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<colemickens> The thing is, 6 months ago the mobo and this memory kit were fine. And then something went bad, and I haven't mucked with anything in the BIOS. So I'm still thinking something is on the fritz.
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<drakonis> XMP is basically boosting ram clock to the nearest safe level
<drakonis> its not a quad channel motherboard lol
<drakonis> apparently it'll just run on dual channel
<energizer> anybody like/dislike Home Assistant (https://www.home-assistant.io/)?
<colemickens> it's okay.
<colemickens> I haven't found anything I like better.
<sphalerite> energizer: both :) I run it for my stuff, it works well, but its packaging was a pain last time I used it and it's more complex than my imagined ideal solution.
<samueldr> depends on what you want it to do
<samueldr> for what it was *designed* to do, it looks pretty good
<energizer> sphalerite: packaging isn't just `services.home-assistant.enable = true`?
<samueldr> if you want to break out of the mold, it's not going to be great
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<energizer> thanks
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<lovesegfault> boom
<lovesegfault> flakes + deploy-rs
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<lovesegfault> my last issue is it seems like my boot entry isn't being updated
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<lovesegfault> like /boot/loader/loader.conf never changes to the new system
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<gchristensen> reminds me of a toy I made when I worked for http://clarify.io/ -- intaking movies and let me grep through the objects and words in scenes and words spoken
* colemickens has no idea where one would even begin on a project like that
<gchristensen> my favorite bit is you could grep for mirrors
<gchristensen> how does object recognition find a mirror? I dunno, but it did.
<gchristensen> the clarify backend had object recongnition, speech to text, image to text, all precisly timestamped. not so tricky as long as you could use the api for free under the guise of testing
<gchristensen> g'night! :)
<abathur> :)
<lovesegfault> can I have flake/default.nix instead of flake.nix? :P
<hexa-> pfff
<hexa-> ask that in an on-topic channel pls :p
<lovesegfault> It was a joke, but now I want to know πŸ˜…
<lovesegfault> danderson: do my IP's inside tailscale ever change?
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<pie_> sounds like this could be neat for anime music video clip catalogs for editors >.> (someone tell porn sites to use this their searches are garbage) <gchristensen> the clarify backend had object recongnition, speech to text, image to text, all precisly timestamped. not so tricky as long as you could use the api for free under the guise of testing
<insep_> vk.com has neat search
<insep_> although sometimes it shadow bans some videos :(
<pie_> i clicked the "api status" button at the bottom for no reason http://status.clarify.io/ oof solarwinds, and errored xD
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<{^_^}> serokell/deploy-rs#31 (by lovesegfault, 4 hours ago, open): Default boot entry is never updated
<{^_^}> serokell/deploy-rs#32 (by lovesegfault, 1 hour ago, open): Activation script runs forever
<lovesegfault> Why do I always hit issues when I try things :P
<abathur> software is like one of those dreams where you can fly when it doesn't matter and can't run when it does?
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<tazjin> sphalerite: you don't currently get much from using Tvix (though it does build our whole monorepo), but it's very much still in the realm of non-user-facing improvements
<tazjin> drakonis: no, I don't like Guix because it introduces mutability and breaks referential transparency
<tazjin> this is just a syntax transform of nixlang
<tazjin> drakonis: fwiw, the initial implementation (which doesn't do everything in the screenshot) is here: https://cl.tvl.fyi/c/depot/+/2237
<eyJhb> tazjin: Have there been any thoughts of moving away from C++?
<tazjin> eyJhb: one of our thoughts is that a rewrite is infeasible for now, because it would need to maintain bug-for-bug compatibility
<tazjin> we're looking at rewriting the interpreter as an isolated thing, and that's already quite something because there is language behaviour that the parser injects and lots of random stuff lik ethat
<tazjin> (* undocumented language behaviour that the parser injects :p)
<eyJhb> Sounds like fun!
<eyJhb> The bug-for-bug thing is always a nice thing when one needs to implement it like that
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<sphalerite> tazjin: language behaviour that the parser injects?
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<tazjin> sphalerite: let { __findFile = _: builtins.getAttr; body = <foo> { foo = 12; }; }
<tazjin> sphalerite: cursed example use: https://cl.tvl.fyi/c/depot/+/1325
<sphalerite> aaah I suspected that might be what you're referring to :')
<sphalerite> yeah fun stuff
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<patagonicus> Sigh. OpenSSH really makes it hard to have the host private key in the nix store (yes, I know it's not a good idea. No, I don't care for this system.).
<ar> speaking of ssh, is there something like (open)ssh, but with mutual tls auth instead of openssh's bespoke protocol?
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<patagonicus> Sigh. I think the NixOS configuration is messing with my key files. I just want to be able to build sd-images with known host keys. Wouldn't be a problem with my custom solution which also adds LUKS, because that has steps outside of nix anyway, but for testing I'm trying to build simpler images without LUKS.
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<patagonicus> Oh, duh, I had an extra character for one of the paths, so of course that file wasn't found.
<pie_> github has discussion boards now ΓΆ_0
<pie_> patagonicus: yeah wrong path issues are always nice :P
<patagonicus> pie_: good thing I haven't been paged for work yet today. I don't think I should be touching production if I make these kinds of mistakes right now. :D
<sphalerite> ar: I've wondered that before too, if you find anything let me know
* sphalerite imagines "telnets"
<patagonicus> Argh, I typoed another file name. And what I'm trying to set up is remote builders + substituters, because this is ARMv7, so no official cache. And without them the systems have to build everything from scratch even if you just change a string in your configuration.nix (or I could build images with full build deps, but that blows up the images from
<patagonicus> <2GB to 10-15GB).
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<sphalerite> patagonicus: hm, can't you pass them on the command line for when you got them wrong?
<patagonicus> sphalerite: Part of it was the whole private/public key stuff to allow them to log in. It was easy enough to copy the config files from the store and edit them, although rebuilding would have been easier.
<patagonicus> I think I've got it working now.
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<gchristensen> pie_: yeah we tried to make supercuts but it became annoying
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<gchristensen> lol, I was confused by what grub did to this disk and it ended up overwriting the vfat /boot partition with its own
<infinisil> I missed a spicy land landing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OeVwaFBkfE
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<srk> smooth
<patagonicus> "We won't be broadcasting the fairing deploy at the request of our customer." Customer is National Reconnaissance Office, so I guess that's not a surprise.
<sphalerite> what's the fastest way you people know of to generate pseudorandom (cryptographically secure not necessary, tbh all it needs to be is incompressible) data?
<sphalerite> I've mostly been using AES on /dev/zero using openssl so far, but if anyone knows something speedier do let me know :)
<infinisil> sphalerite: /dev/{random,urandom}?
<infinisil> I think one of them is faster, the other is more secure
<patagonicus> /dev/random is probably not very fast. I'd check if urandom is faster than AES.
<sphalerite> no, those are way slower than AES :)
<patagonicus> Then you probably have AES-NI. :D
<patagonicus> Parallelized AES?
<sphalerite> I don't think it's that, even. Just that the algorithm used by the kernel to generate secure randomness is more complex than AES.
<infinisil> sphalerite: How do you measure the speed?
<sphalerite> maybe chacha on /dev/zero would be faster, but I don't know of a command-line filter for that
<sphalerite> infinisil: pv /dev/urandom >/dev/null, or openssl … | pv >/dev/null
<infinisil> Neat, what's the openssl command you're using?
<tilpner> sphalerite: Curious, what's your urandom throughput?
<sphalerite> tilpner: on my hetzner cloud server, ~150MiB/s
<__monty__> sphalerite: Maybe an already compressed archive is incompressible enough for your usecase?
<tilpner> sphalerite: Is that ryzen? My urandom went from 60 to >400 when booting with nordrand
<sphalerite> infinisil: openssl aes-256-cbc </dev/zero | pv >/dev/null
<infinisil> "enter aes-256-cbc encryption password" lol, but yeah, that's about double the speed for me
<infinisil> /dev/urandom is 280MiB/s, while openssl is 530MiB/s
<sphalerite> tilpner: no, something intel
<tilpner> Ahh, okay, I just remembered your ordnungsamd hostname, but didn't know which machine that was
<sphalerite> oh yeah that's my laptop, hm
<sphalerite> my laptop does 1.65GiB/s with openssl
<sphalerite> and 35MiB/s urandom
<infinisil> :o
<infinisil> Damn, that's quite a bit more than my 2x difference
<sphalerite> oh wait no more like 50MiB/s
<sphalerite> but yeah I guess disabling RDRAND would make sense. Not going to reboot for that now though ^^
<tilpner> I recently needed lots of incompressible data too, and it was surprisingly annoying
<tilpner> openssl rand has a pretty low limit on how much data it will generate
<infinisil> What are y'all needing this for?
<sphalerite> I've mostly used it for testing storage performance
<sphalerite> at which point of course anything faster than the storage will do
<sphalerite> but /dev/urandom already fails at that level :D
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<patagonicus> After writing Nix configs all day, switching to Go is hard. Have to make a conscious effort not to add semicolons after closing curly brackets. :D
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<eyJhb> patagonicus: Doesn't it just remove them?
<patagonicus> Hmm, true, in many places semicolons might actually not matter.
<eyJhb> You should format your Go code on save. The formatters will just remove them :p
<patagonicus> Yeah, you're right, gofmt -s removes them.
<eyJhb> What editor are you using patagonicus ?
<patagonicus> neovim. Yes, I know I can set it up to format on save.
<eyJhb> Just in general, vim-go is AMAZING if you do any Go :p
<patagonicus> But I hadn't actually typed a semicolon by the time I complained, I just kept thinking about wanting to add one.
<patagonicus> I'm not a fan of adding a lot of extensions to vim, I barely have any at the moment.
<eyJhb> My formatting while writing go.. Is not nice, because I am used to it just formatting.
<eyJhb> So it looks like hell until I save :D
<eyJhb> I only run with align, vim-go and then the biggest chunkiest of them all, coc...
<eyJhb> But also trying to keep it minimal, while productive
<patagonicus> Blergh, my Gitlab Runner VM can't run docker containers anymore. I wonder what broke there. "failed to add the host (…) <=> sandbox (…) pair interfaces: operation not supported". Hardened kernel, maybe?
<patagonicus> Hmm, yeah, the VM running GitLab in docker (don't ask …) uses non-hardened kernel.
<patagonicus> Or something else from hardened.nix I'm too lazy to debug.
<crazazy[m]> guys I have a problem with github actions
<crazazy[m]> again
<crazazy[m]> when I do `nix run nixpkgs.niv -c niv update` on my local computer it updates my stuff
<crazazy[m]> when I do it on github actions it says https://i.imgur.com/ew4wFGR.png
<crazazy[m]> what do I do to fix this?
<gchristensen> maybe try #nixos ?
<eyJhb> Speaking of Golang patagonicus , I just finished my Moodle scraper in Go :D Finally something that is robust and doesn't randomly breaks!
<patagonicus> I've been using Golang as my main language for a few years now and it's so nice.
<eyJhb> Yup, enjoy it quite much as well
<eyJhb> I just need to grap some dinner and clean some stuff, then I am off to reverse engineering a Android app, and implement the basic stuff in Go, so I don't have to have that app installed!
<eyJhb> (I lot of grocery store chains, that are in essence under the same corporation, have made an app for EACH chain, that does 100% the same, looks 99% the same, but just different apps, and there is like 3-4 of them. I just want them in a single place, and not take up 4x65 mb of space)
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<HorseGirl> hello
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<bbigras> hi
<eyJhb> ,bin locate npx
<HorseGirl> hello bbigras
<bbigras> ,locate bin npx
<{^_^}> Found in packages: nodejs, graalvm8-ce, nodejs-10_x, nodejs-14_x, graalvm11-ce
<eyJhb> bbigras: Damn it! :p Thanks
<bbigras> npx should be in the nodejs package
<bbigras> hehe
<eyJhb> Couldn't use NixOS for it anyways... :( Time to hit Docker
<bbigras> how so?
<eyJhb> I need to run apktool, and it is broken on the current version. Have to run https://github.com/shroudedcode/apk-mitm
<eyJhb> So it is a one-off thing, so spending too much time on getting it "right" is too much :p
<bbigras> gotcha
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<eyJhb> Forgot that my NOEXEC affects my Docker containers as well. Spent a good 5 min on that...
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<eyJhb> Well yay, the Python implemenation is done. Time to port it to Go. Also, for anyone, I can highly recommend apk-mitm, worked super well
<eyJhb> Until it is in nixpkgs, then if anyone else wants to try it - https://github.com/eyJhb/docker-images/blob/master/tools/apk-mitm/Dockerfile
* colemickens waves
<samueldr> hi
<eyJhb> hi colemickens :D
* colemickens isolated the bad RAM stick out of the RMA replacement kit -_-
<colemickens> Happy to find out it's not the mobo at least.
<eyJhb> Did you get a replacement with a bad ram stick?
<colemickens> yup :(
<samueldr> will the next replacement kit also have a bad stick?
<colemickens> samueldr: I don't know. Originally I'd thought replacing the entire kit was ideal, but now I'm almost tempted to tell them to just RMA the one stick?
<samueldr> if it is even possible
<colemickens> who knows, this manufacturer definitely has a slightly more friction-ful return experience, for whatever reason that could maybe be...
<samueldr> cool... I might have slightly broken something the other day in my code... which I assumed it was because of bad drivers on another device
<colemickens> There's also this realization setting in that I would probably never notice that my machine only has 48GB of RAM instead of 64GB
<samueldr> but you paid for 64GiB, don't let 16GiB go to waste needlessly
<eyJhb> colemickens: Sounds annoying. I hate when I have to waste my time on such crud...
<eyJhb> I always try to get a discount or something when they waste my time on sending me bad stuff.
<colemickens> eyJhb: yes. I also RMA'd my powersupply only to find out that there is a certain way I needed to wire it to avoid overloading it??? (I have no idea, but the guy claimed it and it worked), and so the PSU I wound up with after the whole process is much noisier than my original PSU.
<colemickens> It's honestly just very nicely re-inforcing that I only want a single real computer in my house. (and maybe one SBC type device)
<colemickens> eyJhb: I took the bold leap of asking them to at least pre-ship the replacement this time instead of expecting me to go without RAM for 2.5 weeks. :S
<eyJhb> colemickens: Which country?
<colemickens> US
<eyJhb> Ahh. then you are most likely screwed most of the time
<eyJhb> How old is the PSU?
<colemickens> Dunno, in warranty. The PSU folks were much more gracious, pre-shipped, were super friendly. I'm pretty sure if I explained this, they'd help me out. It's just a hassle, I hate little chores like that, especially since I'm without a car in a city, etc.
<eyJhb> Understandable.. But mostly it is worth just getting it over with..
<eyJhb> But I agree. it sucks
<colemickens> :O :O "Fix regression in 2.2.24 requiring gpg --card-status before signing or decrypting"
<colemickens> So my "gpg-fix" _wasn't_ totally silly.
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<ashkitten> colemickens: is THAT why my yubikey has been finicky
<colemickens> apparently! I felt less-and-less sure of myself every time the script worked adn teh --card-status fixed it, but alas! It was not all in my head :P
<ashkitten> <3 colemickens
<{^_^}> colemickens's karma got increased to 51
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<eyJhb> colemickens: THat is niiice ! :D
<eyJhb> Link to PR?
<{^_^}> #106400 (by r-ryantm, 1 week ago, open): gnupg: 2.2.24 -> 2.2.25
<eyJhb> :D Rather nice to get confirmation that one is not crazy :p
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<eyJhb> First draft done ! But hell it sucks in Go when you have to send a lot of weird things. These are just to make the login requests for the app - https://i.imgur.com/AkpoYHF.png
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