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<ajs124> and then javaws -nosecurity viewer.jnlp. obviously -nosecurity is highly important.
<gchristensen> I don't suppose you're using UEFI with them supermicro boards
<danderson> I am, in fact
<danderson> ... I think. Lemme check acrux's nixos config
<danderson> gchristensen: yup, UEFI boot via systemd-boot
<danderson> as I recall, it mostly just worked. Their PXE implementation seems faulty and wouldn't let me netboot correctly, but I didn't bother debugging. I just installed nixos via USB stick.
<gchristensen> I don't suppose you've had problems with them forgetting your UEFI variables?
<gchristensen> trying to use pijul / anu is reminding me just how hard it is to build even a small, cohesive, good tool which works well
<gchristensen> Error: Protocol error: [60, 104, 116, 109, 108, 32, 108, 97, 110, 103, 61, 34, 101, 110, 34, 62, 60, 104, 101, 97, 100, 62, 60, 109, 101, 116, 97, 32, 99, 104, 97, 114, 115, 101, 116, 61
<samueldr> error reporting is hard
<colemickens> html!
<gchristensen> indeed :D
<samueldr> I'm spending so much time dealing with situations where others would have just crashed hard and gave nothing to the end-user
<gchristensen> exactly
<gchristensen> the whole thing is hard
<samueldr> I think I'm gonna make it crash randomly
<samueldr> so people can see my hard work
<gchristensen> I can't figure out how to clone from nest
<ajs124> gchristensen: that looks exactly like that one error you get from nix, when you set up a remote builder with login disabled.
<gchristensen> hah, yes, also amazing
<ajs124> it just throws a "random" integer at you
<gchristensen> ah!
<cole-h> (replace anu with pijul :P)
<gchristensen> it doesn't seem to let me specify an SSH key ... hmm
<cole-h> I think you have to do with with your .ssh/config
<elvishjerricco> Can someone ELI5 pijul?
<gchristensen> it really wants my password over stdin
<cole-h> gchristensen: I don't even know what password it will accept
<drakonis> NOEL? sounds like my kind of thing :V
<cole-h> I tried mine and it didn't accept it.
<drakonis> pijul seems good
<drakonis> except for the new name
<cole-h> So, you need to add an ssh-key and then `ssh-add` it.
<drakonis> anus everyone
<cole-h> drakonis: That was nixed
<cole-h> It's pijul again
<drakonis> good
<drakonis> i dont want to have someone make fun of me for using anu as my language of choice
<drakonis> plus it always sounds weird :(
<drakonis> if only we didnt use that word for buttholes
<cole-h> >> language
<cole-h> wot
<samueldr> I prefer git for writing system tools
<drakonis> its too close to butthole in portuguese too
<drakonis> cole-h: vcs of choice that is
<samueldr> :)
<drakonis> were i to use it
<drakonis> i'm not going to say that out loud in a talk :V
<cole-h> Well, it's good you won't have to!
<cole-h> Unless you discuss the brief part of its history where it was named that.
<drakonis> yes yes
<cole-h> samueldr: hehe
<gchristensen> I think I got fail2ban'd lol
<drakonis> rip u
<cole-h> gchristensen: Did you add your key to the nest?
<cole-h> (Dumb/obvious question but yaknow)
<danderson> gchristensen: sorry, wandered off - no issues with UEFI on these supermicro boards, no
<danderson> they're all X10 boards I believe, dunno if that matters
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<gchristensen> hmm... maybe they fixed it :)
<drakonis> wow this thread
<drakonis> its hot
<gchristensen> "heavily patch all software" meh
<energizer> fd .patch nixpkgs/ | wc -l
<energizer> 2463
<energizer> fd default.nix nixpkgs/ | wc -l
<energizer> 14143
<abathur> "heavy patching" wouldn't be a bad name for an OSS podcast
<gchristensen> !!!
<gchristensen> anyone know how to get past this junky expertsexchange-like block ? https://access.redhat.com/solutions/4489171
<V> doesn't seem possible through any route I know of
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<drakonis> gchristensen: i think they give access to it with developer accounts?
<abathur> pretend to be a poopular search engine? :)
<abathur> poopular, very freud
<drakonis> smart...
<V> abathur: nah, tried that
<samueldr> gchristensen: they actually don't provide the data
<samueldr> gchristensen: and it's extremely terrible
<gchristensen> :(
<samueldr> ugh, we're getting strong smog events due to the weather that shot up, humidity too
<gchristensen> ow...
<samueldr> and fire wood smoke
<drakonis> special days today.
<samueldr> hm? anything special?
<drakonis> its my special day today
<drakonis> thats what
<samueldr> happy birthday?
<drakonis> yes
<drakonis> i suppose
<samueldr> then happy birthday!
<drakonis> its a nice day
<drakonis> tonight i shall dine quality sushi
<drakonis> i know
<drakonis> but i'll enjoy it while i still can
<drakonis> before the cognitive decline sets in
<drakonis> well, it got grim fast
<gchristensen> happy birthday!
<V> apologies, didn't mean to be a downer
<drakonis> its cool
<abathur> on the up side, you're never too old to yell at strangers on the internet
<drakonis> hah
<drakonis> i've been spotting twitch speak on my video games and real life
<drakonis> its so weird
<drakonis> i dont really care about twitch streamers but the lingo has been encroaching into real life
<drakonis> guess i'm just getting old vOv
<V> "poggers" is such a cursed word
<V> I have no idea how it entered the mainstream
<drakonis> twitch
<V> well yes
<drakonis> popular twitch streamers and fortnite
<drakonis> when the most popular games have this kind of language, it rapidly leaks into mainstream
<V> I'd not considered fortnite
<drakonis> plus discord
<drakonis> discord gave twitch users an outlet to insert their emotes on servers
<drakonis> on the other hand
<drakonis> i got some pretty sweet games to play today
<drakonis> so its all a good day of high grade seafood, movies and games
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<cole-h> srhb: Hehe
<srhb> cole-h: :| Need moar caffeine. Thanks for the gentle nudge :P
<cole-h> tbh I was thinking it was linked with markdown and it just didn't link for whatever reason lol
<srhb> Kind of you, but no, just human error ;)
<eyJhb> srhb: Yay, I could build my giga image now ! :D
<srhb> eyJhb: Scary :P
<eyJhb> srhb: Yes! I should have a better way of doing it... I should try your combine thing. But do we have a list of all packages
<srhb> nix eval '(with import <nixpkgs> {}; attrNames texlive)'
<srhb> Or use the source :)
<eyJhb> I was very close to put it into this chat. but!
<eyJhb> nix eval '(with import <nixpkgs> {}; lib.attrNames texlive)'
<eyJhb> Thanks! :D
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<eyJhb> It would be awesome, if some of the latex engines could tell which libraries was used
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<cole-h> srhb: Wait
<cole-h> srhb: You edited the post with the link of the current discussion lol
<cole-h> :D
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<srhb> cole-h: oh ffs..
<srhb> Sometimes I marvel at the fact that I get paid to do stuff with computers.
<srhb> (fixed)
<cole-h> Hahaha
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<eyJhb> There really is a trend at Docker - https://github.com/moby/moby/issues/1266
<{^_^}> moby/moby#1266 (by JeremyGrosser, 7 years ago, open): Make compression when pushing to a private registry optional
<gchristensen> trend?
<das_j> gchristensen: About your question in
<das_j> #systemd: Do you use cgroups v2?
<das_j> For me it works in cgroupsv2, but idc if it's related or a coincidence
<gchristensen> I do
<das_j> hm, strange
<gchristensen> that is what everyone else said :P
<das_j> it shows - for me as well when there is no traffic at all. Maybe this is the issue? Probably no…
<das_j> yeah, same most of the time. But when there is traffic (bird saying HELLO to the network) it shows some traffic briefly
<gchristensen> ah
<gchristensen> I can be reading many GB off disk, or streaming HD movies and nothing will be non- -
<das_j> hmm, looks like the scopes aren't monitored properly? Because for .service units, it seems to work just fine but my session-1.scope unit never seems to create any IO
<gchristensen> even root .services, never
<das_j> oof
<gchristensen> the cgroup io.stat files are all empty, except for maybe a very few
<das_j> wdym by empty? Actual empty files or just the counters at 0?
<gchristensen> empty
<das_j> oof
<das_j> is your kernel broken maybe? :D
<gchristensen> I doubt it :)
<gchristensen> I mean, actually, maybe -- I've not heard from any other nixos users with working data ...
<das_j> huh, my user.slice/user-1000.slice/session-1.scope/io.stat looks fine…
<das_j> So you booted with systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=1, right?
<gchristensen> cgroup_no_v1=all systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=yes
<eyJhb> gchristensen: trend as in, they say they will do something, but don't, and generally is slow with most things
<eyJhb> Still have a compliance PR open, that should be merged, but nothing has happened
<gchristensen> das_j: I admit I haven't checked if yes and 1 are compatiebl
<das_j> hmm idk how the parser works tbh
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<pie_> samueldr: do you know how to fully back up a non-rooted android phone
<pie_> my moms phone has charging issues and i managed to charge it enough that i think i can save the data off right now
<pie_> (or anyone else)
<pie_> just the normal google backup stuff?
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<sphalerite> pie_: I think modern android versions also allow transferring the data to a new phone
<sphalerite> pie_: adb backup might also work
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<eyJhb> It really hurts seeing some people use docker sometimes
<JJJollyjim> i read a sentence earlier that said something like "mmap is painful to work with in containerized environments"
<JJJollyjim> and i'm really struggling to work out what the hell they meant
<eyJhb> JJJollyjim: I think thin chaos might tell you a story? - https://github.com/google/google-ctf/tree/master/2020/quals/sandbox-threading
<eyJhb> this chaos*
<JJJollyjim> aw shit did i miss google ctf
<eyJhb> 2020? I guess. It was some time in August I think :p
<eyJhb> Sorry!
<JJJollyjim> oh
<JJJollyjim> man my sense of time is messed up lol
<JJJollyjim> last i remember there was no indication it was gonna happen in 2020
<eyJhb> JJJollyjim: I am just sitting here, getting a little annoyed about how, unable to run, most challenges you are
<eyJhb> Because they provide half of the source
<JJJollyjim> :/
<eyJhb> And rely HEAVILY on their internal services, which makes it even worse. E.g. their taskqueue, pubsub, etc
<eyJhb> I like Facebooks better :p More standalone
<abathur> samueldr: yesterday you said "it's going to be a huge problem with the build farm design too" re: mac OS restrictions; can you explain a little? is this Nix build farm?
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<Taneb> I'm in a mood to completely redo my laptop's nixos config
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<gchristensen> taking bets on how much of my lobsters karma I lose when telling people to give up on hjkl
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<__monty__> gchristensen: I agree on qwerty hjkl. But dvorak hjkl is real nice : )
<Taneb> What is hjkl and why should I give up on it?
<gchristensen> vim's movement keys
<Taneb> Ah yes
<gchristensen> dvorak hjkl?? you must be kidding :)
<joepie91> <gchristensen> taking bets on how much of my lobsters karma I lose when telling people to give up on hjkl
<joepie91> this is what we call a 'sink' in MMORPG design :P
<gchristensen> hehe
<__monty__> I'm really not. It may not look very ergonomic but it works really well.
<joepie91> (that joke was very much a gamble on people here knowing about MMO design :P)
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<pie_> whats the alt to hjkl
<gchristensen> arrow keys
<__monty__> o.O
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<__monty__> You monster!
<pie_> joepie91: someone linked a very good thing https://github.com/c9fe/22120
<joepie91> "Both WARC and MHTML require mutilatious modifications of the resources so that the resources can be "forced to fit" the format." -- huh? WARC is specifically designed to be able to store resources verbatim
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<gchristensen> surprisingly I have gained karma
<cransom> i remapped a keyboard to change $modifier + hjkl into the right arrow keys at one point.
<gchristensen> this new xps is shiny
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<samueldr> abathur: our build farm uses qemu to reset macOS to a known state (clean and fresh) in a trivial manner
<samueldr> pie_: AFAIK it's basically impossible to backup a non-rooted android phone
<samueldr> pie_: as in fully back-uo
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<samueldr> back-up*
<cirno-999> o/
<__red__> worldofpeace: I threw you a /msg - if you could take a peek and give me your thoughts I'd sure appreciate it.
<samueldr> elvishjerricco: maybe it was bputil(1) https://mobile.twitter.com/never_released/status/1326284447130525696
<energizer> gchristensen: jjjjjjjjj
<energizer> :D
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<pie_> samueldr: well, seems like i got most stuff with the huawei branded transition app
<samueldr> tight, OEM apps will have root-equivalent privileges
<samueldr> right*
<pie_> no this was from a samsung lol
<pie_> sigh
<samueldr> oh
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<samueldr> with approximatively 0 second spent looking at their website, when's nix going to run in the webassembly shell? https://mobile.twitter.com/wasmerio/status/1234903250249273344
<samueldr> I'm not strictly speaking about useful nix builds, would be nice to have the nix repl in there
<gchristensen> pro tip: when writing an ISO to a USB disk, don't read data off the disk, instead of writing the data to the disk
<gchristensen> in case you were wondering.
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<__red__> oof
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<__red__> So I have a package that's already comitted to nixpkgs that fails with a patch HUNK failed.
<__red__> but the last commit to it is forever ago, and it just stopped working
<__red__> Is there existing tooling to do bisecting of nixpkgs so I can find the commit that likely broke it?
<__red__> (or do I have to do it manually)
<__monty__> gchristensen: That's solid advice. I had a similar oopsie earlier this week swapping source and target for mv : (
<gchristensen> ow
<__monty__> I also think maybe paths should be written backwards. My anxiety levels always spike when typing `rm -r some/big/dir/` on the way to `/some/big/dir/containing/a/tiny/file.txt`.
<gchristensen> I shoulda booted this thing with copytoram so I can plug in power and ethernet :(
<__monty__> Oh, that's a pretty annoying consequence of port scarcity >.<
<__monty__> Don't have a dock or adapter doodad?
<gchristensen> looks like it won't be a big deal -- transfering data at 1.08GiB/s
* __monty__ seethes with envy
<gchristensen> it is misleading
<gchristensen> I'm copying the raw data off the disk of a brand new machine to a backup host
<gchristensen> so it is probably in a very empty portion of the disk, and those bytes compress well :).
<__monty__> Transferring NULs at *maximum* speed!
<gchristensen> yeah the receiving side is seeing a few kbps
<gchristensen> heh, yeah ... the sending side has sent 339GiB and the receiving side has written out 112G
<joepie91> so what void did the remaining 227G fall into :P
<cole-h> gchristensen: I take it you got your new lappy from Costco?
<gchristensen> yea
<gchristensen> joepie91: mbuffer and compression :)
<infinisil> gchristensen: compressed send stream?/
<infinisil> (for znapzend: services.znapzend.features.compressed = true)
<gchristensen> pv /dev/nvme0n1 | lz4 | nc :)
<infinisil> :o
<gchristensen> (and then nc | mbuffer lz4 -d > /dev/zvol/....)
<cole-h> I have free time today... and I have things to do... but I don't want to do any of them...
<cole-h> help
<gchristensen> this is a factory-fresh disk image, infinisil, without even having booted windows for its first time... just in case I want to mail it back
<infinisil> I now wonder if there's something that automatically decides how much it should compress the stream, depending on how long it takes to compress/decompress, and the network speed
<infinisil> So that you have the data at the destination as fast as possible
<gchristensen> compressed zfs sends don't actually do compression, they just tell ZFS don't bother decompressing
<infinisil> Yea
<samueldr> ugh :|
<samueldr> :[Global Notice] Hi all. We need to reroute a lot of our servers away from a hub that's being retired so you'll see lots of split for a while. It should be fairly brief though.
<gchristensen> zfs itself doesn't compress everything, just compressable stuff
<andi-> mhm, so can you just send garbage with zfs send and pretend it is encrypted?
<infinisil> gchristensen: In case you want to mail it back?
<andi-> s/encrypted/compressed/
<gchristensen> andi-: eh?
<infinisil> gchristensen: Like, restore it to the original state?
<andi-> gchristensen: how does it check integrity of the data?
<gchristensen> infinisil: yea
<infinisil> I see
<gchristensen> andi-: the send stream has integrity checks
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<gchristensen> andi-: p.sure it can't be mucked with
* andi- appends something to the far end of the project list
<gchristensen> since it isn't just spewing data off disk, it is sending structured records
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<cransom> hugh, speaking of, did zstd ever land in zfs?
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<gchristensen> summary: 35.5 GiByte in 1h 07min 03.6sec - average of 9260 kiB/s
<gchristensen> not bad
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<cransom> oh, i see. part of zfs-2.x. the releases are only at 0.8.something
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<elvishjerricco> samueldr: So those tweets imply the new macs are at least capable of booting other OSes, right?
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<samueldr> it could be
<samueldr> we'll see when it happens I guess
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<gchristensen> if I hit the lottery I'm getting faster disks for my backup host ... restores are so incredibly slow ...
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<monsieurp> Deutsche Bank Research suggests a tax of 5% of a worker's salary if workers choose to work from home when they are not forced to by the current pandemic.
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<monsieurp> damn I want to have some of the stuff they sniff at DB
<monsieurp> fuckin crackpots LOL
<danderson> "Quite simply, our economic system is not set up to cope with people who can disconnect themselves from face-to-face society."
<danderson> okay, let's definitely not fix the system then
<monsieurp> levying a tax on remote workers is a crackpot utterly insane policy in the current era and very rich especially coming from a bank that got bailed out when shit in the fan and hence got a sort of tax break for ruining the Eurozone
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<monsieurp> and to think these people get PAID to come up with that sort of BS
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<gchristensen> I need to find a niche futurama character for this new laptop's name ...
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<samueldr> Lrrr isn't bad
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<gchristensen> I suspect I covered lrrr already. this one is Petunia
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<gchristensen> Alcazar maybe
<samueldr> interesting, a wine-like for caldera https://virtuallyfun.com/wordpress/2020/11/11/fun-with-caldera-wabi/
<andi-> gchristensen: make sure to not have any dots in the name ;)
<cransom> can we have unicode dots?
<andi-> cransom: ask that in https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/94011 ;)
<{^_^}> #94011 (by grahamc, 15 weeks ago, closed): Requiring `hostname` to be a single domain label is fairly heavy handed for some networks
<gchristensen> :'(
<gchristensen> I'm excited to play with the infrared camera and fingerprint sensor ...
<andi-> faceunlock? ;)
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<gchristensen> probably not
<gchristensen> fingerprint, though?...
<cransom> yeah, i wasn't super stoked about the hostname force change on me. on the bright side, i don't have any apps that necessarily care about hostname anymore, but i'm sure other people do.
<gchristensen> I've hit side effects from that change pretty much daily for the last week of work days
<gchristensen> hopefully it is worth it in the end :)
<infinisil> If I'm lucky I'll get one this year even!
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<infinisil> Damn, I backed this phone on 2017-10-04, over 3 years ago
<infinisil> The wait might finally be over
<gchristensen> wow
<pie_> this cannot possibly go well but i hope it does
<infinisil> pie_: Huh why?
* pie_ handwaves
<pie_> bvecasuse reasons (no reason)
<infinisil> Well then :)
<pie_> indeed
<pie_> carry on
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