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<cole-h> Can I rename a mounted zfs dataset in-place?
<cole-h> Looks like it requires an unmount (according to the manpage).
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<elvishjerricco> flokli: eli5 cap_wake_alarm?
<gchristensen> can you setup a timer to wake the system up
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<gchristensen> is that 5 enough?
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<abathur> so years ago we bought an absurd quantity of deodorant because it was in the CLEARANCE bin, and thought they were discontinuing it
<abathur> and now, years later, the end of it all kinda snuck up on me
<abathur> and while it wasn't discontinued, the nearest store didn't have it in stock, so I picked some other scent, as best I could smell it through a facemask
<abathur> and man, it is too much
<gchristensen> ...potent?
<abathur> oh god
<abathur> I wiped it off with a paper towel and I still can't
<abathur> wearing a hoodie even though I'm not particularly cold just to keep it contained a bit
<gchristensen> youch :x
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<abathur> hehe
<abathur> I felt so dumb when I got to the CVS and realized I wasn't really going to be able to smell it very well through the mask and they didn't have any of the scents I have used in stock
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<energizer> how do yall feel about syncing shell history across computers?
<samueldr> I'd like to
<samueldr> uh
<samueldr> I'd like to not hit enter prematurely
<samueldr> I'd like to evolve past a dumb history, and rather see something that composes (how?) bits it learns(?) across time
<energizer> i wish that were more composable with other tools
<energizer> mcfly should just be a library for determining the order of search entries, not the actual ui
<bbigras> you could suggest it.
<abathur> I wish it was all more composable, too
<abathur> I have a form of synced shell history, and some building blocks; it'd be nice to bolt more/build less
<abathur> one of my longer yak shaves touches on aspects of the composability issue
<abathur> I do hope I'll be able to use someone else's UI, though
<siraben> abathur: synced shell history how?
* abathur sprinkles *a form of* with asterisks :)
<abathur> there isn't any automatic sync; the history module I'm working on exports "new" records to ~transit files that won't conflict between systems and can recognize/import new records if new (to a given install) transit files turn up; for now I just commit them to my dotfiles
<abathur> I do still generally keep histfiles (roughly as a sort of cache), and those are also generally named in such a way that they'll be used by a single install and can be committed/pushed/pulled w/o conflicts
<abathur> but I can also just re-synthesize the histfiles from the database
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<abathur> I do roughly intend to ~release it at some point, and I have been working on it in public for a while already (i.e., dogfood it from the public repo) at https://github.com/abathur/shell-hag, but I've been on a longish yak shave to invent resholve in order to package bashup.events, https://github.com/abathur/shellswain, and then shell-hag
<siraben> abathur: i see, looks interesting!
<abathur> but I don't really seek users on it yet, some known bugs that I've just been living with myself and such
<abathur> also not much direct use to people on other shells :)
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<sphalerite> Does anybody here who uses zfs snapshots for backup have a nice solution for dealing with systems with differing uid allocations?
<gchristensen> in what sense do you want to deal with them?
<gchristensen> I leave them all unmounted until I need it and then I mount, poke around, and unmount
<sphalerite> poke around as root?
<gchristensen> yea
<sphalerite> hm ok
<sphalerite> I'm not happy with how much I'm logged in as root on my backup server :')
<tilpner> ro mounts, or use the magic .zfs mounts, if they work for you
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<sphalerite> tilpner: do they not work for you?
<gchristensen> sphalerite: you could make a program to become root, mount, create a user namespace, drop you in to a specified uid, and hand you a console
<sphalerite> gchristensen: that sounds like effort :pp
<gchristensen> yeah that is why I poke around as root
<sphalerite> hehe
<sphalerite> ooh, maybe I can skip the user namespace and mounting bits if I have all the filesystems mounted but under a directory which is go-x
<sphalerite> then just bind-mount it in a mount namespace and setuid in there
<gchristensen> sure
<gchristensen> how often are you reaching for backups, anyway??
<sphalerite> quite often
<sphalerite> like every couple of weeks
<gchristensen> 99% of my "oops"es are found in local snapshots, maybe twice a year I go backup spelunking
<gchristensen> ouch, why so often?
<sphalerite> not for "oops"es so much as "oh I need something from my old laptop"
<gchristensen> ah
<sphalerite> (which I don't have anymore, but of course vigilantly backed up)
<gchristensen> you could bringa full copy of it to your new laptop :)
<sphalerite> I could, but I like having space :D
<sphalerite> the backups of the old laptop are 344G, I have 292G free on my new laptop
<sphalerite> someone help me budget this
<sphalerite> fun fact: deleting a directory while also rsyncing into it, (a) isn't very productive, (b) doesn't work very well
<gchristensen> lol
<siraben> i haven't checked if my borg backups are screwed up
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<__monty__> siraben: Better not to. What you don't know can't hurt you ; )
<siraben> sticks and stones may break my bones but unchecked backups will never hurt me
<MichaelRaskin> Indeed, it is not unchecked backups that can hurt you, it is hard drive failure.
<eyJhb> gchristensen: How do I recreate my blank snapshot, if I managed to delete it? :p
<gchristensen> you can't
<eyJhb> So I have to delete the pool, and then create it again + snapshot it?
<gchristensen> yeah, and worse you can't send to it either, because your send stream doesn't include it
<gchristensen> so you'll need to copy the data over
<eyJhb> Well, seeing as it is the pool with my blank snapshot, it contains no data and should be purged each reboot
<eyJhb> `rpool/local/root`
<eyJhb> But I can't delete it, as it is mounted on /, might have to do a tmpfs mount on / before I can change it
<eyJhb> But I am guessing a hotswap is not possible
<eyJhb> well, unmouting / while using it was no fun
<eyJhb> Doing it with && was no fun either
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<sphalerite> eyJhb: sounds like a case for kexec or systemctl switch-root?
<eyJhb> sphalerite: I am thinking that as well
<eyJhb> systemctl switch-root sounds nice however
<infinisil> Ugh, youtube has been messing up the browsers back function for me recently
<infinisil> After issuing a back, it just reloads the same page, and then going back again just skips to the page two entries back
<infinisil> Gotta love buggy SPAs
<joepie91> yep, I have similar issues
<joepie91> with YT
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<eyJhb> niiice sphalerite thanks!
<gchristensen> sphalerite: that sounds wiki-worthy or something
<gchristensen> blog post? I dunno
<ar> because lelnovo decided, that they won't put a thunderbolt chip in the thinkpad x13 amd, and because the official non-thunderbolt non-displaylink dock doesn't do 2×4k@60Hz
<gchristensen> :|
<infinisil> joepie91: Argh I should try to figure out https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/67664 finally so I can self-host an instance and use that instead
<{^_^}> #67664 (by Infinisil, 1 year ago, open): Invidious: init
<infinisil> There's some linking problem I couldn't figure out still
<infinisil> (as in, the crystal compiler links to openssl, but the compiled program needs to link to boringssl)
<infinisil> Or something like that, and the nix infra doesn't really distinguish between them or so
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<ar> anyway, i'm kindof surprised amdgpu in 5.10 works in renoir to drive those displays in this configuration: https://arachnist.is-a.cat/c/fee501751347bdc07614c54342a83390c9d48b5d.png
<ar> s/ in / on /
<ar> also, installing nixos on ipv6-only hosts apparently doesn't work
<gchristensen> it should, where is the issue?
<sphalerite> why does nautilus on ubuntu on a recent machine not manage to scroll through a fairly small directory listing at 60fps? :'(
<sphalerite> why can't we have nice things
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<ar> gchristensen: well, that's not something i'd expect from graphical stack on linux, but maybe i'm just used to thing working… not well on my previous laptop
<__monty__> ar: That was re IPv6 probably.
<ar> oh
<ar> some downloads on -unstable tried to access non-ipv6 servers
<ar> not sure what, because i just looked at jitsi screenshare
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<gchristensen> if you're compiling yourself we're at the mercy of upstreams, but yo ushould be able to substitute ipv6
<viric> hmm I connect two computers with ethernet cable, I do "ifconfig eth0 up" in both, and they don't have ipv6 link local address. how so?
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<colemickens> holonix doesn't appear in the nixos or nixos-chat irc logs: https://github.com/holochain/holonix
<bbigras> wth is Holochain? I'm having a hard time finding that info on the site
<cole-h> I found more info on the GitHub org page
<cole-h> "Scalable framework for P2P distributed apps. For all those projects you wish you could take from centralized web servers but you know can't scale on blockchain"
<bbigras> thanks
<bbigras> soooo, is it a blockchain?
<colemickens> there's a number of people working on "blockchain, but what if you could send programs to a blockchain and then others could run the workload and post the result in some supposedly verifiable way"
<colemickens> or at least that's my extremely, extremely, likely wrong and ignorant lay understanding
<siraben> colemickens: yeah, ethereum does that
<bbigras> thanks. I'm a bit skeptical of those blockchains. I'm under the impression that there's not many use cases that really need a blockchain.
<colemickens> siraben: I was attempting to describe something fairly different than what ETH does currently (not speaking about ETH2)
<colemickens> https://dfinity.org/ is another afaiu
<colemickens> all of this stuff is over my head and Im skeptical, just relaying info
<siraben> Ah right, so actually blockchain as a computing platform rather than for just financial contracts
<V> bbigras: correct
<bbigras> in the video, at https://youtu.be/hyCtYrHJebs?t=35 it says it's not a blockchain. it's possible they mean it's different or something.
<sphalerite> isn't the main use of blockchain functionality to attract VC?
<bbigras> it kinda seems to be the case
<bbigras> "now only possible because of the blockchain technology!"
<V> in 99% of cases, people who use the word "blockchain" are doing it for the PR
<eyJhb> V: You mean buzzword bingo?
<V> no, that's for us :p
<cole-h> This has been a fun year for open source (for me)
<bbigras> soo. issues is the total number of issues we created or commented?
<cole-h> Probably commented
<bbigras> because I have 689 Issues... did I waste the time of so many open sources devs out there?
<cole-h> errr
<cole-h> Created
<cole-h> I have 44+168 commented, and 18+48 created
<cole-h> Dunno where it's getting those 2 extra issue from though :P
<cole-h> Or wait
<cole-h> idk
<pie_> you mean its not holochain like hololive?
<cole-h> hehe
<pie_> :'(
<bbigras> sorry. I don't get it.
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<pie_> i had a great/terrible idea today
<pie_> shortlinkgs to nix scripts that you can just share and run
<joepie91> Docker Hub but for Nix
<drakonis> fun!
<pie_> yeah that was like my third thought
<drakonis> nixhub?
<joepie91> pie_: the third thought you were scared to say out loud :D?
<pie_> with a name as cool as nix we should be able to do better :P
<pie_> joepie91: apparently x
<pie_> xD
<joepie91> NietNix
<joepie91> (only funny when you're Dutch)
<pie_> Ix from dune came to mind but thats not nix yet
<joepie91> "not nix" is exactly what "NietNix" means :D
<joepie91> or, more accurately, "not nothing"
<joepie91> as in, "that's sure something!"
<pie_> ;p
<infinisil> pie_: Like `nix-build https://github.com/foo/bar/archive/master.tar.gz`?
<pie_> yeah but shortened
<pie_> for...whatever reason
<pie_> because making the download source of arbitrary code invisible is very good TM :D
<V> given you can probably get arbitrary code execution using the nix builder, that seems unwise
<infinisil> pie_: So like.. a registry of sorts which maps identifiers to sources?
<bbigras> How do I use the flake-registry in my flake.nix file?
* infinisil never used flakes, so no idea
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<pie_> infinisil: doh :P
<pie_> i was thinking arbitrary urls but sure
<pie_> (directly)
<infinisil> Ah, looks like all flakes there are of "type": "github"
<infinisil> I wouldn't be surprised for there to be a direct url type
<pie_> i should go sleep, im too braindead to work anymore today
<joepie91> https://twitter.com/joepie91/status/1344034833065005058 -- disastrous court ruling that's threatening to basically break the GDPR
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<bbigras> "This is not available to you"
<bbigras> oh it's fine with a reload
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<bbigras> I think I read that the registry is used by default, so `nix shell nixpkgs#cowsay --command cowsay Hi!` must be using nixpkgs from it.
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<sphalerite> cannot receive new filesystem stream: checksum mismatch or incomplete stream
<sphalerite> after over 3h of sending :(
<elvishjerricco> sphalerite: Always receive -s :P
<sphalerite> elvishjerricco: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
<sphalerite> thanks
<sphalerite> well, here goes a new attempt.
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