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<lovesegfault> Okay, fixed now :D
<lovesegfault> bbigras: fully dynamic host fetching at action time, no more gen-ci nonsense
<lovesegfault> πŸŽ‰
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<lovesegfault> Hmm, wait, I broke my secrets :P
<drakonis> i'm wondering if this person realized this is "the" william gibson
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<gchristensen> andi- how do you feel about Vault being on the public internet
<andi-> it is security software so it must be secure?!
<andi-> tbh it depends on the threat
<andi-> I wouldn't put my own vautl on the internet but only on my private internal mesh'ed VPN
<gchristensen> yeah.
<andi-> I would probaby provide OAUTH backends to the publish tho...
<andi-> whats the difference?
<lovesegfault> Somehow I can do advanced GH actions stuff like dependent jobs and building a matrix from JSON but using a damn secret is intractable to me
<andi-> I just created 500k+ files in a folder on my ZFS.. when I do ls it complains that some files aren't to be found... Did I break it? :/
<gchristensen> what happens if you do it again? :) anything in dmesg? :)
<andi-> I'm waiting for notmuch to finish the current import first
<lukegb> drakonis: I don't think that person knows who William Gibson is, or anything about the genre :p
<samueldr> nah, he's definitely a fa
<samueldr> fan*
<samueldr> fan of AAA games
<samueldr> that's the genre
<pie_> whas valut
<pie_> vault
<lukegb> samueldr: I mean... you're not wrong
<gchristensen> vaultproject.io/
<lukegb> You put your secrets in with the idea you can get them out again
<lukegb> Like an advanced /dev/null
<gchristensen> ideally you ut in a secret and then get different secrets out
<energizer> im waiting for sops-nix to get age support
<lukegb> Oh, yeah, there is that
<lukegb> And you can auth with cloud provider instance identities if you're on one of those, or some other things
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<lovesegfault> Mic92: you were a life saver with that idea of grabbing systemd from staging
<lovesegfault> it's so nice to not have my system crash every 20 mins
<andi-> lol.
<lovesegfault> I was ready to revert to nixpkgs from a month ago and wait for staging :P
<andi-> works for me. There are all these tests for a reason ;)
<lovesegfault> systemd 247?
<lovesegfault> 247.{1,2} work fine, but the original 247 came broke as heck
<lovesegfault> and since any changes need to go through staging it's been broken for a while
<andi-> 247 never made it into the unstable channel.
<lovesegfault> unstable-small for lyfe
<andi-> *shrug*
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<colemickens> what do folks do for simple dns management? I randomly login to duckdns or gandi to do some manual record management from time to time. Is there a DNS provider that will like sync from a github repo or something?
<gchristensen> I use luadns
<pie_> :O
<lovesegfault> colemickens: I was using tailscale magicdns until I broke my setup
<lovesegfault> it worked well
<lovesegfault> it's not real DNS though
<lovesegfault> other than that I use google domains and run ddclient to keep things up-to-date
<gchristensen> sigh perfect timing, this system has completely tanked and its ipmi console isn't responding
<cole-h> ruh roh
<pie_> cc joepie91
<gchristensen> it can't even manage to print dmesg
<lovesegfault> goddamn, you managed to knock over the IPMI too? :P
<gchristensen> its ipmi has always been janky
<lovesegfault> who's the vendor?
<gchristensen> asrock
<lovesegfault> TIL they even have an IPMI impl
<gchristensen> they have a line of motherboards called ASRockRack
<lovesegfault> I've only ever used Dell's and SuperMicro's IPMI
<pie_> ipmwhy
<gchristensen> sigh, I walk all the way down stairs to try and poke it alive and then I remember this new motherboard doesn't have a ps2 port and I don't have any usb keyboards down here
<hexa-> gchristensen: x470/x570?
<gchristensen> x470
<hexa-> x470d4u?
<hexa-> pretty sure we have the same one at our hackerspace, with a Ryzen 5 3600
<hexa-> they are boards that have quite the nice featureset, but boy is it unstable
<gchristensen> exact same
<hexa-> this review is for the successor, and it still seems to have the same issues. https://www.servethehome.com/asrock-rack-x570d4u-2l2t-review-amd-ryzen-server-motherboard/
<gchristensen> dang.
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<hexa-> but it's literally the only prosumer board with remote management
<hexa-> though the cpu market for it is weird
<hexa-> ryzen offers no low power cpus for that socket
<hexa-> no recent ones at least
<hexa-> > Additionally, the BMC exhibited the same slow transfer speeds for mounted media that previous ASRock Rack series boards demonstrated on both the HTML5 and Java iKVM clients. Despite the BMC itself being linked to the network at 1GbE rates, transfer speeds were still very slow. This behavior was identical to the X570D4I-2T, and the BMC remote media seemed artificially limited to 1.39 MB/s.
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ',', expecting ')', at (string):452:13
<hexa-> tried to boot a nixos iso via that remote kvm once, it timed out
<gchristensen> ...
<andi-> maybe you can get AWS to open an AZ in your basement?
<andi-> It surely is just a matter of negotiating the right price
<gchristensen> good idea
<gchristensen> I'm sure my residential power and ~100MB/s network is just fine
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<andi-> 100MB/s would indeed be decent. Or did you mean 100MBit/s? :P
<gchristensen> whoops yeah
<andi-> you could provide edge services too all those near you.. and they'd have excellent latency and bandwidth
<gchristensen> yeah man it is such a good idea
<gchristensen> the berkshires would be well served by it
<gchristensen> [grahamc@kif:~]$ dmesg
<gchristensen> [ 0.000000] Linux version 5.9.15 (nixbld@localhost) (gcc (GCC) 9.3.0, GNU ld (GNU Binutils) 2.31.1) #1-NixOS SMP Wed Dec 16 09:58:38 UTC 2020
<gchristensen> and then it gets stuck there :')
<andi-> did you try the VGA output?
<gchristensen> no keyboard down there
<andi-> via KVM?
<gchristensen> I don't have a proper KVM, and the asrock ipmi interface is just not loading
<gchristensen> I'd better go get a keyboard
<hexa-> would reset power first, so maybe the ipmi comes back up
<hexa-> nobody likes to work in the basement ._.
<gchristensen> ... the keyboard is sending dvorak keys, and the console is set to dvorak mode for double the fun, lol
<siraben> gchristensen: wait how is that working lol
<siraben> you type the key labelled "a" on your dvorak keyboard, what appears?
<andi-> just use a kinesis an reprogram all the keys as needed? (probably faster to just not do that)
<gchristensen> a, siraben
<andi-> a is the same in qwert{y,z} and dvora
<andi-> k
<pie_> <x> we use this for dns https://stackexchange.github.io/dnscontrol/ and then write go plugins when needed, it's agnostic across a huge number of standard providers
<pie_> *shrug*
<gchristensen> apparently the zfs scrub is just demolishing this system
<siraben> uh oh
<gchristensen> yay dmesg works now.
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<pie_> uh?
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<genevino> :D
<genevino> hi my name is armin and i consider systemd broken beyond repair, even though i was stupid enough to go full nixos on most of my systems!
<bbigras> colemickens: I might be late but you can manage dns with some providers with terraform.
<genevino> i mean jesus fucking christ. this was almost 10 hours of debugging only to find out that systemd even fucking deadlocks with "reboot --force".
<genevino> </ragemode>
<genevino> thanks for your understanding.
<energizer> worldofpeace: hey. I want to do a little bit of audio recording. Is Audacity my best bet? Are there any particular resources (books,websites,software,hardware) I should know about?
<genevino> energizer: audacity is awesome for that, you won't need anything else, you could as well consider renoise which is really good, but you probably have to be a tracker-minded person to adore it.
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<bbigras> lovesegfault: did you figure out your problem with secrets?
<genevino> energizer: maybe if you use JACK there's even a command line tool which you can abuse, but audacity will really work on all the setups i can think of.
<worldofpeace> [worldofpeace emerges out of the mist and the whole #nixos-chat trembles]
* abathur wondered why he was trembling
<genevino> energizer: anyway, if it's possible to record audio with your setup, audacity will have a possibility to record it i believe. i never had problems recording audio with it in almost 10 years, no matter the OS.
<energizer> i got a little setup working with audacity, but i'm probably doing just about everything wrong due to inexperience :)
<worldofpeace> energizer: there are songs produced whose vocals are all **recorded** in audacity, so audacity is clearly useful. If it's just a bit vocal etc. it should be just fine. any sort of post processing/effects etc. is not really sublime in audacity. like I look at the eq ui and I'm like "what am I looking at"
<worldofpeace> I haven't really used it for those aforementioned purposes so it's probably me just dragging that stock, I think they're called plugins in audacity
<genevino> you can do WAY more in terms of recording with audacity - that thing is a magical tool. it's seriously good. use it. the UI sucks big time, but the tool itself is 100% useful, yes.
<genevino> i think what puts most people away from it is the UI, it looks terrible, it feels terrible, yes. that's the case. but it DOES work.
<worldofpeace> oh yeah, I'm seeing audacity has support for lv2 and vst.
<genevino> what's even worse: mixxx.
<genevino> the UI constantly hangs, no matter what i do. it's such a nightmare. but the tool DOES work.
<energizer> one thing i was wondering about is yknow how in photoshop you can add layers that transform your image..is there a way to do that in a daw? in audacity all the Effect commands seem to work in-place so if i want to toggle some effect i have to undo/redo it
<genevino> that's absolutely possible.
<energizer> whereas in photoshop i can be constantly clicking invisible/visible on a layer to see what different effects do
<genevino> did you try renoise?
<energizer> nope just downloaded renoise right now
<genevino> you won't be able to export to .wav unless you register for 70€ or so. but you can save your project, including all samples. if you need a .wav or .mp3 render send me the file.
<genevino> got a lifelong license (also wearing a renoise hoodie right now but that's another story)
<pie_> hehe
<genevino> i promise i'll keep your .rns files private and just hand you the file.
<pie_> for the other direction theres all the very legitimate sources of fl studio as well
<worldofpeace> anyways, I think the manual is probably "useful for filling in gaps". I really only would read a daw manual for a specific knowledge gap because who really wants to read a manual. tbh also youtube is very useful and I think audacityguide.com for just basics
<genevino> yea i got an FL license, too.
<genevino> it's my #1 DAW.
<pie_> if we are going full audio
<genevino> fwiw i just applied for a job at NI
<pie_> ah well then
<pie_> heh nice
<pie_> ask them why labview is so freaking huge
<pie_> going by my friends reports
<genevino> in fact, the reason i got in contact with him was MY PERSONAL COMPLAINT that they refuse to support THEIR OWN HW after only 4 years.
<energizer> worldofpeace: genevino: this is all great info, thank you.
<genevino> so whatever reason they realized they need me, lol.
<worldofpeace> genevino: fl studioooooo. I could never feel spirited with it. Very much an ableton/live/bitwig nerd if it isn't obvious. but fl is very powerful
<pie_> dont look at the code you will probably just cry (i wouldnt know)
<genevino> energizer: hey super welcome - if i can anyhow help you further don't hesitate to /msg me - i'm out of work and will probably reply.
<pie_> genevino: you should get them to do a linux port and then we can package it ;p
<genevino> worldofpeace: fl was always the dream machine for me, i made about 100 songs with it (and probably 200 with reason and 500 with fasttracker II under ms-dos)
<genevino> pie_: come on don't reveal my evil plans in public ok.
<pie_> i did a couple how does babby audio by poking some buttons and thats kind of as far as i got xD
<genevino> lmao
<genevino> yeah i dunno i'm hard at hearing since birth
<pie_> i mean not even watching videos i just poked around
<worldofpeace> [plot twist worldofpeace is wearing an ableton shirt and doesn't use linux]
<genevino> even though ended up being a respected dnb producer getting dropped in UK clubs lol
<pie_> ok cool throw me some dnb haha
<worldofpeace> energizer: anyways, I'm not sure I recall how I would be the one to ask about audacity 😸
<pie_> i heard hard of hearing and my first immediate thought was hmmmm so is this going to be dnb
<pie_> :PP
<genevino> oh dunno man search for "arje - controlled emotions" or "arje - reconstruction" on spotify or YT
<genevino> that's both me
<energizer> worldofpeace: i think you mentioned you were into audio production at one point
<pie_> well, dr arje nachman electromagnetics doesnt seem quite right
<genevino> lmao
<genevino> i dunno, i just needed some artist name :D
<worldofpeace> energizer: tehe, it's a bit more than that but I don't really talk about it in #nixos-*
<genevino> yeah come on this is -chat
<pie_> well i found controlled emotions
<genevino> there's a cool reason why i get drunk and chatty HERE instead of in #nixos ;)
<pie_> tfw no spotify :p
<genevino> ah yeh i could also just upload you some 1gb tar/gz or so
<pie_> time for some nixos bangers haha
<genevino> :D
<genevino> i mean i started producing under ms-dos
<genevino> we had like, 320x240px there
<genevino> and 16 (or was it 32, dunno) tracks maximum!
<pie_> i think the first tiem i tried to do anything had to do with the newgrounds audio portal
<genevino> so if you wanted to make a delay, you would just copy over the whole track and reduce the volume. ;)
<genevino> we put songs on 1.44mb diskettes.
<genevino> and exchanged them in school.
<genevino> we considered that the future of music compression because each sample was only present ONE time.
<genevino> then mp3 happened.
<genevino> i copied the songs i made 20 or 30 times onto floppy disks and sold them in school.
<genevino> girls gave me $$ for that, yea.
<pie_> wat
<genevino> yea no shit.
<pie_> xD
<pie_> ive been living my life wrong
<genevino> i don't think so, you're probably just not as old.
<genevino> how old are you?
<pie_> i think floppies still existed when i was in elementary school
<genevino> yeah there was some underground scene going on.
<pie_> my first machine did have a floppy drive
<genevino> we met in weird locations to exchange weird substances and weird diskettes.
<genevino> that was the scene back then.
<genevino> hahaha
<genevino> :D
<genevino> well i was probably one of the largest diskette sellers in the city
<pie_> i rememebr when i was still a wee (even more) noob ;_; on my first irc network
<genevino> people used to meet me outside of school
<pie_> pff hey kid want some disks
<pie_> getting full first matrix movie flashbacks
<genevino> of course i did NOT sell anyone drugs, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111
<pie_> knock knock neo
<genevino> no but really, i had like all the diskettes.
<genevino> way too many.
<genevino> i also sold mixtapes at school.
<genevino> they sold like, wow, i can't describe.
<genevino> you could even get different EQings from the same mix i recorded, i think i was one of the first people on earth to record onto a computer hhard drive.
* worldofpeace uploaded an audio file: run girl run.wav (11429KiB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/yIJFIRyUaANKWrbiPvDNpvOF/run girl run.wav >
<worldofpeace> [worldofpeace fades into the fabric of #nixos-chat sentient across many bodies scattered across the universe and cannot be destroyed. #nixos-chat trembles once again]
<worldofpeace> πŸ‘‹
<pie_> genevino: that seems like a bold claim
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<genevino> pie_: hmmm, well the first thing i ever used to record cd's onto a computer was actually fasttracker under ms-dos.
<genevino> pie_: anyway, the first computer i made music on had 16mhz, i doubt many people can bottom that. ;)
<pie_> xD
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<genevino> that's just SO crazy compared to my nowadays workstation (ryzen 12 cores 32gb with 2x 4k displays attached to it)
<genevino> i would NOT have though technology reaches this state before i turn 60.
<pie_> worldofpeace: thats fuunky
<pie_> genevino: all that school money >:P I need to find something to sell haha
<pie_> (besides my soul)
<genevino> pie_: yea i disagree with selling my art nowadays. i won't do that. i just put all my stuff onto voluntary labels, netlabels, or creative commons or something like that. i just don't believe in mental property.
<genevino> pie_: https://fractal.m2m.pm/ - feel free to print those on posters or whatever.
<pie_> mm. I just want better hardware for starters heh
<pie_> its less of an issue when you have your needs covered :P
<genevino> yeah i dunno, i'm happy to sell my car if i have to.
<genevino> in fact, a fireguard car just hit mine.
<genevino> so yeah either i'll fix it or i won't.
<genevino> the only purpose of my car is listening to music anyways.
<genevino> the soundsystem in it is real good but the car isn't lol.
<genevino> yeah, stereo was more than the car itself, sure, but still, that's the only purpose of a car for me.
<genevino> in fact, that always was the only reason for me to even get a drivers license. i just wanted to listen to music.
<genevino> like, loud, when driving 200km/h.
<genevino> i've always loved doing that.
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<genevino> surprisingly, i never had a car accident.
<genevino> like, the first i had was a firefighter car driving into mine parked car.
<genevino> and even if 180 was max speed, i would own a car just to listen to music real loud.
<pie_> haha
<genevino> got a huge passion for car stereos, but for cars? lol, does it drive?
<genevino> i had a huge conversation for weeks with my father when he decided to NOT put a secondary subwoofer in his van.
<genevino> and it's a nice van. mercedes viano something, fully equipped, you could even cook and shower.
<genevino> fuck me i want that thing.
<genevino> and the stereo in it is like, SO nice after i modded it.
<genevino> like, woah.
<genevino> that shit is bumping.
<genevino> i asked him like 50x if he borrows me that thing for my yearly death metal festival and he was like "yea you gotta convince my girlfriend, we both together bought it, sorry"
<genevino> i could kill her.
<pie_> hahahaha
<genevino> the stereo in that thing sounds as good as in my own car, and that's a fucking van you can sleep in with 5 people.
<genevino> i want that thing.
<genevino> tired? lol just take a nap and a smoke.
<genevino> you just find ANY place near where you could nap and that's about it.
<pie_> hmm if you put it like that that sounds pretty good yeah :p
<genevino> feel like cooking eggs with your morning coffee? sure we got a gas oven for it.
<genevino> damn that thing is nice.
<genevino> already asked myself when my father is going to die, but that motherfucker was a professor at a uni 1 year ago or so. these sick nerds get OLD.
<pie_> thats mean :P
<genevino> i know :P
<pie_> what does he teach anyway
<genevino> bah :)
<genevino> it's not what it's called lol
<genevino> technology and applied autodidactics of technology and something blah blergh
<genevino> dunno
<genevino> something like that
<pie_> on which note i need to get back to studying for my test in...5 hours o_o
<pie_> ive been putting it off all morning
<genevino> that's him
<genevino> i love him but he's an asshole lol
<pie_> yeah? 'xD Tell him to take care of himself. My dad was a dumbass and could have lasted a lot longer than he did.
<genevino> he's insanely good at what he does, so his state is well deserved. he got speakers for like 5k € in his living room and i want them.
<genevino> he's just too good at anything work related, it's crazy.
<genevino> anyways he's my dad so there's that.
<genevino> sick bastid tho lul
<pie_> ah so inginieurpedagogik, something like how to teach engineers?
<genevino> yup
<genevino> exactly
<pie_> my interest is piqued
<insep_> genevino: do you want him to die because of jealousy?
<genevino> insep_: not at all, i don't want him to die, he's just taught me a VERY sarcastic way of viewing life.
<genevino> he's like, the most sarcastic person i've ever met.
<genevino> i love my dad, sure thing.
<genevino> he's the best dad ever, but it took me decades to understand that.
<genevino> it was hard.
<pie_> he probably has some interesting stuff to say about education systems...which is a thing i accidentally walked into
<genevino> yup exactly this.
<genevino> he can tell you about that for many many hours.
<pie_> hook me up haha
<genevino> he's even well respected beyond students for whatever reason.
<genevino> i don't know why, but they adore him.
<pie_> xD
<pie_> wait
<genevino> no really, if you ask them they'll tell you my dad is the shit and i can't understand why.
<pie_> is this pedagogical engineering, or pedagogy for engineeris
<pie_> *for engineers
<genevino> i have no idea, ask him.
<pie_> because if its the former i really need to talk to this guy xD
<genevino> tell him i sent you.
<genevino> i'll ask him, too, if you want me to.
<genevino> i don't understand what he's doing, it's way too complex.
<genevino> he thinks the same about the computer stuff id o.
<pie_> hm yeah i think i _will_ add this to my list
<pie_> worst case nothing comes of it best case i get some good input
<genevino> if you want me to forward any kind of request to him, i'll give him a phone call asap.
<genevino> he'll help you.
<pie_> its not urgent but ill def try to get back to you this week :)
<genevino> like, any kind of questions.
<genevino> yeah he's just as de-socialized as i am, take that into account, but if you crack him, he's the most helpful person on the planet.
<pie_> you dont sound that desocialized :p
<genevino> hah! :D
<pie_> alsoo my german isnt very good but given that he's a respected professor as you say, I imagine he can handle his english
<genevino> hallo pie ich bin ein sehr netter professor mΓΆchtest du mit mir ein bier trinken?
<pie_> ja ich mochte aber die ungarische-deutche nicht-durch-gehe-linie und die distanz ist ein bisschen schwer
<genevino> lul
<genevino> i had 4 years of french in school
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<pie_> *sch
<genevino> i don't even remember je tu illes elles
<genevino> like what
<pie_> I had a year of spanish in high school, I didnt learn anything because I didnt really try.
<genevino> i speak bash fluently, but french?
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<genevino> come on, what?
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<pie_> Now Im trying to struggle through some japanese :P and shoudl give german a more serious go too because of all the chaos computer freunde :p
<genevino> ok you're masochistic.
<pie_> haha, hey i just saw some article the other day that programming languages dont activate the linguistic center of the brain
<genevino> btw i've been dj'ing at 30c3 in the main hall
<pie_> tell me about it, the japanese writing system is "whyyyyyy am i doing this to myself"
<pie_> ohyeah? :D
<genevino> lol
<pie_> small world
<genevino> yea :)
<pie_> (well, big CCC)
<genevino> haha
<genevino> also dropped some tapes on the last camp
<genevino> i SWEAR next time i'll just bring ALL my dj equipment
<pie_> what does this mean <genevino> he thinks the same about the computer stuff id o.
<pie_> sidenote, im extremely skeptical about technology in education
<pie_> guess what i just submitted a grant proposal for on tuesday...
<genevino> pie_: yeah, he thinks the same about the computer stuff i do. it's black magic for him. he understands that i'm obsessed with it. he understands that i'm as good at it as he is in other areas.
<pie_> another technology in education project...
<genevino> O.O
<genevino> what?
<pie_> oh thats what you meant
<genevino> seriously?
<genevino> that's what you do?
<pie_> why the surprise?
<pie_> no haha its not
<genevino> O.O
<genevino> yeah i dunno drop my pa a mail
<genevino> he's at the atlantic right now (and it's unclear when he'll come back because 2020 was his last work year)
<genevino> but you can reach him via mail any time
<genevino> he'll help you
<pie_> im struggling through a physics bachelors and obviously i do nixos, but the university had a startuppy grant opportunity for students and i was like.....ok YOLO lets do this
<genevino> seriously, if you want to dig deeper into that thing he has a lot of knowledge i believe
<pie_> turns out it kind f doesnt actually work out that great for my project, but we'll see
<genevino> lol
<genevino> oh, why not?
<genevino> pie_: i just sent you a /notice with his email adress
<pie_> yeah thats why i was like, ok hmmmmmmmmm maybe i should talk to your dad :P because if im gonna do something im gonna try my best to not bullshit it and actually do something good
<pie_> yeah i got it
<genevino> pie_: if you tell him i sent you, he'll be happy to reply
<pie_> i think i might just poke you at some point to tell him to expect a mail so we can make sure the contact is established and then we can work from there
<genevino> lmao he's cool :)
<genevino> it's my fucking dad
<genevino> i get drunk with him lol
<pie_> :PPP
<pie_> my mind is just in other places right now
<genevino> ask him anything, if he can help he will
<genevino> yea sure
<genevino> same
<genevino> it's like 7:18AM here
<pie_> i was _not_ expecting the conversation to end up here haha
<genevino> HAH!
<genevino> I'M NOT GUILTY!
<genevino> trooooooololooooooooooooo
<pie_> so yeah i know nothing about pedagogy other than my own struggles and some attempts at improvement, and generally thinking about systems :P
<genevino> \o>
<genevino> <o/
<genevino> hahahaha
<genevino> do you think my father does?
<genevino> I'm his son
<genevino> lmao
<pie_> pff
<genevino> lol
<genevino> no really
<pie_> chill bro :D
<genevino> he has taught me EVERYTHING about pedagogy
<pie_> (youre probably like 2x as old as i am :P)
<genevino> and at some point he taught me so much that it was trivial to turn the knife around
<pie_> heh
<genevino> and i think he noticed that point pretty well and regrets teaching me how he thinks ;)
<pie_> oof XD
<pie_> well, i can identify with that a lot
<genevino> :D
<pie_> best i feel like i can do a lot of the time is try to show the other person how my brain works and then maybe we can get somewhere from there
<genevino> still, he's the best dad on earth. and he threw me out at the age of 18 because i was stoned all day long.
<genevino> i still adore him
<genevino> and i learned to love him again, which was quite a struggle, but i think we've found each other again now.
<pie_> thats nice
<pie_> didnt really get to do that with mine, but so it goes
<genevino> well it's my dad, sure it's a love/hate relationship, but i learned to fight him (and to win).
<pie_> everybody wins, ideally :P
<genevino> beating him in chess is a bit weird tho, he's bad on you for months.
<pie_> haha
<genevino> that's not even funny, he would tell my mum about it. they usually don't phonecall for years.
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<pie_> XD
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<genevino> last time was like my mum called me like "OK WTF HAVE YOU DONE AFTER THE ROCHADE"
<genevino> hehe
<pie_> is this some kind of nutty chess family? :P
<pie_> wait
<genevino> not at all, just artists, philosophists, scientists
<pie_> wasnt the dad of those two hungarian girls also some pedagogy prof
<genevino> LMAO
<genevino> hahahahahaha
<genevino> :D
<genevino> well i don't know my dad used to work together with professors worldwide over the last years, trying to empower the poor regions of the world.
<genevino> which is really cool, yea.
<genevino> i still hate him sure, but he's my dad <3.
<genevino> np: Meshuggah - Perpetual Black Second
<genevino> the thing where we both meet is jazz.
<genevino> we both have a huge passion for jazz, good stereos, stuff like that.
<pie_> apparently yes actually
<genevino> a chess teacher, wow
<pie_> im not sure thta was before or after the experiment
<genevino> fwiw all i learned about chess was from my father, but at some point he just taught me too much.
<genevino> like, at some point he revealed how to beat him.
<genevino> and that's where i started to win like all the time.
<genevino> sometimes he asks me to reveal something of my knowledge and i try to masquerade it lol.
<pie_> wait. i thought there were two polgar sisters, turns out theres three.
<pie_> todays random fact. well anyway.
<genevino> seriously the whole situation right now is bollocks.
<genevino> it's perfectly clear that we all go insane to some degree.
<genevino> my father even knew various very very very strange things in chess, only to find out i'd abuse my knowledge to beat him lul.
<genevino> i love beating him in chess, hands down. ;)
<genevino> was fun to talk to you - do you like fractals? ;)
<pie_> sure
<genevino> haha
<genevino> LMAO
<genevino> i spent way too much time rendering fractals in my life i beliefve
<genevino> -f
<pie_> nice
<pie_> the demoscene is rad
<genevino> yup
<genevino> np: Hatebreed - Set It Off
<genevino> as the knife got deeper
<genevino> i won't go without a fight!
<genevino> but you know the price you pay, that price is with your life!
<genevino> \m/
<genevino> yea i have some kind of metal fetish i guess?
<pie_> :P
<genevino> i mean i'm the most friendly person on earth
<genevino> but when it comes to music? lol
<pie_> ok i need to get to work
<genevino> that'sok
<pie_> thanks for the chat \o/
<genevino> have a lot of fun, best of success.
<genevino> YES you 2.
<genevino> meant a lot to me. <3
<genevino> all the best.
<genevino> sorry, it's ok in 3min.
<genevino> anyway, thx for the great chat. <3
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<pie_> genevino: you know those language learning apps like duolingo and stuff? :/ imagine something like that, planned to be implemented by clueless college students, but offline-first, and for any kind of material, but we want to try selling language materials to maybe be able to stay in the market and fund further development on the FOSS engine.
<pie_> but like, nothing exists yet other than the grant application i struggled to put together :P
<pie_> _maybe_ it sounds good on paper :P
<pie_> (as if I didnt have way too many obligations already)
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<siraben> With a GC, I am now committed to staying on Wayland via Sway!
<siraben> Though, I should probably have i3 or something installed as well for a fallback, I'm currently booting into macOS to deal with screen sharing things
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<LinuxHackerman> siraben: pipewire is supposed to work (haven't tried it myself). I usually use Xwayland or Xephyr for screen sharing (Xwayland is nicer if you only need to share one window, Xephyr will open an X server as a window and allow you to share that whole X server)
<siraben> Linux Hackerman: I see, will Xwayland let me share the entire screen?
<joepie91> pie_: yep, saw :( re: github search
<joepie91> thanks for the reminder though, needed to poke jason scott about it
<LinuxHackerman> siraben: no. It offers it, but the image it gets is all black πŸ˜…
<LinuxHackerman> Hence Xephyr
<siraben> Linux Hackerman: is there a tutorial on how to use Xephyr for screen sharing?
<LinuxHackerman> not that I know of, but ma27 has a script that he uses for it
<LinuxHackerman> I just grab the commands from my shell history x)
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<ma27[m]> siraben: https://gist.github.com/Ma27/438379f6f95279329c4e7b7233083cbe is what I'm using. But to be fair, credits go to adisbladis - their snippet in https://discourse.nixos.org/t/nix-office-hours/2762/19 was the main inspiration for that :)
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<siraben> ma27: thanks! I'll take a look
<siraben> now time to get rid of i3bar
<siraben> dmenu*
<pie_> eyJhb: what i dont understand is isnt that stuff supposed to be shielded?
<pie_> maybe you can read the paper and tell us :P
<eyJhb> pie_: shielded? The paper, the ram sticks, the computer? Faraday cage? :p
<pie_> if the ram is noisy enough to be a side channel id be worried its noising up the computer too
<pie_> and the rest of the environment
<pie_> and usually electrical engineers dont want that
<pie_> well ok so the ram doesnt look separtely shielded in a desktop machine so idk, but thhe case is metal yeah? :P
<eyJhb> Ohh, I have not read the paper :p But even IF that is so, then have you seen tho bottom with all the other stuff this guy have made?
<__monty__> I think you're expecting too much from RF regulations.
<eyJhb> You cannot have a powersupply in the machine either :D
<pie_> __monty__: probably
<pie_> heh well for the psu you have a cable coming out xD
<eyJhb> There is sooooo muuuuch stuff to consider :D
<eyJhb> But cage it all! No cameras! No LEDs! No HDDs!
<eyJhb> :D
<eyJhb> (no power)
<ar> eyJhb: there's also this: https://github.com/fulldecent/system-bus-radio
<patagonicus> If you don't want to have a sidechannel, don't use electronics. Or paper. Basically keep everything in your head and make sure no one has built an MRI around you.
<ar> a bit older than turning ram into wifi
<eyJhb> ar: it's really cool all that
<eyJhb> Just shows how difficult it is to have something airgapped
<ar> i wonder when there will be "pcie radio" papers
<eyJhb> But then again, this actually requires you to infiltrate it first (these techniques)
<ar> considering how pcie is also just barely kept in pcb traces
<__monty__> Up next "Use your yubikey as a wireless adapter."
<eyJhb> ^^^ want
<eyJhb> Using your ram to setup a Wireless AP.
<siraben> with all the side channel attacks, simply place your computer in an alternate universe
<__monty__> If you put it there you probably entangled it with this universe though.
<siraben> rats
<ar> siraben: in my new pc i had to route some power cables through 4th dimension
<JJJollyjim> my scrollback isn't loading, but the ram wifi paper from a few days ago was massively overblown right?
<JJJollyjim> like it was just a basic rf transmission that happens to be 2.4GHz
<JJJollyjim> they didn't get it speaking to 802.11 equipment
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<tilpner> " To extract the signalswe utilized the low-level physical layer information that the Wi-Fi chips expose to the application layers."
<tilpner> So a yes and no, to different interpretations of "get it speaking to 802.11 equipment"?
<JJJollyjim> oh hmm that's better than i thought at least
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<steveeJ> any idea why a restart of illum.service is required to make the brightness keys work on a thinkpad?
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<supersandro2000> I frequently get the following error when rebooting on a non nixos machine and it requires a hard reset to fix and sometimes it fixes itself after a while. Anyone any idea?
<supersandro2000> unregister_netdevice: waiting for lo to become free. Usage count = 3"
<supersandro2000> sometimes the 3 is a 1. minus the "
<siraben> ar: but power cables are also vulnerable to side channel attacks!
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<steveeJ> supersandro2000: sounds like a race condition of some sort. is that on shutdown?
<bbigras> a reminder that the world is still pretty fucked up.
<pie_> no i mean, this isnt quite snowden tier probably, but its pretty rare 'xD
<bbigras> ^ "Bill Burr tells Mando he hates Star Wars". in case people don't have link preview
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<sphalerite> btrfs is pretty neat with its flexibility. I've been playing around with it on the kobol NAS, and while I don't want to switch to it generally because of snapshot compatibility and because I suspect bcachefs will replace it in the medium to long term, it's a lot more comfortable in terms of its multi-device usage than zfs
<bbigras> I'm using btrfs on 3 computers. I like it. I have heard of bcachefs before but I have no idea if it has enough features yet.
<supersandro2000> steveeJ: could be. So far I know that when the error pops up it stays. Usually it takes a few days to do that. If I reboot now it probably just reboots fine
<sphalerite> bbigras: yeah I don't think bcachefs is _ready_ as such yet, but it will supposedly be very awesome :p
<pie_> what will it do
<bbigras> sphalerite: nice
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<lovesegfault> bbigras: you around?
<bbigras> lovesegfault: yep
<lovesegfault> I got it all working :D
<lovesegfault> no more gen-ci
<lovesegfault> Our setups are similar enough you should be able to just steal it :D
<bbigras> lovesegfault: awesome! I will try it for sure. Are the `build-host` running on different runners in parallel?
<lovesegfault> Yup
<lovesegfault> this is the secret to get it working
<bbigras> is it a waste of time if those runners have to do some of the same work since it's not cached yet? maybe it doesn't matter. building in parallel is still awesome for this
<lovesegfault> Sure, yeah, they re-do uncached work
<lovesegfault> but IME it's still faster than not using par workers
<bbigras> yeah that's what I was thinking. I will also do that.
<bbigras> you don't have the problem I had with nix-build-uncached?
<lovesegfault> What problem?
<bbigras> the one where the scheduled job didn't build the same thing as the job after the merge. both jobs should be the same.
<bbigras> lovesegfault: https://github.com/bbigras/nix-config/actions if you check the 2 latest runs, they didn't take the same time
<lovesegfault> I see
<lovesegfault> hmm
<lovesegfault> curious
<lovesegfault> IME GH actions for gen'd PRs are completely broken
<lovesegfault> They never trigger for me
<lovesegfault> no matter how hard I try to configure them to trigger on PRs
<sphalerite> pie_: everything that zfs and btrfs does, but faster than btrfs and in-tree
<bbigras> do they trigger on a PR created by a human? I think they wont trigger if the PR was created by an action
<bbigras> maybe I'm wrong
<sphalerite> pie_: and more reliable than btrfs supposedly
<lovesegfault> I'm sure they trigger on human PRs, but I want them to trigger for my auto-update PRs :(
<lovesegfault> it's so dumb that they don't
<{^_^}> peter-evans/create-pull-request#48 (by abatilo, 1 year ago, open): PRs created don't trigger other actions
<bbigras> "An action in a workflow run can't trigger a new workflow run. For example, if an action pushes code using the repository's GITHUB_TOKEN, a new workflow will not run even when the repository contains a workflow configured to run when push events occur."
<lovesegfault> lame
<bbigras> yeah
<lovesegfault> [brb breakfast]
<bbigras> πŸ‘οΈ
<sphalerite> andi-: (re twitter) why would github deprecate SSH access?
<andi-> no idea
<andi-> I just feel like they are much better at "scaling HTTPs"
<andi-> and that might be the idea..
<andi-> I've had the thought for a few days now and yesterday night I talked to someone that never really used SSH to push/pull commits.
<lovesegfault> Woah
<lovesegfault> how can you survive using git without ssh?
<andi-> apparently
<andi-> if you life in a world of GitHub & GitLab that seems plausible.
<abathur> I stumbled into a bash quirk (execution continues at the script root, but not in any command-list/compound-command sort of structures) that I can't find an explanation for in the docs; curious if anyone knows what's going on: https://gist.github.com/abathur/8d18853e06f2a8cf3a97e45acda17f68
<hexa-> maybe more comfortable on windows than
<hexa-> setting up ssh with public keys
<{^_^}> lovesegfault/nix-config#291 (by lovesegfault, 23 seconds ago, open): flake: update
<lovesegfault> it works!
<lovesegfault> :D
<andi-> what a flaky future you are up to.
<bbigras> lovesegfault: the PR created by the action triggered a run?
<lovesegfault> the fact that `outputs = foo: import ./bar.nix foo;` works but `outputs = import ./bar.nix;` doesn't scared me andi-
<lovesegfault> bbigras: yup
<lovesegfault> I used a PAT so now the PR is created as if it were me :P
<bbigras> lovesegfault: cool. I thought it was a limitation. A pat?
<bbigras> personnal access token?
<lovesegfault> personal access token
<lovesegfault> yup
<bbigras> ah nice.
<andi-> lovesegfault: it is a bug and a show stopper. Flake files are not proper nix yet have the .nix extension. It is okay for *us* that know Nix but it will be a great source of confusion for years to come.
<lovesegfault> andi-: Agree 1000%
<lovesegfault> either it's Nix and has `.nix` extension or it isn't, and doesn't have the extension
<lovesegfault> being "nix except..." is the worst possible approach
<lovesegfault> like, at that point just make it a toml
<andi-> I want Nix to succeed but with the rushed, half baked implementation that everyone is jumping on it just clusteres the ecosystem and new comers are given an even steeper learning curve as there is *zero* docs on how it is supposed to work.
<lovesegfault> I think suggesting flakes to newcomers is a big mistake
<bbigras> life is too short to wait. I could die from covid any day now. I need my flakes now.
<bbigras> yeah
<andi-> bbigras: go to the alps (or your equivalent) there are lots of snow flakes there.
<steveeJ> srhb: I saw you reported an issue about gpg2 not working properly without pcscd. I'm trying to configure gpg to work without it but am having difficulties. any chance you're using home-manager to configure gpg?
<andi-> also it is outdoors so >>> nix
<lovesegfault> bbigras: Good question, I'm not sure. Want to make a test PR and find out?
<bbigras> andi-: there's snow where I live :)
<bbigras> lovesegfault: yes, I'll make one
<andi-> than substitute snow with sand or whatever :P
<energizer> pie_: i've been happy with btrfs. i havent heard of any reliability issues in recent years.
<bbigras> β€œI don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating β€” and it gets everywhere.”
<bbigras> yeah me too. I like btrfs
<{^_^}> lovesegfault/nix-config#292 (by bbigras, 17 seconds ago, open): hacks
<lovesegfault> looks like it's running bbigras
<bbigras> yeah
<bbigras> :(
<lovesegfault> why :(?
<lovesegfault> I guess this means anyone can push to my cachix lol
* lovesegfault sighs
<bbigras> and steal your tokens
<bbigras> I'm not sure if a PR could change your action, but someone could replace anything that will be executed by your action to steal your tokens.
<lovesegfault> Maybe I can make it so they only run for me
<bbigras> yeah
<bbigras> in a case it would be nice if PR would be able to run tests but not have access to secrets somehow. I wonder if nixos/nixpkgs has this problem. I suppose it's not the case.
<lovesegfault> I can disable it for PRs
<lovesegfault> Okay
<lovesegfault> I think I have a solution
<lovesegfault> one moment
<lovesegfault> bbigras: make a new PR
<bbigras> okay
<lovesegfault> Actions didn't run :D
<bbigras> πŸ‘οΈ
<{^_^}> lovesegfault/nix-config#294 (by lovesegfault, 14 seconds ago, open): flake: update
<lovesegfault> but they run for my thing
<bbigras> great
<lovesegfault> bbigras: last test, make a new PR but push from a branch named `flake-update`
<bbigras> ok
<lovesegfault> Woohoo
<lovesegfault> didn't trigger
<lovesegfault> alright :D
<bbigras> should I try to make a trigger targeting your flake-update branch?
<lovesegfault> Oh, good idea
* lovesegfault gets scared
<bbigras> haha yeah
<lovesegfault> I bet that is going to work
<lovesegfault> nope
<lovesegfault> :D
<bbigras> great
<bbigras> lovesegfault: any ideas how to filter files from `readDir ./overlays` to only include .nix files? so an empty folder with a .gitkeep file wouldn't break it.
<lovesegfault> ideas, sure, but it won't be pretty
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<bbigras> oh don't bother then. I probably have at least 1 overlay anyway.
<lovesegfault> the answer is to recurse into the dir, then do another readDir, attrNames, then split on the \., then cmp the second part of the split with "nix"
<__monty__> Wouldn't that split on the first .?
<lovesegfault> ^ they're right
<lovesegfault> is there rsplit in nix?
<andi-> reverse the string? :D
<lovesegfault> gets worse and worse :P
<andi-> or builtins.match ":(.+)^"
<andi-> err s/^/$/
<bbigras> Would it be simpler to just don't import any overlays if the folder is empty?
<andi-> if that is still about filtering files: lib.hasSuffix
<lovesegfault> Aha, indeed, hasSuffix is the right thing
<lovesegfault> bbigras: The real question is why do you keep empty folders around in your overlays dir :P
<bbigras> yeah that's why I then suggested maybe just not doing anything if there's no overlays folder
<lovesegfault> does nixpkgs.config.allowUnfree still have any effect if I'm using flakes πŸ€”
<lovesegfault> I would've imagined the answer to be "no"
<lovesegfault> but it seems like it does
<bbigras> lovesegfault: just to be clear, if someone were to steal your nix-config per say, and not have overlays, that person would get "nix/overlays': No such file or directory". allegedly
<lovesegfault> I see
<lovesegfault> there's an easy workaround, one moment
<lovesegfault> (i think)
<bbigras> hehe
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<lovesegfault> bbigras: got it
<lovesegfault> pushing in a second
<sphalerite> oh right, pie_ https://bcachefs.org/Todo/ lists some really cool potential features in the wishlist
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<bbigras> lovesegfault: it seems to work. thanks!
<lovesegfault> πŸ‘
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<bbigras> lovesegfault: are you sure the pre-commit script works? I'm surprised nix-linter passes for me right now
<lovesegfault> bbigras: I am not
<lovesegfault> :D
<lovesegfault> apparently it doesn't
* lovesegfault sighs
<lovesegfault> the nixpkgs-fmt one works
<bbigras> maybe nix-linter needs `-r`
<lovesegfault> yup
* lovesegfault tries
<bbigras> oh I guess `-r` is not needed with pre-commit-hooks
<bbigras> the tool must be doing the find and exclusions
<elvishjerricco> sphalerite: That Todo page seems very out of date
<lovesegfault> bbigras: oh, yeah, that's true
<lovesegfault> it does the invocations itself
<bbigras> lovesegfault: looking with strace. nix-linter seems to be run the right way. in my case it's running twice. first time it has an error and the second time none. but the linter says it passes
<lovesegfault> O.O
<bbigras> "but the linter says it passes" I mean the pre-commit hook
<sphalerite> elvishjerricco: yeah the whole wiki is quite out of date by the looks of it :p
<bbigras> lovesegfault: oh the problem was that pre-commit stashes unstaged changes before running
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<lovesegfault> bbigras: AH, yes, it does
<bbigras> lovesegfault: you might want to run `pre-commit autoupdate`
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<lovesegfault> Oh, yeah
<lovesegfault> I was on an ancient one
<bbigras> I think the pre-commit nixpkgs might be outdated too. I'll check it out.
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<lovesegfault> It is
<lovesegfault> it's 2.7.1, latest is 2.9.3
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<lovesegfault> bbigras: also, you don't need that ci.nix file FWIW
<bbigras> lovesegfault: thanks!
<lovesegfault> you can just do the same by hand with `-E` :D
<bbigras> nice
<gchristensen> hash mismatch in fixed-output derivation '/nix/store/03dgh5p6a8lnjkn00gj29hrjvisia9fk-source.drv':
<gchristensen> this is my favorite because it is exactly how I feel
<bbigras> haha
<joepie91> motion to change the tofu factoid
<joepie91> all in favour say "AAAAAA"
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<f0x> joepie91 πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ: test
f0x2 has left #nixos-chat ["test failed succesfully"]
<bbigras> lovesegfault: mischief achieved https://github.com/bbigras/nix-config/actions/runs/436733713
<lovesegfault> O.O
<lovesegfault> what'd you do?
<bbigras> well the build failed but you know. a config was stolen kinda successfully.
<bbigras> oh I don't have cachix in my path
<bbigras> I add extras caches like nix-community in my cy.yaml
<lovesegfault> For a second I thought you had managed to trigger actions on my repo and I was scared
<lovesegfault> now I see this was in your repo, not mine
<lovesegfault> :D
<bbigras> oh. haha
<lovesegfault> nice! I'm glad it worked
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<bbigras> lovesegfault: do you have 2 flake-utils like me if you run `nix flake list-inputs | rg util`?
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<gchristensen> "no trustworthy OpenSSH certificate authority exists" O.o
<lovesegfault> bbigras: yup
<lovesegfault> guess I should set deploy-rs.inputs.utils.follows
<bbigras> I wonder if it's always worth it to use follow to avoid those
<bbigras> yeah probably
<lovesegfault> trying
<lovesegfault> yup
<lovesegfault> fixed it
<bbigras> I'm guessing it's one less thing to fetch when building
<lovesegfault> pushed
<bbigras> cool
<bbigras> lovesegfault: what does the flake check job that the build host ones don't do?
<lovesegfault> No idea, I added it there because the docs recommend it. I wanted to look into that myself
<lovesegfault> maybe nothing?
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<bbigras> I have no idea. I thought maybe it's only useful if we had checks. like nixos tests.
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<steveeJ> ah, I figured out a way to fix the gpg card (yubikey) issue here. when I add a udev rule to give my user permission to it then gpg works without pcscd
<steveeJ> I'd like to contribute my findings to nixpkgs but I'm not sure where
<ashkitten> steveeJ: https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Yubikey
<steveeJ> thanks ashkitten. that's a good start
<bbigras> lovesegfault: I wonder if https://github.com/lovesegfault/nix-config/blob/master/.github/workflows/ci.yaml#L20 works. It seems tests are skipped if the tool is not running as a git hook. unless `--all-files` is used. It would be great if the lint only ran for the changes included in the PR.
<lovesegfault> bbigras: so, pre-commit maintains a ready-made action: https://github.com/pre-commit/action
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<bbigras> lovesegfault: gotcha. I'll do some tests
<bbigras> thanks
<lovesegfault> πŸ‘
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<lovesegfault> almost 5000 lines of Nix in my config O.O
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<bbigras> hehe
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<cole-h> lovesegfault: https://i.imgur.com/Jxhv7be.png
<cole-h> Language, Files, Lines, Code, Comments, Blanks
<cole-h> Get on my level >:D
<lovesegfault> cole-h: what the heck are you doing 🀣
<cole-h> :D
<energizer> ( find ./ -name '*.nix' -print0 | xargs -0 cat ) | wc -l -> 5020
<sphalerite> energizer: find . -name "*.nix" -exec wc {} +
<sphalerite> :p
<cole-h> `find . -name "*.nix" -exec wc {} + | tail -1` :D
<lovesegfault> anyone here using pipewire to replace pulseaudio yet?
<cole-h> lovesegfault: btw ~3k of those lines seem to come from my node-packages.nix from my iosevka package lol
<lovesegfault> cole-h: I knew it! CHEATER!
<lovesegfault> :D
<cole-h> hahaha
<cole-h> down to 6.3k by hiding that
<energizer> lovesegfault: ashkitten is using pipewire
<ashkitten> what's up?
<lovesegfault> I want to try it out today
<energizer> sphalerite: nice
<lovesegfault> just wanted to check if it's been working well for you ashkitten
<ashkitten> mostly!
<lovesegfault> scale of 1 to 7, how well does it work :P
<ashkitten> hmmm
<bbigras> lovesegfault: I'm using it too. I might be having some performances problems but maybe it's not related. sometimes there a glitch with the sounds but I heard there's a new fix in nixpkgs master
<ashkitten> probably a 5 or 6?
<lovesegfault> That's pretty good!
<ashkitten> (will talk more in 2 mins)
<bbigras> didn't someone said that pipewire didn't have something yet for when we unplug or change sound devices?
<bbigras> or maybe there was a PR to add something related to that
<bbigras> sometimes my audio is muted. I think it might be when I unplug my speakers.
<lovesegfault> I assume I want `hardware.pulseaudio.enable = false;` if I enable pipewire
<bbigras> yeah. but you want the pulseaudio bridge
<lovesegfault> Right,
<lovesegfault> I enabled that
<ashkitten> okay
<ashkitten> so most things work out of box
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<bbigras> no idea what `security.rtkit.enable` does
<ashkitten> in fact, the only program i've had issues with is mumble
<bbigras> I probably stole it from someone's config