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* colemickens wished spt worked... more reliably
<samueldr> stationary plasma thruster? standard penetration test?
<samueldr> ah, spotify-tui maybe?
<colemickens> that's the one :)
<supersandro2000> 111963 store paths deleted, 83845.63 MiB freed
<supersandro2000> darwin had a full disk lol
<danderson> I wish stationary plasma thrusters worked more reliably also
<samueldr> I'm trying to wrap my mind around a headscratcher of my own doing :)
<samueldr> I have ideas but wouldn't mind inputs here if you have any
<samueldr> though I think I have some of it resolved by writing this up... or at least I can cut off a portion
<supersandro2000> Disk was not mounted within 120s
<samueldr> right, you *thought* about that, but how do you resolve that with the given information?
<samueldr> I can't just go and add `if` clauses for every cases possible
<supersandro2000> if the hook timeouts?
<supersandro2000> you can detect if the disk timeouts and if that task takes longer than X than it is failed
<samueldr> there isn't that high level of a view on things
<samueldr> I was really looking more into, given the data available, how would any of you format that for the end-user, not having any kind of human knowledge pushing you to prefer a wording
<samueldr> ldlework: 2:31 AM · Nov 9, 2016
<ldlework> that's the joke
<ldlework> wait to ruin it
<samueldr> kind of not the best background for that kind of joke I think
<ldlework> what
<samueldr> >> In a suspicious commit to the official GitHub DMCA repository
<drakonis> its here
<drakonis> it was briefly available
<drakonis> honestly
<drakonis> i'd prefer if we didnt put all of our chips in the same basket
<pie_> nom nom nom
<supersandro2000> maybe GitHub will act someday and remove that "feature"
<pie_> as long as we keep putting it in the same basket we will be getting more dependent on it
<pie_> we could/should work on reliable failover to other platforms
<ldlework> kind of a shitty move though
<supersandro2000> I would have really laughed if my dmca mirror would have the source code
<pie_> what can a source code leak by itself do anyway?
<pie_> besides opening it to auditing
<pie_> (0days here we come? :P)
<samueldr> exactly, auditing and maybe easier to find 0days
<samueldr> and maybe bad actors using it on their own, but I figure that's not really an issue
<pie_> well, would you really host something on a leak you dont even know is safe? :P
<samueldr> >> but I figure that's not really an issue
<pie_> mm.
<samueldr> but yeah, I wouldn't
<supersandro2000> for websites not that much tbh
<pie_> well, since it happened, i hope someone grabbed it and things can be checked out
<pie_> though i imagine one repo is nowhere near all of githubű
<supersandro2000> but if eg driver code would be leaked you could easily reimplement it
<pie_> this sounds like one of those security tabletop scenarios
<samueldr> I roll for initiative
<pie_> i really wish i could take part in some
<pie_> aha, so samueldr is the leaker! :P
<samueldr> for the record: no I am not
<supersandro2000> there are people which regularly do that
<samueldr> the only leak I've taken part of is a video game named leak in game jam
<supersandro2000> but most of the time only for cheaper chinese phones
<samueldr> in a game jam*
<supersandro2000> cause they don't have the time and money to implement some security
<ajs124> didn't someone leak a whole bunch of AMD GPU HDL "code" a while back?
<ajs124> I was curious to look at that, but I don't think I found a copy of it, at the time.
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<supersandro2000> lol. they have taken down their own source code of the dmca repo
<gchristensen> lol
<pie_> im surprised about that tbh
<pie_> so i was wondering if this might just be thegithub enterprise stuff or something and someone said its decrypted gh enterprise stuff and just a stunt
<pie_> I imagine you can put anyone's name on a git(hub) commit though so they probably just did that
<samueldr> yes
<samueldr> that's one reason for signing commits
<samueldr> signing a commit proves whoever signed it had access to a means to get it signed
<samueldr> with your key material
<samueldr> does not prove it's you though!
<supersandro2000> pie_: could well be the github enterpise stuff
<supersandro2000> literally the second comment on their has a working download link
<pie_> btw just google the hash in the archive url
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<samueldr> maybe be less direct for ways to procure... stolen... things :)
<samueldr> ah
<samueldr> read the post better, it's not what was shared, but a way to produce what was shared
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<samueldr> that revealer scripts is revealing
<samueldr> I love the key that's been used
<pie_> should write a nix expression for it and it effectively becomes a oneliner :P
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<drakonis> that's amazing
<drakonis> i'll take ten of those
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<samueldr> I'd like a software forge that can handle "chained PRs" so e.g. I start a PR, then open another that is built upon the first, then a third built upon the second, etc
<samueldr> all of the PRs target the same branch, but you can view each PR's incremental changes independently
<samueldr> (and probably locks merging until the preceding ones are merged)
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<ajs124> gitlab can do merge trains, which kind of are like that
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<supersandro2000> aren't merge trains just doing: merge, rebase, wait for ci, repeat?
<supersandro2000> if PRs/MRs would just cherry-pick commits than this would be easily doable
<samueldr> hm, that's new enough that it didn't exist when I last used gitlab
<samueldr> ah, looks to be different
<ajs124> it also only exists in the ultra premium whatever version. not in the free CE, that I'm using right now
<samueldr> that's independent PRs that are put to be merged, and merged only if they succeed tests
<samueldr> really what I want is for incremental successive work, for things that are not independent
<samueldr> so reviewing the third PR in that big queue of changes is less burdensome
<clever> there is also bors, which can batch several PR's into a single run, then merge them all at once
<clever> bors is more of an extension, that can be added to github (and maybe others)
<samueldr> it's not about merging multiple PRs together! but about presenting a bigger change set into smaller, more easily digestible PRs
<clever> ahh
<samueldr> mobile-nixos#233 mobile-nixos#234 mobile-nixos#236 <- they all build upon on top of each other
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/mobile-nixos/pull/233 (by samueldr, 1 week ago, open): stage-1: Add progress tracking in splash
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/mobile-nixos/pull/234 (by samueldr, 3 days ago, open): stage-1: Add interactive LUKS decrypting
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/mobile-nixos/pull/236 (by samueldr, 32 minutes ago, open): stage-1: Detect hung tasks and abort boot
<samueldr> it'd be nice if the last one would show only the diff on top of the second one *without* resorting to branch shenanigans
<clever> i usually do that by filing one PR against the branch of the other
<samueldr> *without* resorting to branch shenanigans :)
<samueldr> and if you don't have write access to the repo, then you can't do that
<samueldr> I can't open a PR for samueldr/mobile-nixos on NixOS/mobile-nixos :)
<samueldr> and, there's also the catch that when you merge the latter PR on the second PR, then the second becomes harder to review/grok
<clever> yeah
<samueldr> last lengthy gig with a client we often had to deal with something similar, and it was painful :/
<samueldr> don't tell me I'll have to next build a software forge platform?
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<supersandro2000> nope
<supersandro2000> you need to adjust your workflow a tiny bit
<supersandro2000> review things faster
<energizer> anybody have a nix expr for github yet?
<energizer> oh hahaha you were just talking about that
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<sphalerite> hexa-: I'm running a freifunk node on a unifi AC-Lite — thanks for the firmware work :D I want to reconfigure it now though, and I don't see a way to get in nor can I find how to put it back into config mode. What am I missing?
<hexa-> sphalerite: pretty sure it has a reset switch somewhere
<hexa-> right next to its lan port
<hexa-> while the system is booted, press that ~10 seconds and it will reboot into config mode
<hexa-> or … if you configured ssh keys … tell me if you have :)
<ar> sphalerite: openwrt on uap-ac-lite?
<hexa-> ar: yep
<hexa-> considering the shitty firmware they push out in the last years, that is the best course of action, if …
<ar> i'm still happy with my uap-ac-pro
<hexa-> just the one?
<sphalerite> hexa-: hm, no LED feedback in any case…
<sphalerite> Alternatively I guess I'll open it up again and talk to the UART.
<hexa-> sphalerite: no SSH set up?
<sphalerite> no, that wasn't shown in the instructions :p
<hexa-> yeah, well :)
<hexa-> so you need to press reset for 10s, while the ap has booted
<hexa-> if you press reset early during boot you'd trigger something tftp in the bootloader
<hexa-> it has booted, when it contioniusly shows blue
<sphalerite> huh, I don't get any blue, only white
<sphalerite> but hey, now I've popped open the case, I can just use the uart :p
<hexa-> uh ok, white blinking means it boots
<hexa-> might be stuck in uboot though
<sphalerite> well it goes white, then white blinking, then constant white
<hexa-> how did you flash the device?
<hexa-> and does it ping on :P
<sphalerite> I flashed it via u-boot+tftp (with the UART) several months ago and it was working fine
<sphalerite> … wait, am I using the right device? :|
<hexa-> hrhr
<hexa-> steady white means waiting for adoption in stock unifi
<hexa-> check your controller .P
<sphalerite> I don't have a controller :D
<hexa-> eh, ok
<hexa-> when you have uart, tell me what you find :)
<sphalerite> hexa-: ok no it is freifunk after all!
<hexa-> ok
<hexa-> where is it stuck at?
<sphalerite> not stuck at all
<sphalerite> though it isn't advertising a network..?
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<hexa-> sphalerite: tmate?
<sphalerite> hexa-: I've rebooted it into config mode and am setting it up again, since it needs some config changes after my move anyway. I'll ping again if it doesn't do what it's supposed to after that :)
<hexa-> alright!
<hexa-> sgtm
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<sphalerite> hexa-++ for excellent pebkac debugging
<{^_^}> hexa-'s karma now has 2 digits!
<hexa-> :)
<gchristensen> my afternoon yesterday and morning today has been me wondering "why does this server feel so sluggish?" and finally I realized: it is in Tokyo and I'm typing over SSH...
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<pie_> do it like i do and everything will feel sluggish, no wondering needed :)
<ldlework> lol
<hexa-> github is very eventually consistent in the last 48h
<hexa-> createing an issue leads me to a 404
<ldlework> i feel bad for them
<eyJhb> Github is insane atm...
<eyJhb> Also all the things with youtube-dl, where you might get banned/suspended for it
<FRidh> indeed so many issues with gh lately. Unreachable, funny issues where comments are ordered differently
<gchristensen> I mean, they really have no choice in the matter
<gchristensen> I'm all for dishing on github but let's not kid ourselves about the law
<FRidh> right, dmca you don't get around
<gchristensen> *insert something about decentralized and censorship-proof systems*
<__monty__> Technically they *do* have a choice.
<__monty__> The easy thing is just to decide to comply.
<joepie91> ^
<joepie91> it's entirely valid under the DMCA to trash a takedown notice, it just makes you liable if you get it wrong
<gchristensen> it isn't worth pretending that they or any other company would ever do that
<joepie91> (and this was really a C&D and not a DMCA takedown notice anyway()
<joepie91> gchristensen: that doesn't make it not a choice
<joepie91> I can fully agree with "you cannot expect a commercial company to make that choice", but let's also not pretend that it was a situation of "no choice" to begin with :)
<gchristensen> fine, but it doesn't change the point of the matter
<joepie91> I think it does, because it shows that the problem isn't just with the legislation, but also with entrusting the public commons to a commercial corporation
<gchristensen> I don't think you need the choice to show the problem with trusting the public commons to a commercial corporation
<joepie91> considering how many people I've seen use "they had no choice" as a way to justify github's (or other corporations') behaviour and imply that there exists no possible alternative approach... I have to disagree there :)
<joepie91> the framing really does matter here IMO
<gchristensen> if you insist
<joepie91> it makes the difference between disagreement and apathy
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<eyJhb> Minify the code, release it as a video downloader
<FRidh> crazy to see how close it is with the elections
<eyJhb> Yuuup..
<FRidh> assuming no further changes
<FRidh> its basically nevada deciding
<eyJhb> I have a feeling it will be trump, with not having looked at the stats for some time
<eyJhb> If so, there is room in Denmark you guys
<hexa-> it honestly looks like PA will shift
<clever> -r--r--r-- 1 root root 388M Dec 31 1969 result/initrd
<clever> gchristensen: uh oh, my initrd wound up bigger then i was expecting, just due to adding gdb, lol
<clever> even a 10mb one takes forever to load...
<gchristensen> heh
<clever> luckily, i added a progress meter, its now at 9%
<clever> 10%
<clever> 11%
<clever> this might take a while...
<thibm> clever: what kind of machine?
<clever> thibm: booting an rpi4 over usb-dev mode
<clever> now at 50%, lol
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<viric> In Catalonia there was a decentralised software communication tool to help organize mobs for independence, distributed as apk files on github, and it was taken down by the Spanish Military Police https://github.com/github/gov-takedowns/tree/master/Spain/2019
<viric> Last week these police arrested some people (for two days) among different things for building the application, mixing Russia, Assange, Snowden, Gorbachev 10.000 soldiers and cryptocurrency all together.
<viric> A big plot to show a bad picture about Spain to the world
<clever> MESS:00:19:37.202874:0: Loading 'initrd' to 0x0 size 0x3b400000
<clever> > 0x3b400000/1024/1024
<clever> 948
<{^_^}> /var/lib/nixbot/state/nixpkgs/0x3b400000/1024/1024
<clever> that aint right.....
<clever> >> (406447166).toString(16)
<clever> '1839e43e'
<clever> the size was totally corrupted, and now the boot hangs
<pie_> viric: where can i read the article
<pie_> businesspeople huh
<viric> yes, also money laundering, funding the plot, etc.
<viric> AH there was also the plan to make a film with Viggo Mortensen against Spain
<viric> all this is in the same plot that the judge says "some parts look good, some unbelivable, but move on and arrest"
<viric> They included 'transcripts' of chat messages interchanged about Putin too, all text in Spanish, when it's evident none of these comunicate in Spanish
<viric> The usual military police makeup against Catalans. A historical constant.
<eyJhb> joepie91: Do you know if there are any alternatives to `@google-cloud/datastore`, which has the same implementation that I can just plug in, and it will just work locally instead of relying on Google, etc.
<eyJhb> Same with `@google-cloud/pubsub`
<gchristensen> lol I have a server now which is multiple-personality based on which SSH key you use
<hexa-> how come that according to github insights we have 2200 merges prs in the last 30 days, and only ~700 new ones opened, but the number of open pull requests is still climbing?
<hexa-> s/merges/merged/
<gchristensen> 2200 includes PRs merged which were opened before
<hexa-> so rather 2900 opened and we only merged 2200?
<gchristensen> hmmm
<hexa-> that open prs graph, I don't understand the number
<gchristensen> sum(github_prs{state="open"}) without (merged,review,state,status) - sum(github_prs{state="open"} offset $offset) without (merged,review,state,status)
<gchristensen> # of open PRS today - # of open PRS 30 days ago
<hexa-> oh ok!
<hexa-> thx
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<joepie91> eyJhb: nope, sorry - I completely avoid proprietary APIs like this in the first place, so I've never needed to migrate off them afterwards
<eyJhb> joepie91: Well, not really mine in the first place :p I just want to run it without all that crap. Might have to make a simple module to be a stand in...
<eyJhb> They use it quite a lot. Should be fairly easy I hope
<joepie91> heh, I also just avoid other people's stuff that relies on such services :P
<joepie91> but yeah, no idea how easy it is to replace
<eyJhb> I really want to have access to all the challenges they have, without all the crap they require :p But yeah, cost benefit I guess :p
<eyJhb> Lets see how far I get, atm. I focus on some other ones.
<eyJhb> Currently doing lovely Nix stuff for it <3
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<gchristensen> always good when Signal coredumps
<cole-h> Ah yes, Electron...
<sphalerite> gchristensen: it's very secure software, it detects hacking attempts and crashes to prevent the hacker from getting in
<gchristensen> lmao
<tilpner> I wanted to figure out the battery level of a bluetooth headset recently
<tilpner> StackExchange suggests some dbus-send command, but any dbus-send invocation core dumps for some reason
<tilpner> Is yours broken as well?
<tilpner> (Not every invocation, actually. I'll try to reduce the argument set)
<eyJhb> gchristensen: well... WE are not on a lockdown at all like you, but apparantly northen Jutland is on a semi-lockdown now because of a new type of covid-19 in mink, that spreads to humans
<gchristensen> ah ... to be clear there is no government mandated lockdown as such
<gchristensen> but, for exactly that reason it has forced my household in to severe lockdown
<eyJhb> OHh, so you are doing it on your own?
<eyJhb> Mink?
<gchristensen> the lack of effective controls at a large scale here
<eyJhb> Apparantly the minks are dicks, and do not keep their distance. -- True...
<gchristensen> https://www.covidexitstrategy.org/ just look at this and ask yourself if going places is a good idea :P
<eyJhb> WELL!
<tilpner> (Nevermind, I think I can work around it. It does complain about lacking -rdynamic, so maybe an abort is intended?)
<eyJhb> If you WANT to get covid, then it is OK
<joepie91> gchristensen: evergreen map
<gchristensen> lol
<eyJhb> What state are you in gchristensen ?
<eyJhb> gchristensen: Do you know the average age with people who die WITH covid-19?
<Taneb> Is there an accepted way to put bounties on NixOS issues?
<tilpner> hexa-++ Thank you, I'll give that a try
<{^_^}> hexa-'s karma got increased to 11
<V> I reverse-engineered my headphones' proprietary protocol and wrote a thing that polls that instead
<FRidh> eyJhb: in the netherlands they have been clearing mink farms regularly before and over summer, to the point it seemed like fraud, considering they have to close down in a couple of years anyway.
<eyJhb> Fraud in what way? Closing early?
<FRidh> Yes. Closing down now due to a break out is covered.
<eyJhb> Hmm, yeah. Are they getting any compensation?
<FRidh> yes, they do, and it is higher than the market price of the fur. Anyway, I recall reading they did some investigation and don't think its the case, so that's good
<sphalerite> Anyone aware of a tool that can automatically detect the parameters of a serial console? I think I've got the baud rate right now, but I'm still only getting gibberish…
<eyJhb> At some point, poor minks...
<eyJhb> Why not all the bats?! \s
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<energizer> is there a file i can write into that is equivalent to writing into the systemd journal? ie piping into systemd-cat
<gchristensen> maybe /dev/log?
<hexa-> logger -s foo
<gchristensen> yeah I assumed they didn't want to uselogger since they didn't want to use systemd-cat
<hexa-> oh ok
<hexa-> echo "foo" > /dev/log doesn't work for me
<hexa-> that works with /dev/kmsg though
<energizer> /dev/log is a unix socket
<hexa-> zsh: no such device or address: /dev/log
<hexa-> ah ok
<energizer> so `echo helloworld | nc -uU /dev/log`
<energizer> writing to /dev/kmsg works but needs root
<pie_> adisbladis: idk who to ping but something might be happening in python packaging land https://nitter.1d4.us/whitequark/status/1324407975784701952#m
<gchristensen> An error has occured in one of your routes.Detail: strutils.nim(1087) parseIntasyncfutures.nim(383) readasyncfutures.nim(383) readasyncfutures.nim(383) readasyncfutures.nim(383) readinvalid integer: Show
<energizer> i dont think that should affect poetry users much
<energizer> maybe slightly faster locking
<eyJhb> gchristensen: have you done more "this is nixos and it is awesome" kinda talks?
<gchristensen> not exactly. I did one at NYLUG about docker
<infinisil> Very occasionally I get emails asking for help with some Nix problem
<infinisil> Which I find amazing, that people actually write emails to random single people
<infinisil> (I don't mind btw)
<cole-h> It's here! https://anu.dev/
<cole-h> (Pijul rewrite)
<infinisil> :OO
<infinisil> A new name too?
<cole-h> Indeed
<infinisil> Interesting
<samueldr> hmmm... the logo with the name... ...
<samueldr> that's one way to make people talk about your project I guess
<infinisil> Oh no, they're self-hosting their version control again
<samueldr> oh no?
<infinisil> Iirc it was pretty bad with pijul, because things kept changing in backwards-incompatible ways
<samueldr> I find it frustrating to see many forge software just use github/gitlab/hosted gitea instead of their own software
<infinisil> Which is bad if you want to use pijul for itself!
<gchristensen> yay
<gchristensen> nice that it is no longer named a synonym for pee hole
<samueldr> wait...
<samueldr> was it?
<{^_^}> #102968 (by dywedir, 29 minutes ago, open): anu: init at 1.0.0-alpha
<gchristensen> samueldr: "pee who-ull"
<gchristensen> wait not synonnym
<samueldr> so now they're literally one letter from anus instead?
<gchristensen> sound-alike
<samueldr> one step forward, one step backward?
<gchristensen> meh, this is less egregious I think
<samueldr> never made the connection of pijul to pee-hole
<infinisil> (same)
<gchristensen> how did you say it?
<samueldr> I didn't, I only read it
<gchristensen> ah
<samueldr> you know how people say they have a hard time reading without verbalizing words... I don't have that problem
<gchristensen> hehe
<infinisil> gchristensen: For me "Pee-joule"
<samueldr> which sometimes makes things awkward when I think about saying something
<gchristensen> yeah that j was an h sound
<infinisil> Oh because spanish or so?
<gchristensen> yea
<samueldr> but isn't spanish less "stressful" on vowels, compared to english? wouldn't it be a short "pi" rather than an elongated "pee"?
<gchristensen> I mean, maybe, but when I went to dinner with Pierre he seemed aware of the problem
<samueldr> is he french?
<gchristensen> pretty sure
<samueldr> wondering if the name's sound came from "piaule", familiar word used in French french for "pad, den" (kogement, chambre)
<samueldr> logement*
<samueldr> which might be a word play "a home for your code"
<samueldr> though totally stretching it :)
<gchristensen> pretty sure he puts puns in there on purpose
<samueldr> the way you described it, I think it would sound like a pun on how it's said
<gchristensen> ah
<colemickens> "“Top secret” project"
<colemickens> who's taking bets?
<gchristensen> hm?
<samueldr> knowing adis//bladis, porting Nix to audiophile headphones for better reproducible sound
<gchristensen> no idea, I haven't been involved with Tweag's Nix team in 3 months
<cole-h> samueldr++ Hehe
<{^_^}> samueldr's karma got increased to 294
<cole-h> Btw, does anu have an analogue to `git show`?
<cole-h> Basically, show the latest "change"
* infinisil knows :P
<samueldr> hmmmmm
<samueldr> what do infinisil and adis//bladis have in common?
<gchristensen> the yboth currently live in countries that start with "sw"
<infinisil> Damn
<samueldr> ... and here I thought they were countries starting in su
<cole-h> The Sudetenland has been gone for a while, I thought
<samueldr> cole-h: joking about how in french it's sweden -> suède swiss -> suisse
<gchristensen> heh
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<cole-h> :P
<Hm7000> :)
<samueldr> the best puns are those crossing the language barriers, need explaining, and makes people groan
<infinisil> gchristensen: Trying to import NixOS/nix: https://paste.infinisil.com/Zt8egDbiYY.txt
<cole-h> Two things I'm immediately missing in anu: `git status` and `git show` analogues.
<infinisil> cole-h: Yess I was also looking for a `status` command
<cole-h> Oh cool
<cole-h> My first anu crash
<cole-h> Only happens with `| head`
<cole-h> `| tail`, and `| less` work fine :P
<gchristensen> nice
<gchristensen> in the history of the repo ... pkgs/stdenv/nix-linux-static/curl-static/curl-7.12.0-static.tar.gz
<cole-h> Of course the error is a broken pipe :P
<cole-h> Dang you all
<gchristensen> hm?
<cole-h> nest.anu.dev timing out now >:(
<gchristensen> the hug of death
<cole-h> Too many interested parties
<cole-h> I think the one downside of their self-hosted forge is that it isn't at the scale of GitHub and GitLab (as we can see now)
<cole-h> But, then again, what other choice do they have while developing a new VCS
<infinisil> Um, they have the choice of not doing that!
<cole-h> How would that work?
* cole-h is genuinely curious
<infinisil> Just use git
<infinisil> And github
<cole-h> lol
<infinisil> Or gitlab or whatever
<cole-h> First "record" with `anu`, then "commit" with `git`, then push to GitHub?
<infinisil> No, develop anu with git
<cole-h> Oh
<pie_> what is this anu
<cole-h> I see
<cole-h> pijul rewrite
<pie_> ah i figured as much
<infinisil> By developing anu with anu itself, they also have the bootstrapping problem with contributions
<pie_> managed to guess with no context
<cole-h> infinisil: True.
<cole-h> Now outside contributions hinge on their server(s) being up...
<pie_> maybe they are just waiting for someone else to get frustrated enough to do it better than them :P
<infinisil> I don't want to make too early of a judgement, but it may be that one of the major problems with pijul was the whole self-hosting thing
<infinisil> And if that's the case, then this might also be a problem with anu
<samueldr> give it a chance, they're making anu start
<infinisil> Lol nice
<cole-h> Heh
<infinisil> Well, I'm the owner of #anu now
<infinisil> First lol
<gchristensen> lol
<pie_> make sure to get ##anu too
<pie_> and all the other major networks
<samueldr> ugh, squatters
<pie_> domain squatting ughhhhh
<infinisil> Is pemeunier on irc?
<gchristensen> sometimes
<infinisil> Oh yeah that's even the correct nick
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<drakonis> anu?
<drakonis> oh
<drakonis> huh
<drakonis> dope
<drakonis> host nix in anu?
<drakonis> colemickens: ha ha we're taking bets now?
<drakonis> top secret nix projects, fantastic.
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