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<gchristensen> a service orchestrator which uses never-ending FOD derivations that always fail
<hodapp> ehh?
<gchristensen> :D
<aleph-> gchristensen: TIHI
<gchristensen> tihi?
<aleph-> Thanks I hate it
<gchristensen> haha
<l33[m]> I heard nixos-chat is where the party is at, and dis-functional jokes.
<abathur> gchristensen: de-kludged enough to get actual WIP up
<aleph-> Wow this is pretty good
<aleph-> This shopping site has an option to remind them to ship the package
<aleph-> That's... that's pretty good
<gchristensen> wat
<l33[m]> watman?
<aleph-> gchristensen: That was my response
<gchristensen> "yeah we have adhd"
<aleph-> Heh
<abathur> gchristensen: Instead of linking lines I just dropped comments on 3 or 4 parts that touch most-directly on ~how https://github.com/abathur/resholve/commit/52faf7493c51e5191de771eb49b8c12df90357cd
<lukegb> aleph-: they should charge for the option to remind them to ship the package
<aleph-> Heh
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<DigitalKiwi> they do it's called the checkout button ;p
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<eyJhb> gchristensen: Regarding the appstore for modules. I think I have some basic idea of how it could be done. I am however not sure, it is the best. But basically just a github repo, which adds a extra option to nixos options, which lets you specify a list op options from that repo that you want. ANd then doing it kind of like the nixos-community. But as I am writing this, I remember that there was
<eyJhb> some talk about doing it "web" based, where devs could register and upload stuff... But that should be doable as well I suppose.
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<hexa-> hm, can I have two systemd units use the same DynamicUser?
<hexa-> like with a slice or something?
<lukegb> I don't even think you need a slice
<lukegb> As long as the names match I think they'll end up with the same UID
<hexa-> currently when they share a StateDirectory the permissons get screwed up
<hexa-> -rw------- 1 64779 64779 24K May 3 14:39 pinnwand.db
<lukegb> Hmm, even with explicit matching names?
<hexa-> -rw------- 1 pinnwand pinnwand 24K May 3 14:38 pinnwand.db
<hexa-> even with shared serviceConfig attrset :D
<lukegb> Yeah, there's no User set
<lukegb> so the User name defaults to the name of the unit, I think
<hexa-> oh
<hexa-> right, DynamicUser=true and User=pinnwand, gotcha
<hexa-> lukegb++
<{^_^}> lukegb's karma got increased to 25
<hexa-> fwiw: what confused me was matching names; they had matching StateDirectory names :)
<lukegb> ahhh, yeah
<lukegb> I guess that makes sense, right, because they're trying to share DBs
<hexa-> yep
<gchristensen> https://gsc.io/snaps/23d67b4b-c1d3-4956-ad57-313b5257d53d.png I'm regretting some decisions
<hexa-> sure, send out messages that everything is fine :D
<lukegb> EVERYTHING IS FINE alarm
<hodapp> [2021-05-03 10:57:34] FATAL ERROR: Operation successful. Stack trace below
<gchristensen> so they're not alarms but notifications that my buildkite pipeline finished successfully ... I want this sort of notif for most things but ...not this one :D
<philipp[m]> I do get very suspicious when things work because that usually just means they are broken in more complicated ways.
<pie_> its kind of ridiculous that man with nix-shell still doesnt always work
<pie_> so what am i doing wrong
<{^_^}> nix#4702 (by sternenseemann, 3 weeks ago, open): nix shell: set MANPATH for installables that have a man dir
<gchristensen> I think mkderivation would need to change for that, we're looking for a mass-rebuild in stdenv, maybe we can fix it
<gchristensen> yeah, changing nix is totally the wrong approach
<lukegb> does shellhook get evaluated for -p?
<pie_> gchristensen: cant we fix it in the interim at least
<pie_> (which of course means it will never get fixed properly eh?)?)
<gchristensen> lukegb: some way for nixpkgs to inform nix on what to do here is the right approach, regardless :)
<lukegb> yeah
<lukegb> I agree that we probably don't want to start pushing e.g. magic Qt logic into nix proper
<gchristensen> +1
<pie_> sterni: here's another thing about manpath dunno if related but the comment about it overriding stuff seems a bit of a pain https://github.com/NixOS/nix/pull/2565
<{^_^}> nix#2565 (by jvassev, 2 years ago, open): Saner defaults for MANPATH
<pie_> gchristensen: can you detect shell?
<pie_> does shell have anything for looking for specific outputs?
<gchristensen> nix-shell always uses bash
<pie_> here's another one
<pie_> also just realized im in -chat again
<pie_> so i just keep doing this i guess? MANPATH=$(nix-build --no-out-link -E "with import <nixpkgs> {}; binutils.man")/share/man man objdump
<sterni> lukegb: but we kind of need to, the way installables work this is not fixable
<sterni> and tbh I haven't gotten the impression that anybody is really interested to fix this in the nix stable cli
<sterni> apart from hack it into nixpkgs somehow
<sterni> which I am sceptical about since we'll still loose the feature with the future nix CLI
<sterni> and we don't need manpath in the build environment
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<drakonis> gchristensen: is this buyer's regret?
<gchristensen> the alerts?
<drakonis> yes
<gchristensen> yeah :)
<aleph-> Heh
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<andi-> IMHO we should just stop using nix-shell and write a tool that configures your shell based on a JSON document that you emit from mkShell' (to be invented) in nixpkgs. This would a) remove the bash restrictions and b) allow defining the env vars without touching Nix. It shouldn't be the interpreter that has the knowledge. It should be the SCM'ed source repo that you are working on.
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<hodapp> another language? >_>
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<samueldr> IIRC in "nix next" there is an attempt at something to fix the same issue
<andi-> Why another language? I imagine `mkShell' { inputs = [ pkgs.firefox ]; }` to emit a JSON doc stating `PATH=....firefox/bin/:...`
<samueldr> so that it's not a really-leaky abstraction over bash
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<samueldr> not sure if it's been implemented yet or not, as I don't follow the nix development
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<andi-> What is nix next?
<samueldr> what I call "whatever master is, and the plan for the future"
<andi-> Yet another unsteable experiment that is halfdone and thought out?
<samueldr> because we don't have a better name
<andi-> oh, ok
<samueldr> that's a strong wording you're using, hopefully it won't apply :)
<samueldr> and I won't say "flakes" since I don't know if it was part of flakes or not
<andi-> I am just (still) upset about everything flakes. I am not even trying to hide my opinion of that pile of garbage anymore. There is nothing to loose for me.
<samueldr> would be interesting to split out the improvements in "nix next" and rebase them onto 2.3 to produce a 2.4
<samueldr> (with stabilization)
<samueldr> I literally have no idea what improvements there are
<samueldr> detached from the flakes experimental stuff
<andi-> Given the state of the "new" cli I don't think that it would be great to make a 2.4 release without flakes (or with it).
<joepie91> andi-: do you have documentation of your issues with flakes somewhere?
<andi-> see discourse that is the most recent post I made.
<samueldr> I don't have a clue about the current development, so are you implying all the improvements/changes/fixes in 2.4 are entirely done behind flakes?
<andi-> no, not all of them. I am pretty sure the while refactor of fetchers and goals is good.
<andi-> s/while/whole/
<andi-> joepie91: yeah
<joepie91> ok, thanks :)
<samueldr> that's mostly it, what changes can we backport into "nix current" and make "nix current++" happen so that "nix next" is less of a total change
<samueldr> since AFAICT we're not close to a "nix next" release? though I don't know either, maybe it's slated for tomorrow and I'm simply not aware
<andi-> Nobody knows but one.
<samueldr> (trying to move this into -dev)
<joepie91> lukegb: (cont. from -dev) I feel like you would have enjoyed TideSDK
<joepie91> before it was eaten by Electron
<lukegb> heh
<joepie91> mixed-language runtime kernel, shared scope between JS, Python, Ruby, and PHP, if I'm remembering correctly
<joepie91> each of them could access each of the others
<joepie91> all of it hosted within a webkit thingem
<joepie91> sort of a multi-language predecessor of Electron, but 200% cursed
<cole-h> has anybody else been getting multi-second "lag"s on IRC recently?
<samueldr> probably
<cole-h> just wondering because internet went out last night, and now I'm seeing multi-second lags being reported by weechat almost every minute
<cole-h> wondering if it's a coincidence, or related
<andi-> Haven't seen that here in a while
<cole-h> maybe it's the freenode server I'm connected to. /me reconnects
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<cole-h> fingers crossed, but no lags yet.
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<drakonis> now this would be a fabulous thing to use within nix
<__monty__> andi-: The nix-shell experience you're describing kinda sounds like lorri and maybe nix-direnv if that caches the evaluation.
<andi-> __monty__: both of which need nix-shell to work IIRC
<andi-> closest to the idea is probably https://github.com/numtide/devshell
<__monty__> I think so, not sure why that particular part is the problem?
<samueldr> bash
<andi-> nix-shell is meant to debug a build.
<andi-> That is 99% of the uses not the intention.
<__monty__> samueldr: I use lorri with fish.
<samueldr> sure
<samueldr> but nix-shell is built on bash
<andi-> I don't want lazy eventually-consistent lorri envs
<hodapp> 99% of my nix-shell usage isn't to debug a build but to drop into a specific environment that has stuff I need >_>
<samueldr> so if it's using nix-shell, its env goes through a bash at some point, which probably has side-effects
<__monty__> andi-: I guess you'll love the "nix develop/shell" dichotomy then?
<andi-> no idea what that does
<andi-> well I have some idea as I've read some on it but I haven't tested it.
<drakonis> develop pulls in the dependencies to build and shell pulls in the resulting derivation?
<andi-> what does pulling in the resuling derivation mean? Just one path?
<drakonis> it means that if pick, say, ocaml, it'll put in scope only ocaml
<drakonis> develop and shell are opposing in that one pulls the requirements and the other the result
<drakonis> i believe this is how it is expected to work
<drakonis> nix develop (./nix3-develop.md) - run a bash shell that provides the build environment of a derivation
<drakonis> nix shell (./nix3-shell.md) - run a shell in which the specified packages are available
<drakonis> here
<hodapp> is "nix develop" sort of like a counterpart for what is now something like "nix-shell '<nixpkgs>' -A foobar"?
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<drakonis> hmm, sure.
<hodapp> just curious, since I forget -A regularly and it always takes me ages to find it again
<__monty__> TIL cashews hang from a fruit called a cashew apple.
<hexa-> infinisil: how happy are you with botamusiques audio quality?
<hodapp> __monty__: other fun fact: they're in the same family (sumac) as the mango... also, poison ivy and poison oak
<infinisil> hexa-: I ended up not fully using it after all, opportunity for it disappeared
<infinisil> hexa-: But when I tried it out I noticed that the quality was pretty shitty occasionally
<hodapp> pistachios aren't in the same family (they were at one point), but are still in a closely-related one
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<hexa-> infinisil: awhhh, I just wrote a module real quick
<infinisil> hexa-: A module?
<infinisil> Oh a NixOS module
<infinisil> hexa-: Is the quality the same for you?
<hexa-> it is "ok"
<hexa-> I feel it misses some "volume" on most tracks
<hexa-> like when hearing classics, they sound a bit dull sometimes
<hexa-> I dont really understand why that is though
<infinisil> I guess it's not as noticeable if it's in the background
<hexa-> certainly
<hexa-> listToValue looks usable for the botamusique module as well :)
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<lovesegfault> risson++
<{^_^}> risson's karma got increased to 8
<__monty__> hexa-, infinisil: Wouldn't it just be because codecs for voice chat kinda suck at music?
<__monty__> Or even sound in general.
<infinisil> That sounds like a possibility
<hexa-> __monty__: it uses opus with the audio profile, /should/ be fine
<hexa-> but I heard just now that mumble 1.3.x just outputs mono sound
<hexa-> sadly in german :D
<hexa-> infinisil: I patched the package to use 320kBit/s
<infinisil> It's a murmur setting
<hexa-> murmur is also at 320k
<infinisil> Ah, damn
<__monty__> Hmm, opus at that high a bitrate should be great though?
<hexa-> it should be mighty fine
<__monty__> I don't really hear a difference past 64 kb I think. Don't quite remember what I tested but it was pretty low.
<hexa-> yup
<__monty__> But mono output would obviously affect the experience : )
<hexa-> trying to build mumble 1.4.0 dev snapshot rightn ow
<hexa-> but qmake is not very cooperative
<hexa-> just seeing thusage
<hexa-> the usage'
<hexa-> tl;dr: qmake -> cmake
<hodapp> raaawr I did my time with QMake and did some questionable things
<risson> lovesegfault: thanks!
<philipp[m]> I made some questionable life choices and now I read the date as word press freedom day.
<hodapp> that is slick
<hexa-> infinisil: mumble 1.4.0-dev-snapshot-005 sgtm
<gchristensen> I wish hugo wasn't so complicated
<infinisil> hexa-: Is that a literal sgtm?
<hexa-> infinisil: people keep talking in the channel, guess I need a few minutes alone to figure /that/ out
<hodapp> gchristensen: as much as I've liked it, some things in it feel very batteries-not-included
<hexa-> but it sounds somewhat better
<infinisil> Nice
<hexa-> sadly mumble 1.4 and pipewire dont seem to get along well
<hexa-> ok, nvm, mumble 1.3.4 and pipewire is also broken now <.<
<gchristensen> hodapp: is there a function like: join ", " .Params.authors where authors is defined in yamlfront matter with authors:\n - foo\n - bar ?
<gchristensen> delimit
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<elvishjerricco> Sometimes I feel like ZFS's slog and L2ARC features need big flashing warning signs that say "these probably don't do what you think they do"
<elvishjerricco> People on Reddit always seem to get it wrong
<hexa-> can you expand on that for a casual user?
<samueldr> slog is what you'll do when you use L2ARC ?
<samueldr> >> a spell of difficult, tiring work or travelling.
<samueldr> "it would be a hard slog back to the camp"