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<noneucat> wonder if i could copy a nix closure to my jailbroken iOS and run stuff? could be interesting
<noneucat> can iphones just run bog standard aarch64 ELF executables
<bbigras> I wonder if you could use nix with iSH Shell. I don't know anything about ios. but on Android, termux was forked to nix-on-droid.
<samueldr> iSH is user-mode emulation, right?
<samueldr> uh
<samueldr> I mean, non-accelerated CPU emulation
<samueldr> if so, you probably can do *anything*
<bbigras> I have no clue to be honest. I never had an ios device. I just saw iSH mentioned in the last year.
<samueldr> oh, it's usermode emulation, so the first thing I said accidentally was right
<samueldr> there may be caveats depending on what is implemented or not
<samueldr> and it's going to be x86_64 flavoured
<noneucat> i guess i just found my weekend project
<samueldr> AFAIUI the "kernel" implementation is part of ish
<samueldr> so it might not be compatible with the nix sandbox?
<noneucat> i will look at running nix under darwin directly
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<noneucat> another project i would like to look into is the work that needs to be done for a proper gui frontend to nix
<noneucat> or at least a gui tool for user environments
<noneucat> this is neat! wonder how the ui runs on the pinephone?
<noneucat> i guess i should maybe look into libhandy integration into this project instead :)
<noneucat> my motivation for a nix gui is being able to manage your configuration on mobile nixos
<bbigras> In my case I think it would be cool to be able to push my nix-on-droid config from my desktop using deploy-rs or nixus. No idea if it's possible. I guess it depends on how nix-on-droid works.
<noneucat> for mobile-nixos at least, i'm able to just nixops deploy to my pinephone
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<noneucat> only services and application though; i do need to flash the kernel and bootloader to the actual device manually
<lovesegfault> supersandro2000: you automated yourself? :P
<samueldr> noneucat: there's an issue open about the bootloadery parts
<samueldr> noneucat: and if you update to current master, and update, generations will kexec into the generation's kernel
<noneucat> that is fantastic :) thanks
<samueldr> there's still a thing to implement, which is tracked in an issue and should be tackled during january, where the dtb for the kernel isn't loaded, so for any device tree changes it'll still need the "stage-0" to be updated
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<infinisil> Questions for people reporting problems: What have you tried? What are you expecting that to do? Why should it do that? What did happen instead?
<infinisil> Sound good or any improvement suggestions?
<bbigras> often I reply to "What are you expecting that to do?" by "I just expect it to work" haha but there must cases where it helps
<bbigras> describing the steps and including screenshots can help too. recording with asciinema might be too much to ask.
<infinisil> The idea is that these questions are very general, but should allow checking any of the reporters assumptions
<infinisil> The reporter has an end goal, figured out a way how to supposedly get there, tried that, but that turned out to give a different result
<infinisil> And the 4 questions give each of these parts (in the order "What are you expecting that to do", "Why should it do that", "What have you tried", and "What happened instead"
<infinisil> And we can have different results depending on the answers: If they made a mistake in the figuring out how to solve something, it's an X-Y problem situation, we can lead them to a working solution
<infinisil> Something similar about the others I think
<infinisil> Though I'm not convinced yet if all of these are necessary, or if they can be "stripped down to the bare essential" even more
<infinisil> Or if something is missing
<bbigras> Not sure about the "why" one. Isn't it enough to be "what you did", "what you saw", "what you expected" and maybe "what you think happened"? I would guess the "why" could have some interesting details sometimes.
<hexa-> test
<hexa-> test
<bbigras> test received. twice
<hexa-> test
<hexa-> yeah, I shouldn't be able to speak :)
<samueldr> it seems my IRC client doesn't want to show the current +q list here
<samueldr> so I can't validate it's present here
<hexa-> +q doesn't contain $j:#nixos-mods
<hexa-> but +b does
<samueldr> right
<hexa-> but I can still talk here and over in #nixos
<hexa-> *sigh*
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<hexa-> wondering how long it takes to sync up ._.
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<infinisil> bbigras: Hm yeah, maybe I should test these questions in the wild
<infinisil> I feel like I've often encountered a "why" being very useful
<bbigras> infinisil: and you should listen to me. I never maintained a project. I just I got 1 or 2 github issue in my lifetime.
<bbigras> wait
<bbigras> I mean you should not
<bbigras> haha. it sounded so rude without the correction
<infinisil> Hehe
<infinisil> I was thinking more in terms of IRC btw
<bbigras> oh. it must be similar to github issues but no attachments. maybe some pastebins.
<bbigras> ,locate bin wrapProgram
<{^_^}> Couldn't find in any packages
<infinisil> bbigras: pkgs.makeWrapper
<infinisil> (But it's a shell command in its setup script, not a binary)
<bbigras> infinisil: thanks. I'm trying to find its documentation
<infinisil> bbigras: pkgs/build-support/setup-hooks/make-wrapper.sh :)
<bbigras> infinisil: thank you very much
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<lovesegfault> danderson: ping?
<cole-h> lovesegfault: btw just realized you're w+ now. Congrats :D
<lovesegfault> cole-h: Thanks :D
<bbigras> is that the merge thing?
<cole-h> Yeah, I use w+ as shorthand for nixpkgs-committers members
<bbigras> thanks
<bbigras> congrats lovesegfault !! 🎉
<lovesegfault> :D
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<sphalerite> Thought: why are static libraries and dynamic libraries different? Wouldn't it be possible to produce a library format that supports both static and dynamic linking?
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<lovesegfault> seems like something broke?
<Emantor> lovesegfault: FYI, there is #nixpkgs-wayland now.
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<supersandro2000> I need more CPU power 😫😫😫😫😫
<supersandro2000> 135.11 181.57 147.21
<hodapp> is that your load average?
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<supersandro2000> yes
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<joepie91> ticker on the Reuters site
<joepie91> very telling
<joepie91> not "2021 is here!" but "bye 2020, don't let the door hit you on the way out"
<infinisil> > newYear
<{^_^}> "The year 2021 is 6 hours, 42 minutes, 13 seconds away!"
<infinisil> (UTC)
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<bbigras> For those using powerlevel10k, the meslo-lgs-nf custom font is now in nixpkgs unstable.
<viric> no catalan in is-a.cat? we could report that
<hexa-> bbigras: cc @Hexa -> cc @mweinelt
<elvishjerricco> `path '/nix/store/106ax16ascs6xcn4af498gp5axsxqwzk-python-2.7.17' was modified!` Huh, that's bad.
<elvishjerricco> Guess I'll repair it and diff against a snapshot to see what broke
<bbigras> thanks hexa-:
<samueldr> ar: do not awoo
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<samueldr> ar: though yeah, that particular subtitle line caught me off-guard too
<elvishjerricco> Huh, somehow a lib/python2.7/site-packages/sitecustomize.pyc file got added to my python package. How is that possible if the store is readonly?
<__monty__> Because it's not read-only for root I guess?
<elvishjerricco> __monty__: But it is readonly for root. Like, it's *mounted* readonly. The nix-daemon just does shenanigans to make it just barely writable enough for a builder
<elvishjerricco> And they can only write their output paths, I believe.
<elvishjerricco> The file is a binary file, but opening it up, I do see a chunk of plaintext: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/zpfalxIK/
<bbigras> Anyone made a tool to clean old generation with a rule like "keep 1 daily, 1 weekly"? I'm more interested right now in keep 1 daily since I'm running out of space in /boot
<__monty__> bbigras: Do you use borgbackup?
<bbigras> no. I use restic
<bbigras> I wonder if there's some awk magic for this. but it might be complex. I guess I'll just make a small program.
<__monty__> Curious restic doesn't have such functionality. I thought it was pretty similar to borg punch for punch.
<bbigras> but I don't see the link with backup programs. I'm talking about something like `nix-collect-garbage` but keep 1 daily.
<bbigras> just so I free some space in /boot and still have some old generations in case I'm in trouble.
<__monty__> Oh, my mind somehow inserted backups.
<bbigras> oh hehe. well it's pretty cool to do this with backups.
<bbigras> but with restic I'm pushing to an append-only s3 bucket to prevent my backup from being deleted by something gaining access of my keys.. so I have a lot of snapshots now.
<bbigras> for the curious, an attacker could still push a bad backup or override my files in the bucket. but versioning on the bucket with a tool to restore with a specific time solves it.
<bbigras> uh. one tool I had linked doesn't exist anymore https://github.com/madisoft/s3-pit-restore
<bbigras> https://github.com/angeloc/s3-pit-restore "The new home for the s3-pit-restore tool!" uh
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<bbigras> lovesegfault: I'm not 100% sure but I suspect https://github.com/mjlbach/emacs-overlay is updating flakes without PRs. I'll take a look into that soon.
<aterius> Yes, I'm using an auto-commit action
<bbigras> mjlbach: sweet. did you try to do the commit with `nix flake update`? I like the pretty commit it makes
<aterius> Doesn't that not update the shas for things already in the lockfile?
<aterius> Also be warned, GHA is super annoying when it comes to triggering actions on commit
<bbigras> I'm using `nix flake update --impure --recreate-lock-file --commit-lock-file`
<aterius> Ahh I see
<aterius> No I didn't do that, maybe I should I'm not sure how well that integrates with the auto-commit action
<aterius> whoops
<bbigras> mjlbach: oh yeah I saw a note somewhere about a personal access token. possibly in your readme. thanks
<aterius> This is actually why neovim-nightly-overlay is broken right now
<aterius> Because we don't have a PAT for the nix-community org where it was moved
<armin> wheeeeeeeeee
<aterius> Or a robot account for the action to run under
<bbigras> could you just build the stuff in the same github action as the one updating the flakes?
<aterius> Yes, but I have manual triggers on all of the actions
<aterius> so it a flake bumps and the GHA action for building fails due to a network issue, I can just re-run it
<aterius> * so if a flake bumps and the GHA action for building fails due to a network issue, I can just re-run it
<aterius> Maybe you're right and it doesn't matter
<bbigras> oh yeah I saw that happen a couple fo times. sometimes related to cachix.
<bbigras> bbl. I need to run to the grocery store before it closes. or my gf will murder me.
<aterius> godspeed
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<bbigras> I made it back. well it wasn't the best time to go to the grocery store during a pandemic but at least everyone has masks.
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<red[evilred]> Finger in air: Which widget library is the most commonly used? Gtk? Qt? wX?
<red[evilred]> gut tells me Gtk
<energizer> gtk and qt are both very widely used
* etu has a gut feeling that gtk is more used than qt
* etu base this on that he prefers gtk over qt
<energizer> lol
<joepie91> almost certainly qt
<joepie91> it's just not always obvious
* etu is very biased by his own opinions
<joepie91> if you have an e-reader, or a non-android car nav/entertainment system, or any of a smattering of other embedded systems, nearly certain that it's using Qt
<etu> Sure, but scope of the question is important as well
* etu has a feeling that the scope may be linux desktop
<joepie91> well, the scope was not defined :D
<samueldr> though it's often not the "Qt widgets" that end up used
<samueldr> but QML, but eh, at that point it's still Qt
<red[evilred]> I'm looking at building a language binding as I want to build an app
<red[evilred]> so choosing the widgetset to use
<samueldr> bindings are more often made for GTK since it's C-based
<samueldr> while Qt is C++ and a dog to bind to
<red[evilred]> oh God
<energizer> red[evilred]: which language?
<red[evilred]> 'nuff said :-)
<red[evilred]> ponylang
<samueldr> I say C-based, but GTK uses that whole glib thingy that is almost intended to make it easier to bind to
<red[evilred]> hmm
<red[evilred]> They say, Gtk4 is the latest in the Gtk fraw
<red[evilred]> * They say, Gtk4 is the latest in the Gtk fray
<red[evilred]> is that true? NixOS says it's 3, so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do.
<samueldr> gtk 4 is just released
<samueldr> you're better off binding to whatever gnome currently uses
<red[evilred]> which is probably 3?
<samueldr> yeah, one of the three
<etu> yeah, gtk4 is super new, but it's also not a "major" release the same way that gtk3 was to gtk2
<samueldr> hopefully 3.whatever->4 is just as easy as 3.whatever-1->3.whatever was
<samueldr> anyway, it's not like the 3.x series didn't have breaking changes
<etu> Yeah, they probably broke things
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<samueldr> I guess, automate as much as possible from reading those binding files I forgot the name of
<samueldr> and you'll be in for less of an awful ride :)
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<red[evilred]> yup
<red[evilred]> so - I've got gtk in my nix-shell list
<red[evilred]> now I just have to work out how to find the include and lib paths
<red[evilred]> with other packages - the magic is already done
<red[evilred]> since this is a new language I have to write the tooling to do that myself
<red[evilred]> pkgconf probably?
<infinisil> > newYear
<{^_^}> "The year 2021 is 1 hour, 3 minutes, 52 seconds away!"
* infinisil 3 minutes 52 seconds for me
<red[evilred]> heading to -dev - I have a question
<etu> Happy new year!
<etu> about 13 minutes ago for me
<philipp[m]> Happy New Year! May you get to get out again.
<andi-> One more year and I'll have no intentions of ever leaving the house again.
<gchristensen> yeah, and relatedly we're all going to be damaged from this
<gchristensen> I wonder about cases of agoraphobia going up
<__monty__> Now you're making me wonder whether both cases of agoraphobia and claustrophobia would go up simultaneously.
<__monty__> Happy and healthy new year to everyone. nn, peeps
<andi-> I already start to freak out when I see people in a close group in movies..
<andi-> Whenever I am on the street I try to keep 50m distance from anyone else..
<andi-> Tell me this will not lead to some longterm effects /o\
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