gchristensen changed the topic of #nixos-chat to: NixOS but much less topical || https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/nixos-chat
<cole-h> It's still WIP
<cole-h> So it'll probably take a while longer
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<gchristensen> https://gsc.io/snaps/505ed4dd-a432-4d80-89fc-a697785c27c1.png experiments with launchers
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<cole-h> bemenu is nice
<gchristensen> note the list of programs
<samueldr> gchristensen: what am I looking at?
<samueldr> list of all your web browsers?
<samueldr> ;)
<samueldr> or that you are limiting the scope?
<gchristensen> a very limited scope
<samueldr> interesting approach
<cole-h> Still kinda miffed that left and right arrows move left and right in the search term and I have to press shift to go to another item in the list... :(
<cole-h> :o
<gchristensen> I want a lazy package installed
<gchristensen> like I want an up to date zoom, but I don't want to build zoom as part of my nixos-rebuild
<drakonis> lazy package installs?
<drakonis> that sounds like fun
<gchristensen> where it'll let me use a stale zoom until the fresh one is installed, but it won't try installing the fresh one until I'm on AC power
<cole-h> gchristensen++ You always have some of the coolest ideas.
<{^_^}> gchristensen's karma got increased to 315
<gchristensen> lol cool
<gchristensen> too bad I don't have infinity time :P
<cole-h> If I could, I'd build a time machine just for you so you could explore all your cool ideas
<cole-h> lol
<gchristensen> hehe
<slack1256> gchristensen: I think you can do that by chaining `tail -f`, `grep`, `nix-env` and '/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/status'.
<samueldr> gchristensen: IIRC asz//lig has something for that
<slack1256> I did something like that when I ran matlab on college
<drakonis> i want to lazily obtain a list of available packages
<gchristensen> samueldr: I think you're right, though I'm not sure it'll use a stale one
<gchristensen> slack1256: typically I use systemd's ConditionACPower and a unit, but yeah!
<samueldr> IIRC it would use whatever is part of the current eval for your system
<drakonis> rather
<drakonis> lazily acquire a list of language packages and install them on an environment
<drakonis> instead of having to write definitions for each one of them
<slack1256> I am still postponing learning about systemd units ;_;
<gchristensen> I'mma head to bed. g'night :)
<drakonis> mod browsers ahoy
<cole-h> o/
<drakonis> night
<drakonis> i recall someone doing that for jupyter kernels
<drakonis> you'd be able to build environments with any kernels you included, independent of whether they're available as a derivation or not
<drakonis> dont think it got merged though
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<drakonis> https://github.com/tweag/jupyterWith i dont think its this
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<Ashy> jupyterWith is pretty great
<Ashy> i've only used the python kernel with it but it's way nicer than the Anaconda nightmare on windows
<drakonis> i think it was a nixpkgs pr
<drakonis> anaconda is a nightmare anywhere
<Ashy> yeah i cannot believe how slow it is
<Ashy> we have really good hardware and internet connectivity at work and it's slow enough that we just abandoned it
<energizer> conda has a harder job than nix
<{^_^}> #49807 (by costrouc, 1 year ago, closed): Integration of kernels and extensions with jupyter
<energizer> it has to solve sat
<energizer> nix takes the solution as input
<drakonis> hmm
<drakonis> the pr adds a way to extend the jupyter environment
<drakonis> although jupyterwish also does it
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<bqv> God, this is one hell of a time we're living in https://redd.it/h8w36t
<bqv> Github is deprecating "master" branches because of "racist connotations"
<slack1256> Dudeeeee
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<DigitalKiwi> did they end their ICE contract
<Irenes[m]> they did not, no. they still have that contract.
<DigitalKiwi> oh so it's just performative bullshit?
<DigitalKiwi> *surprise pikachu*
<DigitalKiwi> why are we taught since childhood that words can't hurt us
<Irenes[m]> I mean, the optimistic way to look at it would be that they feel pressure due to the ICE contract and they're doing this hoping to deflect attention
<Irenes[m]> it's certainly a much smaller thing than cancelling the contract, but it is a concession
<Irenes[m]> I don't blame you for questioning whether it's worthwhile though
<Irenes[m]> I think it's good for the world when tech companies are feeling pressure to appear less overtly fascist, heh
<DigitalKiwi> i get it when it's a dichotomy of master/slave ...but by itself :
<Irenes[m]> I've been told by black activists I know and trust that it is meaningful to them. I definitely understand why it seems like a small thing, but I do take it seriously. That said, I'm not trying to convince you or anything, you're welcome to believe it's frivolous.
<DigitalKiwi> and coming from github it just makes it almost... insulting? and kind of proves my theory that it's mostly (and reading the comments enforces it) white people trying to play savior and not actual BiPOC people that are upset
<Irenes[m]> I'm sure it's not anybody's top issue, heh
<DigitalKiwi> it's just...if all you do is change the words, and nothing else, nothing actually changes
<DigitalKiwi> referential integrity and all that
<Irenes[m]> I agree. It isn't going to change anything by itself. It only makes sense as part of a larger effort.
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<cole-h> To say nothing of the value, just imagine all the pain it's gonna cause when you go to pull nixpkgs and you can't because master no longer exists
<cole-h> I don't really mind either way, quite honestly. I just hope GH has some solution in mind for this (even if it's just a simple aliasing of master -> main)
<bqv> And suddenly youll lose all your prejudiced views as you search for the new branch
<cole-h> lol
<bqv> I maintain that even on the scale of things that actually matter, this isn't a defining moment and nothing substantial will come of this. Except minor annoyances from things like this change...
<bqv> I'm exceedingly cynical about the whole movement though
<cole-h> RIP red-black trees.
<energizer> git's master comes from bitkeepr's master/slave
<cole-h> ...kinda wish it was trunk instead of main though, quite honestly.
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<ldlework> energizer: I got that scifi gpt2 model working locally.
<energizer> ldlework: nice. wanna post a story?
<ldlework> lol
<energizer> that's so pulp
<ldlework> let's try another
<ldlework> energizer: would you like to provide a prompt?
<energizer> ldlework: In the beginning there was chaos.
<energizer> ldlework: that's really impressive
<energizer> it looks just like the blurb on the back of a book
<ldlework> hehe
<ldlework> wanna do another?
<ldlework> get scifi-y
<cole-h> "The sun had vanished."
<ldlework> cole-h: Stephenson approves.
<ldlework> energizer: ^
<cole-h> Wow, I really like those first 3 lines.
<cole-h> "I am the last." and then "I am the first."
<ldlework> Yeah.
<ldlework> Another?
<energizer> Do not modify this file! It was generated by ‘nixos-generate-config’ and may be overwritten by future invocations.
<cole-h> looool
<ldlework> I replied simply: "Do you want to see the changes?"
<ldlework> It*
<cole-h> "The stars blinked out one by one until the night sky was filled with nothingness." would have been my next one.
<ldlework> The stars blinked out one by one until the night sky was filled with
<ldlework> nothingness.
<ldlework> She raised her hand and closed her eyes for a long moment before letting it
<ldlework> open again to look at the world around her.
<ldlework> It was the end.
<ldlework> it keeps outputting <|endoftext|> marker after that
<ldlework> lol
<cole-h> f
<energizer> do you know how much compute was required to train this?
<cole-h> OK, bedtime. See y'all later.
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<ldlework> quadro something somethings
<ashkitten> does nix run on macos 10.4?
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<Ashy> macos 10.4 that had it's last update in 2007?
<Ashy> doubtful
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<eyJhb> So... My Facebook, Hotmail and Spotify have now been tried to be reset
<energizer> eyJhb: do you have 2fa?
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<sphalerite> infinisil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKa4h7K3y9Q I find your language fascinating x)
<sphalerite> it's so different and yet somehow similar to de_DE
<eyJhb> energizer: nope. Not on those services
<eyJhb> I do however have security questions I don't have the answer too and long random passwords
<eyJhb> Was there ever a reply from Bitwarden regarding tracking?
<__monty__> arianvp: ^
<__monty__> I expect not yet.
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<eyJhb> Anyone here using firejail?
<srk> y, for ff
<eyJhb> srk: how do you run it?
<eyJhb> Hoping for not the module way
<eyJhb> I keep getting soo many errors
<srk> sec
<srk> eyJhb: programs.firejail.wrappedBinaries.firefox = "${pkgs.lib.getBin pkgs.firefox}/bin/firefox"; + programs.firejail.enable = true; + desktop item for it
<eyJhb> Damn...
<eyJhb> Hoped for a plain use of it
<srk> https://paste.rs/43T and firejailedFirefox in home-manager package list
<srk> ah, missed the 'Hoping for *not* the module way' :D
<eyJhb> Still nice to see some code :p I just can't figure out why it won't work....
<eyJhb> It requires root to make the dirs it needs
<eyJhb> And then after, I cannot do anything as a normal user. And I cannot use sudo, as I get display errors
<srk> weird, never used it directly
<eyJhb> srk: I can feel you want to try
<eyJhb> :p
<srk> not really, when I need namespaces I use
<srk> > hackage "linux-namespaces"
<srk> :D or just plain unshare
<eyJhb> Damn :(
<eyJhb> I can see that the package does not allow for adding users, etc..
<srk> what's the goal?
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<eyJhb> Being able to run e.g. firejail firefok
<eyJhb> Being able to run e.g. firejail firefox
<srk> that fails for me as well, maybe take a peak how the firejail.wrappedBinaries are implemented
<etu> Since the linking of some of my blogposts here and there I spent some time this weekend to improve the color-theme on my website... Because it was horrible.
<eyJhb> I have and I can't see why that works...
<gchristensen> etu: nice
<eyJhb> If someone can see why that works, would be great
<etu> The later one is out of date
<etu> But it's fairly close to the current one
<__monty__> Yeah, that blue was terrible.
<etu> Indeed
<gchristensen> etu: you migth like https://contrastchecker.com/
<etu> gchristensen: I've used firefox devtools to check that after the second screenshot, so I've got at least 7 in contrast on all text both on the light and the dark theme.
<etu> gchristensen: So the page is better than that second image :)
<__monty__> etu: I think contrastchecker allows you to check for colorblind accessibility as well.
<__monty__> Hmm, no, was another site.
<__monty__> Sorry for assuming what was linked.
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<etu> __monty__: But it's much more readable now: https://elis.nu/blog/hello-world/ :)
<__monty__> For the non-colorblind, sure. I think the red+green for example is hard to distinguish for the most common type of colorblindness.
<__monty__> (This sort of accessibility stuff is just an obsession of mine, feel free to ignore.)
<sphalerite> __monty__: yes it does, see the "About" page
<eyJhb> srk: close to giving up on this, no clue what it wants
<etu> __monty__: I don't think it matters too much, if both can be read, worst case it would be a weird syntax highlight of the code
<srk> eyJhb: do you have programs.firejail.enable = true; set?
<sphalerite> etu: well, no, worst case is that parts of the code are invisible to people with some form of colour blindness even though fully sighted people can see it.
<sphalerite> (or that nobody can see it)
<srk> eyJhb: looks like that creates the security wrapper for it (e.g. I can run firejail top but firefox is already wrapped so that's probably why it fails)
<eyJhb> srk: that is my next move, that should work I guess
<__monty__> sphalerite: That'd require a weird background color though. It's mostly relevant in figures, with colors as keys.
<etu> sphalerite: Still an improvement from where nobody could read it without crying their eyes out :D
<__monty__> For syntax highlighting it just makes things stand out less.
<__monty__> But if your reasoning for using highlighting is "I want to make this more readable." Then you might also want to make it similarly more readable for the color blind.
<eyJhb> Works now
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<srk> cool
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<talyz> etu: looks much better :)
<gchristensen> dang, our google-chrome-stable's closure is not correct
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<gchristensen> abathur: I think I want a resholved hook that goes through all the outputs and tries to resholve everything
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<abathur> gchristensen: yeah?
<gchristensen> yeah I wrote it up here: https://github.com/abathur/resholved/issues/4
<{^_^}> abathur/resholved#4 (by grahamc, 33 minutes ago, open): Possible Future Work?
<abathur> I've been picking at the alias issue; a simple draft wasn't too hard but unfortunately testing it led me to a (hole? weakness? half-assedness? :D) in the parse/resolve model that is entailing a fairly decent rework
<abathur> I'm finding our current moment has made it hard to focus on it, and almost every time I do find a few neurons ready to throw sparks, some other damn thing comes up
<gchristensen> abathur: yeah no worries, but like, what do you think about what I wrote there?
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<abathur> xargs I'll need to think on a little; the bare minimum wouldn't be too bad as I already have separate handling for builtins that do similar, but handling the variable syntax and flags that commonly accompany it, the general point of a new affordance for <add extra handling for this arbitrary command> makes sense to me
<abathur> not sure I follow what you mean about path, are you talking about resholved not resolving from path, or modifying the script to unset path at runtime?
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<gchristensen> abathur: modifying the script to drop PATH
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<gchristensen> is there a newgrp that lets me specify a program to run afterwards?
<gchristensen> I want to use newgrp inside a script
<gchristensen> oh, sg
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<gchristensen> this week I'm having the extreme joy of going back to old-style provision testing of `while true; do vagrant up; vagrant destroy; done
<cole-h> At all related to the packet-vault plugin? ;)
<cransom> TIL there's a `gpasswd`.
<gchristensen> cole-h: haha no that one was trivial to replicate with something much more trivial :)
<cole-h> Hehe
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<lovesegfault> talyz: let me know if/when I can merge https://github.com/nix-community/impermanence/pull/3
<{^_^}> nix-community/impermanence#3 (by lovesegfault, 1 week ago, open): nixos: bind mount with correct permissions
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<energizer> how do we feel about putting hashedPassword in a public repo?
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<drakonis1> put the hashed password on a separate file and import it
<drakonis1> problem solved
<cole-h> I put it in my public repo
<lovesegfault> I have mine public
<lovesegfault> With 10000 rounds of SHA-512
<cole-h> If they can crack sha512, I think I've got bigger problems than a password I use once on one machine that isn't open to the internet
<cole-h> lol
<pie_> is youtubedl not working for anyone else? im trying to pull https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmpzjTAQz_A
<pie_> on the other hand putting encypted password file formats and such might be more provblematic
<pie_> unaudited
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<pie_> how do i always have these dumb problems
<gchristensen> you act likeyou want smart problems
<qyliss> pie_: wfm, youtube-dl 2020.05.29
<qyliss> Or, it starts downloading at least. I didn't download the whole 3GB video.
<pie_> forcing ipv4 made it work better
<pie_> i have no idea why v6 makes things insanely slow sometimes
<pie_> and invidious is also broken right now so that was a great waste of time
<pie_> gchristensen: if its a hard problem at least staring at it cluelessly is justified
<pie_> feels justified
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* samueldr sighs
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<cole-h> samueldr: What happened?
<cole-h> Oh
<cole-h> lolwat
<cole-h> It's pointing to a commit that you had no part in... lol, thx GH
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<LnL> I've also had that happen
<cole-h> Wait, is that a hash collision? lol
<gchristensen> nah
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<elvishjerricco> cole-h: A chosen prefix attack on git's hash algo is super hard already. Seeing a regular collision in the wild would be insane.
<lovesegfault> talyz: I squashed and will merge when CI passes
<talyz> lovesegfault: great! thanks!
<lovesegfault> 🎆
<lovesegfault> talyz, etu, cole-h: https://github.com/nix-community/impermanence/pull/8
<{^_^}> nix-community/impermanence#8 (by lovesegfault, 3 days ago, open): nixos: allow files to be symlinked anywhere
<lovesegfault> Now ready for review
<talyz> lovesegfault: if you have time, it would be great if you could test https://github.com/nix-community/impermanence/pull/11
<{^_^}> nix-community/impermanence#11 (by talyz, 2 days ago, open): home-manager: Bind mount directories instead of symlinking them
<lovesegfault> talyz: Yep, going to today, I was waiting to get #3 landed as it allows me to use master again
<talyz> lovesegfault: I looked at it briefly, but it doesn't really handle changing from generation to generation. I think we would need to go with an approach similar to what I've done for bind mounts in home-manager..
<gchristensen> hey looks good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCeYTysLyGI
<lovesegfault> With a unit?
<talyz> lovesegfault: Yeah. It will probably be simpler to do reliably in the nixos module, too, since it's not reliant on fuse..
* lovesegfault nods
<talyz> lovesegfault: If we don't do that, we're essentially going to have to reimplement the environment.etc or home.file module, which I'm not too keen on ;)
<lovesegfault> Yeah, I don't want to do that either :P
<cole-h> gchristensen: I agree. Wish I got an invite though :(
<gchristensen> you can just join now
<cole-h> "HEY is invitation-only until July 2020."
<gchristensen> ah
<gchristensen> well thaht is only 15 days
<cole-h> If it's July 1st
<cole-h> :P
<cole-h> I want to see what their Android app looks like
<__monty__> Is HEY just email with a nicer UX?
<cole-h> I'd suggest watching the video -- he covers some of the "differences" from things like Gmail and Outlook's webapps
<__monty__> I'm watching it but it's super slow and pretty boring tbh.
<gchristensen> 2x speed ftw
<gchristensen> abathur: fwiw my resholved comments stem from wanting to toss resholveHook it to google-chrome-stable's derivation b/c right now it can't run with an empty PATH
<__monty__> It's not fast enough.
<__monty__> This is why I prefer text by such a large margin.
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<abathur> gchristensen ah
<arianvp> eyJhb: they replied and removed it from the website
<arianvp> At least they told me they did. Haven't verified yet
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<joepie91> arianvp: who removed what?
<cole-h> :D
<cole-h> Got a job (contingent on a drug test, which I'm certain I'll pass) :D
<joepie91> congrats!
<samueldr> cole-h: ugh, it's so hard to know all those drugs
<gchristensen> congratulations!
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<cole-h> It's only seasonal, but I'll be making money, at least (:
<cole-h> samueldr: Very true. I hope they don't pick up on the crack... :P
<DigitalKiwi> crack is wack yo