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<tilpner> ar: What do you want to do?
<kraem> tilpner: you ran nvidia right? i'm running nvidia prime in static mode but am getting screen tearing + the screen doesn't seem to refresh sometimes in terminals until i press a key on the keyboard - do you have any tips?
<tilpner> No, I don't usually have the nvidia card powered
<tilpner> And when I do, something about scaling is all wrong, and I don't even notice the tearing anymore
<tilpner> primusrun has the fewest glitches so far, but still tearing
<kraem> it's so strange that it's basically the same setup i ran in arch and everything was smooth, the tearing is much less in chromium than firefox though. What i can't live with is the terminals not updating until i press a button in vim and nvim - does it sound familiar?
<__monty__> kraem: Maybe firefox's hardware acceleration isn't enabled?
<tilpner> No, I don't rebuild-boot into an nvidia system to stay in terminals a lot. I remember there being weird blocky glitches around the cursor too
<manveru> kraem: there was a setting for the tearing i think
<manveru> kraem: hardware.nvidia.modesetting.enable
<kraem> __monty__: hmm still tearing
<kraem> manveru: yeah i have it enabled but still same behaviour
<ar> tilpner: a friend of mine's playing around with uefi binaries, and wanted to skip somehow the 4.5s tianocore takes to initialize
<manveru> kraem: then i don't know either, sorry :(
<manveru> just setup optimus on a notebook yesterday, didn't notice any issues
<manveru> other than that optirun keeps the card running on exit
<manveru> can turn it off via bbswitch, but i'll need to figure out the config for this
<kraem> manveru: ok - what hardware are you using? what optimus solution are you running?
<manveru> it's pretty old, a "GeForce GT 650M"
<manveru> with a i7-3630QM
<manveru> using the nvidia driver
<manveru> haven't done much with it yet, it's just the old notebook i resurrected to give to my son :)
<kraem> manveru: hm that's my exact hardware
<kraem> running 3720QM with the same gpu
<kraem> are you using nvidia prime or bumblebee?
<manveru> i have both enabled
<kraem> may i have a look at the configuration.nix? :)
<kraem> how is that working, having both enabled?
<manveru> i dunno, i just enabled everything that sounded like it's for optimus
<manveru> no clue how it actually works... that's the beauty of nix ;P
<kraem> hm ok :) what does `glxinfo | grep string` report for you?
<manveru> can't check atm, only have ssh to it since i'm working
<kraem> manveru: i understand - i'd be happy to hear more when you're at the machine :)
<manveru> sure :)
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<eyJhb> Nixpkgs is the `same` as nix-channels, right?
<andi-> not exactly
<eyJhb> Damn
<eyJhb> What is the difference?
<eyJhb> The files seems to be the same
<Taneb> The channels have been tested a little more
<andi-> it isn't all the branches, it has different branches and doesn't have all the commits.. It only has those commits that have passed hydra tests
<Taneb> And are updated automatically
<eyJhb> But this is just regarding the files being the same, not wether or not they are tested more :) Trying to figure out what commit broke displaylink
<eyJhb> So I guess I will have to use nixpkgs as a basis for this
<andi-> e.g. master will be "pushed" to the nixos-unstable branch whenever the nixos/trunk-combined jobset finishes
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<gchristensen> "setting up tmpfiles" takes soooo long for me.
<gchristensen> it is a humongous drag
<andi-> is that because of your rootfs hacks? :)
<gchristensen> no :(
<gchristensen> it is because r13y's --keep-failed and a tmpfiles.d rule to delete old /tmp/nix-build-* dirs
<andi-> all it does is call systemd-tmpfiles with --create --remove IIRC
<andi-> oh
<andi-> and it is too big to be an actual tmpfs?
<gchristensen> probably :)
<gchristensen> yeah. it is 33G right now, and "setting up tmpfiles" has been running for like 10min
* etu migrated another system to tmpfs as rootfs today :p
* etu is hooked on that sauce
<gchristensen> nice
<eyJhb> gchristensen: lets see if this bisect with displaylink works on dirty /etc etc. :p
<gchristensen> :D
<eyJhb> I really need a minimal config... Having to rebuild for virtualbox, latex, etc. each time, then I will NEVER finish...
<eyJhb> Considering going to Uni for the sweet sweet 1 Gbps
<gchristensen> :o
<eyJhb> "only" have 100 Mbit/s at my apartment
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<manveru> kraem: so yeah, my setup was not working right, never really tested the 3d part, you're right
<manveru> kraem: don't have much time to check atm, but optirun is basically broken if i use only bumblebee, haven't tried using only optimus_prime yet
<manveru> the biggest thing i cared about is that the card stays off, since the notebook sounds like a fighter jet after a minute or two even if not doing shit
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<eyJhb> IS there a place in NixOS I can put specific iptables rules?
<eyJhb> E.g. I have this - -A PREROUTING -d myip/32 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 6000 -j DNAT --to-destination
<gchristensen> networking.firewall.extraCommands
<gchristensen> but warning, you have to be very careful in their construction or they won't be properly changed when doing a rebuild-switch or rollback
<eyJhb> Thanks! Considering switching my `gate` (VPN server I forward trafic with), to NixOS
<eyJhb> HOw so?
<gchristensen> well with that prerouting rule it sounds like you're running a nat?
<eyJhb> Basically yeah. FOrwarding traffic from my VPS, down a VPN, to my pfSense router, to my server at home, and then the whole way back
<eyJhb> This bisect will take FOREVER.. Especially since my good commit is januar 2019, the bad is around yesterday. And the commit it is forcing me to test, is september 2018???
<gchristensen> it'll cut it in half every time though
<eyJhb> Ohh let me rephrase this
<eyJhb> The first known good commit is february, the bad commit is june 05 (both 2019). The first to test was then junary.. That was marked good, the next was the september 2018.
<eyJhb> Something is very wrong from the looks of it still? Should it be b etween the good and bad ?
<Taneb> Not necessarily, git history doesn't need to correspond to actual history. It could have been rebased at a later date, for example
<eyJhb> Hoping so..
<eyJhb> Because this current rebuild is taking forever, Even with a minimal configuration
<eyJhb> Does gcc really take that long to compile?
<eyJhb> `After about 4.5 hours it finished.` not liking this
<kraem> manveru: i see - i just did a fresh install and seems like everything is working. gonna do some more tests though. would you like me to ping you with my configuration if it is indeed working?
<manveru> indeed, i'd appreciate that a lot :D
<kraem> manveru: also; is the laptop a macbook? if that's the case I could point you to some settings to make the fans chill down :)
<manveru> nope, it's some kind of noname thingy
<manveru> doesn't even have a logo or model name
<manveru> battery is dead too, and it weights a ton, but it works :D
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<SamuelMarks> hi
<SamuelMarks> drakonis_: So decided to open-source everything under MIT/Apache-2.0. Released almost everything now! - The rest by the end of the month (waiting to finish my doc site generator, then will release WITH-docs ;])
<samueldr> welp, found a typo in the single UNIX® specification :/
<samueldr> or maybe not, not exactly obvious since they repeat it, but they reference Common Upper Layer Requirements as CURL instead of CULR
<SamuelMarks> Triggered :P
<SamuelMarks> samueldr: nice nickname
<manveru> SamuelMarks: https://github.com/offscale this?
<SamuelMarks> yeah
<SamuelMarks> In the process of a major RIIR from Python to Rust though
<SamuelMarks> You'll note that all those Python libraries have a classifier: 'Development Status :: 7 - Inactive',
<manveru> yeah :)
<manveru> how you like rust so far?
<SamuelMarks> It's good, I'm—like the rest of the community—very much waiting for the Task, Executor, Async, Await syntax to be finished
<SamuelMarks> E.g.: Currently using aria2c for downloads, but would much rather do it internally, but the thread pool, process pool, async pool, futures pool, events pool are all TBA
<manveru> yeah, i keep hearing that
<SamuelMarks> Also doing some C++ work, going to be offering major contributions to a bunch of top-level Apache projects
<SamuelMarks> Maybe C++20 features will be out before Rust has finished its, then I'd be tempted to use C++ for some of the major parts that was going to write in Rust
<manveru> are you using nix at all?
<SamuelMarks> Yeah
<SamuelMarks> Especially interested to see how this turns out https://github.com/offscale/liboffsetup/blob/31460d3/src/lib.rs#L221 (RFC: https://offsetup.offscale.io)
<manveru> yeah, was reading through the docs, and saw no mention of it
<manveru> was kinda expecting something like arion :)
<SamuelMarks> Hmm, what's Arion? - https://github.com/straightdave/arion - https://github.com/karun012/arion - something else?
<SamuelMarks> Ahh, gotcha
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<manveru> but yeah, yours is way more general
<manveru> i like it
<SamuelMarks> =D
<SamuelMarks> You're the first person outside of offscale to review it =)
<eyJhb> Anybody want to spare some computing power for compiling Nix stuff? ;) ;)
<sphalerite> eyjhb: hydra, if you put it in nixpkgs ;)
<SamuelMarks> Yeah, so I'm thinking that this is the kind of thing that could be used within a Docker image, natively on a developer machine, &etc &etc
<eyJhb> sphalerite trying to pinpoint in nixpkgs when displaylink breaks... So I am basically on all kinds of commits, where it has no cache.. :(
<sphalerite> oh
<sphalerite> good luck I guess :p
<manveru> SamuelMarks: yeah, the only issue i have is that it's still yaml... so people will eventually build some templating engine for it :P
<SamuelMarks> The biggest drawbacks I can see from this are around caching (Travis, Docker, &etc.). So might need to codegenerate the relevant files (potentially bidirectional travis<->offsetup, Dockerfile<->offsetup)
<SamuelMarks> manveru: Oh, you can just use a generic one, like spruce or spiff. JSON-ref isn't awful either
<eyJhb> If this continues, I will prop spin up a Docker with NixOS on a server...
<tilpner> eyjhb: Get a beefy VPS for a few hours and automate bisect
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<eyJhb> tilpner: cannot automate this bisect... :/ REquires tons of reboots, and checking if the display works
<tilpner> Oh no
<tilpner> Maybe use the beefy VPS as a remote builder then? :/
<eyJhb> Have a server I can use, but I need to configure a Docker image that I can just run to have the remote thing work
<eyJhb> Anything I can just run, or some git repo which has it ready?
<SamuelMarks> Build your own PaaS ;)
<tilpner> I don't know, I haven't found a good way to bisect nixpkgs either
<tilpner> Ideally you'd optimise check times by landing on commits with good weather/coverage
<SamuelMarks> eyjhb: I'll spin you up an instance if you want, send me your public key
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<eyJhb> Wait, I am not even sure I can do that..
<eyJhb> Seeing as I need to change files on the building server? Or does it just send the expressions to the server?
<SamuelMarks> eyjhb - I'll just spin you up a server of your own, root access and all. Good for community building (RE: Offscale =])
<eyJhb> Sounds great SamuelMarks ! But fair warning, I have no clue how long/how many rebuilds required. Might be 10 minutes, might be hours :p
<SamuelMarks> I'll leave it up for 8+ hours
<eyJhb> Sounds great ;) Seems like you have quite the computing power
<SamuelMarks> Speak next time! - It's almost 2AM here, so will turn in - looking forward to discussing related technical topics
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<eyJhb> Ofically ran out of space rebuilding :|
<samueldr> and unoficially, found some in couch cushion?
<eyJhb> rm -rf $HOME, easy
<eyJhb> Does /nix live in some kind of magical place? Keep getting a `no space left on device` even after cleanup
<samueldr> it lives in /
<samueldr> check with df -i /nix if you have inodes free still
<eyJhb> ANy clue?
<eyJhb> Everything currently fails
<__monty__> The only one that's full is /boot, so you probably want to look there : >
<eyJhb> /boot is always full as far as I remember :p
<__monty__> Will probably have to remove some generations and collect garbage.
<eyJhb> Or. is it..
<eyJhb> Oh yeah
<eyJhb> Right
<__monty__> Mine never is.
<samueldr> __monty__: are you cheating and having /boot on the same fs as / :)
<__monty__> Nope, /boot's outside of my LVM.
<eyJhb> I can NEVER find the command to delete generations older than x
<sphalerite> nix-collect-garbage --delete-older-than 7d
<eyJhb> sphalerite thanks! ;)
<eyJhb> Works now.. Always remembered /boot as constant full
<__monty__> You've probably never generated as many initramfses as on nixos though.
<eyJhb> Prop not.. Getting tired of rebooting...
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<joepie91[m]> lol
<joepie91[m]> "hmmm... there's some space in that ramfs..."
<joepie91[m]> specifically, it's a read-only... 'submount'? whatever the hell those are called. basically a read-only remount of the /nix folder in / that appears as its own mounted volume
<samueldr> bind mount
<joepie91[m]> <eyjhb "I can NEVER find the command to "> have I got the thread for you! https://discourse.nixos.org/t/the-papercut-thread-post-your-small-annoyances-confusions-here/3100
<eyJhb> joepie91[m] but that is just me being stressed and not being able to retain a single thing currently!
* eyJhb skipping bisects because it won't even build......
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<samueldr> that's fine and it happens
<joepie91[m]> eyjhb: I also always forget it, so it's not you :)
<joepie91[m]> or not just you anyway
<sphalerite> joepie91[m]: re your "no bitNot function" papercut: I'm guessing it's because that would imply some specific integer size, unlike the other ops
<sphalerite> I mean, what would you expect to come out of (bitNot 0)?
<__monty__> -1?
<__monty__> : >
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<kraem> anyone running libinput-gestures? can't launch it in my i3config because it needs to be started with root. on arch i started it with `libinput-gestures-setup start` but the command is not available when installed in nixOS
<eyJhb> I have no clue, why the rebuild is building aws-cp-sdk-s3..................................
<samueldr> the s3 sdk is part of nix
<samueldr> dependency to be able to push to s3
<eyJhb> So just default dependency?
<samueldr> yeah
<eyJhb> Seems no fun.. Also seeing arduino stuff, which.. I am not sure makes sense
<eyJhb> Seeing as I have it commented in my conf
<manveru> kraem: btw, i got it working
<manveru> that did the trick, plus adding my user to "video" group
<manveru> now optirun only temporarily starts the card, and i get 3d
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<kraem> manveru: ah cool - I did get everything working with the _nvidia prime static mode_ - I'm still having these weird glitches where the buffer sometimes not updates itself until i press another key when i'm scrolling in neovim for example - maybe i'll just try doing it through the intel drivers with bumblebee instead and see how it treats me, don't actually need the performance from the discrete card _but_
<kraem> it's hardwired to my hdmi port :(
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