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<gchristensen> I think I might make ofborg build all PRs by default
<worldofpeace> ooh have we reached that point where we can do that?
<gchristensen> I think we probably can
<gchristensen> on linux anyway
<worldofpeace> great gchristensen you should probably go for it then. and you can always roll back if stuff blows up
<gchristensen> :)
<jtojnar> gchristensen could we get some input on
<{^_^}> #72125 (by jtojnar, 4 days ago, open): lib: Add lib.maintainer-groups
<jtojnar> edolstra too
<gchristensen> ah
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<__monty__> Could someone ELI5 me the haskell infra? I thought it was (in nix syntax) `hackagePackages // stackagePackages` but maybe it's just the latest of everything on hackage?
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<infinisil> __monty__: It's pretty much what you described in nix there
<__monty__> Hmm, where could I find that code? I don't find any mentions of stackage in pkgs/development/haskell-modules
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<infinisil> __monty__: It's cabal2nix that generates hackage-packages.nix
<jtojnar> Yeah, and I believe stackage data is used for the versions of the packages
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<__monty__> I can't figure out where that's defined though. I see things about preferredVersions and defaultOverrides and corePackages but I can't figure it out.
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<ryantm> I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be annoying if it were integrated into the bot
<ryantm> but that will require more work.
<ryantm> By "integrated into the bot", I mean in the PR description.
<gchristensen> probably shouldn't do the @'ing
<gchristensen> but just "this was sponsored by patron lsix"
<drakonis_> it looks okay, but should probably have the ability to collapse the sponsor names
<drakonis_> for the day there's a larger number, so that it does not clutter the pr
<gchristensen> meh
<drakonis_> thinking a bit too ahead of time
<ryantm> It's just sponsoring one update, I think there are enough updates that each person can get one.
<gchristensen> :) yeah, I think it is a great idea
<adisbladis> ryantm: Can I pm you?
<drakonis_> sounds good then
<ryantm> adisbladis: Sure.
<drakonis_> 5 commits to go
<gchristensen> another option for sure would be to submit expenses to the foundation, I'm pretty certain th efoundation would pay for costs
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<andi-> Uff, nixpkgs is becoming more and more of a marketing platform? We just received so much feeedback from NixCOn visitors that they actually liked the minimal corporate foo on those events. I feel like I'd just write an adblocker rule to filter those comments...
<drakonis_> andi-, its probably because the average distro or language con is mixed deep with corporate sponsors
<drakonis_> the talks are pretty much people who do the work
<andi-> drakonis_: I have never had "sponsored by …" messages on Debian or gentoo
<andi-> at least not within the package sources. Maybe on a mailinglist meta discussion.
<drakonis_> oh no, its not the package sources that are the problem
<drakonis_> its the events
<simpson> ryantm: It's tacky. Makes me wonder what kinds of things I could get you to say for $100/mo.
<drakonis_> look at debconf's schedule for starters
<andi-> simpson: you could add a nice 250x150px banner on each PR ;-)
<drakonis_> wrt bot comments, i'd rather have the foundation sponsor the costs for the bot
<drakonis_> its too good to be tainted by ads
<andi-> I am still uncertain about the automated updates to be honest...
<andi-> but I am too tired to have that discussion again
<drakonis_> the automated updates steal low hanging fruit updates
<drakonis_> but they decrease the workload
<drakonis_> there's a lot of talks in here that aren't technical
<drakonis_> fosdem has a lot of corporate sponsored talks
<drakonis_> though i'm not sure how nixpkgs is a marketing platform
<drakonis_> aw shit we're so close to 200k now
<Profpatsch> andi-: Did you know that the bot runs derivations in passthru.tests? Which means if you add e.g. the VM tests to that, the bot will have auto-tested stuff before even opening a PR
<Profpatsch> ofborg should have that feature soon
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<peti> Hi there! Is there an Nix Office Hours Meeting today? My calendar says it's supposed to start, like, now. But Zoom doesn't know anything about a meeting.
<samueldr> there was an annoucement that it wouldn't be held
<samueldr> might have missed the channel most likely to reach you though
<peti> Oh. I see.
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* worldofpeace uploaded an image: Screenshot from 2019-11-01 16-10-50.png (67KB) < >
<worldofpeace> ^ peti that was the announce in #nixos-officehours
<eyJhb> Aww :( Hoped for it as well
<qyliss> Related to marketing, curious how people feel about
<qyliss> err, not that
<qyliss> Related to marketing, curious how people feel about
<qyliss> I got approved for GitHub sponsors the other day and remembered that, but was nervous considering that nobody has done it up to this point
<qyliss> cc worldofpeace
<samueldr> that sponsors button, though, is not the github sponsors feature
<samueldr> (also got approved the other day for gh sponsors)
<samueldr> that sponsors button can hold links to external services, like how the NixOS one links to opencollective
<qyliss> Yeah
<qyliss> That's partially why I'm nervous
<qyliss> If anybody _could_ have added themselves, why has nobody done so?
<qyliss> Despite an invitation
<samueldr> oh, wait, I skipped over that bit of the topic, duh, sorry
<samueldr> that... is weird how *someone* would add themselves to that FUNDING file for nixpkgs
<qyliss> what do you mean?
<samueldr> maybe the same nervousness you feel
<qyliss> ah
<samueldr> not sure, I feel the sponsor button on the repo should be about funding _the project_, rather than individuals
<qyliss> the project largely is individuals
<samueldr> yeah
<qyliss> but it's weird
<samueldr> was thinking about how to phrase something like "and the project figure out how to get funding to individuals"
<qyliss> As worldofpeace pointed out I think on GitHub, the Foundation isn't allowed to do that
<qyliss> Because it's not in its stated goals or whatever
<worldofpeace> The Sponsor button just shows many "sponsor" options
<worldofpeace> It's up to the person to choose what to do with their many and where to put it
<worldofpeace> * money
<worldofpeace> Right, NixOS's opencollective is different than sponsoring qyliss for nixpkgs dev. and the button shows they are
<worldofpeace> qyliss: I think it would be a good option for you with GitHub sponsors. Personally I haven't joined the waitlist because I don't want any revenue coming because of my nixpkgs contributions.
<qyliss> why not?
<qyliss> (curious)
<worldofpeace> So I've had a lot of people contacting me with ways to sponsor me, and I've declined all of them and any work so far. I feel as an individual, what I do you couldn't pay me to do. Support me in others ways, and not just me. Support the mission.
<worldofpeace> But I'm still really cool with people who feel they need that option or think differently. And I've actually encouraged it as you've seen. It's just in my situation, it doesn't feel right.
* qyliss nods
<qyliss> I think I shall continue waiting to see if anybody else tries before I decide if I'd want to add myself.
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<qyliss> Feels like any resistance to the idea could start to feel personal pretty quickly
<qyliss> And I doubt there would be immediate consensus
<worldofpeace> Ah I think I might understand what's the important detail here.
<qyliss> hmm?
<worldofpeace> Concensus on that nixpkgs contributors can be sponsered as a part of the NixOS org with GitHub sponsors, or like just qyliss getting revenue via GitHub sponsors that you can use to boost any of your contributions
<qyliss> Yeah
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<qyliss> I'd do it if everybody else was doing it, basically
<worldofpeace> I think those are two pretty different things, and you're talking about nervous about the first thing. and maybe that's a decision we shouldn't make individually. Wouldn't that look like the NixOS org endorsing GitHub's sponsor program? so I'm not sure you can "wait" for that to occur unless we're talking about the second thing.
<qyliss> I may have misunderstood the difference between the two things
<qyliss> I'm talking about the thing you proposed, that people add themselves to the FUNDING.yml or whatever
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<worldofpeace> Well, I think me making that post looks like the NixOS org endorsing Sponsors program. I think if we want that going on we should add like a GitHub Sponsors section after maybe?
<qyliss> oh I see
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<qyliss> not sure how it would look like endorsing the sponsors program when you don't have to use Sponsors?
<qyliss> But anyway, doesn't really matter. I'll wait to see what other people do, if anything.
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<worldofpeace> hmm, maybe I should start the pulse again for sponsors. It'd have to start with someone...
<qyliss> having multiple people to start with at the same time might be a way forward
<worldofpeace> yep, I think that would be right. samueldr .... :D
<samueldr> I don't want that... in that form :) still thinking about sponsoring / monetary contribution scheme for mobile-nixos (which implies some nixos work too)
<__monty__> worldofpeace: You wouldn't want people to sponsor your nixpkgs contributions just because or because you want to maintain independence or because you're already getting paid to?
<worldofpeace> __monty__: think of this story shortly: I do a lot of stuff for people, some people may find what I do valuable, some not. but to the one's that do it will be because I've done **something**, incoming interaction between me and them, that makes me suddenly valuable to them. Usually without that people will assume you're just nothing. I don't want people to see my github avatar and see their names under it as my
<worldofpeace> supporters or my influencers. You can't influence me like this, but what you can do is support the mission. I want my value to be recieved in a different way. maybe that's confusing.
<__monty__> Hmm, is it about how the Sponsors feature works? Would you accept bitcoin out of band, for example?
<worldofpeace> Yeah, the sponsors feature is definetely not for what I mentioned :D __monty__ Out of band donations conflict with this too.
<worldofpeace> However, if donations were to go torwards a group mission in NixOS that I was a part of, and the funds were used for that, then you could say I accepted it.
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<Ericson2314> shlevy: Is there a way for me as shepherd maintainer to get the emails of the other shepherds?
<Ericson2314> you did it :D
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