has proper support for vesa modes anyways
<colemickens> maybe someone will hit that someday and find your message in an irc log
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<ldlework> neat
<ldlework> really cool that you can play it in your browser
<ldlework> "this button is not implemented"
<ldlework> aw
<ar> samueldr: didn't winme bootdisks identify as msdos 7?
<samueldr> I think so, as I said, I was mistaken
<samueldr> I thought win9x was 6.x
<samueldr> 9x including me
<ar> 98 and 98se had 6.22
<samueldr> weird, my research tells me otherwise
<samueldr> >> Windows 95 reports to be MS-DOS 7.0, while Windows 98 and Windows 98SE report as 7.1.
<samueldr> "research"
<samueldr> more in depth information, I guess https://betawiki.net/wiki/MS-DOS_7
<samueldr> fun! "The latest version of MS-DOS 8.00 was found in Windows 8.1 dated 2005-04"
<ar> hm
<ar> i'm confused now
<samueldr> aren't we all?
<ashkitten> hmmmm how can i have gstreamer with gst-plugins-good and gst-plugins-base in a systemd service?
<iqubic> I also want to know that.
<ashkitten> there doesn't seem to be any sort of gstreamer.withPlugins or gstreamer.override { plugins = [] }
<iqubic> Agreed.
<ldlework> Oh god
<ldlework> dosbox how have i never installed you before
<etu> lovesegfault: yay for adding things to the repo :)
<etu> ✨ lovesegfault
<{^_^}> lovesegfault's karma got increased to 35
<lovesegfault> <3 etu
<{^_^}> etu's karma got increased to 20
<lovesegfault> I want to also add improvements but I'm messing around thinking about it for right now
<lovesegfault> Figured having talyz's work there would at least be a starting point
<lovesegfault> Oh!
<lovesegfault> bind-mounting fixed iwd :D
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<talyz> lovesegfault: heh, I was working on adding it - I just wanted to take some time to write instructions too ;)
<lovesegfault> talyz: Oops, sorry I stepped on your toes :/
<lovesegfault> Feel free to overwrite, I'm not using it yet
<talyz> lovesegfault: yeah, no worries, I could just force push and we can start from there :)
* lovesegfault nods
<lovesegfault> if you do force push try to preserve the CI I added, no need to preserve the shell.nix since it just has nixpkgs-fmt
<eyJhb> What timezone are you in lovesegfault ?
<lovesegfault> eyJhb: all of them
<talyz> lovesegfault: sure :) I'm not completely sold on all the changes nixpkgs-fmt makes, but I guess it at least standardizes the formatting ;)
<lovesegfault> More seriously: PST
<eyJhb> Then you should be off to bed :D
<lovesegfault> talyz: I prefer that haskell one, but I think nixpkgs-fmt is more likely to end up being the default, so that's what I use
<lovesegfault> eyJhb: some time soon :P
<lovesegfault> I'm making a large deployment
<talyz> lovesegfault: yeah, true
<eyJhb> I just got up, time for more exam... Even if I don't want to
<talyz> lovesegfault: happy to hear bind mounting worked for iwd, btw \o/
<lovesegfault> Yeah, super nice!
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<eyJhb> In a subject named physical computing, and a question is "Name two electronic protocols", what would you answer?
<eyJhb> I think it is rather broad...?
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<ldlework> lol I am trying to filter out all null and empty-string attributes from a set and completely and miserably failing
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<talyz> ldlework: maybe 'lib.filterAttrs (n: v: (v != null && v != ""))' could work?
<ldlework> talyz: another problem it seems is bool values are converted to 1 and 0
<ldlework> instead of "true" and "false"
<talyz> ldlework: there's a boolToString function to handle that
<ldlework> thanks
<talyz> np :)
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<eyJhb> Speaking of loosing files
<eyJhb> Forgot to save my GPG key
<__monty__> >.<
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<eyJhb> I am the best
<eyJhb> I may have it on my backup :p Not sure where I created it
<__monty__> I guess key rotation on every boot is pretty secure.
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<eyJhb> __monty__: In the context of Processing (the language/IDE), what would you say "name two electronic protocols" mean?
<__monty__> Haven't the foggiest tbh.
<eyJhb> No clue either. It is a exam question for the lady. And the professor is.. Not good at teaching
<__monty__> Maybe I2C? Do things like PCI count?
<eyJhb> Considering that they need to answer things as, name two types of loops, what is function overloading, etc. then I2C and PCI seems waaay too advanced
<Valodim> TCP and UDP
<joepie91> honestly those generally sound like pretty bad exam questions?
<eyJhb> joepie91: They are....
<eyJhb> Valodim: Maybe? Taken to consideration
<joepie91> these really sound like the type of question where you're not expected to answer the question as-stated, but rather recall what you have been told about that question during class and repeat accurately
<eyJhb> There have been no class, because of COVID-19
<eyJhb> So only slides where some are incorrect, and without examples
<JJJollyjim> ugh :/
<risson> <__monty__> I guess key rotation on every boot is pretty secure. <- famous last words :D
<__monty__> risson: The joke is it's so impratical you wouldn't use the keys for anything. No communication means no compromisable communication ; )
<risson> It would even be impossible to use it in practice x)
<risson> Assuming you need an existing authorized key to add a new one
<__monty__> You don't though. You can create as many stand-alone gpg keys as you want.
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<gchristensen> would it be reasonable to use wireguard as a total VPN for my traffic so that when I plug in an ethernet cable I don't have to renegotiate all my connections
<gchristensen> it would just be a "VPN" right to my router
<__monty__> Are wireguard connections indifferent to the transport channel?
<gchristensen> yeah, they "roam"
<__monty__> That's pretty cool.
<__monty__> How do they handle lost data when switching? How fast can you switch networks without it all breaking down?
<gchristensen> just like what happens if there is a network hiccup anywhere :) UDP packets get dropped, and TCP's retry logic kicks in
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<jtojnar> ashkitten see `GST_PLUGIN_SYSTEM_PATH_1_0` env var
<__monty__> gchristensen: But independent of IP?
<cransom> gchristensen: would be fine. it used to be my status quo when i openvpned a lot and could hop from random networks without dropping sessions (unless i had things like ssh timeouts enabled)
<gchristensen> cool
<cransom> tangential reading on the subject. there's a standard for something that i have never seen materialize. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_IP
<cransom> also i believe, mptcp would have the same effect if you had a client and server set up for it.
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<gchristensen> oh neat
<gchristensen> of course the wireguard route means I need to solve the very annoying issue of wireguard vpn on nixos
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<eyJhb> Should get some better USB 3 sticks
<eyJhb> Mine can write at 5 MB/s....
<eyJhb> Do they even exist?
<eyJhb> Just need something around 10 GB, that has fast read/write, if anyone has any recommendations, come at me :)
<joepie91> eyJhb: serious suggestion, class 10 microSD + microSD USB readef
<joepie91> reader*
<joepie91> (well, class 10 or better. there are higher-rate specs)
<talyz> lovesegfault: I rewrote the NixOS module (and the home-manager module, to some extent) and added some documentation. The modules are now much more alike and the NixOS module should be more flexible and (hopefully) less confusing. :)
<talyz> lovesegfault: My force-pushing is done, so it should now be safe to work on in the repo
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<talyz> etu: ^
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<lovesegfault> talyz++
<{^_^}> talyz's karma got decreased to 1
<lovesegfault> Awesome!
<{^_^}> Wait no, it got *increased* to 3
<lovesegfault> cole-h, gchristensen I'm thinking maybe it'd be nicer to rollback on shutdown than on boot?
<gchristensen> oh?
<gchristensen> I wanted even bad shutdowns to boot clean
<joepie91> I continue to be impressed by VS Code's diff
<talyz> lovesegfault: thanks :)
<__monty__> lovesegfault: Isn't rollback at shutdown just rolling back and then shutting down?
<lovesegfault> __monty__: Oh, I'm talking about rolling-back to a blank snapshot for erase-your-darlings
<eyJhb> joepie91: will check it out
<__monty__> Oh, for faster boots?
<eyJhb> Any good ways to clone a HDD 320 GB to a SSD 120 GB, actual space used is only 60 GB
<eyJhb> I can only think of creating the disk layout manually, and copying the files
<lovesegfault> __monty__: Yeah, if the shutdown is successful then the next boot is faster
<lovesegfault> eyJhb: what fs?
<eyJhb> Windows stuff
<lovesegfault> Uff
<eyJhb> So NTFS
<eyJhb> Dads computer
<lovesegfault> Idk if you can shrink ntfs
<joepie91> yes you can
<joepie91> but you need to defragment it first
<joepie91> (this is how dualboot installs with Windows FS shrinking work)
<lovesegfault> Ah, nice
<joepie91> (and why you are always told to run a defrag before attempting this)
<lovesegfault> So I'd defrag, shrink as much as reasonable, and then dd it :P
<eyJhb> dd is sector by sector, will fill the same
<eyJhb> But yes, defrag makes sense joepie91
<eyJhb> Just need the Fing password then
<eyJhb> talyz: you made it more readable?
<eyJhb> 0% fragmented joepie91 , and still refusing. Stupid Acronis
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<talyz> eyJhb: I hope so :)
<talyz> eyJhb: I also changed the NixOS module interface to match the home-manager one
<eyJhb> What did you change regarding it?
<eyJhb> I should look myself I know. But don't we all just want someone to explain what we do to someone, and the appreciate it? :D
<eyJhb> talyz: did we need the nocheck?
<eyJhb> Shouldn't it be removed
<joepie91> biiiiiig thread
<etu> eyJhb: fsarchiver is your friend
<etu> eyJhb: it's in the repo because I put it there
<etu> > pkgs.fsarchive.meta.description
<{^_^}> attribute 'fsarchive' missing, at (string):315:1
<etu> > pkgs.fsarchiver.meta.description
<{^_^}> "File system archiver for linux"
<etu> It can handle ntfs fine, and don't care about different sizes because it works with the files rather than the blocks
<eyJhb> But then I need a liveboot of something etu
<eyJhb> OR. Use my own
<eyJhb> True
<talyz> eyJhb: I don't think we _needed_ it, but it gets rid of error messages on boot. Bind mounts shouldn't be checked anyway :)
<talyz> eyJhb: a lot, but mainly it now matches the home-manager module in how you specify the persistent storage and it doesn't separate root and etc anymore
<colemickens> joepie91: better than expected and a welcome thread
<colemickens> that reminds me, I had a video of a cop force getting berated by the public for a couple hours that was meant to accompany my coffee this morning
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<joepie91> colemickens: ah, the LAPD one
<joepie91> ?
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<eyJhb> etu: input output errors... :(
<eyJhb> Ahh, the good old hyper file. Always nice
<LnL> TIL you can define command entries in git rebase -i
<__monty__> Any cool custom definitions to share?
<samueldr> hmmm, could "prettify-code-before-commit" be a nice one?
<samueldr> (not that I have made one)
<samueldr> assuming the language has an opinionated formatter
<samueldr> though, merge conflicts ahoy!
<__monty__> Wouldn't commit hooks be better for that than having to do an interactive rebase?
<samueldr> bug report: your content-addressed path makes me download the .sh file instead of showing it as text :)
<__monty__> Ditto : )
<LnL> that runs with _every_ commit, different usecases
<samueldr> I guess the approach could be used though
<__monty__> Yeah but isn't that what you want if you want the codebase to always be formatted?
<__monty__> Unless we're talking formatting commit messages? I guess you can't do that without a rebase.
<qyliss> samueldr: I do that with cargo fmt
<qyliss> But I just do it on the fly with git rebase -i -x 'cargo fmt
<samueldr> as a git rebase custom command?
<samueldr> ah
<samueldr> nice
<qyliss> I just learned about custom commands
<qyliss> but doesn't seem like it'd save me any time over -x
<samueldr> though TIL about -x, too
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<colemickens> some time ago, there was a new "language" or something posted to HN. It vaguely made me think of NIx. It seemed like you could wrap scripts, declare inputs and outputs with similar goals as Nix, built to be able to chain scripts more reliably? I am sure I'm getting the fine details wrong, but it keeps bugging me so I have to ask
<colemickens> ring any bells?
<colemickens> sometime in the last ~3-12 months
<ldlework> nope
<samueldr> hermes?
<colemickens> hermes is too new, and it's not distri either
<colemickens> From what I recall, it had a flashy splash page.
<samueldr> WinGet? /troll
<ldlework> was it Janet?
<colemickens> I don't think so. I'm second guessing myself and memory quite a bit.
<ldlework> "be able to chain scripts more reliably"
<ldlework> ngl, I thought of powershell lol
<colemickens> ldlework: sort of actually! Many things coming up in my searches are like that, either PS directly on xonsh.
<colemickens> s/on/or/g
<colemickens> the concept of piping objects is appealing, though PS syntax is not.
<ldlework> colemickens: come help us make Styx
<colemickens> is that the static site thing?
<ldlework> We're moving away from static site, to a generalized content pipeline
<colemickens> hm #styx or something?
<ldlework> #nixos-styx
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<abathur> colemickens: checked my GH stars and HN favs and don't see anything obvious. I do recall someone else telling me about https://github.com/python-mario/mario, but I don't imagine you'd be comparing that to Nix
<abathur> *someone telling me about, even
<abathur> oh whatever, I was right the first time and read it wrong the 2nd :P
<energizer> colemickens: there are about a million of those https://github.com/pditommaso/awesome-pipeline
<ldlework> what a page
<colemickens> Oh no I was finally getting back to work. What if it's still not in that list!
<abathur> lol
<samueldr> colemickens: maybe it's an implanted thought so you have to implement it to make it come true?
<abathur> do you have a sense of whether it would/wouldn't be focused on some subset like build or workflow or dataset transformations?
<colemickens> oh god this is embarrassing, it might've just been this https://guixwl.org/tutorial
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<samueldr> and here I was thinking "can't be guix, it's too obvious"
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<samueldr> oh, wl... that's different
<abathur> (I recall seeing a few things that might fit the bill out in like the data/science spaces that had flashy splash pages, like dvc.org and pachyderm.com)
<abathur> I hadn't heard of that myself, though I also noticed it on that list
<colemickens> energizer: thanks for that link btw, lots of things I've meant to come back to are on this list
<colemickens> abathur: also cool links. dang, I'm glad I asked
<energizer> unfortunately nix has a few problems that make it not the end of the story
<energizer> builds stored at their inputs not their outputs
<colemickens> so much yaml though
<energizer> big files are read entirely into memory rather than streamed
<energizer> privacy
<energizer> (too easy to accidentally publish stuff to /nix or even to public caches)
<abathur> I've had two oddly separate wants/needs that have both led me into this weird space where I've found vanishingly little that does anything remotely like what I want
<ldlework> If you're not worried about those things, Nix is actually quite great at this kind of thing though.
<energizer> if your not worried about those things there are probably other things you're worried about instead
<energizer> i guess maybe nix is good at everything else tho
<ldlework> like when i'm building ldlework.com
<ldlework> i don't have like passwords, or credit card numbers in the content of my site
<ldlework> so the danger of things ending up in the store is not really relevant
<abathur> one of which is, in retrospect, fairly summarized as: I want git-annex, but I'd rather it didn't feel like flying down a mountain in a wingsuit covered in CDs that hold decades of files
<energizer> abathur: yeah i think that's related to the privacy thing, git-annex has tools for monitoring and managing where your data is. with nix i have no idea
<abathur> I like git-annex in a great many ways, and it seems to be the only thing in the space that quite meets my wants, I just had an early fuck-up that blew up a few hundred mb of thankfully not-all-that-important documents that've made me a little gunshy
<abathur> and I was putting them into the annex to get them off a piece of hardware and back them up, so, oops
<energizer> abathur: have you looked at tahoe-lafs?
* joepie91 pops in
<joepie91> what are the requirements?
<abathur> energizer: I recall seeing it, but I haven't given it a serious look
<abathur> joepie91: me? not sure we're that topical; I just dragged us off in the weeds from cole's question
<joepie91> abathur: yeah :) a tahoe-lafs recommendation was given and I'm reasonably familiar with its tradeoffs and design choices
<joepie91> so I might have some useful input if I know the requirements
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<abathur> ah; I started it by commenting on git-annex, which I like in theory/featureset but feel like the lack of integration across git and git-annex makes it a bit of a footgun