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<ldlework> i just realized even if i got it to work, the chances i could get also get editor support working are even lower. i will give this another year.
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<colemickens> Is discourse search 500ing for anyone else?
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<ashkitten> hmmmm
<ashkitten> x11 seems.... broken
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<ashkitten> oh
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<ashkitten> it was my headset needing a reboot
<ashkitten> wasn't reporting EDID or something which caused... that
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<danderson[m]> huh, I guess this matrix lark sort of works then
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<viric> Does anybody remember the stability of linphone/SFLPhone?
<sphalerite> viric: what stability? :p
<viric> Exactly :)
<viric> how could it be so unstable?
<viric> their new Jami seems similar in stability... How do they keep on evolving for years and years in many features a program that crashes at every 'call' or 'settings dialog'?
<patagonicus> Remembering customizing SysRescCD, I just love how it easy it is to build a customized NixOS installer. :)
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<eyJhb> The perks of online lectures is, that you have build in breaks when the teachers line freezes
<supersandro2000> How often do they want to try it?!
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<Mic92> Until they get through
<eyJhb> jD91mZM2: I made this, which might be prettier than the other thing from yesterday? - https://termbin.com/wpdy
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<cole-h> infinisil: Looks like you can leave your #anu channel :P https://twitter.com/pijul_org/status/1325751888386592768
<infinisil> Hehe yeah
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<__monty__> There's been drama about the name anu?
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<srhb> Not much, I think.
<srhb> Seems more like no strong preference from the people voting.
<__monty__> Enough to change back within a day though?
<srhb> It would appear so.
<srhb> Well, I guess the author contradicts me :) "Anyway, it seems this new name has offended some people. I should have asked more people about it, but in times of lockdown I don’t have many around me."
<__monty__> Yeah, that's why I asked. I'm OotL.
<danderson> how is it offensive? I feel like I have word blindness on that one
<danderson> aside from "please never pluralize it"
<__monty__> I'm assuming it's offensive in a language other than english?
<__monty__> But even the word anus shouldn't offend people. We're not 10 year olds.
<srhb> "shouldn't" tends to be a lot more complicated than it sounds.
<__monty__> Forgive my phrasing.
<__monty__> "I think it's silly to be offended by a very normal part of human anatomy."
* srhb shrugs
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<danderson> assuming that's what caused offense, I would agree - but it's hard enough being a niche version control system without also risking the reputation of being "the childish one"
<danderson> then again, exhibit A: git
<ajs124> we also still have MongoDB around, so I guess most people don't care too much
<jtojnar> mongo (uncountable) (New York City) Still-usable things salvaged (by sanmen) from garbage. [since the 1970s or 80s]?
<danderson> in fairness, they have cornered the very important database niche of "you probably didn't need *all* that data"
<jtojnar> > database was officially named MongoDB, with "Mongo" being short for the word humongous
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting ')', at (string):345:38
<ajs124> jtojnar: > Clipping of mongoloid. Compare German Mongo.
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<__monty__> Hmm, so far I've only seen people angry about the pijul name. As if it's so hard to write/pronounce in the first place? So much negativity on HN though. Kinda starting to understand why they took development behind closed doors and stopped posting regular status updates.
<energizer> is it pronounced peehool?
<eyJhb> Reminds me of 'pi' and then jul, hjul -> wheel
<eyJhb> Which is kinda nice
<__monty__> energizer: I'm not even talking about "proper pronunciation." People sound as if it's some conniving contrivance that physically hurts to pronounce.
<aleph-> / #rocket
<aleph-> Ugh
<__monty__> Lobste.rs does seem a lot more open to the idea. And they even bring up interesting points.
<eyJhb> ARGH I am having a hard time figuring out how to design these tests
<__monty__> So while I don't like the invite model behind it, I can see why some do.
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<colemickens> mfw a go lib readme doesn't link its godoc pages
<drakonis> so github has a forum now
<drakonis> so weird
<samueldr> I think it was in testing for over a year in some repos
<samueldr> hand-picked
<samueldr> drakonis: where did you see that news?
<samueldr> (it's always nice to lead or follow-up with links)
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<samueldr> can't seem to find anything about it being deployed