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<infinisil> Finally reconfigured my keyboard layout
<infinisil> Now it has everything I need
<infinisil> Got a compose key
<samueldr> got an any key?
<infinisil> Got a layer for gaming (which doesn't do anything fancy with layers on shift and co)
<infinisil> samueldr: Nope, why would I want that?
<samueldr> how do you escape the hell of "Press any key to continue..."?
<infinisil> Also the whole programmer dvorak is now done through keyboard firmware, instead of X11
<infinisil> Oh lol
<samueldr> I don't really like the concept of tricking the computer with the keyboard
<samueldr> scancodes are standard for a reason
<samueldr> BUT, in "boutique" user-customized keyboards, I guess it's less of an issue
<infinisil> I recently had to start using a program that uses key codes to determine what is being typed
<infinisil> And that just doesn't really work well with an X11 based layout..
<infinisil> That was really the only motivation for me
<gchristensen> yeah, I can confirm, it is especially useful to have the keyboard pretend to be qwerty when you're doing RDP / VNC goop
<samueldr> the program is wrong!
<samueldr> some form of VNC?
<infinisil> Yes I could've also done it at a level between. There's a way to configure mapping from scancodes to linux keycodes
<infinisil> But that's a pain..
<infinisil> (mainly because nobody knows how to do that)
<samueldr> but really the "scancodes" issue is a terrible one
<samueldr> people actually believe a normal keyboard tells the computer where the keys are!
<infinisil> Would be cool if keyboards declared their geometry
<samueldr> sure
<samueldr> I don't know if "people" here are "qwerty US" people mainly though
<infinisil> Use case: Being able to measure angles with your keyboard!
<infinisil> Press down a ruler
<samueldr> haha!
<infinisil> A program infers the angle from the pressed keys :D
<samueldr> but it would be a pain **having** to find a keyboard with the right layout
<samueldr> I couldn't buy anything new off the shelf!
<samueldr> since officially, the keyboard I'm using is the legacy one, not to be used anymore
<samueldr> the newer one sucks
<infinisil> Well damn
<samueldr> and now imagine when the laptop is embedded in a computer!
<samueldr> oops
<samueldr> when the keyboard is!
<samueldr> already explaining the 104-type vs. 105-type layout (wide boi enter vs. tall boi enter) is hard enough
<infinisil> I can't stand the wide boi enter
<infinisil> How can US people live with that
<samueldr> how can EU people live with a tall boi enter?
<samueldr> ;)
<samueldr> that's how they got used to it, plain and simple
<infinisil> But my opinion is more correct!
<infinisil> \s
<samueldr> here officially speaking the tall boi enter should be used, to get the « » key in the legacy layout
<infinisil> Oh man this compose key is so great
<infinisil> I can finally write äöü
<samueldr> but the new layout instead has ùÙ key, totally useless
<infinisil> Without having to copy paste from somewhere
<gchristensen> I used to have to work on an azerty keyboard for work, that was a hilariously stupid tax on my time by that employer
<samueldr> haha
<infinisil> With this new layout I can also finally press all FN keys
<samueldr> so yeah, we went from the "best" useful qwerty layout, where all accents but one were on dead keys, to one where all symbols had to be hidden away in inconvenient places to put non-dead keys :(
<samueldr> with the former keyboard, all accented letters, like ŵ can be easily typed
<samueldr> uh, the latter has ^ as a dead key annoyingly for my example
<samueldr> òoó
<infinisil> Hmm how can I type the last one with the compose key..
<samueldr> I use the ­' dead key :)
<samueldr> uh
<samueldr> that's wrong... ´
<samueldr> so apparently [´][ ] does ' and [´][´] does ´
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<infinisil> é
<infinisil> Oh no, kind of a big flaw I'm just discovering with the new layout
<infinisil> The shift key actually doesn't give a shift event
<samueldr> F
<infinisil> Only once you press a letter it gives the shift event before pressing the letter
<evils> ಠ_ಠ
<infinisil> The problem with this is that sometimes I want to use the mouse with shift
<infinisil> E.g. Shift-Ctrl-<mouse> to select something to copy from a terminal
<infinisil> Well, in a terminal that has ncurses running
<infinisil> I can probably hook that up to mouse presses somehow..
<infinisil> Ugh
<evils> infinisil: want some extra XCompose definitions?
<samueldr> is your mouse going through the keyboard?
<infinisil> Nah, actually I can just make Ctrl itself emit the Shift
<infinisil> So Shift-<mouse> won't work for anything, but Shift-Ctrl- will
<infinisil> samueldr: Yeah it won't really work unless I somehow signal the Shift press through like another button lol
<samueldr> I can't see how that can blow up in your face at any point in time later when you'll have forgotten about it
<infinisil> Oh yeah it totally won't
<infinisil> The Ctrl shift thing doesn't work :/
<infinisil> My perfect layout has been ruined
<samueldr> THIS is why lying is bad, kids
<samueldr> don't lie to your computer
<infinisil> Okay so this would actually be the correct fix: https://github.com/FreeRDP/FreeRDP/issues/3121
<{^_^}> FreeRDP/FreeRDP#3121 (by tobia, 5 years ago, open): Option to use the local keyboard layout
<infinisil> gchristensen: ^
<infinisil> But nobody ain't got time to implement that!
<infinisil> This is the program that uses keycodes instead of characters
<infinisil> With no way to change it
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<elvishjerricco> samueldr: What kind of storage hardware can u-boot read?
<samueldr> elvishjerricco: uuuuh
<samueldr> generally speaking, usb, sd cards, eMMC
<samueldr> I mean, it can also read from the "SPI Flash"
<samueldr> it can also do some forms of network boot
<elvishjerricco> Curious if it could boot from stuff like sata and nvme
<samueldr> oh, it does NVMe
<samueldr> and SATA too AFAIK
<samueldr> but those all need the appropriate drivers to exist
<elvishjerricco> U-boot has drivers?
<samueldr> but e.g. on my libre computer roc-rk3399-pc it boots the NVMe device
<samueldr> yes
<elvishjerricco> Huh. It'd be really cool to use u-boot to boot off nvme on my cm4
<samueldr> probably doable
<samueldr> it'd probably not be "for cm4", but "for whatever fancy board you have that takes a cm4 in"
<samueldr> you'd still have an SD card, for the firmware
<samueldr> but that's totally fine
<samueldr> (or have it on eMMC)
<elvishjerricco> samueldr: Why does the carrier board matter? The cm4 just has the pins for a pcie connector on its fancy carrier board connector
<samueldr> which pins are connected where, mainly
<elvishjerricco> also, pi itself can actually boot off nvme now, so u-boot could in theory be on the ssd
<samueldr> which features are available
<samueldr> there is no "plug and play" really with device tree
<samueldr> well, it's more nuanced
<samueldr> elvishjerricco: in that case, yeah, it could also be on the NVMe drive
<samueldr> but really, there is no such thing as "a CM4"
<samueldr> there would be a CM4 device tree "include file" (.dtsi) and different boards import it, and activate/deactivate features
<elvishjerricco> samueldr: I'm a bit confused. There's no pcie logic on the carrier board; the carrier just connects a physical connector to the pcie stuff on the cm4
<samueldr> right, for PCIe
<samueldr> but that's not the only thing that a CM4 can doe
<samueldr> do*
<elvishjerricco> right but as far as u-boot reading from nvme over pcie goes, that should be independent of the carrier.
<samueldr> probably
<elvishjerricco> I think the only logic the cm4 actually requires of the carrier board is power delivery, if you call that logic
<elvishjerricco> the rest is just tracing pins to physical connectors
<elvishjerricco> Though I'm sure there will stuff like cluster boards that build an ethernet switch in
<elvishjerricco> is the iso image available for aarch64 on hydra anywhere?
<elvishjerricco> Oh. Cool
<samueldr> elvishjerricco: make sure you refer to this page, as there are some rougher edges
<samueldr> e.g. having to use grub, systemd-boot won't work currently
<samueldr> and having to use grub.efiInstallAsRemovable
<elvishjerricco> Oh crap. I can't use the prebuilt iso because I don't have a screen at the moment, so I need to make a custom one with a wifi network and sshd configured
<samueldr> do you have serial access?
<samueldr> with this setup, serial "just works" without having to set `console=` because of uh... something unexpected intially
<samueldr> the default dtb built into U-Boot (and thus Tow-Boot) has chosen { stdout; }; configured
<samueldr> which in turn the kernel will use as a console
<elvishjerricco> samueldr: How do you get serial access on a rpi?
<samueldr> gpio pins
<samueldr> 115200 baud rate
<elvishjerricco> Hm. I don't have any equipment for connecting to serial then
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<elvishjerricco> Well building an aarch64 iso using binfmt.emulatedSystems was surprisingly fast
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<infinisil> Aww yeah
<infinisil> Finally
<infinisil> Managed to get it to work after all
<tomberek> hooray!
<infinisil> I can Shift-Ctrl-<mouse> now
<infinisil> It's now essentially a shifted layer
<infinisil> But for keys like 1, it first undoes the shift, then presses 1, then presses shift again
<infinisil> Only took me all night
<infinisil> Unfortunately I had to leave the territory of https://configure.zsa.io to do that
<infinisil> Compiling source code with qmk_firmware now
<samueldr> where's your nix expression?
<infinisil> Um, ask me again when I'm not dead tired
<infinisil> Works for me (tm)
<samueldr> heh
<samueldr> I wasn't actively serious about it
<infinisil> Well I am though, I don't want anybody else to have to go through this
<samueldr> it sounded like you didn't do it through a nix build, so I tugged on the string :)
<infinisil> Indeed, though it will be very easy to set it up
<infinisil> They provide a shell.nix in their repo directly!
<samueldr> hey now, that's cheating
<infinisil> The beauty of Nix
<infinisil> Okay here, I'll share my C file: https://paste.infinisil.com/0YGMavWRBY.c
<infinisil> It's not beatiful, not documented, it has extra stuff that's not needed, but it WORKS
<infinisil> Well it has comments, but that's just because I copied the code from elsewhere, namely https://docs.qmk.fm/#/feature_advanced_keycodes?id=shift-backspace-for-delete
<infinisil> Which was pretty much exactly what I needed
<aleph-> Yeah I need to get around to setting up qmk for my moonlander
<infinisil> aleph-: The shell.nix is 👌
<aleph-> Hmm, looks nice
<infinisil> Alright, sleepy time for me
<infinisil> o/
<drakonis> gchristensen: regarding your blog post/tweet chain, i think the main issue with flakes, in addition to the rfc process itself was the scope creep that ensued
<drakonis> it tried to do way too much at once
<drakonis> it is taking too long, causing a divide between flake and nonflake users
<drakonis> flakes should've been a better channels mechanism but it spiraled out of control
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<drakonis> the longer it takes to reach people, lesser the impact.
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* colemickens looks around wondering if everyone just dgaf about pure eval or implicitly accepts that it's a necessity
* colemickens is losing interest in figuring out how to care
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<siraben> colemickens: doesn't pure eval buy you evaluation caching?
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<siraben> gchristensen++ for that post
<{^_^}> gchristensen was put on Santa's "nice" list
<ldlework> Excuse me for the few lines, but I wanted to share a thing I just got working:
<ldlework> const matchedPaths = matchPaths("content/{category}/{topic}/index.md")
<ldlework> const { path, meta } = matchedPaths[0]
<ldlework> const meta.category // statically valid
<ldlework> const meta.topic // statically valid
<ldlework> const meta.foo // statically invalid!
<ldlework> The fields of the meta object are statically typed based on the little {} captures in the path query!
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<drakonis> https://notabug.org/civodul/guix-explorer this is pretty neat
<drakonis> system introspection is great
<ldlework> sandbox, https://codesandbox.io/s/bold-forest-p7id3?file=/src/index.ts
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<drakonis> someone actually went and wrote a nix/guix derivative in racket
<drakonis> no system management though
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<ashkitten> yesssss i got my thingy working
<ashkitten> i can raymarch a 3d texture now
<philipp> Congrats!
<hodapp> \o/
<hodapp> raymarch a 3D texture like Perlin's hypertexture?
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<ehmry> ugh, I'm replacing my sudo with `int main() { return -1; }` so language package mangers fail immediatly when trying to install "system packages"
<eyJhb> ehmry: removing sudo and replacing it with doas is also a good way of doing it
<eyJhb> Many fun things start to fail then
<ehmry> yep, thats the plan
<eyJhb> But, also just still having a sudo binary to fuck them over?
<ehmry> well I want them to think sudo is there but I'm giving it my password
<ehmry> *not giving
<eyJhb> ^ made much more sense once you added that
<ehmry> or maybe I want a sudo that fails or succedes by checking an environment variable that I can set on the outside…
<eyJhb> ehmry: Now we just need tho .nix file that it will be used with.
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<sphalerite> Anyone know an on-screen keyboard that works with sway? I want to type some Russian stuff but don't have a Russian keyboard, nor do I have any familiarity with the layout that would allow me type blindly
<andi-> sphalerite: copy and paste from a website?
<sphalerite> https://translit.cc/ is perfect!
<immae> привет
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<gchristensen> adisbladis: how is trustix coming? :) I'm excited to use it ;x
<drakonis> its so weird to see more nix derivatives spring up
<hodapp> assimilate all the things \o/
<drakonis> besides nix we have guix, hermes, xiden and various reimplementations of nix with other languages
<drakonis> three lisp based nix derivatives
<drakonis> maybe they're onto something here :V?
<hodapp> lisp all the things \o/
<hodapp> ...or use a statically-typed language because I'm tired of errors 19 levels deep in the stack trace because I had the wrong type
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<eyJhb> hodapp: Ohh come on, I love those things.
<drakonis> there's statically typed racket if you want that :v
<adisbladis> gchristensen: Pretty well I think :)
<adisbladis> I've elaborated a bit in PM
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<hyperfekt> truly. lack of types leading to errors deep in the module system is one of the biggest weaknesses of nixos imho
<ehmry> sphalerite: I've used a phonetic cyrillic layout that corresponded phonectically to what I could touch type with latin, but I don't know how to swap layouts with sway, though I would like to know
<sterni> ehmry: swaymsg input <identifier> xkb_{variant,layout} <name> I think
<sterni> there seems to be https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/virtboard/ but I haven't been able to get it to work / compile last time I tried
<ehmry> sterni: that works, thanks!
<ehmry> I was switching layouts with ibus before, so I didn't have to remap cyrillic for dvorak
<hodapp> hyperfekt: for me it is one of those things that mainly matters because I often have a hard time finding docs of relevance that would otherwise tell me things like expected types
<infinisil> Damnit..
<infinisil> The wifi + bluetooth card I built into my PC doesn't support wifi on linux..
<hodapp> whaaaat, Linux-unsupported cards still exist?
<samueldr> yes
<infinisil> It's a Tp-Link Archer TX50E
<samueldr> oh, intel chipset though
<samueldr> so probably a "yet"
<samueldr> infinisil: using linux_latest or a default LTS?
<samueldr> seems on 5.11 it might work
<infinisil> samueldr: Running 5.10.32
* infinisil reads through thread
<samueldr> I said "might" work, there's proof that bluetooth might work, so I assume wifi does
<samueldr> it may also require some finessing of the firmware files
<samueldr> (well, getting the right files)
<infinisil> I'm considering just returning it and getting one that works on linux without problems
<infinisil> But yeah bluetooth does work, but wifi doesn't
<infinisil> Hm for installation it needed two connections
<infinisil> One PCI-E x1 and one USB
<infinisil> I'm guessing one is for bluetooth and one for wifi
<hodapp> there are so many that work fine on Linux that you may as well
<infinisil> Yeah, at this point I might be able to fix it for a time investment of like a couple hours or a day. But that's just already not worth it imo
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<infinisil> Alright, uninstalled it, and will return it this week
<infinisil> Now to find one that works on Linux..
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<cole-h> omg, it finally happened
<{^_^}> weechat/weechat#1285 (by rpdelaney, 2 years ago, closed): Don't store state data in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME
<lovesegfault> 🎉
<hexa-> in version 3.2 due june 13th
<hexa-> so not in 21.05 </3
<lovesegfault> gotta live that unstable-small lyfe
<lovesegfault> YOLO
<Batty> cole-h: woo
<infinisil> Okay I think I'll get the ASUS PCE-AX58BT instead
<infinisil> Have heard a bunch of people say that it works on Linux
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<lovesegfault> s/use/used/
<lovesegfault> worked fine, even on AArch64
<infinisil> lovesegfault: Ohh nice, that was the other one I was considering!
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<hexa-> infinisil: you don't have an m.2 e-keyed slot on your mb?
<infinisil> I shall get that one instead then
<infinisil> hexa-: I have one m.2 slot, but that's used for my NVMe already
<lovesegfault> full disclosure, it's been ~1y since I used it, it's in a drawer somewhere now
<hexa-> ah rip
<lovesegfault> but like, if nothing regressed it should work?
<hexa-> I would've just aimed for an intel ax210 then
<infinisil> lovesegfault: Even better
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<infinisil> And ordered!
<infinisil> If I'm lucky I can get it this week
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<lovesegfault> infinisil: 🎉
<lovesegfault> infinisil: Oh, I do not remember whether or not I tried bluetooth with that card
<infinisil> Well, I'll just return it again if it doesn't work, but thanks for the info :D
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<adisbladis> lovesegfault: unstable-small is for wimps who don't dare master ;)
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<lovesegfault> adisbladis: :D
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<lovesegfault> With my current setup I am rarely more than 30 commits away from master :P
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<samueldr> I still don't get why git is basically pedantically trolling me with this https://stuff.samueldr.com/screenshots/2021/05/20210511190628_12n2bal4k21rhg716k1.png
<samueldr> only if it's on the origin
<samueldr> any other remote is fair game for -u
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<joepie91> well you have clearly not followed the ancient rite with the correct magical invocation
<joepie91> and therefore are not worthy of pushing your code
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<samueldr> I don't get why *only* with origin it fails
<samueldr> it **obviously** knows what I mean
<samueldr> it tells me to do the thing!
<immae> samueldr: git always refuses to fix your commands even for obvious errors. As for why origin in particular, the answer might be in .git/config
<samueldr> immae: but I don't get why it's an "error"
<immae> It might contain somethihg that makes origin special
<samueldr> and nope, nothing in .git/config
<immae> When you don’t specify it, you expect it to push the current branch is that it?
<samueldr> I expect to do exactly the command it tells me to do, since that's what it does on every remote except origin
<joepie91> samueldr: a friend of mine will absolutely talk your ear off about software that tells you what you meant and then fails to act on it :P
<joepie91> it's a very valid pet peeve
<samueldr> if at least it was consistently bad
<immae> (on my system it’s consistently bad, probably because of push.default = nothing at a generic level)
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<immae> if you have a global config you might look there too
<immae> 2s/generic/global/
<immae> man git-config and searching for push.default seems to confirm that it is the config you’re looking for
<immae> (not sure it would explain why origin is special though)
<samueldr> well, -u is --set-upstream... push.default seems, to me, to be more for when there's not an upstream already?
<immae> hmm
<immae> refspec is a branch or so, not a remote
<samueldr> I could be not reading this right
<immae> so that would be when you say "git push some-remote [no branch]"
<samueldr> since git is seemingly built on top of the bad abstractions
<samueldr> >> When pushing to a remote that is different from the remote you normally pull from
<samueldr> I think that must be it
<immae> ah
<samueldr> from simple, the default
<samueldr> "simple", or how I call it: totally inconsistent
<immae> so you have something specific in .git/config, you just didn’t catch it I think
<samueldr> nah, simple is the default
<samueldr> >> This mode has become the default in Git 2.0.
<immae> ok
<samueldr> this explains it, but still annoys me to no end
<immae> you can override it
<samueldr> not really
<immae> why not?
<samueldr> I'm fine with "simple" *when I don't give an upstream*
<samueldr> so just git push from a branch without an upstream
<samueldr> what I want is that if I specify an upstream, it'll push to it using the "upstream" action, even if this is the "usual" remote
<samueldr> and AFAICT none of those options do that
<samueldr> I don't want a bare `git push` to push to the default origin
<samueldr> if there's no tracking yet
<immae> oh I see what you mean
<samueldr> * "current" is what I want, but **only** if I specify an upstream
<immae> Although I’m still a bit unsure about the understanding of the option. The manpage of git push says "git push [repository [refspec]]" so for me the psush.default config only applies when the last bit is missing
<immae> (but I guess the best would be to test it)
<immae> > When neither the command-line nor the configuration specify what to push, the default behavior is used, which corresponds to the simple value for push.default:
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting ')', at (string):494:73
<immae> So you have the exact behavior you want: if you don’t say the remote then you’re always a "simple" one
<immae> and if you specify a remote then you use the push.default
<immae> (man git-push, Description section)