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<pie_> abathur: i wish stuff like this would get standardized
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<abathur> phrased the other way around, I'm trying to figure out what to replace 'blah' with in `resholve --blah "find:/usr/bin/find xargs:/run/current-system/sw/bin/xargs"`, with an interest in re-using an existing pattern if there is a familiar one that doesn't clash with my existing names/concepts
<energizer> what does find:/usr/bin/find mean?
<abathur> (roughly) that `find` should come from this specific path, instead of whichever find was first in PATH
<abathur> unless there is no PATH, or no directory on PATH with find in it
<colemickens> I love that sometimes Linux just gets jammed up. No amount of restarting hte gpg-agent, of pscsd.service helps.
<colemickens> any operation to it causes it to just start blinking non-stop. no idea wth is going on but it's useless until I reboot when this happens
<colemickens> happens once or twice a month
<energizer> colemickens: it might be oom killer slowly working
<colemickens> I'm at 70% util right now, I don't think it's oom
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<abathur> testing some names for --blah... --paths --abs --absolute --abspaths --pathmap --preresolved --override-path? I can also technically fit it into an existing flag named --fix with the same <name>:<abspath> syntax, but the semantics feel a tad off
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<abathur> tentatively using `--preresolved 'name:abspath' | RESHOLVE_PRERESOLVED='name:abspath', then :)`
<colemickens> boy it'd be cool if the clipboard worked reliably in firefox
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<drakonis> hmm
<drakonis> centos is melting down atm
<drakonis> this will be an interesting period as people flee centos for other distros
<gchristensen> I sort of see it as evidence that LTS distros are dying because nobody wants them and tehy're an antipattern
<joepie91> gchristensen: want a laugh?
<joepie91> I had to double-check the domain, that page reads like a troll
<lukegb> heh, my uni did a whole switch drive from RHEL to Oracle Linux back in the day because, err, I don't think they were paying for licenses
<abathur> I did see at least one comment asking why someone would go to ubuntu instead of debian, and they cited 5-year LTS instead of 3
<gchristensen> some people want them but fewer people
<lovesegfault> Any GH actions understanders around?
<abathur> it seems like an odd razor to use
<lovesegfault> trying to understand why my action that clearly says to run on pull_request doesn't run on pull requests
<gchristensen> is your pr adding the action merged?
<lovesegfault> Yes
<lovesegfault> And you can see it runs for commits against master: https://github.com/lovesegfault/nix-config/actions/runs/409631742
<{^_^}> lovesegfault/nix-config#267 (by github-actions[bot], 2 hours ago, merged): nix: niv nixpkgs: update 47d5fd55 -> 5e665171
<abathur> if you look carefully in the CI, somewhere, there's a thing that is reporting on how it's evaluating your config, hmm
<abathur> I think you have it working now anyways? I see a job running, and the on: block looks more like I'd expect
<lovesegfault> Oh, I think I fixed it
<lovesegfault> this was the fix
<abathur> figure out how to make a github bot that tries to spot people fiddling dumb CI stuff, potentially enraged, and offer them a quick fix for their firstborn
<abathur> throw AI in for buzz
<abathur> well
<abathur> not like a github "bot"
<abathur> but like, a bot that probably violates the TOS
<JJJollyjim> there was a gitlab bot a while ago that just spammed everyone's repo with "hey, you have a ci job set to allow-fail: true, that's Bad Practice, change it"
<abathur> bet that annoyed people who wanted to start declaring jobs they knew they couldn't pass yet
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<infinisil> Oh no, I just spent a bunch of time thinking a lot about nixpkgs overrides and what their underlying theory is
<infinisil> And the oh no part is that it's hecking monads!
<infinisil> It's monads all the way down
<infinisil> a: b: c: b (a c) c
<infinisil> You know life is good if you can write such a function
<infinisil> s/you can write/you need
<infinisil> 10 points to whoever can guess what that function conceptually is
<infinisil> Actually, it might not be monads after all
<pie_> infinisil: overrides is actually mutation
<infinisil> I think it's actually Arrows, which is like Monad's big brother
<red[evilred]> Thank Haskell you didn't say lenses
<pie_> infinisil: the bigger big or the smaller big :P
<pie_> im being snarky but i legit never know in mathematical contexts what various "degree" indicators are supposed to mean
<infinisil> red[evilred]: Ohh you make me get new ideas
<infinisil> pie_: Arrow > Monad (not actually, but kinda)
<pie_> yeah nix is really missinga lens library
<pie_> infinisil: by which ordering? ;P
<pie_> infinisil: subset relation or specialization?
<infinisil> I think every Monad can be turned into an Arrow (with Kleisli)
<infinisil> But not the other way around
<gchristensen> I can't do anything without finding bugs
<abathur> BREAM
<drakonis> write a nix lens library with nickel :V
<pie_> drakonis: a nickel for your thoughts
<drakonis> yes
<drakonis> a nickel for my thoughts
<drakonis> go get yourself a real computer, kid.
<drakonis> (its not a funny joke)
<pie_> im gonna need a lot more nickels...
<pie_> gchristensen: not sure if its software or just you being a seaoned developer
<pie_> probably both
<pie_> the only "solution" is to stop do.
<infinisil> It's time to stop!
<pie_> dont
<pie_> now
<pie_> me
<pie_> stop
<pie_> ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
<abathur> the faster you go the more bugs you find?
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<insep_> cuz i'm having a good time
<insep_> having a good time
<{^_^}> hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws#16658 (by grahamc, 11 seconds ago, open): Error: Provider produced inconsistent final plan for aws_ami
<gchristensen> now I need to pay my closest 200 friends to thumbup it or it won't get fixed
<abathur> pretty mercenary
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<gchristensen> their policy feels really bad
<gchristensen> like there is no reason to have hope that they'll ever care about my issues
<gchristensen> at least with nixpkgs' scattershot merges you're not starting out hopeless
<pie_> theres some random chance you might be picked :D
<pie_> here there is no chance
<pie_> eh?
<gchristensen> they sort by thumbs-ups and pick the most popular
<insep_> gchristensen: dont wowwy my fren
<gchristensen> which is a great idea from their perspective
<insep_> i thumb-uped it
<gchristensen> why fix bugs with very few thumbsups? it is, honestly, the correct policy from their perspective
<gchristensen> but maybe best to keep it as a secret policy
<samueldr> I started moving things in my flat to move my office space from one room to another
<samueldr> on sunday
<abathur> and land on HN when someone crunches the stats to figure it out :D
<samueldr> I'm still not done
<gchristensen> :)
<samueldr> I'm hoping it wasn't a mistake in the end
<gchristensen> it is hard work to move
<samueldr> I may have had an unconventional setup, it was both my "living/goofing off room" and office space at once
<samueldr> so there was... a lot
<samueldr> and one couch that is hell to move
<siraben> Looks like Nix doesn't cross-compile one of its own dependencies correctly (bash), should I open an issue on Nixpkgs or Nix?
<samueldr> if it's in Nixpkgs, it's in Nixpkgs
<samueldr> (pretty sure it's in Nixpkgs)
<siraben> It's Nix itself, yeah.
<samueldr> it's Nix, but the issue likes in its packaging in Nixpkgs I would guess
<samueldr> (and uh, on-topic is off-topic here :))
<siraben> Oops wrong channel, thought it was #nixos-dev, heh
<pie_> the channels are periodically in superposition
<siraben> what are the possible channel states?
<pie_> i dont know because somehow i keep forgetting how to calculate eigenvectors
<pie_> ok sure i can figure out out in a minute or two
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<siraben> just subtract the matrix from a diagonal matrix with lambda entries, compute the determinant and solve for the roots
<siraben> of the characteristic polynomial
<siraben> i keep forgetting how to do the determinant part for larger matrices
<samueldr> "just"
<pie_> haha
<red[evilred]> Yeah - you can do all that math if you want...
<pie_> siraben: take momma matrix and her little matrices (well i didnt really make that work but eh)
<red[evilred]> or you can just observe it and let the superposition collapse
<pie_> aint nobody got time to calculate determinants
<siraben> daddy matrix
<pie_> red[evilred]: dont tell me your first field was actually physics
<andi-> From the actor that brought us "it shouldn't crash" and "nixos is a cult" we also get this: https://cmpwn.com/@sir/105348109395656191
<red[evilred]> 65730 nixbld12 20 0 1415112 1.2g 8356 R 34.9 7.8 0:34.24 cc1plus
<red[evilred]> 65808 nixbld12 20 0 1382884 1.0g 7912 R 9.6 6.6 0:31.48 cc1plus
<red[evilred]> 65806 nixbld12 20 0 1375272 1.1g 8408 D 19.3 7.3 0:30.64 cc1plus
<red[evilred]> pie_ (IRC): astrophysics
<siraben> huh, he said nixos is a cult?
<pie_> red[evilred]: oh my god
<gchristensen> drew can C himself off
<pie_> red[evilred]: i assume thats how you ended up doing computers? :P
<red[evilred]> I dossed in the computer lab instead of doing my work
<pie_> abathur: haha
<pie_> * andi-
<red[evilred]> then got offered a job running IBM's European Webservers after my 1st year of uni
<red[evilred]> So, homeless student vs money
<red[evilred]> I chose money
<pie_> red[evilred]: cant tell, if you got as far as astrophysics that would mean you got as far as phd?
<red[evilred]> No
<pie_> congrats. im still struggling with finishing my bsc because reasons.
<red[evilred]> You can do an MSci Astrophysics in the UK straight out of school
<pie_> aha
<pie_> well im jelly.
<pie_> anyway :P
<pie_> i should get back to studying for my QM test...
<red[evilred]> Well, I quit so no need :-)
<samueldr> usb hubs in displays are such a joke
<samueldr> two different display brands
<samueldr> both shut off when either (1) usb is not connected to a device or (2) display is suspended
<samueldr> so there's no way to run, let's say, a lower-power-friendly SBC from them, and plugging-in your keyboard is basically useless
<red[evilred]> bloody hell
<red[evilred]> this nix-build has eaten over 32G of RAM
<red[evilred]> and is still going
<red[evilred]> sorry - wrong channel
<samueldr> only if you expected technical support
<red[evilred]> nah -=- I'm just going to swear at it until it falls over
<red[evilred]> then reduce the number of build cores are try again
<samueldr> scratch that, one of them seemingly does the suspend thing correctly
<samueldr> I had accidentally turned it off
<samueldr> damn you soft touch control
<pie_> samueldr: and now enter the recursive loop of uncertainty and certainty
<samueldr> nah, I know for sure that's what happened
<samueldr> I had to turn it back on manually
<siraben> https://cmpwn.com/@sir/105006956956503437 angry reactions only
<samueldr> tepid
<siraben> did he explain why?
<red[evilred]> Huh - I wonder if there is a mastodon server in nixpkgs...
<pie_> emacs or subsets thereof being cults need no explanation ;)
<gchristensen> drew is grumpy and doesn't like things that he doesn't lke
<gchristensen> bit of a pot calling the kettle black there
<insep_> he is right though
<gchristensen> he is?
<siraben> the replies to his toot sound like a cult following too
<siraben> "@sir is it more or less of a cult than sourcehut"
<pie_> 0w0n3d
<insep_> gchristensen: yes
<gchristensen> I see
<insep_> nixos is too damn addictive
<gchristensen> I'm not sure that makes it a cult :P
<insep_> installing and using it for more than 30 minutes automatically makes you a member of nixos cult
<colemickens> I think "cult" carries a different amount of negativity to different people
<insep_> and installation takes 28 minutes
<siraben> drew probably means "cult" in the sense of blind faith
<samueldr> I would assume so too
* colemickens questions the value of trying to find out
<samueldr> the pejorative of cult
<pie_> infinisil: haha
<pie_> * insep_
<siraben> lol reading his toots, it's wild
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<gchristensen> it is genuinely hilarious that mastodon still has toots.
<siraben> AoC real soon
<siraben> IIRC there's at least one person doing it in Nix
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<supersandro2000> GitHub has a dark mode now
<siraben> Does it show for https://github.com/explore ?
<siraben> Seems incomplete in some places
<pie_> siraben: aoc?
<siraben> pie_: advent of code
<pie_> oh right
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<supersandro2000> siraben: I think those pages could be a different site. not sure
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<colemickens> my face hurts reading this
<colemickens> and there's no link because fuuuun-loving firefox has broken clipboard again!
<colemickens> it's something about Chromium pre-rendering pages on google servers, idk
<gchristensen> wow.
<gchristensen> iterating with the slowest primitives in the world... I miss web development
<gchristensen> 1s iteration times. fix typo, reload, repeat
<samueldr> yeah, iteration for aarch64 sd images is really slow when it involves a kernel rebuild
<samueldr> and it's a real productivity killer
<samueldr> so I can sympathize
<energizer> is the sd image different from the regular image?
<gchristensen> I think I might give up and go to bed.
<samueldr> energizer: yes
<samueldr> assuming by "regular image" you mean the .iso live installer image
<gchristensen> not like this has given anything to go on anyway: https://gsc.io/snaps/85b0daf8-d55e-4d31-9edf-97e64022dab6.png
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<siraben> well that was a nice easy AoC today
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<insep_> my part 2 runs in O(n^4)
<insep_> or whereabouts
<insep_> O(n^9)
<insep_> where 9 is amount of loops
<insep_> i use 5 loops for part 1
<insep_> plus there are potential out of bounds in it
<insep_> no, not potential
<insep_> definite out of bounds
<insep_> i feel bad now
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<siraben> insep: definitely can be done in linear time
<siraben> you mean amount of nested loops? dang
<insep_> i have 2 outer loops, first has 2 another nested loops and one of them has another nested loop, second outer loop has 1 nested loop that has 3 nested loops
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<siraben> insep: which language are you writing it in?
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<insep_> d
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<eyJhb> It's always nice doing a git pull on nixpkgs, and then just watching all the sweet sweet updates
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<ldlework> and then finding out what broke as things slightly changed configuration formats or options, etc
<patagonicus> ldlework: or even better: that a package broke on 32-bit arm, because 32-bit arm is not fully supported by nixpkgs. Which also means you'll only find out after many hours of compiling if it doesn't happen to be something like coreutils, which is build early. :)
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<pie_> if i ran firefox in android in a vm on my machine it would probably perform better than actual firefox
<hexa-> huh
<viric> )
<viric> firefox in android is a pain
<viric> (fennec at least)
<adisbladis> s/firefox in//
<bbigras> how so? It's pretty nice to me. the new version.
<viric> I use Lightning in android
<viric> maybe fennec has improved these last years
<bbigras> last years? is fennec the faster new one?
<pie_> caveat, my firefox usage is pathological
<bbigras> or is it fenix?
<viric> fennec is how I get firefox in android
<adisbladis> Firefox is still the only usable browser on android
<adisbladis> At least if you care about such pesky things as privacy
<bbigras> you know firefox had a huge new version in about the last year?
<bbigras> on android
<bbigras> the new version that only supports some extensions
<bbigras> ok. new one is fenix. not fenec https://github.com/mozilla-mobile/fenix/
<bbigras> fennec*
<viric> "Fennec F-Droid is based on the latest Firefox release (codenamed Fenix)."
<bbigras> those damn animal names
<viric> I don't think I've used it in a year
<bbigras> I don't remember exactly when they released it. but that was a big improvement.
<bbigras> Personally I use iceraven, to be able to install almost every addons https://github.com/fork-maintainers/iceraven-browser
<pie_> :O
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<red[evilred]> insep_ (IRC): You're the first person I've met who uses D
<red[evilred]> tell me about it!
<V> I've used D, it's nice
<V> not really sure what I think of the string-based mixins but it's definitely a good take on a higher-level language
<V> Zig reminds me of it
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<drakonis> this is crazy.
<adisbladis> drakonis: How so?
<adisbladis> I have mixed feelings, but I think this _might_ just be a good thing in the end.
<srhb> adisbladis: Why's that?
<adisbladis> If it brings a few organisations off horribly outdated software that's a net positive
<srhb> Ah :)
<gchristensen> LTS (claps interpolated) is technical debt
<adisbladis> gchristensen: Long Term Stale
<insep_> red[evilred]: imagine c++ but with easier (and perhaps more powerful) metaprogramming, reflection, (optional) safety, boundaries checks, arrays that actually have their length stored (aka slices), easier syntax, rich standard library, modules, gc and no namespaces
<insep_> this is d
<insep_> there's more, but i don't want to spell it all out
<gchristensen> Long Term regretS
<insep_> read tour.dlang.org/ for a quick overview
<insep_> oh, also with compile-time stuff execution
* srhb wants to track nixos-unstable but for the lack of release notes
<adisbladis> insep_: I _love_ the compile time exec stuff
<adisbladis> It's magic
<insep_> same
<insep_> especially when i parse aoc input at compile time :)
<adisbladis> insep_: You make me realise I need to write more D :)
<LinuxHackerman> srhb: yeah, it would be great if we could get release notes for incompatible changes in right off the bat… that might also avoid situations like the recent firefox breakage, just by forcing PR authors to think about the consequences of what they're doing actively
<LinuxHackerman> srhb: also structured-data release notes.
<joepie91> LinuxHackerman: FF breakage?
<srhb> LinuxHackerman: Yeah. It's hard to remember though, I've done the bad thing too.
<srhb> LinuxHackerman++ to that
<{^_^}> LinuxHackerman's karma got increased to 5
<srhb> joepie91: There was a change that erased all your firefox addons -- but I think that was purely a mistake that may or may not have been alleviated by writing a changelog about the intended declarative stuff.
<cole-h> joepie91: A change in the package that dropped all addons
<adisbladis> joepie91: There was some recent breakage causing peoples imperatively installed add-ons to be uninstalled
<srhb> synchrosplainatron.
<cole-h> all imperatively-installed addons* as adisbladis rightly points out.
<cole-h> srhb++ adisbladis++ :D
<{^_^}> adisbladis's karma got increased to 121
<{^_^}> srhb's karma got increased to 139
<srhb> <3 cole-h
<{^_^}> cole-h's karma got increased to 114
<gchristensen> and synchronized to all your devices logged in to the same profile
<srhb> But, mistakes happen.
<gchristensen> which causes those addons' data to be deleted
<srhb> I do agree that reflection may help though :)
<LinuxHackerman> and I'm absolutely not blaming the PR author, or PR authors in general!
<adisbladis> insep_: I could have used D's regex engine the other day
<srhb> LinuxHackerman: I know :D
<srhb> Just being very explicit about it >_>
<srhb> <-- me, that is.
<srhb> But, back on topic, yeah, I'd love structured change-something.
<srhb> Frankly the bi-yearly upgrade is mostly a hassle for us because.. Well, because it exists :P
<joepie91> oh, right :(
<joepie91> (re: FF)
<adisbladis> Lol drew devault....
<drakonis> oh man i cant tell if i should muck around with rust or ruby or something else for my next project
<adisbladis> Seriously pushing Alpine as an option to CentOS :D
<abathur> huh; the old bsd uname command in macOS has envs for overriding everything with envs
<drakonis> nixos is too alien for these people
<adisbladis> I'm gonna wager most people using CentOS would be very disappointed by Alpine
<abathur> i.e., `UNAME_SYSNAME=but UNAME_NODENAME=why UNAME_RELEASE=tho UNAME_VERSION= UNAME_MACHINE= /usr/bin/uname -a` yields "but why tho"
<gchristensen> whoa
<gchristensen> nice
<gchristensen> just in case you lost `echo`
<adisbladis> rm /bin/echo
<adisbladis> Whoops
<adisbladis> I know, I'll use uname
<bbigras> people seem to overreact to the CentOS change.
<abathur> adisbladis: an obfuscator for shell scripts that just turns the WTF and horrifying arcana both up to 11
<gchristensen> I get the feeling now is a good time to write about why rolling release is correct for nearly every use case
<drakonis> write about rolling release and pinning is correct
<bbigras> yeah you need pinning. or snapshots. imho
<drakonis> it is absolute suffering to stay in some ancient distro release because it has the packages required for some old as fuuuuuuuuck software
<drakonis> so you have to rely on outdated container tech to get newer software
<drakonis> can't bump the kernel because the distro is old
<joepie91> I would never use CentOS but I can 100% understand the anger
<joepie91> apparently the migration to CentOS 8 was quite a bit of work, and then you get told "oh actually EOL goes from 2029 -> 2021, lol fuck you"
<joepie91> I would be pissed too
<joepie91> or well, not even 'told', exactly, you have to find out through other people because they conveniently danced around the matter in the press release
<drakonis> i'm sitting on the centos irc channel and its melting down right now
<drakonis> its a sight to behold
<adisbladis> Hmm
<joepie91> drakonis: where is this channel?
* joepie91 disaster tourist
* adisbladis just joined #centos and hoping for some drama
<drakonis> #centos-devel
<drakonis> its there
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<drakonis> yesterday was much angrier
<drakonis> how's the crystal-lang experience atm?
<adisbladis> Iirc manveru was looking at crystal
<drakonis> seems pretty interesting as a ruby replacement
<manveru[m]> crystal is usually fine... using it a bunch still
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<manveru[m]> it's just a PITA to keep updated with all the LLVM changes :|
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<siraben> I like me a good IRC drama channel
<siraben> drakonis: no logs?
<drakonis> it isnt irc drama
<drakonis> it is filled with people furious about the changes to centos
<drakonis> does crystal have a rails equivalent yet?
<drakonis> given how similar its syntax is?
<drakonis> among other things?
<drakonis> i'm also curious whether it is worth using it over something like rust
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<drakonis> crystal's most popular packages are web frameworks lol
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<manveru[m]> i have no experience with rust...
<manveru[m]> been using the Lucky framework with Crystal and it's not quite Rails :)
<manveru[m]> but it does get a lot of things right and was pretty nice to use even with some heavy custom postgresql coding...
<manveru[m]> for the past year or so i've mostly used it for smaller CLI stuff as glue between APIs and for infra automation
<samueldr> manveru[m]: might be hard to answer, but are crystal binaries "slim"?
<samueldr> I don't know if I will, but it might be something to look at for the Mobile NixOS init
<samueldr> currently it's using mruby
<manveru[m]> that kinda depends on how you compile it, you mean a statically linked version?
<samueldr> not necessarily statically linked
<samueldr> the question isn't good either :)
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<samueldr> I'd have to explore to know I think
<adisbladis> manveru[m]: Is it more on the Go end of the spectrum or something more reasonable ;)
<adisbladis> I think is the question
<samueldr> can you make its result closure fit in a tight disk space budget
<samueldr> maybe that's a better question
<samueldr> is there a big runtime that's hard to get rid of, or is it all added up as needed?
<adisbladis> An even more pressing question: What should I have for dinner
<samueldr> rubies and crystals
<etu> adisbladis: tofu
<manveru[m]> it's kinda like rust in that regard, the prelude is pretty big by default and depends on a bunch of libs
<adisbladis> etu: Just plain tofu?
<etu> adisbladis: With noodles
<adisbladis> Nah
<etu> adisbladis: And shiitake
<adisbladis> I had that for the last few days already
<manveru[m]> you can replace the prelude or statically compile, but by default your closure will be a couple megabytes at least
<samueldr> good to know that, from what you say, they have that as a design element
<manveru[m]> so hello world is like 3.4MB
<gchristensen> samueldr: crystaline stage-1?
<samueldr> keeping options open :)
<samueldr> when time permits, so approximately at the heat death of universe, it'd be good to actually check for the "perfect" option for it
<manveru[m]> both rust and crystal compile using llvm, so they have a lot of similarities :)
<manveru[m]> but the support for embedded stuff is probably way stronger in rust due to the community
<samueldr> yeah, the only "embedded-ish" part here is the tight space budget
<manveru[m]> and now i wanna write my own prelude...
<samueldr> that's because on some devices we have ~7MiB xz compressed total for everything in the userspace
<adisbladis> How tight exactly?
<adisbladis> Ah
<samueldr> so not _that_ tight, but some deps are heavy already
<samueldr> e.g. udev
<adisbladis> > upx.meta.homepage + " " + upx.meta.description
<{^_^}> "https://upx.github.io/ The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables"
<adisbladis> Worth considering
<adisbladis> God I love {^_^}
<samueldr> I wonder if it'd really help considering we already can compress the stage-1 stuff
<samueldr> but a good idea to keep in mind
<samueldr> tough maybe it wouldn't help as it's a .so that's big :)
<samueldr> the real help would be digging into systemd and making a custom build to strip... whatever makes it big
<samueldr> other udev weren't an option
<adisbladis> Nah, we don't want "udev at home" :)
<samueldr> I don't remember exactly the issues, but each had some
<samueldr> one of them didn't support the same file format for the rules (booooo)
<drakonis> manveru[m]: the crystal wiki says that amber and lucky are the closest to rails
<drakonis> the syntax being so similar is certainly nice though
<manveru[m]> it's really only similar at the surface
<drakonis> you know, i'm baffled that i'm still using nix-shell
<drakonis> instead of nix shell
<red[evilred]> samueldr (IRC): if you want slim, you want zig
<drakonis> i was wondering why it was downloading crystal 0.34 instead of 0.35
<energizer> manveru[m]: what motivates you to use crystal instead of a more popular language?
<red[evilred]> it;s ridiculous
<red[evilred]> like hello world is like 1k
<drakonis> i want to try zig too
<red[evilred]> 1k static
<red[evilred]> because glibc is optional - they have their own (optional) which is slim
<red[evilred]> so if you don't need glibc - you don''t need it
<manveru[m]> energizer: mostly because i've used Ruby since ... 2005 or so, and it felt like a good compromise between scriptability and type safety
<energizer> manveru[m]: ah i see, it's like an extension of your existing expertise
<manveru[m]> yeah, just had to learn the type and macro systems, but i'd still not build something really big with it because of the dearth of available libraries for it
<manveru[m]> but for your day-to-day scripting needs, it's pretty good :)
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<samueldr> red[evilred]: I like to eat my cake too, so it has to be slim, AND batteries included
<JJJollyjim> mmm i love the taste of batteries
<red[evilred]> How were the edibles this morning samueldr (IRC) 《3
<red[evilred]> Tee hee
<samueldr> that was a partial use of having my cake and eating it too
<red[evilred]> In all seriousness, I'm not sure you can have slim and batteries... they kinda contradict
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<red[evilred]> Partial cake function
<red[evilred]> Curried cake?
<samueldr> pretty sure it's possible
<samueldr> easy? trivial? can't say
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<manveru[m]> hmm
<manveru[m]> `require "lib_c"; require "c/stdio"; LibC.printf pointerof("HELLO!\n".@c)` is 6k
<manveru[m]> with glibc it's 1.3M
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<manveru[m]> so yeah... gonna be hard to beat zig :)
<samueldr> what I like from mruby, right now, is that there's just enough batteries laying around in mrbgems (either built-in or community) that I almost had nothing complex to deal with
<samueldr> pretty much only had to build my damn app
<manveru[m]> oh, got it down 512 bytes when skipping symbols :)
<manveru[m]> but at that point you're just writing C...
<manveru[m]> haven't tried mruby much yet
<samueldr> mruby might have that drawback that it has the whole scripting runtime underneath still
<samueldr> but right now it's convenient as you can trivially just add a bit of ruby as needed, no need to re-compile
<manveru[m]> how big is it?
* samueldr looks
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<red[evilred]> Well, zig explicitly competes against C
<red[evilred]> also - the author of zig also uses NixOS
<red[evilred]> as their main platform so ...
<samueldr> 1.2MiB for the mruby executable as built for Mobile NixOS
<samueldr> but it includes a GUI toolkit
<energizer> isnt "slim and batteries" the whole point of zero-cost (dont pay for what you dont use)
<red[evilred]> well, that's batteries optional, not included :-)
<red[evilred]> but this is semantics I guess
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<adisbladis> samueldr: I wouldn't worry too much about scripting I think
<samueldr> (continued looking) right, the actual .so for zeromq and the gui toolkit are independent
<adisbladis> I hardly think you're doing anything performance critical?
<samueldr> adisbladis: you're right, I don't care about performance (up to a point), mostly about correctness
<samueldr> and here specifically, size
<adisbladis> samueldr: Is there much point in switching from mruby?
<adisbladis> I'm saying this as someone who.... Has strong words about ruby.
<samueldr> not really
<samueldr> about crystal, not really
<samueldr> but I like to entertain the idea
<samueldr> about switching to rust, there would be the point of more correctness
<samueldr> (hopefully)
<adisbladis> We were discussing D here earlier today, that might be a contender :)
<samueldr> and more contributors nixos-adjacent
<samueldr> the latter is more important
* adisbladis likes writing D more than Rust
<samueldr> I know Ruby isn't a well-loved language around the Nixpkgs parts :(
<samueldr> (most likely due to not having used it, not for feelings against)
<adisbladis> I wonder how small you could push micropython
<joepie91> my experience with Ruby has primarily consisted of "why are the goddamn deps broken AGAIN"
<samueldr> well, I don't do python, so I couldn't say :)
<manveru[m]> that's my experience with python...
<joepie91> to a lesser degree, but yes
<samueldr> I won't talk about python since I don't really talk about things I don't have experience with
<samueldr> but I've been avoiding it (due to lack of experience and familiarity)
<joepie91> the problem that Ruby seems to have is that they're trying to do the "small modules" thing but without having a dependency system that can ergonomically support that
<joepie91> (it's the usual flat-pile-of-deps stuff)
<samueldr> I've never seen that
<samueldr> but
<samueldr> I don't mean that it's not the case
<joepie91> my data is also limited but I've definitely seen more small-package stuff in Ruby than in Python
<adisbladis> I think a lot of that is down to stdlib
<adisbladis> samueldr: Btw I'm not trying to push python on you :)
<adisbladis> I was just thinking out loud
<samueldr> too late, you're in my "naughty" columns in the spreadsheet
<adisbladis> =)
<samueldr> if mruby hadn't worked, at the time I implemented it, it would have gone to lua, which I have experience with
<samueldr> but there's quite a gap in what's included in the language and stdlib
<samueldr> lua has... nothing... by design
<joepie91> anyway, as a developer I don't have any experience with Ruby, I do have experience with Python, and honestly see no reason to use it over JS unless you really need a Python-specific dependency like scipy
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<adisbladis> It'd be interesting to know what the "optimal" scripting language would be for Nix
<adisbladis> I've been toying with the idea of reimplementing stdenv in !shell
<red[evilred]> FYI...
<red[evilred]> They're loading propellants into SN8 now
<samueldr> adisbladis: I tried an execline derivation toy... it was quite painful
<samueldr> mainly dealing with conditionals, but really, tracing and debugging what's going on didn't work well
<samueldr> and the docs...
<samueldr> sure, they do describe everything, but in the tersest way possible
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<energizer> what does the language need to do?
<energizer> just run cli programs and have some simple logic based on exit codes?
<philipp[m]> ,launch
<{^_^}> Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework etu philipp[m] eyJhb gchristensen
<etu> ooh
<gchristensen> link?
<philipp[m]> Next attempt for starship launch in 90 mins
<philipp[m]> Hahahahaha!
<hexa-> 50m ish
<philipp[m]> The second I posted it they corrected to 50 minutes.
<hexa-> ping again soon :po
<gchristensen> is there a `growpart`-like tool that I can pass /dev/xvda3 to directly, as opposed to needing to convert "/dev/xvda3" to "/dev/xvda" and "3" ?
<samueldr> energizer: in my opinion, it should be able to be more "ergonomic" with regards to composing complex behaviours... not that this describes any specific feature of functionality
<samueldr> and, be _correct_
<samueldr> gchristensen: I guess if there is one, it must do the same work itself
<gchristensen> soundssmarter than my bash script
<energizer> samueldr: what about haskell? nim? python?
<samueldr> energizer: you're talking about which thing now?
<energizer> samueldr: as a bash replacement for nixpkgs
<samueldr> right, I don't know for now
<samueldr> haven't played much other than trying execline
<samueldr> but it also has to be simple enough for users unfamiliar with a particular language
<samueldr> which bash kind of is because it's just a collection of commands
<energizer> bash simplicity is an illusion imo
<samueldr> and if it's part of stdenv, it needs to be bootstrappable from basically nothing
<samueldr> energizer: an illusion that works for most cases
<energizer> well imo bash fails an important test, which is that a newbie should be able to distinguish correct from incorrect
<samueldr> I don't have the time to "debate me bash bad"
<samueldr> sorry
<samueldr> (I need to go back to what I was doing)
<energizer> i'm not saying it's bad, i'm saying it fails one of the criteria you listed
<energizer> but i guess one of the benefits of reproducibility is that if it coincidentally worked once, it'll continue to do so
<energizer> so it doesnt really need to be correct/robust
<energizer> it just has to do the right thing once
<samueldr> sure, it fails one of the criteria, that's why I was playing around looking for _alternatives_
<energizer> yeah i dont think you need to debate the point if you agree with it :D
<energizer> but like i dont want complex quoting rules to be part of my day
<energizer> on the other hand, the difficulty of writing correct bash means complexity doens't spiral out of hand because most people are too scared to write anything fancy
<energizer> which might be an advantage
* joepie91 reminds energizer of the existence of Pmusic
<gchristensen> it seems like there is no real way to go from /dev/xvda3 to "3"
<gchristensen> seems weird
<samueldr> gchristensen: cat /sys/block/*/xvda3/uevent
<gchristensen> oh hi
<samueldr> things under /dev are the files representing devices, under /sys is more of the API stuff
<gchristensen> yeah
<samueldr> not sure how to go from xxx2 to xxx
<gchristensen> I was looking at blkid and lsblk --json -O --all | jq '.. | select(type == "object") | select(.fstype == "zfs_member") and other things like this and don't see any of them showing it
<samueldr> you'd also need to validate against an nvme device
<gchristensen> /sys/block/*/nvme0n1p2/uevent has PARTN
<samueldr> I guess /sys/block/*/sdb2/partition is easier, gchristensen
<samueldr> and doesn't rely on the uevent stuff
<gchristensen> yup
<samueldr> echo /sys/block/*/sdb2/ -> /sys/block/sdb/sdb2/
<samueldr> going to the block device would be ..
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<gchristensen> let's teach jq to execute programs
<bbigras> ,locate net
<{^_^}> stedolan/jq#1614 (by dkrieger, 2 years ago, open): [feature request] system(command; args) filter
<{^_^}> Found in packages: go, h2, ace, dmd, ldc, smc, zig, zsh, haxe, jmol, psol, root, ruby, weka, xpra, chibi, emacs, jruby, klibc, linux, mlton, nexus, ponyc, root5, vlang, vmime, z88dk, falcon, framac, gerbil, librep, racket, uclibc, bundler, emacs26, go_1_14, log4cxx, mrpeach, ndn-cxx, prosody, corosync, cxxtools, haxe_3_2, keycloak, linux-rt, musl.dev, palemoon, ruby_2_5, ruby_2_7, scheme48, cassandra, emacs-nox, glibc.dev, godot.dev, and 269 more
<cole-h> ,locate bin net
<{^_^}> Found in packages: smbclient, samba4Full, sgtpuzzles
<cole-h> bbigras: ^ maybe more useful
<bbigras> hehe thanks. yeah I was installing samba4Full right now
<JJJollyjim> rocket nyoom
<__monty__> ,launch
<{^_^}> Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework etu philipp[m] eyJhb gchristensen
<__monty__> T-5:20
<philipp[m]> Official spacex stream is up https://www.youtube.com/embed/ap-BkkrRg-o
<infinisil> Ohh I almost missed it
<red[evilred]> last call for pointy end up, flamey end down
<infinisil> Oh no
<red[evilred]> uh oh
<infinisil> The anticipation continues!
<red[evilred]> we don't know if it's a full scrub yet
<red[evilred]> yes!
<red[evilred]> new t0
<colemickens> Gotta love a HN thread being completely indistinguishable from an /r/conspiracy thread. What a hellhole.
* colemickens should take his own advice and stop hate reading
<red[evilred]> 17m!
<etu> no?
<philipp[m]> 1:17 :D
<infinisil> Nah just speculation
<etu> yes
<etu> Maybe 77 minutes
<philipp[m]> 22:40UTC as per official spacex stream
<infinisil> Ohh
<infinisil> 420 ayyy
<etu> philipp[m]: For me it says: "Tentative T-0 now 2240 UTC"
* etu ain't waiting for that
<bbigras> <insert musk blunt picture>
<philipp[m]> Well, everything is tenitative with the launch of an experimental rocket, isn't it?
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<red[evilred]> I'm going to fall asleep before this thing launches aren't i
<hexa-> lmao
<hexa-> tuning back in
<hexa-> still says 50 mi ish
<hexa-> I feel like I've been here two hours ago
<philipp[m]> Now they have an actual countdown again. 32 minutes on the clock.
<hexa-> 21m ish
<infinisil> I am hype!
* pie_ puts infinisil in a box
<hexa-> we were also hype yesterday :D
<gchristensen> ,launch 14min
<{^_^}> 14min: Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework etu philipp[m] eyJhb gchristensen
<philipp[m]> Hahaha! Another boat.
<infinisil> Get your snacks, this thing is about to blow!
<red[evilred]> I have 3 different feeds running
<red[evilred]> with SpaceX's sound feed
<philipp[m]> Are three raptors enough to roast marshmellows?
<philipp[m]> (I like mine as a very fine plasma)
<infinisil> Fine choice good sir
<infinisil> Dude, now that everydayastronaut explained what they want to do..
<infinisil> Holy shit
<infinisil> That's insane
<infinisil> ,launch
<{^_^}> Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework etu philipp[m] eyJhb gchristensen
<infinisil> 1 minute!
<philipp[m]> Let's gooo!
<infinisil> HYPE
<infinisil> WROOOOMM
<samueldr> brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
<red[evilred]> umm, that's one fire
<samueldr> that looked... a bit flamey
<red[evilred]> on fire
<infinisil> It's fine!
<srhb> Redundancy! woo.
<infinisil> 1 engine!
<infinisil> Is this supposed to happen..?
<hexa-> hmmm
<infinisil> It hasn't gone boom.. soooo maybe?
<srhb> I am in doubt too, it almost looks like the remaining were centered each time
<srhb> But it looked.. Very wrong :D
<samueldr> my guess is it's to steer
<samueldr> no need for the full fly-uppity power
<srhb> Must be some docs somewhere.. It did look like the "off" nozzles were shuffled out of the way.
<infinisil> Oh noo...
<infinisil> HOLE
<infinisil> HOLY
<samueldr> it all depends on whether it lands or not
<infinisil> It's fling!!
<samueldr> (and where)
<infinisil> It's flying!
<infinisil> Well, falling I guess still
<samueldr> is russia's anti ICBM thing aware of musk?
<danielrf[m]> falling with style
<infinisil> *silence*
<infinisil> OH MY GOD
<samueldr> oh no
<infinisil> BOOM
<infinisil> Wow dude, that was amazing, so close
<srhb> It exploded in the exact right spot, looked fine to me.
<samueldr> totallynotanicbm
<samueldr> the fact it went exactly where it needed to, I guess for them it's great
<philipp[m]> Daaaaamn, that was impressive.
<infinisil> Green flame!
<red[evilred]> yeah - the green flame is curious
<red[evilred]> but yeah - that was SO close to nailing that landing
<red[evilred]> (as opposed to nailing the landing pad)
<philipp[m]> They hit that pad dead center though.
<red[evilred]> they just showed the pad with the smouldering remains dead center
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<srhb> Mildly interesting that they have only two, then one engine near the very end, and in the opposite order of when they were turned off on ascent.
<srhb> Want more commentary pls
<gchristensen> that was pretty cool
<gchristensen> I'm guessing that fire inside wasn't intentional :)
<srhb> No, but definitely enjoyable!
<srhb> At least on a test rocket :P
<philipp[m]> I think it was intentional while turning off the engines.
<srhb> Scott Manley says: "I'm definitly going with green exhaust = engine rich exhaust."
<srhb> Lesson learned, don't put that much engine in your fuel.
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<philipp[m]> gchristensen: delta iv heavy looks worse at launch. https://youtu.be/Kg65SiK4-bI?t=58
<gchristensen> hehe I mean the fire inside, on the edges of the cylinder
<philipp[m]> While turning off the engines? I think that is planned.
<srhb> Random stuff on the inner walls burning.. Probably not planned _against_ at least :P
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<philipp[m]> I mean, they probably expect some unburnt propellant to end up there during engine shutoff. Those valves aren't binary and in the end you alway have some propellant and oxidiser leaking for a second when conditions aren't right for it to burn any more.
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