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<gchristensen> Shados: what does the referral code do?
<Shados> Weird. It's not a library... unless their wordexp() implementation shells out to it, maybe?
<Shados> gchristensen: 10% off for the first year, FWIR, and gives me some pennies worth of account credit
<gchristensen> neat
<Shados> Ahahaha, OS X libc *does* shell out for wordexp()
<gchristensen> lol
<Shados> Hmm, and even with WRDE_NOCMD... it just does some checks on the given string before passing it off to the shell... there's probably a vulnerability in there. glibc doesn't shell out with WRDE_NOCMD for that reason, it does the expansions internally.
<gchristensen> Shados: I was on board but ... recent changes ...
<gchristensen> in AU law
<Shados> yeah, there is that
<Shados> I could go on a long rant about the insanity of government here, but I'm pretty much just done with the whole topic at this point -_-''
<gchristensen> no need
<gchristensen> I'm in the US
<Shados> We're already a good 4-5 steps along the same path China has taken, in terms of invasion of privacy and censorship
<gchristensen> :/
<pie__> i thought we're at a brisk walk
<Shados> Well, I'm talking concrete steps, not metaphorical ones :p
<pie__> oh deer
<Shados> e.g. metadata retention/legal intercept, domain blacklists "voluntarily" enforced by every ISP
<gchristensen> at the DNS level?
<gchristensen> like if you run kresd are you through?
<pie__> its only a matter of time before youre arrested for bypassing blocks ;P
<gchristensen> never preemptively censor yourself.
<pie__> ok maybe theyll start with social ostracism
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<gchristensen> this Chernobyl mini-series is horrible
<Shados> gchristensen: To my knowledge, they all currently implement it simply by filtering their own DNS servers' responses, so yeah
<gchristensen> feels like a moral imperative to run kresd then :)
<pie__> so whats kresd
<pie__> whats the gimmick
<gchristensen> no gimmick, it is an authoritative resolving DNS server.
<pie__> ah ok
<pie__> never heard of it
<Shados> gchristensen: my setup already goes like dns -> wireguard tunnel to non-Aus endpoint -> caching stub resolver (dnsmasq atm, I think) -> dnscrypt-proxy2
<gchristensen> right on
<Shados> I could just use dnscrypt-proxy2 directly I guess, but I already have a tunnel for browsing purposes as a "fuck you" to metadata retention, so eh
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<gchristensen> the only company I'd trust to VPN through has expensive bandwidth per GB
<Shados> Eh. Just pick a VPS provider based in a location with strong privacy laws, that provides nodes hosted in countries with similarly strong laws.
<pie__> gchristensen, which one would that be
<gchristensen> Packet :)
<clever> gchristensen: whats the difference between kresd and just plain bind?
* gchristensen shrugs
<gchristensen> vcunat works on kresd :)
<pie__> is it written in c
<pie__> :p
<gchristensen> probably
<Shados> gchristensen: I've played around with packet's stuff in the early days... it is very nice. But yes, very pricey if you're not doing something that *needs* what they're offering.
<gchristensen> yeah
<gchristensen> I'm a customer, partly because they're so generous with NixOS Foundation, but also because of how good it is.
<Shados> I wouldn't use them for a VPN, though. Being US-based is a bit too compromising for something as privacy-sensitive/paranoia-dependent as that.
<gchristensen> obviously, I would :)
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<Shados> They are my theoretical first choice for anything that needs bare metal and top-tier network though :). I just don't have any need for that right now xD.
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<markh[m]> hey everyone
<markh[m]> new to nixos :)
<pie__> welcome \o/
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<drakonis1> hullo
<markh[m]> o7
<drakonis1> i'm mildly hyped about "nix app" the command
<pie__> hype hype hype
<drakonis1> that's going to be real nice if it means we can fix launching libgl software without needing a wrapper for it
<drakonis1> so much goodness.
<pie__> :3 i love to see things getting better, fingers crossed
<drakonis1> i do want a new and fixed up lutris tho
<drakonis1> i can't get wine to work
* pie__ shovels drakonis1 towards working on pie_'s wine code
<pie__> muahahaha
<pie__> (which is kind of useless right now but)
<drakonis1> i have the munchies for wine
<drakonis1> aint it
<drakonis1> who accepted the pull request but didn't check whether wine worked?
<drakonis1> its the main reason people use lutris
<Shados> "nix app"?
<pie__> drakonis1, i will update my repo tomorrow (hopefully) and then you can start fixing things ;PPPPPP
<pie__> oops wrong link
<drakonis1> this thing
<drakonis1> clearly pretty sweet.
<pie__> drakonis1, you should write a (blog)post
<drakonis1> should i?
<pie__> i dunno, i havent heard of it from anyone else yet
<drakonis1> uhhh what would i write a blog post about?
<pie__> if its the best thing since sliced bread i wanna know why
<drakonis1> it just got committed
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<pie__> or is there already pages of explanation around in the issues and stuff
<drakonis1> read the commit text i guess
<pie__> and the git commit
<pie__> ok
<pie__> seems simple enough, what could possibly go wrong
<pie__> it sounds flake specific though?
<drakonis1> see this
<drakonis1> this definitely looks like a package definition under flakes
<drakonis1> i'm kinda bad at writing blog posts right now, but one day i should write one
<drakonis1> do that one thing called getting good at something
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<Shados> Neat
<drakonis1> moving the whole tree to flakes would take ages though
<drakonis1> would be extra cool if there was a whole fresh tree just for this
<drakonis1> while the old style was still there until the transtion was finished, but well, its work
<pie__> im really out of the loop with flakes
<pie__> is that a good idea
<gchristensen> I don't really expect nixpkgs to adopt flakes any time soon
<pie__> i think the cenrally managed at-least-some-quality-control is good
<infinisil> ,flakes
<pie__> infinisil, just because im out of the loop doesnt mean i will in-loop myself right now :P but at least i know how to ask the bot
<infinisil> Yeah, I'm also not up-to-date with it myself, but it's good to know where to find an overview
<drakonis1> there's a updated doc right now on the nix flakes tree
<infinisil> Ah nice, I just wondered whether that gist is still up-to-date
<drakonis1> https://github.com/NixOS/nix/blob/flakes/doc/flakes/design.md this is the current prime source
<drakonis1> https://github.com/CSVdB/nix/blob/docs/doc/flakes/design.md here for the current changes that havent been pulled in
<infinisil> Probably best to use that one?
<drakonis1> read the latter, as it is much better than what's the main repo
<drakonis1> yes
<pie__> cue tons of special snowflake jokes
<drakonis1> ha ha
<pie__> an...avalanche of special snowflake jokes
<drakonis1> the updated docs looks kinda shortened, doesnt it
<infinisil> pie__: Hah nice
<drakonis1> real question
<drakonis1> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/61742 nobody mentioned whether wine functions or not
<{^_^}> #61742 (by abbradar, 2 weeks ago, merged): lutris: init at
<drakonis1> i'll probably stop talking about this already
<pie__> infinisil, ugh theres a lot of man page differences, i definitely want some sort of human readable diff :C
<pie__> do i have to figure out how to generate man pages as text files and then diff the result ...
<drakonis1> what you doin'?
<pie__> whoops that was supposed to go in main channel
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<SamuelMarks> hi
<SamuelMarks> Should we open-source during very early development, or wait until the ecosystem is presentable? - https://www.reddit.com/r/opensource/comments/bwjskp/opensourcing_at_early_stage_or_when_entire
<drakonis1> um, what?
<drakonis1> what's goal here?
<SamuelMarks> Trying to figure out if we should engage the OSS community early on, or whether preparing a complete ecosystem, and doing a hard launch of it would work best
* SamuelMarks is going to do the whole MIT, Apache-2.0 multi-license
<drakonis1> but why are you asking this in here?
<pie__> sounds like buzzword soup to me
<SamuelMarks> Part of the solution integrates the Nix package manager
<drakonis1> the plot thickens
<drakonis1> to be fair though, isnt nix lgpl2?
<drakonis1> i don't even remember the rules for lgpl2 now
<drakonis1> just engage us already, what's the harm
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* SamuelMarks was thinking to open-source only when our use-case was clear, and then let the community tear it to pieces
<drakonis_> so why tho
<drakonis_> this looks like a rookie mistake to act like you're some huge company
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<SamuelMarks> We're not a huge company, no. As a consultancy we have 10 subcontracting engineers.
<drakonis_> engage and dont bite the hand that feeds, yeah?
<SamuelMarks> yeah
<SamuelMarks> The only question is when. As I said before, MIT/Apache-2.0 so this is going to be permissive af
<drakonis_> what even constitutes a complete ecosystem?
<SamuelMarks> Support for 5 programming languages, 4 operating systems, 30 linux distributions, 3 BSD distributions, 30+ clouds
<drakonis_> that's a lofty goal
<drakonis_> just start now
<emily> i'm working on a build system that supports 6 programming languages, 5 operating systems, 31 linux distributions, 4 BSD distributions, and 31+ clouds, so i think you're a little behind the market
<drakonis_> pie in the sky goal
<drakonis_> there arent enough bsds nix runs on
<emily> no, pie in the sky would be 7 programming languages. I don't think we'll see that for a generation or more
<SamuelMarks> emily: ;)
* pie__ hides
<pie__> please no fling
<SamuelMarks> drakonis_: nix is only part of the solution, a very compartmentalised part
* drakonis_ flings pie
* SamuelMarks slaps pie__ with a large fish
<drakonis_> i dont get it then
<drakonis_> what role does nix play then?
<drakonis_> and it is alway good fo
<Shados> emily: Is this build system released?
<pie__> trolling: should make nix a core component so we can grandfather people into using it
<drakonis_> to interact early
<emily> Shados: I was being unserious :V
<Shados> I was obliquely making a jab at SamuelMarks' thing not yet being open :P
<SamuelMarks> Interesting parody
<pie__> SamuelMarks, most people want to use very specific ecosystems
<SamuelMarks> Each component of my ecosystem can be used completely independently of the entire ecosystem
<pie__> being able to handle all of them means you might be able to cover more peoples use cases but individuals will probably only want a subsed
<pie__> not that i know anything about this
<SamuelMarks> (all nice little static binaries in Rust, with shared libraries available for composing differently abstracted CLIs)
<Shados> SamuelMarks: I can't really see many downsides to opening a project early, on the premise that you know a prior that it will end up being open at some point. What were you concerned about?
<pie__> i think we're having trouble seeing a convincing use case
<pie__> or at least i am
<pie__> though i havent really done any cloudy stuff yte
<pie__> yet
<SamuelMarks> Shados: Most concerned about 0) people not being interested because it's too alpha; 1) people bringing in new ideas and use-cases, before my ideas and use-cases have been sufficiently fleshed out (happy to have the rug pulled out from under all my ideas; but want them shown in full first)
<pie__> can easily be chalked up to lack of imagination
<pie__> on my part. (/me should press enter less often)
<drakonis_> if you dont release anything, how will you know?
<SamuelMarks> I'm more asking like do I open source now or in 3 months
<SamuelMarks> (end of the year at latest)
<drakonis_> now
<drakonis_> if anything, put a disclaimer
<SamuelMarks> Can you give me a sample disclaimer?
<drakonis_> do you need to ask? "this is alpha quality software and does not reflect the final product"
<drakonis_> "this isnt the finished product"
<SamuelMarks> Okay, I suppose I could do that
<drakonis_> there's various ways to sat that it isnt the final code as intended
<drakonis_> to say
<SamuelMarks> Yeah in fact I think that simple solution of yours actually resolves the bulk of my issues
<drakonis_> also "this is not production quality software"
<SamuelMarks> I suppose the Rust community did something similar before the 1.0.0 release
<drakonis_> we all have done that before
<drakonis_> no software is born ready
<drakonis_> with that said, i'm looking forward to seeing what this winds up being
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<SamuelMarks> drakonis_ =)
<SamuelMarks> Might wait 7 days, and finish developing the multi-documentation generator (multi-language doc extractor utilising sphinx, github wiki, RFC markdown files, and custom Angular docs, all automatically generating a new Github page whenever any of the codebases or wiki changes)
<SamuelMarks> That way on the 0.0.1 release there is actually some sense to be found in the chaos of early development
<drakonis_> sure, anyhow, gonna sleep
<SamuelMarks> Thanks for your help
* SamuelMarks notes this has been bugging him for more than a year
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<adisbladis> OSX will default to zsh now
<elvishjerricco> So with the 3-2-1 backup rule, I know that "RAID isn't a backup", but if you use something like znapsend to take snapshots, it kind of is a local backup, isn't it? RAID isn't a backup because it doesn't protect from user errors like deleting files, but snapshots do protect from such things. Like the only meaningful difference seems to be that deleting a dataset is unrecoverable locally, and you'll have to resort to the off-site one.
<elvishjerricco> But that seems fine? The advantage of treating a mirror as a backup in this case is that you get completely transparent recovery.
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<SamuelMarks> adisbladis: woh
<tilpner> elvishjerricco: Another point to consider is how many bugs it takes to destroy your data. If you run the same zfs version for all the pools that have your data, it's probably just one
<tilpner> elvishjerricco: While if you were to mirror to an ext4 on a different kernel version, it'd take more bugs
<elvishjerricco> tilpner: I guess that's fair, but it does imply that an external disk on the same system doesn't count
<tilpner> elvishjerricco: Yes, many people don't count those
<elvishjerricco> Though any mirroring you do to remote storage has the same problem. If there's a bug in the original storage, you can't backup correct data in the first place.
<tilpner> elvishjerricco: Always-attached disks see more wear, and apparently things can go wrong if your electricity isn't perfect
<tilpner> elvishjerricco: Example: You have a local zfs pool, and upgrade the zfs version, to a new release that has a data-eating bug
<tilpner> elvishjerricco: All your local data is gone now, and the remote data will be gone too if the remote runs the same code. As you're sending the exact same data, it will probably trigger the same bug
<tilpner> elvishjerricco: But if the remote were ext4, it would not hit this bug, and you would have a copy of your data from before you updated to the buggy version
<elvishjerricco> tilpner: This still doesn't show that the `3` in `3-2-1` can't be a ZFS mirrored vdev. In such cases, the remote backup can be used
<elvishjerricco> er, the `2`, I guess? Terminology is weird :P
<tilpner> elvishjerricco: Oh yes, I wasn't arguing that point. My point was that there's a good reason to make your "1" not also zfs
<elvishjerricco> ah
<elvishjerricco> that's interesting
<elvishjerricco> hm so what to use for remote backups, then?
<tilpner> I don't yet follow my own advice entirely, I'm waiting to build a local NAS that can do offsite backups properly
<tilpner> My server uses duplicity to wasabi, which works okay
<tilpner> But I can't yet sync zfs snapshots to my server, because it's still running 0.7*, and I don't really want it to be able to unlock my datasets
<elvishjerricco> Yea the stuff I'm working with is all hobby level so I'm jumping straight to 0.8 :P
<tilpner> So for now I syncoid from the SSD in my laptop to the HDD in my laptop, and occasionally to a LUKS-zfs-mirror built from two USB HDDs :/
<tilpner> elvishjerricco: 0.8 was released, and I will upgrading to that once it's in 19.03
<tilpner> *will be
<elvishjerricco> Frankly, I don't consider the ZFS kernel module much more of a single point of failure than the Linux kernel itself, so I think I'm ok with relying on it for the remote backup
<tilpner> And you'll probably be fine with that
<elvishjerricco> "probably" great :P
<elvishjerricco> but yea, we're talking about a pretty large sequence of unlikely failures before this presents problems
<tilpner> There was recent data-eating TRIM bug
<tilpner> Wouldn't affect you here, but who knows what the next bug will be
<elvishjerricco> Yea the offsite backup would need to be set to "don't do anything fancy, ever, no matter what", so no TRIM or really any write operations except `zfs receive` and deleting snapshots
<tilpner> Although after all the #!-length auto-backporting, you'd probably need to pin kernels externally (pinning nixpkgs) instead of internally (pinning boot.kernelPackages)
<elvishjerricco> yea, pinning nixpkgs is already a requirement for every system I deal with :P
<tilpner> It's not enough though
<tilpner> I don't do it properly either, but ideally you would bump the pins for one machine only, test it a while, and only then bump the others
<elvishjerricco> yea
<tilpner> Pinning protects you from hitting a bug on just one machine
<elvishjerricco> I generally do that by accident
<tilpner> For now, I have global pins. There's just one json file "stable", and it applies to all my devices
<elvishjerricco> Like I just want to update one thing on one machine, and then wait several weeks before deciding that another machine needs a similar update
<tilpner> That's a relic from having to build server systems locally though
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* joepie91[m] is really not a fan of the proposed flake identifier syntax
<joepie91[m]> apparently it isn't new syntax and exploits the existing URL syntax in Nix
<joepie91[m]> even though a flake identifier looks nothing like a URL in most cases
<Shados> tilpner: The recent TRIM bug was in device-mapper, zfs was not affected. Although there have been TRIM bugs in zfs, I don't think there have been any since the TRIM code was merged to master.
<Shados> (Not that there might not be)
<tilpner> Shados: Yes, I said that
<joepie91[m]> Shados: link to bug?
<joepie91[m]> made a thread: https://discourse.nixos.org/t/the-papercut-thread-post-your-small-annoyances-confusions-here/3100 -- a forum thread is probably more useful as a papercut log than this channel :)
<joepie91[m]> oh wow, we have Discourse -> github integration
<joepie91[m]> Shados: thanks
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<Shados> joepie91[m]: Data corruption bugs seem to be going around recently. there was one found in bcache last month too
<joepie91[m]> Shados: I think it's just that people are looking harder, tbh
<joepie91[m]> same thing with hardware-based attacks
<Shados> Nah, the bcache one hit a lot of people
<joepie91[m]> "oh hey, this looks like an unexplored area", followed by a flurry of new discoveries of low-hanging fruit
<joepie91[m]> I mean, I've definitely run into issues before on systems where I was pretty sure that there was a data corruption bug involved
<joepie91[m]> but I couldn't prove it and didn't have the time to investigate
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<arianvp> I'm still looking for a new storage solution for my backups
<arianvp> I was thinking dm-integrity
<arianvp> But that's also super newish
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<eyJhb> Anybody have experience when dealing with organisation that refuse to delete account details about you etc.?
<eyJhb> organisations*
<gchristensen> are you covered by GDPR?
<eyJhb> Being a citizen of/in EU, and they providing me a serivce (the forum), then yes I would suppose so
<eyJhb> As far as I can tell/what I have read up on
<gchristensen> yeah
<gchristensen> anyway, gdpr is probably your remedy
<eyJhb> So still applies I would assume
<eyJhb> They started to ignore me after I provided them with information regarding GDPR, and that it still does apply to them.
<eyJhb> ANd they have no other means of contact than what might be a outdated email and IRC
<gchristensen> yeah you can't go in half-cocked with legal stuff
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<eyJhb> Just seems silly that they don't just delete the user/posts
<eyJhb> Well.. If they don't reply within time, that seems like a fun option!
<eyJhb> Especially seeing as they are not equipped to handling it, at all
<eyJhb> The best/worst part is, that it does also target backups...
<eyJhb> `or other media that you may store` another word for video
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* manveru is just doing gdpr training for work ;P
<eyJhb> manveru then you can help me! ;)
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<manveru> not sure, but if it's a business they should be registered somewhere
<manveru> with current contact info
<manveru> in germany/austria at least they also have to have that info on their website or that's another law broken :)
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<eyJhb> Can't find much about them... Really bugs me
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<manveru> "Deceptive Experiences To Online Users Reduction (DETOUR) Act"...
<manveru> US politicians never cease to amaze me
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<eyJhb> I am giving up on life, thet state that their site does not 'store passwords' as it is hashed+salted...
<pie__> eyJhb, why...is that wrong?
<pie__> eyJhb, technically they dont store plaintext passwords? :P
<pie__> i think people do shorten that to saying dont store passwords tho#
<eyJhb> Yeah, but when you state "we don't store the password" that doesn't translate to, we don't store plaintext passwords
<eyJhb> At least I have never heard it in that context, because that basically implies your system works on magic when authenticating users
<pie__> yeah, meh
<eyJhb> So I basically have a `closed account` now, where I can do NOTHING on the account, but my username/password combo still remains, which I cannot change the password for, or get closed
<eyJhb> I stand by my motto, I hate people...
<pie__> woot
<pie__> gotta love forunms
<pie__> forums
<eyJhb> No :( - But on nixos topic. I am really intrigued by the idea yesterday with a tmpfs/`r/o` ~...
<eyJhb> Can anybody recommend home-manager?
<samueldr> some can
<eyJhb> samueldr: not using it yourself?
<samueldr> no :) but still wanted to answer truthfully to your question
<samueldr> "yes some people can recommend home-manager"
<tilpner> eyJhb: You don't really need everything stored in precious memory
<samueldr> I think the idea wasn't tmpfs per-se, but in a non-permanent storage
<tilpner> eyJhb: gchristensen got the best of both solutions with a rolled-back-at-boot zfs dataset
<eyJhb> Well... I would have to do some cleanup of $HOME if I had to do it in memory... Unless I pimp my x230 with 120 GB ram. -
<eyJhb> rolled-back-at -boot?
<samueldr> eyJhb: though, I am not a home-manager user, I've heard so much good about it that I'm sure it's just fine
<gchristensen> my / rolls back to a completely empty directory at boot
<gchristensen> my ~ is not on a tmpfs though, and persists through reboots
<eyJhb> If we keep in the way of organizing once ~, how do you manage all your git repos?
<eyJhb> But, do you normally store files outside of /? Or am I misunderstanding something?
<gchristensen> well like /etc and /var get erased every boot
<samueldr> different goals
<gchristensen> so it basically guarantees that my system config is complete and not missing important stuff
<eyJhb> I may be in doubt of how NixOS works. Does it only cleanup /etc /var on rebuild?
<gchristensen> it never "Cleans up" those directories
<eyJhb> Oh
<eyJhb> I actually thought, that everything in / was out of reach, except folders you add yourself....
<eyJhb> Doensn't that increase boot times?
<gchristensen> services write to /var, logs and stuff
<gchristensen> a second or two maybe?
<eyJhb> I must increase the wear of the SSD? If you use one
<eyJhb> samueldr: btw, different goals?
<gchristensen> not much, I don't think so? it doens't really write much at all during this reset
<andi-> My main concern would be wifi profiles of network manager but I guess you also have those in your config (or the WPA supplicant config)..
<samueldr> ephemeral system boot volume; ephemeral user config volume
<eyJhb> andi- now you just remind me, that I actually ahve to take care of my wifi...... :/
<eyJhb> But, is that all handled by ZFS gchristensen ?
<samueldr> I guess with careful usage of symlinks networkmanager profiles in /etc can be linked to a stateful location if wanted
<eyJhb> samueldr makes sense. Still sounds quite nice
<gchristensen> andi-: /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections is symlinked to /rpool/persist/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ :)
<samueldr> eyJhb: definitely, wasn't poopooing any of those two, but pointing out they're orthogonal and have different requirements :)
<andi-> gchristensen: makes sense
<gchristensen> eyJhb: for my boot very little is changed on disk. about a dozen symlinks are created in /etc, a few directories are created, and that is it
<eyJhb> But I am guessing it takes some time setting up
<gchristensen> it took a few minutes to configure when I installed NixOS yeah
<eyJhb> Are you gotfiles on github?
<eyJhb> dotfiles**/nixos files**
<eyJhb> Ohh how I miss redshift...
<samueldr> you miss it? it's gone?
<samueldr> :)
<eyJhb> Displaylink... Doesn't support it.. So I have two monitors where it works/dimm, and one that just destroys my eyes..
<gchristensen> :o
<samueldr> right, displaylink :/
<eyJhb> Like 99.9% of my problems are displaylink related (my boot time in dock is 3 minutes, MIN..), or me being stupid
<samueldr> eyJhb: strange flex, but does it work better with chromeos? I've seen they have firmwares for displaylink hardware in their rootfs
<samueldr> (you're likely not able to test I guess)
<eyJhb> samueldr I want my three monitors! :( - Haven't tested it at all
<Taneb> (I'd imagine displaylink would be good for playing Zelda games)
<eyJhb> But it is the same proprietary stuff...
<eyJhb> => not being able to dim?
<eyJhb> gchristensen: what is your danger-zone?
<samueldr> yeah, just wondering if google has more magic for it, and if so if it's possible to cherry-pick whatever magic from their kernel (if any)
<Taneb> (dumb joke, sorry)
<samueldr> Taneb forgot that the main character is named Zelda, and that the tech is not named DisplayZelda
<samueldr> ;)
<gchristensen> eyJhb: I had another dataset called root, and created danger-root when I started reverting it to empty
<gchristensen> which felt dangerous
<eyJhb> I think they use pretty much the same, so not much to do... Except use a eGPU, but then I have to loose 4 GB of ram
<eyJhb> It usually is!
<eyJhb> gchristensen: so when you do a rollback, will NixOS automatically symlink the files again?
<gchristensen> yep
<eyJhb> And.. Your cryptkey is stored.. Where? Another partition?
<gchristensen> eyJhb: /dev/disk/by-uuid/0c1e8ef4-4b84-404f-a7c8-0871017aa086 this block device is my LUKS key
<eyJhb> Should properly have read that.. :) Thanks
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<eyJhb> me: "Please delete all information you have on me, including this account", them: "Done!", *2 days later*, "We can see you haven't used your account at *insert company that claimed to have deleted everytyihng*".. Sigh...
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* manveru ponders which monitor to get
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<colemickens> well, QT sure tries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tyuq5UriZ_c
<colemickens> OBS, OBS/Xwayland, Spectral and dolphin all behave differently. :/
<manveru> is there any benefit to using wayland yet?
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<eyJhb> ,locate sqlite3
<{^_^}> Found in packages: pypy, pyre, cheat, pypy3, meteor, racket, php.dev, python3, python35, python36, php71.dev, php73.dev, sqlite.bin, python2Full, python3Full, php-unit.dev, python35Full, python36Full, sqlite.debug, php-embed.dev, libsForQt5.kdb, nylas-mail-bin, php71-unit.dev, php73-unit.dev, racket-minimal, bash-completion, jetbrains.clion, php71-embed.dev, php73-embed.dev, libsForQt511.kdb, lispPackages.clsql, python37Packages.mypy, and 17 more
<infinisil> ,locate bin sqlite3
<{^_^}> Found in packages: sqlite.bin, sqliteInteractive.bin, sqlite-replication.bin
<eyJhb> Needed rlwarp too :/
<elvishjerricco> Has anyone done a price comparison on apple’s Mac Pro they announced yesterday? Apple said their $6000 base model costs $8000 from their competitors, but has anyone actually tried to price check those parts to confirm?
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<drakonis> wait seriously?
<drakonis> this is outrageously expensive
<drakonis> a $1200 cpu
<drakonis> this is incredibly outrageous
<gchristensen> server CPUs are expensive
<elvishjerricco> Even with a $1200 CPU, I’m not sure the rest of the price is made up for in the base model
<gchristensen> the ssd is hilarious
<elvishjerricco> IIRC it had 32GB of non-ECC RAM and a single graphics card.
<elvishjerricco> gchristensen: why’s that?
<gchristensen> it is a $6k computer with a 256GB ssd...
<ivan> there's no way that xeon machine costs $8000
<ivan> Apple has had a habit of lying about those price comparisons
<elvishjerricco> I’m reading up a bit. Some journalists are concluding that it’s all the extra stuff that makes it cost so much
<ivan> barring some rare exceptions you can assume Apple takes a ~30% profit over competitors
<elvishjerricco> A motherboard with 8 PCIe slots is rare, for instance
<elvishjerricco> Thunderbolt is rare, for some reason
<elvishjerricco> Prebuilt options from HP and Dell that match the feature set do seem to cost significantly more
<elvishjerricco> So it looks like a $3000 desktop with $3000 more dollars worth of specialties
<ivan> 32GB of RAM on those?
<elvishjerricco> Yea
<elvishjerricco> The new display also has insane specs, but it’s hilarious that they’re charging $1,000 for the damn display
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<elvishjerricco> For the stand*
<elvishjerricco> $1,000 for the stand
<gchristensen> yeah that is ... remarkable
<elvishjerricco> The display itself is probably actually worth its price to studios
<gchristensen> apple sure does know its customer
<elvishjerricco> It’s weird because they haven’t catered to the studio customers in a long long time
<gchristensen> yeah...
<elvishjerricco> But studios are willing to shell out absurd amounts of money for specialty hardware, so I guess they’re capitalizing on that
<samueldr> funny how it was touted for Developers at the wwDc, while it's likely not at all the real target :/
<samueldr> it seemed to tacked on... "you can put the display in portrait mode by rotating it" "perfect for writing code"
<samueldr> right, 7000$ display for writing code?
<gchristensen> I love to hurt my neck by putting code in portrait mode
<samueldr> 5999$ for the matte option, plus 999$ for the stand if there is doubt
<samueldr> gchristensen: I love portrait mode for code!
<samueldr> (22-incher though)
<ivan> samueldr: do you sit high / have a low table?
<samueldr> not sure, standard desk
<samueldr> the display is is all literally at arm's length, I can only tickle it with my fingers
<gchristensen> do you do that often? =0
<samueldr> meaning that it's just enough to touch it, but I need to bend forward a bit if I want to actually do something else than tickle it :)
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<drakonis> gchristensen, to be fair, a amd cpu beats the xeon right now
<drakonis> its a 8 core cpu
<drakonis> and for some reason there's amd's pre navi hardware in it
<joepie91[m]> PSA: don't play Quake in VR
<joepie91[m]> if you are at all susceptible to motion sickness
<joepie91[m]> lol
<drakonis> fast video games t x t
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<samueldr> :/ the twitter client I was using (twidere) just lost the ability to list replies of a tweet... the client is not developed anymore, it likely won't be fixed
<gchristensen> twitter is super aggressive to 3rd party clients :(
<samueldr> yes, it already only was working since it was piggy backing the official keys
<gchristensen> ooh hah
<samueldr> though this change is likely an API change that the app is incompatible with
<samueldr> it's OSS, so maybe it's fixable
<samueldr> (oh, to be clear, the piggy backing of keys was made by the end-user, the app ships without keys)
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<samueldr> any recommendations for apps? looked at what's in f-droid, all built using their own keys so likely to have issues
<samueldr> also looked at linux apps and... not many still being developed, I think I only found mikutter that's conclusively being worked on
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<samueldr> but couldn't figure out how to use it in a few minutes
<samueldr> main feature I need is being solid at delivering the whole timeline
<samueldr> meaning that when opening the app it should stick to where it was in time, and load from there up to now, without skipping spans
<samueldr> hmmm, since it's "my fault" due to my shenanigans with hiding directories I'll share here
<samueldr> but looks like *something* is weird with chrootenv and execve; and when /nix is hidden it will fail with ENOENT at execve
<samueldr> I'm not sure I used chrootenv since upgrading to 19.03 (not used steam or steam-run in forever)
<pie__> i need to get some wacom configurator working on here one of these days, i need to change some stuff around for my device...
<pie__> i think kde has some thing but we dont have it
<samueldr> like what?
<pie__> disable touch functionality, there was something else i forgot
<samueldr> if it's to map to a specific display, xinput map-to-output is good
<samueldr> ah
<pie__> and like, not having to set it on the commandline
<samueldr> right
<pie__> a bit of windows envy right now
<pie__> samueldr, also i had some weird problem where xsetwacom didnt see anything but some other less functional tool did
<pie__> ive complained about this before just didnt know how to fix anything
<pie__> apparently for example https://userbase.kde.org/Wacomtablet