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<lovesegfault> If I have a bunch of drvs that generate some bins, is there some simple builder that joins them all
<lovesegfault> kind of like linkFarmFromDrvs
<lovesegfault> but joining the /bin/'s
<gchristensen> buildEnv
* lovesegfault googles
<lovesegfault> That name makes it sounds like a mkShell replacement
<lovesegfault> gchristensen: Ah, that works perfectly :)
<lovesegfault> thank you!
<gchristensen> buildEnv came about 15 years before mkShell :)
<colemickens> my browser is nice to remind me that I've already looked up "symlinkjoin vs buildenv" at least once (who are we kidding though, multiple times)
<infinisil> I like to describe buildenv as a smarter symlinkjoin
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<lovesegfault> Hm, I knew how to do this but now idk
<lovesegfault> I have a default.nix to build my project
<lovesegfault> I want a shell.nix with all my default.nix inputs + some dev stuff (like rust-analyzer)
<lovesegfault> is there a simple way to do it?
<lovesegfault> that isn't writing a shell.nix that imports the default.nix and cats default.nix's "buildInputs ++ nativeBuildInputs" into the shell's buildInputs
<pie_> i think the only other variant id done is have stuff in a common file with an attrset and import those into the default and shell.nix ...
<lovesegfault> This seems like such a mundane pattern
<lovesegfault> hard to believe there isn't some handy way of doing it
<pie_> i keep forgetting half of nix so im not representative
<lovesegfault> :D
<pie_> but nix isnt guix in the UX department
<pie_> ....TIL cant have gUiX without UX
<pie_> V:
<V> pffff
<V> Okay, I have to admit I laughed
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<gchristensen> I guess a (import ./default.nix).overrideAttrs approach is too explicit?
<lovesegfault> I mean, that does work
<lovesegfault> but I feel like it should be possible to do something like adding a `devInputs` to the default.nix and being done with it
<lovesegfault> maybe that's bad
<infinisil> I think ima have to give up on this super spicy ramen
<infinisil> I just choked multiple times on it, getting it stuck in my throat
<infinisil> I have tears in my eyes, it's so bad lol
<gchristensen> where is all this spicy ramen coming from and how do I get some
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<red[evilred]> Why?
<red[evilred]> What made it so spicy?
<red[evilred]> I missed you talk about it
<red[evilred]> Oof
<red[evilred]> That was the root of my question
<red[evilred]> Gchristianson gets right to the point
<red[evilred]> Heh
<infinisil> I made a picture of the packaging, hold on
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<pumpy> infinisil today maybe, answer again in 12 hours
<gchristensen> pumpy: just fwiw questions about nixos and nix are off-topic for here :)
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<red[evilred]> But Ramen is divinely on topic
<gchristensen> maximally on topic.
<hexa-> nommy
<red[evilred]> Speaking of topic, I need to email solid run
<red[evilred]> BRB
<infinisil> I guess the ingredients would be on the back :P
<hexa-> likely
<gchristensen> nice, I think I can get that at my store
<infinisil> But the name is Shin Ramyun, which I think just means "mushroom ramen", so not that helpful lol
<infinisil> gchristensen: Ohh nice
<infinisil> It do be hella spicy
<red[evilred]> Nice!
<infinisil> There's even a wiki article damn
<red[evilred]> It looks familiar to me too
<red[evilred]> Okay, solid run is poked
<infinisil> We should do a get-together where we all get the same spicy ramen and eat it together lol, see who coughs the least xD
<ashkitten> just snort the flavor packet
<hexa-> spot on
<infinisil> Oof!
<gchristensen> this could even be a digital get-together
<infinisil> Had that in mind yeah :)
<red[evilred]> I'm down
<red[evilred]> We used to do that at work
<red[evilred]> We used to title them: "heated discussion" on the calendar
<infinisil> lol nice
<infinisil> I wish my local friends were a little bit more into spice
<infinisil> We made some curry before, and had to choose between mild and medium
<infinisil> We ended up choosing mild..
<infinisil> Except
<infinisil> We mixed up the packages, so we had medium in the end :P
<hexa-> rip
<hexa-> so still boring :D
<gchristensen> I typically try to avoid regretful mornings
<infinisil> I feel like I'm missing something
<samueldr> everything going up goes down
<infinisil> Ahh got it xD
<infinisil> But actually I don't think I've ever had any "digestive peculiarities" due to spicy food
<infinisil> (how about that for a term!)
<samueldr> I don't remember that being the title of johny cash's song
<samueldr> (I don't actually know what is the actual topic of the song)
<samueldr> >> Some sources claim that Carter had seen the phrase "Love is like a burning ring of fire,"
<red[evilred]> Yeah, I've never experienced the "second wave" either
<V> <ashkitten> just snort the flavor packet ← the mere thought of this is painful
<gchristensen> and during a respiratory pandemic!
<red[evilred]> Yup
<samueldr> maybe that's the solution?
<lovesegfault> Hmm, shouldn't I have wrapProgram available in postInstall?
<samueldr> wrong channel :
<samueldr> :)*
* lovesegfault sighs
<red[evilred]> I still want to know what the unidentified respiratory disease i caught in February was that put me in the ER
<samueldr> probably way too late to *know*
<red[evilred]> Yeah
<samueldr> but highly likely either the flu or that
<red[evilred]> I did the antibody test about 6 months after and nothing
<red[evilred]> Only breathing difficulties, so unlikely cocos
<red[evilred]> Covid q
<samueldr> there was a bad flu/cold going on among friends in january, I got off easy...
<samueldr> ... but I did have a lasting cough for way longer than one would expect
<samueldr> though no way to know, way to late to act on anything
<red[evilred]> There are x-rays of my lungs so the could look for glassy nodes
<red[evilred]> But I kinda don't want to know anymore
<red[evilred]> As it will end up an insurance question in the future so best not to know
<red[evilred]> Alright. It's 10pm - going to attempt an early night
<red[evilred]> Nn
<bbigras> infinisil: are those the regular Shin Ramyun? you know like the black package or it's a spicier version?
<infinisil> bbigras: Well from the pic I can't see any black indication on it
<infinisil> Soo, probably the normal one :)
<bbigras> no no. I have the same that you have here
<bbigras> it got spicy on them.
<bbigras> but they are not that spicy. I'm not judging.
<bbigras> if you want something crazy spicy. try the one I posted before.
<bbigras> the one I posted before are the same as those "spicy ramen challenge" on youtube. well some people try the 2x and some the regular one.
<bbigras> If you like Shin Ramyun (like I do), and you can get your hand on the black edition, try it. It's pretty good too.
<bbigras> on matrix, the thumnail is not the same as the black package.
<bbigras> if you think I'm judging by saying they are not that spicy. know that the korean spicy ramen (oh yeah they are korean). kicked my ass and declared me a little bitch.
<infinisil> Lol
<bbigras> but I think I still keep a glass of water while eating Shin Ramyun. it's still a bit spicy. the right amount for me I guess.
<infinisil> But nice, I'll keep that in mind
<bbigras> don't buy them at 150$ cad like in the amazon link haha.
<infinisil> Ah hehe nah, especially not in switzerland :)
<bbigras> haha
<bbigras> note that the black one has "premium" on it. I'm not 100% sure but I think there's an extra flavor bag. not sure of other differences.
<samueldr> the wikipedia page has some explanation
<samueldr> >> Shin Ramyun Black contains an extra packet of beef stock soup, which gives the soup a more intensely savory flavor.
<bbigras> thanks
<bbigras> oh nice
<samueldr> and that _is_ korean too
<infinisil> Yeah saw that too
<bbigras> oh yeah. I don't know anything about korean stuff. I assumed it changed something with the crazy ramen one
<samueldr> I'll need to go to the asian shop nearby and see what they have
<samueldr> it's been more than a decade since the last time I went
<bbigras> do you have nice ones in Québec?
<infinisil> You have an asian shop nearby and didn't go there for a decade!?!
<samueldr> it's the wrong way around
<bbigras> good point. wtf sam. life is short
<infinisil> The wrong way around? Like, opposite of earth rotation? lol
<samueldr> exactly
<bbigras> here is the 2x spicy ones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-xOQ7jlL4I
<bbigras> the same brand has a lot of other flavors, like chicken or cheese. I tried a couple of them and I can't handle any one them ☹️
<samueldr> there is no shop that way, so going there would be a trip *just* to go there
<samueldr> and my local grocery store has enough of the things I like
<infinisil> Ohh I did not expect to see a ProZD link here
<infinisil> I see
<samueldr> but it's not like I didn't want to go, more that it's a real detour
<bbigras> hehe I posted this one since he can handle it and it's not a "crazy youtube video fishing for clicks"
<bbigras> prozd says that it's spicy but not "destroy me spicy" for him. It is too much for me. Even the regular (non-2x) ones.
<samueldr> I think I have a good tolerance, but I generally don't eat spicy because it means my nose will get quite runny
<infinisil> samueldr: Yeah same, I've just wondered what's up with that
<samueldr> seasoning
<infinisil> season..ing?
<bbigras> oh yeah I got something in my throat with spicy food. I do like some "white-guy-medium spicy tacos".
<samueldr> like salt!
<infinisil> Well
<infinisil> That causes a runny nose..?
<samueldr> no, the runny nose _is_
<samueldr> nah, more likely it's in reaction to intrusion from the back of your mouth going up
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<V> <bbigras> but I think I still keep a glass of water while eating Shin Ramyun. it's still a bit spicy. the right amount for me I guess. ← Can I suggest milk? Capsaicin is hydrophobic
<bbigras> lovesegfault: "but I feel like it should be possible to do something like adding a `devInputs` to the default.nix and being done with it". It sound a bit like devShell with flakes. Search for "devShell" on https://zimbatm.com/NixFlakes/
* lovesegfault searches
<bbigras> V: oh yeah I heard about the milk trick. I definitely used it with the crazy spicy ramen. It's more that the Shin Ramyun are spicy but very bearable. I wouldn't be surprised if I did cough a bit while eating it though.
<bbigras> lovesegfault: and just fyi. with flakes I have some "unexpected end of files" (or something like that) errors sometimes. I think I just need to run the build again. and I think there's something wrong with my nix-build-uncached usage with flakes.
<V> bbigras: you can pick any fatty drink here, water is just extremely ineffective
<pie_> how do you differentiate at build time which one its building? <lovesegfault> but I feel like it should be possible to do something like adding a `devInputs` to the default.nix and being done with it
<lovesegfault> pie_: that's above my pay grade
<gchristensen> one of the biggest unfortunate legacies of nixpkgs's early design is stdenv.mkDerivation *by default* passing everything to `derivation`
<lovesegfault> I imagine there's some cli `nix dev` that just calls it with the right flag to enable devInputs
<gchristensen> as opposed to a structured central argument, plus perhaps grab-bag `environment.«foo»`
<lovesegfault> s/there's/there would be/
<infinisil> gchristensen: Agreed. Also that stdenv.mkDerivation is C-centric
<gchristensen> yea
<bbigras> V: bread works too, right?
<gchristensen> if this weren't the status quo, stdenv.mkDerivation could easily have `devtools` or something that are only added to the drv during the shell, but today we cannot so easily do that
<V> bbigras: I have no idea
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<pie_> i mean, thats what im saying, afaiu mkderivation doesnt have options like that<lovesegfault> I imagine there's some cli `nix dev` that just calls it with the right flag to enable devInputs
<pie_> maybe thats what gchristensen is trying to point out indirectly, but maybe i misundertstand
<pie_> well actually hm.
<pie_> *shrug*
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<red[evilred]> Esperanto Technologies to Reveal Chip with 1000+ Cores at RISC-V Summit - Esperanto Technologies
<red[evilred]> If this is ever remotely true, there is a "red-shaped-vacuum" where x86 and arm used to be.
<red[evilred]> Woosh
<LinuxHackerman> Eh, that doesn't sound too promising to me based on the headline.
<LinuxHackerman> GPUs have had thousands of cores for a while now. And that level of parallelism isn't easy to use for general-purpose computing, I think.
<LinuxHackerman> I'm not optimistic about the performance of those individual cores.
<LinuxHackerman> Especially given the level of performance that risc-v has been at so far.
<LinuxHackerman> Does anyone know a good tool for transferring files between two hosts? rsync was bottlenecked by the CPU (10Gb link between the two machines), and `tar c | mbuffer …` / `mbuffer …| tar x ` also doesn't seem to be utilising the HDDs fully. Hardware-wise, I'd expect the disks to be the bottleneck.
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<bbigras> I guess tar over netcat wouldn't be better if the mbuffer test wasn't great.
<sphalerite> yeah I used nc in between, but switched to mbuffer after realising that it wasn't super speedy.
<LinuxHackerman> Maybe bittorrent.
<LinuxHackerman> it was definitely better than rsync, but I think potentially something parallel would do better, since it won't read the files linearly (?), as the data is being copied from a RAID5 array iirc
<LinuxHackerman> argh I need to stop having this chat open in two places x)
<LinuxHackerman> yeah I gave it a massive buffer (several GB on both sides) because the RAM isn't doing much else, and I'm using -I and -O to send it directly via tcp
<LinuxHackerman> I think the bottleneck at this point is that tar will only read one file at a time, hence bittorrent
<LinuxHackerman> The total amount of data to transfer is about 80TB
<leonardp> what about gnu parallel?
<leonardp> maybe you can generate a filelist and then split it up between a number of jobs
<LinuxHackerman> hm, true. I think I'll have a look at that and bittorrent next time I have access to the servers. Though I probably won't need to do this again very soon.
<LinuxHackerman> Thanks for the suggestions!
<bbigras> syncthing might support sending more than 1 file at once but it works with folders
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<pie_> LinuxHackerman: add it to the SO post if you get a nice oneliner :P or even if not
<LinuxHackerman> pie_: good idea, will do :)
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<infinisil> Live in ~90 minutes: https://youtu.be/nf83yzzme2I
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<adisbladis> Anyone who has experience with both?
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<thibm> I admit that today's aoc was the most intersting for now.
<insep_> agreed
<insep_> i've been waiting for it for week(s)
<insep_> i kinda overengineered it though
<thibm> me too
<insep_> by implementing each instruction as a class :D
<thibm> Well, that's what you would do in a real-life compiler
<thibm> I just read crazazy[m]'s solution, it's much shorter than mine. But it's brute forcing (in part 2), while mine find the right instruction to fix
<thibm> I admit that it did not worth the dev time for 0.13 seconds speed up ;)
<thibm> insep_: still in d?
<insep_> yes
<insep_> glory to d
<eyJhb> gchristensen: did Target sponser the Nix multilayered Docker Images?
<eyJhb> sponsor*
<gchristensen> yeah
<eyJhb> Cool, so they use it I guess?
<eyJhb> `This PR was written while working for Target.
<eyJhb> AHh. makes sense :)
<eyJhb> What syntax is Nix the most close to? Haskel?
<thibm> json? :p
<eyJhb> Dunno. I just heard it compared to PHP, and... I did not seen the resemblances
<gchristensen> wat
<eyJhb> Yes, but I think it was a mistake and he was thinking of another language
<eyJhb> But Nix will never be PHP, as I cannot do $$var in Nix! At least I don't think I can
<thibm> "Nix will never be PHP" I hope so
<eyJhb> thibm: hater. :D
<thibm> it's a terrible language. I admit I don't get why someone would compare Nix and PHP
<gchristensen> thibm: language hate is off-topic for nixos' community
<insep_> eyJhb: target as in shop chain?
<gchristensen> yeah
<eyJhb> insep_: That is what I assume, but gchristensen is the one who knows :D
<thibm> my apologies
<insep_> wow
<gchristensen> thibm: no worries, thanks :)
<eyJhb> thibm: To not directly turn to hate, I think it is a fine language, but many people just abuse it. Also it took a weird turn with random "features" that even the creator didn't want. E.g. $$var ... I think most of the hate comes from all those idiots that write weird code in it, that is insecure
<eyJhb> ^ that is OK right gchristensen ?
<thibm> I did not intent to "directly turn to hate", but just express my feelings about it (and surely I have expressed myself wrongly and it's not the place for that)
<thibm> eyJhb: that's an interesting point
<gchristensen> well not sure it is good to talk about unskilled devs being idiots, but otherwise I think that pretty on-topic
<gchristensen> the key is that there are people here who use and like it, and they're just as valid members of the community as anyone else
<eyJhb> gchristensen: Oh, I am not talking unskilled here, but I will try to refrain from putting it that way.
<eyJhb> thibm: It was not mean targeted towards you as such :D But yeah, I think the reason why there might be so much dislike towards the language, is mostly because there are so much of it, so easy to get into, and therefore many new people will pick it up and get going
<eyJhb> And it is quite easy to get going with it, and make something cool! But most will not think of the security risks in what they are making....
<eyJhb> I remember one of my first real things in PHP was a payment system for my counter-strike: source servers, where I used PayPals IPN system. I decided to not validate against their servers, because the code looked complicated.. Also, a lot of SQL injections :D
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<Taneb> At uni I won a brainfuck-writing competition :D
<Taneb> I always admire people who write long programs, I know how hard it iis
<Taneb> (long programs in brainfuck, that is. It's somewhat easier to write a long program in, for example, Java)
<elvishjerricco> I wonder how hard it would be to get Magic The Gathering Arena working under wine or proton on nixos
<eyJhb> Taneb: "for some reason" yeah :p What was the program
<eyJhb> I got a heartattack for half a second there elvishjerricco , thought you were suggestion to do that in BF
<thibm> eyJhb: the preamble in the bf file remind me TCL where you should avoid putting braces in comments (more precisely, the pairing needs to work) :D
<elvishjerricco> eyJhb: BF?
<elvishjerricco> OH
<elvishjerricco> wow that would be a heart attack lol
<Taneb> eyJhb: ascii art banner generator. You inputted a string and it printed the text but as ascii art
<Taneb> Sadly I've lost my copy :(
* adisbladis finds precompiled binaries on npmjs
* adisbladis sighs
<adisbladis> Not only that, but they're doing crazy things
<eyJhb> adisbladis: and then one get a little depressed
<eyJhb> thibm: Yeah, I remember that. I have done VERY little BF. :D
<eyJhb> Taneb: sad :(
<adisbladis> eyJhb: I wouldn't even have noticed if it wasn't for a very odd stack trace
<adisbladis> So someone on an osx machine cross compiled this for linux
<eyJhb> adisbladis: That sounds LOVELY, but isn't it a quite common thing?
<eyJhb> (not saying it is OK)
<adisbladis> eyJhb: I wouldn't say it's common
<eyJhb> The probability for it to happen is greater than 0 then. What npm thing are you looking at?
<adisbladis> This is some electron bullshit
<adisbladis> The electron builder seemingly cannot be configured to use a local electron
<adisbladis> It always tries to download stuff from the interwebs, even if you have a local electron
<adisbladis> And for some reason the downloader is written in go and published at npmjs as a wrapper around a precompiled go binary
<adisbladis> "Great"
<adisbladis> I'm so sick of these kinds of things...
<adisbladis> The software community at large have no friggin taste
<adisbladis> The electron space is especially bad, no taste at all
* adisbladis flips table
<cransom> i know that feel. i can bundle my own chromedriver executable, please node packages, please don't download your own and put it in my home directory and it doesn't work anyway and the code doesnt' even bother to look at the $PATH to find the right one.
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<bbigras> lovesegfault: did you know about https://twitter.com/domenkozar/status/1326929683397697545?s=09 ? For my nix config, I had a test (I didn't enable it with flakes yet) to test that my emacs doesn't throw errors after updating packages from melpa. I'm not sure if I'll find other uses of tests with my nix-config since I don't usually have problems and many problems might not be testable.
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<red[evilred]> Waiting impatiently for pointy end up flamey end down for SN8
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<srk> they are teasing us
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<gchristensen> anyone finding codium sometimes gets confused about Ctrl? and it seems like google-chrome does too
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<drakonis> this is extremely 90s
<drakonis> i like it
<joepie91> gchristensen: I don't remember any such issues with vscode
<samueldr> maybe it's a sway thing
<samueldr> chrome on x11 (awesomewm) doesn't do anything weird with regards to CTRL
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<lordcirth_> Rocket launch soon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqL7z70Bqww
<cole-h> ,launch
<{^_^}> Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework etu philipp[m] eyJhb
<eyJhb> Ohhh yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
<philipp[m]> Let's gooooo!
<gchristensen> ,launch = infinisil Taneb ldlework etu philipp[m] eyJhb gchristensen
<{^_^}> launch redefined, was defined as Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework etu philipp[m] eyJhb
<infinisil> <3
<eyJhb> <3
<lordcirth_> Place your bets - I bet that it will spin out of the bellyflop and crater near the landing site
<crazazy[m]> sooo it seems nix has decided to remove all my firefox addons
<colemickens> ironically it might have been the push I need to start managing my firefox profile with nix
<{^_^}> #105885 (by cmm, 4 days ago, closed): firefox removed all my add-ons
<infinisil> ,launch = Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework etu philipp[m] eyJhb gchristensen
<{^_^}> launch redefined, was defined as infinisil Taneb ldlework etu philipp[m] eyJhb gchristensen
<colemickens> (RIP esoteric extension configurations.)
<lordcirth_> Mine are all installed by Firefox Sync, and I prefer it that way
<crazazy[m]> also firefox sync caused me to also lose the extensions on my windows pc
<crazazy[m]> so yea
<crazazy[m]> now i have to figure out a natural vim vixen shortcut layout again i think
<infinisil> Well, it's not called unstable for nothing ;)
* colemickens still wants a firefox extension that just regularly exports history/bookmarks/extension data to a git repo
<crazazy[m]> never mind the options are still there
<colemickens> being without ublock origin for a day or two was rough
<__monty__> Day or two? I can't stand 2 minutes1
<__monty__> *minutes!
<energizer> how do i get youtube without ads on android?
<hexa-> newpipe app
<energizer> thanks
<crazazy[m]> ok so i've got most of my extensions for FF back on windows I think
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<crazazy[m]> also why is the "hardened" version of firefox not a separate package? thats so weird
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<cole-h> omg
<cole-h> Dark mode in GitHub
<cole-h> without an addon
<energizer> i dont think that makes sense tbh. if you use dark mode on one website, you use it on all websites or you'll be constantly switching between bright and dark.
<colemickens> there's a way for the browser to express that it wants a dark mode now though
<colemickens> I think the ship has sailed
<infinisil> Launch not far off!
<ajs124> what are they launching today?
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<hexa-> ajs124: rocket -> space, yw
<infinisil> Pretty sure this one won't go to space!
<infinisil> It's just flying around a bit afaik
<infinisil> And lands again hopefully
<hexa-> oh yeah, just the generael vicinit
<hexa-> y
<hexa-> still 26 mins
<infinisil> Hmm, I thought he said 5 mins at some point
<hexa-> upper right corner says "T-// 0h 25m ish"
<infinisil> Yeah, that's a manually updated timer though
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<infinisil> But yeah he hasn't corrected it in a while now, so maybe still a bit off
<red[evilred]> which feed has the timestamp?
<red[evilred]> This is the flight where they attempt the belly-flop
<red[evilred]> I'm scared
<red[evilred]> :-)
<crazazy[m]> well shit gues im stuck with hardened firefox on my laptop for now
<infinisil> There is no official countdown unfortunately
<crazazy[m]> pygame is failing to build aperently
<infinisil> Oh but I think spacex should start their livestream shortly before the launch
<hexa-> crazazy[m]: by hardened you mean "removes my extensions"-hardened?
<crazazy[m]> yea
<hexa-> because that's not hardened, that is broken
<crazazy[m]> yea ik
<hexa-> but i'm kinda in the same spot
<hexa-> seems like alot of python stuff got broken very recently
<hexa-> and by broken I mean … updated :)
<crazazy[m]> i'll prolly wait for saturday, when my github bot updates my repo again
<crazazy[m]> and then punts it all to cachix
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<hexa-> ~10 minutes
<infinisil> Shows actual fins!
* infinisil has two streams open
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<infinisil> Oh and spacex stream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nf83yzzme2I (still not live though)
<infinisil> Couple minutes now!
<gchristensen> is starship bigger than ULA's big rockets?
<infinisil> ,launch
<{^_^}> Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework etu philipp[m] eyJhb gchristensen
<infinisil> Any time now!
<red[evilred]> Yeah!
<infinisil> Well, spacex still isn't live, but they should very soon
<infinisil> It starte!
<infinisil> d
<infinisil> T-4:30!
<red[evilred]> YEAH!
* red[evilred] dances
<infinisil> Damn spacex has a nice view
<infinisil> I am hyped!
<infinisil> But wait, "land on its belly"??
<infinisil> This might be a boom!
<infinisil> For completeness: Everyday Astronaut stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqL7z70Bqww
<infinisil> Seconds!!
<hexa-> spacex stuck? :D
<infinisil> Yee
<hexa-> lmao
<hexa-> worst timing
<infinisil> NOOO
<infinisil> SCRUBBED
<hexa-> yikes
<infinisil> *disappointment*
<red[evilred]> Noooo
<infinisil> Well, the anticipation keeps going!
<gchristensen> part of me'd have preferred a RUD over an abort
<infinisil> RUD?
<gchristensen> rapid unplanned disassembly
<infinisil> Hehe
<__monty__> So, no launch or are they just delaying it?
<hexa-> tomorrow probably
<philipp[m]> Why ditn't they just tried it and revert to launch if it failed?
<infinisil> philipp[m]: There is no `git revert` with rockets you see :)
<infinisil> So you better commit only if you're certain that it works!
<philipp[m]> Nono, you see, there is this documentary video game called kerbal space program and you revert to launch all the time there.
<infinisil> Ohh haha
* infinisil never played KSP
<red[evilred]> OOf
<red[evilred]> "This attack is different from the tens of thousands of incidents we have responded to throughout the years." -- in other words, the password the Nation State attack used hunter3! as a password instead of hunter2!
<gchristensen> big oops
<red[evilred]> yeah
<red[evilred]> especially since they're an MSP that ingest logs from countless high-value targets
<philipp[m]> red[evilred]: Why are you posting ****** in chat?
<cole-h> lol
<red[evilred]> because it's -chat
<red[evilred]> If there is a list of topics that are considered "on-topic" for this channel that you don't consider '******' then feel free to share
<colemickens> it was a hunter2 joke, I was confused at first too
<red[evilred]> I would hate to distract from our discussions of SN8, KSP, and Ramen
<philipp[m]> Oh, yes. I meant no offense. Post away!
<cole-h> colemickens: Why did you post ******* also?
<cole-h> :P
<red[evilred]> oh
<red[evilred]> sorry
<red[evilred]> now I get it
<red[evilred]> Sorry - I've had a day of being sniped at - I reacted too quickly
<red[evilred]> I am truely sorry.
<philipp[m]> We are all good, really.
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<cirno-999> is there more fun stuff like https://nixcloud.io/tour/ ?
<red[evilred]> I think I need to go find a tub of icecream to go abuse
<cole-h> Why doesn't Costco sell Ben & Jerry's :(
<lovesegfault> Any of y'all use Steam proton on NixOS?
<lovesegfault> I want to play Spore
<colemickens> not shooing you, but there's #nixos-gaming too
<lovesegfault> TIL
<colemickens> I've never gotten anything to work, tbh, even the stuff that is supposed to just work. But I didnt try very hard (rebooting was easier)
<lovesegfault> I don't own a windows license
<lovesegfault> or disk space to set windows up :(
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<JJJollyjim> some stuff works really nicely
<red[evilred]> I brood boosted my solenopsis invicta colony today
<JJJollyjim> (haven't tried on nixos though)
<red[evilred]> (in other words - I stole babies from a fire ant nest and gave them to my fire ant colony to adopt)
<red[evilred]> it was a scary experience - they got mad
<red[evilred]> and these things kill multiple people a year
<joepie91> gee I wonder why :p
<red[evilred]> and the scarring if you get caught...
<lovesegfault> JJJollyjim: Yeah, getting it on NixOS is always the challenge :P
<cransom> is this the same species where you rub a spoon on your head, stick it in the mound, and they just go nuts on the spoon?
<red[evilred]> I don't know
<red[evilred]> but they're the most agressive species in this part of teh world
<red[evilred]> laypersons can identify them with one simple test
<red[evilred]> if you disturb the nest and ants run away or run down... not invicta
<joepie91> something something fire nation
<red[evilred]> if you disturb the nest and billions of stinging hellions bubble up like hot lava ready and willing to kill you
<red[evilred]> that's invicta
<red[evilred]> ah - Ants Canada fan I see ;-)
<red[evilred]> his is solenopsis gemenata - but similar behaviour
<joepie91> lol
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<abathur> is anyone aware of a flag/env/config pattern for any existing tool that tells it to get some specific things (executable/script/library etc) from an exact file or directory map, but to try a PATH lookup for anything that wasn't specified?
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<abathur> (trying to figure out if there's already a pattern with a semi-consensus name)
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