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<joepie91> VICTORY!
<andi-> You used Ubuntu in Docker?
<joepie91> lol
<joepie91> it was tempting, but no
<joepie91> + some steam-run-within-a-nix-shell hackery
<joepie91> specifically, `steam-run npm install`, then `steam-run npm start` to start the damn thing
<joepie91> the env vars are to convince the various postinstall scripts to not use the vendored-in stuff
<joepie91> and instead use system stuff
<joepie91> there's also a minimum Qt requirement of 5.14 - if you're below that (eg. on NixOS 20.03), the build will just fail with a weird build error
<joepie91> if you don't set system 7za, then it will fail while extracting some bindings stuff
<joepie91> if you don't set Qt install path, then it will fail on start with Error: /tmp/react-nodegui-starter/dist/nodegui_core-0d074faf96ba49de824d0f4f56982f83.node: undefined symbol: _ZdlPvm, version Qt_5
<joepie91> (as it will use a vendored-in minimal Qt build instead, which doesn't work for $reasons)
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<joepie91> also hello future frustrated Google searcher :P
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<samueldr> andi-: if it's good enough for android oems, it's good enough for nixos
<samueldr> (hi, this is a sarcastic response, taking this quote out of context wouldn't be a nice thing to do ;))
* joepie91 looks sad and puts the quote back
<andi-> samueldr: yeah, just update the apps on the device and when that stops working you still have a few years before compatibility breaks :)
<lukegb> womp womp
<colemickens> god I love the c++ ecosystem
<colemickens> especially cmake projects that don't include pkgconfig outputs
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<waleee-cl> I wonder if "god I love the c++ ecosystem" ever have been uttered in earnest
<samueldr> surely it must
<samueldr> people can be earnestly wrong
<waleee-cl> my impression is that people at best is indifferent
<colemickens> for the pipewire adventurers, I almost got wireplumber packaged: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/106128
<{^_^}> #106128 (by colemickens, 1 minute ago, open): wireplumber
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<energizer> colemickens++
<{^_^}> colemickens's karma got increased to 48
<pie_> interesting thought <joepie91> + some steam-run-within-a-nix-shell hackery
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<pie_> gchristensen: ^
<ashkitten> this is perfect
<ashkitten> and it's in nixpkgs :D
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<pie_> at first i was hoping you were talking about the kings hand :c
<energizer> ashkitten: there are like a million of those apps
<samueldr> nix-shell -p kings-hand
<ashkitten> energizer: yeah but this one has all the features i want either implemented or planned
<energizer> ashkitten: `glances` has a few more panels
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<energizer> htop, zenith, glances, ytop, gotop, bpytop, bottom,
<ashkitten> i want cpu, memory, network, disk, gpu, zfs, and system events
<energizer> , nmon
<{^_^}> Invalid command syntax
<energizer> i want to see one of those wikipedia feature comparison tables
<ashkitten> also, i want all that info to fit on a 640x480 monochrome monitor
<energizer> are you making an epaper display?
<energizer> er
<ashkitten> no
<energizer> using one
<ashkitten> i have a little amber crt
<samueldr> neat
<ashkitten> gonna drive it with a nuc
<ashkitten> connect it over serial
<samueldr> it's a terminal?
<ashkitten> it will be once ky0ko sets up the nuc
<samueldr> oh, I see, I thought you were saying "drive the monitor using serila from the nuc"
<samueldr> rather than using serial to the nuc to do it
<ashkitten> yeah
<ashkitten> was gonna do it with a jetson tk1 but it's not working to drive the monitor with a vga adapter
<ashkitten> the nuc has a built in vga header
<samueldr> that will make it much easier
<samueldr> hdmi<->vga can be messy at best
<ashkitten> the nuc doesn't have built in serial though
<ashkitten> so we have to use a usb adapter
<energizer> , kmon
<{^_^}> Invalid command syntax
<samueldr> ,locate bin kmon
<{^_^}> Found in packages: kmon
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<bbigras> there is a ton of program like zenith. but I heard that zenith's maintainer is coool.
<bbigras> 😬
<bbigras> colemickens: "Session / policy manager implementation for PipeWire" what does it mean? Is pipewire the new systemd /s ?
<bbigras> I switched to pipewire with the latest update. it seems to be going well. my volume keys on my keyboard doesn't seem to work on gnome.
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<nicolas[m]> what do you mean by "switching to pipewire"
<nicolas[m]> bbigras: using the pulseaudio emulation of pipewire and using only pipewire?
<bbigras> with the pulseaudio bridge
<ashkitten> bbigras: the session manager is what sets up new audio devices and streams automatically. pulseaudio includes one internally. pipewire also includes a simple one internally, but my understanding is that wireplumber is a more configurable, flexible session manager
<bbigras> ashkitten: nice. thanks!
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<AMG> damn iphone, can't get use to it!
<thibm> Well, it's missing "issue: banning people to comply with the U.S. export law"
<AMG> (my first week using apple)
<lunc> AMG: yea, everytime someone gets a new apple device for the first time they run into some weird shit lol
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<Mic92> joepie91: energizer it's not ready yet. I have an open rewrite planned
<Mic92> hence the sparse documentation
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<makefu> So this is what GPT-3 produces when it is asked "how to hack a website using local file inclusion lfi"
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<supersandro2000> if the latest release on github is a minor version lower than the release before...
<immae> I see only #nixos:matrix.org on matrix, is there a bridge of other channels (like this one) that I missed?
<LinuxHackerman> immae: yep via the regular freenode bridge.
<LinuxHackerman> immae: #freenode_#nixos-chat:matrix.org
<LinuxHackerman> for example
<immae> Yes, just found out about that thanks :)
<immae> (still new to matrix :p )
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* immae[m] waves
<immae> LinuxHackerman: So if I understand correctly #nixos:matrix.org is a native matrix room (but still "forwarded" to freenode somehow), while #freenode_#nixos-chat:matrix.org is a legacy bridge, is that it?
<LinuxHackerman> not sure about #nixos:matrix.org
<LinuxHackerman> but yeah, you can join freenode IRC rooms at `#freenode_#${channelName}:matrix.org`
<immae[m]> ok
<immae[m]> Thanks!
<immae[m]> Can I "merge" my two users? Or is the [m] at the end mandatory?
<immae[m]> (might not be the best place to ask this kind of question)
<LinuxHackerman> I don't think you can merge them as such, but you can change your nix by writing to @appservice-irc:matrix.org
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<__monty__> LinuxHackerman: Change your nix, WWFS? : >
<LinuxHackerman> err, nickname…
<gchristensen> qq... gpl prevents linking against gpl code if you're not gpl
<andi-> just make it gpl :-)
<gchristensen> well, sure, but my question is are we just pretending all this software doesn't link to libc??
<gchristensen> glibc*
<andi-> isn't glibc lgpl?
<andi-> I am pretty certain it is.
<gchristensen> ahh yeah
<gchristensen> transferring backups is like a trip down memory lane: why do I have 100GB of Vagrant boxes from 2013??
<supersandro2000> No one cares about this or a lot of software would be into trouble
<supersandro2000> What if you need some of them?
<supersandro2000> Why does Windows Defender quarantine a VM and takes an hour to restore it?
<gchristensen> people definitely do care :P
<{^_^}> AU-COVIDSafe/mobile-android#30 (by jimmo, 4 days ago, open): Herald integration with COVIDSafe
<{^_^}> vmware/herald-for-android#90 (by adamfowleruk, 5 days ago, closed): Use of insecure Random Number Generator
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<bbigras> Here's a log of the "unexpected end-of-file" I get with flakes https://github.com/bbigras/nix-config/runs/1511281804?check_suite_focus=true
<supersandro2000> do I need a amd 3950x or is a 3900x enough?
<gchristensen> 3900x is probably fine
<joepie91> supersandro2000: I have a 3900X and it's already more power than I know what to do with :P
<gchristensen> what if `git clone` automatic made work trees for duplicate clones
<joepie91> in favour
<supersandro2000> you could do some bash function to detect this
<supersandro2000> if you clone all your repos to ~/git this would be pretty easy to do
<supersandro2000> joepie91: I currently have an older intel i7 and 32 GB RAM are regularly not enough and I am heavily CPU limited at least once a day so that the system freezes
<supersandro2000> found a good deal for 128GB RAM
<gchristensen> how much? :)
<joepie91> supersandro2000: I upgraded to 64GB with this build
<supersandro2000> What motherboard do you use? a X570, x470 or a B one?
<joepie91> supersandro2000: X570, at that tier of CPU
<supersandro2000> gchristensen: 450 € for 2666 and 500 € for 3200
<joepie91> if you're going to be doing high-end Ryzen, look around for known compatibility between your CPU model and mobo, since it may perform suboptimally if the power circuitry on the mobo isn't good enough
<supersandro2000> I cannot upgrade to 64 GB because there is no non-ecc DDR3 16 GB sticks
<joepie91> likewise, be aware that x570 boards are almost all actively cooled with annoying small chipset fans, and only some vendors let you run it passive under idle
<supersandro2000> I was looking at the gigabyte x570 aorus pro
<supersandro2000> I have a very poor experience with the sound chip but I do not plan to use it anyway
<patagonicus> Ugh, managing dotfiles and similar without home-manager is such a pain.
<joepie91> supersandro2000: that's the one I have I believe
<joepie91> supersandro2000: note: capacitor placement is *not* compatible with non-standard mounting of some Noctua coolers
<supersandro2000> Are there silent options for the chipset? PCIE 4.0 produces to much heat
<supersandro2000> patagonicus: git is always nice
<supersandro2000> thanks for the hint. I am probably going with bequiet or some no name cooler which is quiet
<patagonicus> supersandro2000: The version control is not the problem, the automatic provisioning is. I'm currently using ansible + a small script so on first connect to a new VM it sets up my tools and configs and a few system settings. But it such more verbose, less elegant and more brittle than nix.
<joepie91> supersandro2000: well, Noctua's are quiet :D
<supersandro2000> I already compared the gigabyte motherboards and anything above pro is just a waste of money.
<joepie91> it's more that the capacitor placement on this board is just dumb and so only strictly ATX-compatible coolers will fit
<patagonicus> I'm seriously considering rewriting most of it in pure nix - I don't want to install things from nixpkgs on my company's machines.
<joepie91> and for Noctua coolers if you want to rotate them 90 degrees you need a different bracket which won't fit
<supersandro2000> patagonicus: nix is nice to get all your tooling in one go
* joepie91 currently has a very ineffective cooling setup for this reason
<gchristensen> patagonicus: why don't you want to install things from nixpkgs?
<patagonicus> gchristensen: security, mostly. We can install stuff from outside our own package repos, but it's our own fault if that's malicious or unpatched. And at least some things are customized, so using nixpkgs would be a productivity downgrade.
<supersandro2000> 228 € for 4 cores is a bit pricy. I could get another good CPU for that money
<patagonicus> The config files are simple enough to generate myself in nix code and since I already have a script that does the initial setup, I can just throw an apt install in there.
<gchristensen> fair enough
<gchristensen> may I ask where work is?
<patagonicus> It already installs ansible so that ansible can do the rest like installing other packages. :D
<joepie91> supersandro2000: huh, what are you looking at
<patagonicus> gchristensen: Some giant US tech company you've probably never heard of. ;)
<gchristensen> lol
<supersandro2000> 3950X vs 3900X prices
<gchristensen> I've been working for one of those lately too
<gchristensen> rebuilds all of nixpkgs internally for provenence and also custom patch reasons
<joepie91> supersandro2000: oh another thing to keep in mind is that Ryzens are notorious for microboosting, which on the motherboards without fan smoothing (like the Gigabyte boards, as I have unfortunately discovered...) can lead to revving, which is *fucking* annoying
<joepie91> I've spent like an hour configuring my fan curve so tightly that it runs at low speed almost all of the time but I'm definitely pushing the limits of the thermal range there
<supersandro2000> joepie91: ._. come on
<patagonicus> gchristensen: As far as I can tell we're not working for the same one. :)
<joepie91> Gigabyte really needs to get their shit together here...
<supersandro2000> I tried turning down the fans on another machine with a gigabyte board and it isn't great tbh
<supersandro2000> I should replace the fans
<supersandro2000> you can hear the noise sometimes in the entire house
<joepie91> supersandro2000: I've generally found Gigabyte's EFI to be a huge downgrade in usability compared to my previous ASRock board... from 2014...
<supersandro2000> the other machine with the cheap OEM board has two silent fans for 25 and 9 euros and is almost silent
<supersandro2000> joepie91: Did you see a HP before? anything is better than HP.
<joepie91> lol
<joepie91> supersandro2000: HP has been on my mental do-not-buy list for the past decade
<supersandro2000> the BIOs has boot order, time, virtualization and some other useless settings but thats it
<joepie91> after seeing every single HP laptop in my vicinity have either the fan or the charger break just after warranty expiry
<adisbladis> joepie91: HPs servers are generally good stuff
<supersandro2000> and WOL but nothing else
<adisbladis> Their laptops... Not so much.
<supersandro2000> so I still do not know which motherboard I should buy
<supersandro2000> and if 128GB RAM are to much
<adisbladis> 128G RAM is not too much :P
<joepie91> supersandro2000: I've been told that more mobo vendors have made chipset fans passive-make-able by now
<joepie91> but it's extremely hard to find information on this
<adisbladis> supersandro2000: But if we're talking Ryzen just make sure you fill all your memory channels for maximum performance
<__monty__> And here I was thinking dealing with 2G RAM isn't all that bad.
<adisbladis> It makes a _HUGE_ difference
<supersandro2000> I was going to buy 4 sticks
<supersandro2000> I wished there where 8 slot boards like some high end intel have
<supersandro2000> 16GB sticks are easier to find
<supersandro2000> I also thought about an epyc or older threadripper but they are all below 3 Ghz which is not ideal
<supersandro2000> and this will be the first machine I run NixOS on
<supersandro2000> one of the most active contributors the last weeks and does not run NixOS 🕹️
<supersandro2000> 😂
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<gchristensen> how do y'all feel about maintaining patches on your software?
<bbigras> security patches for packages?
<gchristensen> no, like applying patches to add features or fix bugs that upstream doesn't want / care about
* joepie91 does not understand the question
<joepie91> you say "your software" but then you say "upstream" like it's a third party
<gchristensen> on the software you install*
<joepie91> ah
<joepie91> okay that makes more sense :P
<joepie91> so what would 'maintaining patches' entail here?
<joepie91> because I'm not sure how you envision an end user doing anything with patches themselves
<gchristensen> having patches, applying them on a regular basis, keeping them working over time, is it a good idea to depend on that
<gchristensen> nevermind
<joepie91> I feel like there's a miscommunication here :P
<gchristensen> yes
<bbigras> I guess it can be a pain in the ass if upstream changes a lot. and your patch is huge.
<gchristensen> not worth fixing the miscommunication for this question :)
<Taneb> gchristensen: sounds like what the people at suckless want me to do
<joepie91> gchristensen: well, it's a question that I'm interested in, maybe a low-effort way to fix the miscommunication would be to provide a hypothetical example with a real piece of software?
<{^_^}> hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws#16373 (by grahamc, 2 weeks ago, open): aws_ebs_snapshot_import: init resource (the red X is from a panic() in a test which I don't know how to avoid)
<patagonicus> Taneb: What are the people at suckless doing this time?
<bbigras> maybe try to bribe someone into doing it (with bountysource.com)
<bbigras> I mean if upstream want to merge it
<Taneb> patagonicus: saying if you want to configure your window manager you patch the source
<joepie91> gchristensen: right, and your intention is to a) add this feature yourself for yourself, or b) add this feature to nixpkgs for every nixpkgs user?
<Taneb> patagonicus: I do not advocate listening to suckless
<abathur> definitely the sort of thing that makes me queasy, but also if the feature is big QoL improvement... maybe blame the code under the patch to see how often/recently it's changed
<gchristensen> a (I already added the feature. they just won't merge the PR)
<patagonicus> Taneb: Ah, right. Yeah, I'm also not a fan.
<abathur> nod
<bbigras> "they just won't merge the PR" ah this sucks. we can't be expected to fork or maintain a patch for ever, just for one feature.
<joepie91> gchristensen: right. so I think it's an option that should be there and that should ideally be supported (eg. by making it an evaluation error when applying a patch to a source other than the source that was used at the time the patch was written), but I also think that it's going to be a pain to maintain in the long run, especially as you would basically have to test the patch with every new release to make sure it didn't
<joepie91> break something in a non-syntactic way
<gchristensen> sorry I'm not asking about the overall big picture
<joepie91> end-user patching is something I'd consider a good last resort to have
<gchristensen> I'm asking about *your* proclivities
<Taneb> gchristensen: I've done it before, I don't like doing it
<gchristensen> same
<abathur> if it's not very idiomatic, you might also be able to fork and describe what you're adding and eventually not be the only one depending on it--but who knows if that means more help keeping up with upstream or just more bugfix/change requests
<joepie91> gchristensen: well, they match that view, just from a different angle :) it is something I would do but only as a last resort, and I would like for there to be better tooling to support it as described above
<pie_> qyliss i think has some opinions on this that distros should do it more often for their needs
<Taneb> gchristensen: also, Nix makes it a lot easier to manage than otherwise
<gchristensen> of course
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<joepie91> gchristensen: also personally I'm more inclined to generalize these sorts of things, and eg. look for (or support!) a community-maintained fork which is more open to feature changes
<joepie91> before taking on a local patch as a long-term commitment
<joepie91> IME these sorts of cases are often indicative of a bigger maintenance problem
<gchristensen> my own custom terraform provider just for this one function :)
<gchristensen> yeah there is a maintenance problem, and they've "fixed" it by popularity-contesting their merges
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<pie_> i need something with a shortcut in my windowmanager to pop up a task stack that i can add to and remove from quickly
<bbigras> yeah. maybe I would maintain a patch myself. at least it's not for a critical server like nginx where you want to make sure to update for every single security fix.
<abathur> would other people need/use it, or is it very idiomatic?
<abathur> (would you guess the PR could accrue enough votes over time that they'll eventually deign to deal with it?)
<gchristensen> probably not many people creating AMIs by uploading them, probably 5-6 9's worth of the AMI creation is by starting with an existing AMI, modifying, snapshotting
<abathur> ah, yeah
<gchristensen> that said, they already have a way to create an AMI from an ebs snapshot... probably not a lot of people creating EBS volumes from files in S3
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<abathur> I'd use the sunk-cost "heuristic" (: you've already written it; the cost to try maintaining the patch and abandon it at first nontrivial conflict seems like it's just a switching cost of some sort? What would you be doing to work around not having the feature?
<gchristensen> figuring out some way to two-step the terraform code I've written to first create all the infra for doing the import, stopping doing the import, enabling the second phase, and re-running terraform
<gchristensen> stopping, doing the import*
<abathur> like, I'm maintaining some patches against oil that probably fit the bill
<gchristensen> I'm surprised they're not taking them
<gchristensen> maybe I could hedge my bets and find a way to buy github thumbsups
<joepie91> lol
<gchristensen> but only one a day
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<abathur> technically started with a fork, after validating concept and making myself want to hurt things trying to upstream them, I put in a little time to shrink the diffs, convert to patches, hopefully make it less painful
<joepie91> something something incentives something
<Taneb> gchristensen: add a patch in nixpkgs to the github cli to make users of that thumbs it up
<gchristensen> cool
<gchristensen> great idea
<abathur> Taneb: I like this entire line of thinking
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<cransom> i upload and register AMIs from s3. i've noticed a lot of variability from aws on how long that process takes and sometimes it's 5 minutes, other times (for a few day span) it's 30 minutes. registering an ami from a volume seems to be always consistent time, but we don't have speed needs that requires us to have an ami up in 5 minutes
<gchristensen> do you have a nice tool for it?
<cransom> and mounting/remounting ebs volumes to the hydra machine feels like a bad idea to me, so i'm not super jazzed on that.
<cransom> i would not call it a nice tool. a good amount of bash in hydra jobs.
<gchristensen> eek
<cransom> it's example of how you shouldn't do nix/hydra, by removing a majority of the safety wiring. but it does work, and it is consistent. any other build system would be just as good, if not better.
<gchristensen> do you prune old ones?
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<cransom> yeah. every ami that goes up is deployed, when it tears down the previous, it marks the ASG reclaimable and after some time critera, they are purged.
<gchristensen> cool
<cransom> we keep them around a short time for faster rollback in case bad things happen.
<gchristensen> yea
<supersandro2000> gchristensen: I regularly patch things for my dotfiles because things are regularly broken
<supersandro2000> using stone age old darwin stat syntax or fixing something else together
<samueldr> gchristensen: with the superpowers of Nix it's been trivial to "just patch" something while keeping it up to date
<LinuxHackerman> well, nix won't fix your merge/patch conflicts for you
<samueldr> I have a few unorthodox patchsets which remove the ability to use the home directory for storing settings for some apps, and reads from /etc/... paths
<samueldr> sure
<gchristensen> nice
<gchristensen> LinuxHackerman: bingo
<samueldr> but I don't have to track down the packages
<samueldr> doing the same in any other distro means I have to keep track of the package updates
<samueldr> while here it will just fail in my face!
<samueldr> I also have that fun gobohide patch for the kernel, which I maintained (privately) for a while for archlinux
<samueldr> and it was hello
<samueldr> hell*
<samueldr> but with NixOS it's just... been there in my files since 2017, while sometimes requiring an update to the patch
<samueldr> while the alternative in most other Linux distros is to accidentally not update packages
<samueldr> or accidentally update the package without the patches
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<viric> joepie91: was it you joking with xkcd that I'd write a new CI?
<joepie91> viric: don't think so :P
<viric> I can't remember who.
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<samueldr> "Maybe Later"
<samueldr> name a more iconic duo
<gchristensen> haha
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<abathur> like bisect, but for fuzzy-patching until the software builds and your tests pass?
<abathur> :}
<viric> ssh computer "sleep 10" Ctrl-C. Shouldn't ssh send some signal to "sleep"?
<viric> even not SIGHUP.
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<viric> hm ssh wanted '-t'.
<bbigras> I'm not 100% sure but I think I'm having bad performance with pipewire. while watching youtube, building my config and maybe some rust code.
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<gchristensen> I wish for a wayland compositor with the simplicity and configuration of sway but more focused on floating windows
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<patagonicus> I've just recently switched to sway and I'm happy, but display scaling just makes Chrome barely usable. And with the Wayland integration Youtube doesn't work, so that's also a no-go.
<bbigras> I like Sway. I used it at work and I have it on my laptop. But my desktop's nvidia card doesn't go well with it.
<bbigras> gchristensen: do you mean a non-tiling wm or just one with better support for floating windows?
<gchristensen> I think I'd rather a non-tiling wm with some affordances that make things like tiling
<gchristensen> like resizing that snaps to split screen
<bbigras> gotcha
<sphalerite> so GNOME?
<bbigras> yeah. gnome with wayland
<gchristensen> yes but with the simplicity and configuration of sway :)
<gchristensen> I like that I have control of exactly what when and how sway launches programs, which I don't think I can get with gnome
<sphalerite> ah :D
<sphalerite> What's sway's floating support lacking for you?
<bbigras> there's https://github.com/gvolpe/dconf2nix but I guess it's just to do the same as what gnome already allows with its config menus.
<gchristensen> I don't like that windows tile by default, that windows end up in a weird tree structure that I'm constantly trying to get out of
<sphalerite> hm, can't you make windows float by default?
<gchristensen> maybe
<sphalerite> for_window[class=".*"] floating enable
<sphalerite> or something
<gchristensen> oh dear
<gchristensen> I almost never want the complicated layout support sway has, but I feel like I'm constantly paying the price for it
<numkem> I've been looking at trying out awesomewm myself, I've used i3 for a few years but stopped because of environment change. Is that something you'd recommend?
<sphalerite> I used awesome before switching to i3 (and later sway)
<numkem> sphalerite: what made you change?
<sphalerite> I wouldn't recommend it, but that's a matter of taste
<sphalerite> The config was too versatile/complex for my liking
<numkem> sphalerite: ok, that might be something I'd actually look forward to
<numkem> either awesomewm or exwm but exwm seems to be a bigger step from what I've seen
<sphalerite> err, the latter is the default sway config. But same difference, they're still mostly compatible iirc?
<gchristensen> iirc they're totally compatible
<samueldr> the thing though that made me pick awesome: you can program it to be anything you want
<samueldr> it's not really a configuration file, but a wm framework
<samueldr> which, really, I understand why people wouldn't want that
<sphalerite> yes!
<sphalerite> gchristensen: hm, no, sway seems to extend i3's config
<gchristensen> ah maybe it is 100% i3 -> sway compatible
<sphalerite> I'm fairly sure sway will work with any i3 config, but ­yeah
<__monty__> Awesomewm is XMonad but lua?
<sphalerite> sort of I think.
<energizer> for pythonistas, qtile is a nice wm system
<numkem> sphalerite: I see your point
<energizer> amd gpu users, how do you monitor its performance?
<energizer> ,locate bin/aticonfig
<{^_^}> Couldn't find in any packages
<energizer> idk if not found because proprietary or because not in nixpkgs
<energizer> aha, nixpkgs.radeontop
<joepie91> isn't aticonfig an ancient and crusty fglrx thing?
<ashkitten> energizer: radeontop
<energizer> ashkitten: found it thanks
<ashkitten> if you want it to work with navi gpus (5000 series) you'll need the master branch
<ashkitten> support is not in a release yet
<energizer> the one in nixpkgs works
<energizer> would be nice if it could be included in one of the monitor tools like glances/bottom/zenith/...
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<energizer> wonder why radeontop needs root
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<gchristensen> probably some /dev/ devices it prods
<samueldr> or /sys
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<supersandro2000> Does anyone know anything about gnidorah?
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<infinisil> "Starship | SN8 | High-Altitude Flight Test" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nf83yzzme2I
<infinisil> In ~13 hours
<infinisil> "SN8 will also attempt to perform a landing flip maneuver, which would be a first for a vehicle of this size." :o
<infinisil> I'm not entirely sure what that means, but that sounds exciting!
<infinisil> Totally unrelated, but this kind of ticks me off: Swiss people donated about 8 million CHF to international coronavirus help. That sounds great right?
<infinisil> Except that they also donated *42* million to *swiss* coronavirus help!
<infinisil> Like heck man, we don't need help locally, we have social security, health care, etc.
<sphalerite> I have a friend who works in a hospital in Geneva, last I heard they weren't doing so well
<sphalerite> though I'm not sure that's the kind of problem where "throw money at it" will help
<samueldr> if it's like here, it really wouldn't be
<samueldr> except maybe ensuring the citizens can live during actually-a-proper-lockdown actually-without-work-open
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<infinisil> There's just so many other countries who need more help right now
<infinisil> Locally I've been using https://www.srf.ch/news/schweiz/coronavirus-so-entwickeln-sich-die-corona-zahlen-in-der-schweiz to stay up-to-date. It's not great, but it could be worse
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