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<pie__> joepie91[m], noticed an inconsistency but too tired to do anything about it:
<pie__> overrideattrs forces you to take a (a: {}) function
<pie__> but override can do either just {} or (a: {})
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<drakonis> i realized i have a problem with flakes, i can't use pythonpackages with it
<drakonis> do i use lorri for this kind of stuff?
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<gchristensen> why can't you use pythonpackages with flakes?
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<drakonis> gchristensen: i phrased it badly, i cannot get it to work with nix run which isn't even the right way to do it
<drakonis> nevermind, i'm just a fool.
<drakonis> x:y:z does not work but x:y.z does
<drakonis> anyhow, problem solved
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<gchristensen> "Client-side full-text search in CSS"
* joepie91[m] blinks
<joepie91[m]> gchristensen: what
<makefu> so it has come to this!
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<gchristensen> yep.
<joepie91[m]> I'm afraid to click lol
<gchristensen> expect a cute hack, appreciate it for being a cute hack, and move on :P
<joepie91[m]> oh, this is much less scary than I thought
<joepie91[m]> it's not really full text search in the search-tool-y sense
<joepie91[m]> :p
<joepie91[m]> neat trick, yeah
<gchristensen> :)
<eyJhb> _cute_ :D
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<kraem> quick question i couldn't find in manuals or through googling: when `sudo nixos-rebuild switch`:ing i lose wifi connectivity until i disable and re-enable wifi through network manager - expected behaviour?
<joepie91[m]> kraem: no, that is a bug
<joepie91[m]> kraem: it *does* frequently restart networkmanager after a rebuild (since it has changed), but that should not result in anything breaking
<kraem> that's what i thought - know of any workarounds?
<joepie91[m]> I don't, I haven't had this issue
<joepie91[m]> my lingering issues are my trackpoint randomly dying and occasional fan ramp up after resume from suspend :)
<joepie91[m]> both are probably kernel bugs
<sphalerite> kraem: I haven't seen this either, but maybe it's restarting wpa_supplicant under network-manager's nose
<joepie91[m]> oh, actually - wasn't there an issue where you could have networkmanager and something else (that also wants to control wpa_supplicant) enabled at the same time?
<joepie91[m]> and it'd randomly fail depending on which one got there first?
<kraem> joepie91[m]: yeah i can live with it thought :)
<joepie91[m]> I vaguely recall something along these lines now
<kraem> sphalerite: i'll try disabling wpa_supplicant explicitly
<kraem> joepie91[m]: hm ok - do you remember where you read this?
<joepie91[m]> kraem: not at all - it's a very vague recollection, probably over a year ago
<kraem> seems like i didn't lose connectivity this time when setting `networking.wireless.enable = false` explicitly in combination with `networking.networkmanager.enable = true`
<kraem> ok weird - i could still ping but chromium didn't work
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<sphalerite> Jun 16 12:49:34 nixos kernel: EXT4-fs (sda2): This should not happen!! Data will be lost
<__monty__> : |
<__monty__> So when are you making the switch to zfs?
<__monty__> Or btrfs : )
<sphalerite> on this VM? probably never
<eyJhb> sphalerite: that sounds like one of those messages, that you are sure should never happen (hence, the message)
<eyJhb> But seeing those, are scary.
<sphalerite> eyJhb: yeah… I think kvm for aarch64 might be a bit problematic
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<pie__> tfw you find a library that probably has an example that does exactly what you want but its all gone from the internet except a google result that doesnt have a cache link...
<joepie91[m]> pie__: tried the internet archive?
<pie__> yeah
<pie__> theres a new repo thats missing the history from that time and afaict it doesnt have that snippet -_-
<manveru> hmm, ctrl+alt+r is both "restart firefox" and "toggle reader mode"... wtf
<andi-> O.o
<joepie91[m]> wait until you find out about ctrl+Q.... accidentally
<etu> That happens to me...
<etu> Several times a week.
<manveru> i only keep pressing ctrl+w :(
<etu> ctrl+shift+t is nice though
<manveru> seriously, why is remapping keybinds in browsers not a thing
<etu> exwm can do that :D
<joepie91[m]> there's like a 12 year old bug on the firefox bugzilla I believe
<joepie91[m]> for ctrl+Q
<manveru> yeah, i saw someone who recompiles firefox just for that
<joepie91[m]> I wouldn't care so much if it weren't right next to ctrl+W
<joepie91[m]> I can kind of understand that
<joepie91[m]> do we have a patch for this in nixpkgs? lol
<joepie91[m]> I would legitimately pay to have a ctrl-Q-disabled build on the cache
<etu> Add it as an attribute so it's cached :D
<__monty__> What's the bug?
<joepie91[m]> nixpkgs.firefox-no-crashy
<etu> :DD
<__monty__> And isn't read ctrl-shift-r?
<joepie91[m]> __monty__: ctrl+Q immediately quits Firefox, entirely, and there is no reliable way to turn it off
<joepie91[m]> and it is /right/ next to ctrl+W, which is "close tab"
<joepie91[m]> I frequently accidentally kill my entire browser
<manveru> __monty__: ctrl+R is force reload
<__monty__> Ah, right.
<__monty__> joepie91[m]: Switch to dvorak, join us on the dark side. Then it's on the other side of the keyboard : )
<__monty__> Silly that you can't change it though.
<joepie91[m]> __monty__: that's like killing a fly with a nuclear reactor
<joepie91[m]> lol
<manveru> oh, doesn't work on linux...
<joepie91[m]> manveru: doesn't work reliably
<joepie91[m]> sad trombone
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<__monty__> joepie91[m]: You can't deny the effectiveness : >
<Guanin> Just hook Ctrl-Q in your window manager :P
<etu> __monty__: I use dvorak. I do ctrl+q in my windowmanager as a prefix to send other keybinds to the running program. Unless it's set to send everything through to that window... so yeah... ctrl+q kills it :D
<__monty__> Also, fwiw, anecdotally it helps with wrisp pain.
<manveru> "This functionality is now acceptably approximated in Firefox itself by the "Warn you when quitting the browser" option under Preferences > General > Startup > Restore previous session."
<joepie91[m]> __monty__: you are technically correct, the least pragmatic kind of correct :P
<__monty__> etu: That's an unfortunate prefix.
<joepie91[m]> I define 'acceptably' very differently
<etu> __monty__: It's the one used by emacs... :)
<__monty__> etu: Like I said, unfortunate. Glory to the beast! : >
<etu> I've been thinking of making something for exwm to leave that "raw mode" to send everything through if a window isn't touched for a while...
<etu> That would probably make me not kill firefox as often
<__monty__> Had no idea people were having such silly issues with firefox. Why don't they allow all the bindings to be remapped?
<joepie91[m]> fucked if I know
<manveru> hmm, there's `alt -> v -> r` to toggle it instead...
<manveru> __monty__: i guess because otherwise you'd run into shortcut conflicts for websites all day long
<manveru> like we've got a webapp called logjam that doesn't allow me to do in-page searches using ctrl+f because it only handles mac cmd+f and thinks ctrl+f should focus the search box
<manveru> side-effect of 99% of devs using macs here :P
<__monty__> Oh, hold on. Don't the vi-keybinding emulating extensions override all the keybinds?
<__monty__> That's exceedingly terribad : /
<manveru> i haven't seen any good vi emu for firefox since they killed off the old extensions
<__monty__> Yes, the glory of old is out of reach.
<manveru> pentadactyl, vimeprator, conkeror, xombrero, they're all dead, afaict
<manveru> and the alternatives i've found are semi-horrible since they can't control the UI anymore
<__monty__> Yeah it's annoying. Still better than nothing though.
<__monty__> I'm just biding my time until we get the functionality back.
<etu> The new Tree Style Tabs kinda works
<etu> but are way worse than the old ones :/
<manveru> yeah, i'm using it
<__monty__> Meanwhile I like saka-key because the focus's not just vi-emulation but accessibility.
<etu> I also heard recently that it can cause quite a lot of ram usage and garbage in the profile that is a bit of work to clean out
<etu> (TST)^
<manveru> hm, tridactyl works pretty well, afaict
<eyJhb> I like Surfing Keys, I cam browse using one hand (split keyboard)
<qyliss> I used it for a while. Worked great.
<qyliss> (tridactyl)
<eyJhb> Most keyboard hints for opening stuff are spread across both sides
<__monty__> eyJhb: You can specify which characters to use in any of these extensions I've used. I usually change it to homerow ordered strong to weak.
<manveru> :set hintchars
<eyJhb> Liked this, because it was out of the box. But at some point, I would enjoy swithing to qutebrowser. - Because... Surfingkeys+Chrome... Doesn't work well on chromes own tabs
<manveru> there are not a whole lot of different UIs for firefox anymore :(
<MichaelRaskin> I honestly have a saved Marionette command to kill Ctrl-q shortcut
<manveru> xulrunner was fun
<manveru> you could build your own firefox in a few lines :)
<MichaelRaskin> xulrunner actually still works
<manveru> oh?
<eyJhb> A... Few lines?
<eyJhb> Like. 5?
<MichaelRaskin> We still have SlimerJS, for example, which is a XULRunner app
<andi-> I used to do that in? 2009? Waaay before electron.. Was a nice thing back then
<manveru> MichaelRaskin: that's awesome :D
<andi-> Maybe even earlier
<MichaelRaskin> At some point there was even Remote XUL
<manveru> we've been using geckodriver for automated testing
<manveru> but yeah, there's been a constant push for ever more chrome-only tools in our company :(
<MichaelRaskin> I actually do some parts of controlling the browser I use for browsing via Marionette
<__monty__> manveru: Isn't the extension move on firefox's part precisely meant to make things more compatible with both?
<manveru> well, they want to get rid of XUL eventually
<manveru> so the one-process-per-tab thingy wouldn't have worked with the old system i figure
<etu> Yeah, getting rid of XUL seems to be some of the big reasons for the recent performance gains
<MichaelRaskin> Not really of XUL
<MichaelRaskin> But getting more threads to do work
<manveru> also using more rust :)
<MichaelRaskin> It's not _also_
<etu> There's many parts
<MichaelRaskin> It's how they try to survive writing multithreaded code
<MichaelRaskin> There is still a ton of XUL used
<MichaelRaskin> I know, I manipulate it via Marionette
<etu> MichaelRaskin: But not in the UI?
<MichaelRaskin> In the UI
<manveru> XUL IS the UI :)
<etu> I thought Quantum rewrote most of that
<manveru> it's just that extensions can't touch it anymore
<etu> oh
<manveru> still wonder how tridactyl works then
<manveru> hm, so they have something called "native messenger" that runs on the host and messes with the userChrome :P
<MichaelRaskin> I use userChrome to hide a lot of UI by default
<manveru> likewise
<manveru> i have no UI other than TST
<MichaelRaskin> Meh. Most of my windows (which are less numerous than Vim instances with grab-and-dump-to-text content) have _one_ tab per window. And I use StumpWM
<MichaelRaskin> So just a rectangle of web content
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<pie__> KBCSPRNG eh?
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<Guanin> For those with that Ctrl-Q problem in firefox who use XMonad - Just add this to your key bindings: ((controlMask, xK_q), whenX (focusedHasProperty $ Not $ ClassName "Firefox") (sendKey controlMask xK_q))
<Guanin> sendKey comes from xmonad-contrib, XMonad.Util.Paste, while the other function comes from XMonad.Util.WindowProperties
<gchristensen> hey samueldr
<samueldr> hm?
<gchristensen> gsc.io/index.json
<samueldr> so, I guess some progress on the big idea :)
<gchristensen> hmm is there an easy way to take gifs of a screen?
<andi-> asciinema if it is a terminal? Otherwise ffmpeg with x11grab and gif output?
<gchristensen> hmm that could work
<gchristensen> hmm this other option might work better.
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<andi-> There is even a new tool for wayland to do (hardware accelerated?) screen capturing..
<andi-> `wlstream` IIRC
<gchristensen> oo!
<andi-> might be in the sway overlay
<gchristensen> samueldr: http://gsc.io/out/doc/out/html/index.html type in "hello world"
<gchristensen> (the links maybe don't work)
<samueldr> they seem to work
<gchristensen> they do actually
<samueldr> though they link to the upstream docs location
<gchristensen> but they go to nixos.org's docs not the specific page :)
<gchristensen> (I haven't sorted out how to identify which file the ID will end up in)
<samueldr> elasticlunr?
<gchristensen> yea
<samueldr> great
<gchristensen> currently 127 lines of Rust
<pie__> whats this? (404 for me)
<gchristensen> anyway, it shouldn't, and then type "hello world" in the box.
<gchristensen> g'night it is way past my bedtime.
<pie__> yeah i get a 404 :V
<pie__> gnight
<gchristensen> :|
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