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<pie_> MichaelRaskin: you @-ed me in the gitcommit message and i think now im going to constantly get notified by people updating their nivs xD
<{^_^}> JJJollyjim/arewehackersyet#6 (by github-actions[bot], 21 hours ago, open): niv nixpkgs: update 0f5ce2fa -> 46f975f8
<MichaelRaskin> I usually don't get that many notifications when @-ed in commit messages…
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<drakonis> oho
<drakonis> a minimal daemon rfc
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<{^_^}> knl/niv-updater-action#26 (by utdemir, 6 days ago, open): Strip mentions from the pull request message
<pie_> infinisil: hehe
<pie_> kinda figured something like that, thanks for posting on it infinisil
<pie_> (i didnt bother to look into it)
<cole-h> Still get mentioned in the commit tho, right?
<pie_> im not sure actually
<pie_> but even if so that happens like once right
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<ashkitten> supposedly my new ikea chair will finally arrive tomorrow
<ashkitten> and i will find out that i got exactly what i paid for with a $80 office chair
<ashkitten> but at least it won't be held together with rope
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<eyJhb> Both backups done, this might be the day I switch to tmpfs + zfs! Finally
<eyJhb> Everything backed up and good to go
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<eyJhb> Here goes nothing I guess
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<eyJhb> Here we go
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<sphalerite> gchristensen: you're a real thought leader :P
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<talyz> adisbladis: you probably did, and I probably forgot :)
<talyz> adisbladis: ..or my weechat is being shit :p
<hyperfekt> sphalerite: it's true, i thought the same
<hyperfekt> still waiting for that talk to go up
<gchristensen> sphalerite: lol, what?
<JJJollyjim> was there a netsplit or a matrix.org outage? i feel like im seeing half a conversation
<hyperfekt> gchristensen: i've seen a lot of people move to tmpfs since you posted about it
<gchristensen> oh, that, cool :)
<hyperfekt> ah finally!
<hyperfekt> thanks, watching now c:
<viric> gchristensen: I didn't know you were in MA. What town in particular?
<viric> in 30mi radius, if you want
<eyJhb> Back!
<eyJhb> Everything works so far
<eyJhb> Just need the email and browser
<gchristensen> viric: I'm in the berkshires
<gchristensen> are you in MA too?
<viric> gchristensen: sometimes
<viric> around Natick / Framingham
<gchristensen> oh cool
<adisbladis> Pretty interesting =)
<eyJhb> I have seen it adisbladis :p We sound correct!
<adisbladis> eyJhb: All scandinavians sounds danish after enough pilnsers <3
<sphalerite> I heard that Danisch sounds like you're speaking with a hot potato in your mouth
<sphalerite> mostly from my sister
<adisbladis> sphalerite: Hot potato or porridge
<hyperfekt> gchristensen: one question i was wondering about is: what size of change warrants what level of pivot? the classical question is, should my nixos server switch configurations or should i be using a new one? should i reload a config file or restart the service? ideally of course, i point my top-level DNS at entirely fresh provisioned infra - but low deploy times are nice.
<adisbladis> hyperfekt: I think it depends. How stateful are your systems?
<adisbladis> Most NixOS users have incredibly stateful home directories, just as an example
<adisbladis> The NixOS model can give you essentially the same benefits as a "full" pivot (new machine) without the associated costs
<eyJhb> Haters :(
<eyJhb> Sad I have to switch away from physlock, else I need to have a script that changes my screen beforehand
<eyJhb> Becuase everything just goes black, no prompt and the DisplayLink screen freezes on whatever is active
<eyJhb> :(
<eyJhb> etu , emily are you doing anything special regarding physlock and multiple monitors?
<eyJhb> Or just guessing freezes mean lock :p
<gchristensen> hyperfekt: yeah, great question. I came to NixOS because we created brand new servers for every deploy, and found NixOS's model to be sufficiently atomic/pure to not need to do that
<gchristensen> and muc hfaster
<hyperfekt> gchristensen: so is your preferred policy one of minimum pivot?
<hyperfekt> i was thinking that one could mix the two models: instantly apply at minimal pivot, and do more fundamental pivots regularly.
<gchristensen> I'm not sure, I'd want to think about it a bit more case-by-case first
<gchristensen> the fundamental pivots are captured inthe 90 days policy, which I think is really good
<hyperfekt> yes, i really liked that one! you're right, i missed how that related.
<gchristensen> hyperfekt: but yeah, you definitely want to be able to go fast
<joepie91> anyone know if any solution was ever found to this? https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/nixos/2019-12-02#2844695 -- I'm running into this with my tinc configuration, I always have to rebuild my system twice for it to work
<joepie91> unfortunately Gopal-M is not around anymore
<joepie91> and the logs are super unhelpful
<joepie91> (systemd logs, I mean)
<gchristensen> joepie91: zimbatm can maybe help
<joepie91> (full logs)
<joepie91> it's mostly a bit frustrating that systemd goes "job unnecessary, I removed it" and then 10 lines later goes "OMG THAT UNIT ISN'T ACTIVE"
<joepie91> like, yeah, duh, that's what happens when you remove stuff :P
<pie_> w90systemduh
<pie_> * systemduh
<abathur> gchristensen: had a Q yesterday on what you're thinking resholved should do with aliases https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/nixos-chat/2020-05-29#1590777314-1590777918;
<gchristensen> abathur: hmm I'd never considered resholved in the interactive case
<gchristensen> I was thinking rewriting teh alias, but I think either of those could work
<abathur> do you think it be prohibitively annoying to have to specify?
<gchristensen> what do you think about shellcheck-like directives?
<abathur> I've considered it and am not opposed; but I've focused on the CLI & Nix interfaces because they're usable even if you don't control the source and/or want to avoid maintaining patches against it
<gchristensen> makes sense
<gchristensen> maybe then rewrite uses of it, removing uses of the alias
<abathur> AFAIR, the parse model resholved is walking from oil doesn't have comments in it, though, so I suspect they'd have to get parsed in a separate run and then correlated with the nodes they affect as they're visited
<gchristensen> this way you get the desired in-script behavior, but dynamic aliases for interactive use .... and then there could be a further option to also rewrite the alias definition
<abathur> it's seeming like the answer is that each potential approach makes sense in different contexts
<abathur> would simple replacements like that work, at least in your case? do you have any example scripts that are disclosable?
<gchristensen> just about all of them :P
<joepie91> aha. it appears that the wiki page on Tinc has some Opinions about the networking / interfaces thing: https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Tinc#networking.interfaces
<joepie91> so known issue in NixOS' static network config, apparently?
<gchristensen> abathur: registry="$1" <- around this line I had a alias docker=podman
<abathur> k, thanks; I'll give it a long think and see if I can find a way to make it possible to triage them without breaking any uses
<gchristensen> cool
<abathur> will that link stay up, or should I save it local?
<gchristensen> I haven't deleted anything from there before, and probably won't start this week
<abathur> :]
<gchristensen> wow, 110M in there, hehe
<infinisil> SpaceX launching some peeps to the ISS in a bit more than 5 hours! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXX6jgeP-5I
<gchristensen> infinisil: super excited. my brother is there.
<abathur> hopefully the weather plays along
<eyJhb> Seems like all nginx/phpfpm pages are out of date, can't get a single example to work :/
<gchristensen> I am sorry to have to make this announcement, but given Borderlands' release on the switch I no longer have time to do anything else
<abathur> :P
<joepie91> gchristensen: you survived the trap of Animal Crossing, but couldn't put up enough resistance against the lure of Borderlands. with this, you have unfortunately dropped out of the half finals
<joepie91> :P
<gchristensen> :D
<gchristensen> I appreciate that it takes the game about as seriously as I do
<ar> joepie91: i play both borderlands, and animal crossing
<eyJhb> I don't get the animal crossing thing
<eyJhb> Am I alone on this?
<eyJhb> 4 hours left, damn
<eyJhb> Someone remind me
<infinisil> eyJhb: You don't get it how?
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<eyJhb> Like 1. No clue what it is and 2. Is because of one I think, why everyone is playing it
<infinisil> I do know what it is, and I have it on my 3DS, but I never really got into playing it, it's a bit too boring for me :P
<eyJhb> THere might be a addiction change for me
<drakonis1> its relaxing
<eyJhb> However! Looking at NixOS rebuild is also OK
<eyJhb> (fetching TexLive....)
<LnL> rip slim
<risson> eyJhb: will do
<eyJhb> risson: Wait, what did I do?
<risson> > eyJhb Someone remind me
<{^_^}> undefined variable 'eyJhb' at (string):313:1
<risson> `undefined variable 'eyJhb'` :/
<eyJhb> Ahh . Perfect, thanks risson !
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<manveru> wonder if that bot has a timeout set...
<risson> Only one way to know
<__monty__> Does anyone configure firefox bookmarks with smart keyword or multi-account containers or extensions using nix?
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<risson> I love how the fuel for the rocket is described as “rocket grade kerosene”
<risson> I was like “gotta try this in my lighter”
<__monty__> Where do they use kerosene? Isn't it hydrazine and oxygen and something else for ignition?
<risson> You're probably right, but that's how it's described on SpaceX website
<__monty__> Hmm, wiki says monomethyil hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide oxidizer. But in the last stream I believe they talked about a third substance used for initial ignition which gave a green flame.
<risson> In the countdown section, it says “RP-1 (rocket grade kerosene) loading begins”
<risson> eyJhb: T-01:27:00
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<risson> (roughly)
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<cole-h> https://i.imgur.com/HitQgIK.png Only 2.5 more days to go! :D
<viric> how is the state of dns nowadays in NixOS (or other GNU pieces)? All without cipher/auth as always had been? Or there are more private/authenticated pieces working by default?
<pistache> __monty__: I do configure multi-account containers using Nix, but couldn't find a clean way to do it
<__monty__> pistache: So you just drop a containers.json in your profile?
<pistache> I just write
<pistache> yes, exactly
<pistache> __monty__: actually I write "containers.json.in", because Firefox will replace the symlink if I put it in containers.json
<__monty__> Hmm, is that documented anywhere?
<__monty__> Does firefox generally take like an initial file?
<pistache> I couldn't find documentation on that, just went by trial and error
<ldlework> Weather is a go
<Valodim> "weather is good". huh. didn't expect that, https://www.capeweather.com/zoom-radar-brevard-county.html
<risson> T-00:42:00
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<infinisil> 10 minutes to go!
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<infinisil> ,launch
<{^_^}> Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb
<iqubic> Anyone know if there's an IRC channel where I can ask about advanced PA sound stuff?
<infinisil> 7 minutes to go!
<iqubic> What's happening in 7 minutes?
<ldlework> infinisil: how to check those topics and add yourself to them
<colemickens> did someone fix the nscd needing to be enabled
<infinisil> ldlework: The ,launch thing?
<cole-h> ,launch = Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework
<{^_^}> launch redefined, was defined as Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb
<cole-h> :)
<infinisil> Yup like that :)
<__monty__> risson: Hmm, they did say kerosene on the stream.
<iqubic> ,launch = Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework iqubic
<{^_^}> launch redefined, was defined as Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework
<ldlework> ,vampire
<infinisil> 5 minutes to go!
<etu> ,launch = Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework iqubic etu
<{^_^}> launch redefined, was defined as Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework iqubic
<cole-h> lol
<iqubic> Hmm???
<cole-h> Gonna be more pings for the redefinition of the command than the launch itself :D
<etu> hmmm
<iqubic> Yeah.. LOL.
<ldlework> i was just thinking maybe you could use a list and append to it
<infinisil> cole-h: Hopefully it's only redefined when launches happen :)
<etu> It didn't like me :(
<ldlework> lol
<cole-h> ?
<cole-h> It does. It was just showing you the /previous/ definition
<infinisil> etu: It said that it *was* defined as <..> previously
<etu> ahh
<etu> misread it :)
<cole-h> So if you accidentally redefine a command, you can change it back
<etu> makes sense
<infinisil> Holy moly over 3 *million* viewers!
<etu> I always think about how they select the time
<etu> Like several days in advance
<etu> "Yeah, guys, on Saturday at 21:22:45 sounds good right?"
<etu> What's so important about those 45 seconds?
<infinisil> 1:30 to go!
<eyJhb> T- 00:01:30
<etu> Sooon!
<etu> 🚀
<infinisil> 🚀
<infinisil> 20
<infinisil> 10
<infinisil> Whooo
<etu> It flies!
<cole-h> You guys are so far ahead of me :( I'm at T-10 rn
<etu> Ok, no spoilers :p
<cole-h> Hehe
<iqubic> Why are they launching at 12:22PM my time?
<cole-h> You should ask them :)
<infinisil> That looks rather comfy
<eyJhb> It does! :D
<cole-h> Look at how hot that engine is getting even in absolute zero
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<infinisil> How long did they say was the flight to the ISS?
<energizer> is the rocket that detached gonna land on a pad?
<infinisil> energizer: Hell yeah!
<energizer> cool
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<energizer> why do they wear suits there?
<infinisil> Interesting that they only use 3/9 engines for the entry burn, and only 1/9 for the landing burn
<cole-h> Because they're in space? ;)
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<etu> How do they balance that while landing? It's fairly big and one engine doesn't seem like much directional control to me
<energizer> cole-h: they're indoors tho
<infinisil> energizer: They need to be prepared for everything. If something goes wrong, they wouldn't have time to put on suits
<__monty__> Aren't those grid flaps for balance?
<__monty__> Also, I don't think *more* rocket engines = more balance tbh.
<__monty__> They only throttle down to like 40%, no?
<cole-h> energizer: For now, they are.
<energizer> cole-h: are they gonna go outside?
<cole-h> energizer: Would you want to be up in the vast expanse of nothingness that well and truly wants to kill you without protection?
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<infinisil> etu: The booster can be controlled very precisely
<etu> I guess they will dock with ESS
<infinisil> Like the direction it's pointing
<etu> ISS
<etu> infinisil: I guess
<__monty__> Those suits aren't suited to space walks. Way too much radiation.
<iqubic> ,launch = Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework etu
<{^_^}> launch redefined, was defined as Ping for space stuff: infinisil Taneb ldlework iqubic etu
<etu> ooh
<etu> landing pad
<energizer> cole-h: it's pretty common for indoor astronauts to be in t-shirts
<infinisil> Successful land \o/
<energizer> i wonder why the feed cut out
<etu> dino!
<samueldr> apparently high seas and satellite access is not trivial
<cole-h> Hahah
<cole-h> etu: I had no idea what you were talking about until just now
<samueldr> landing a rocket ship seems to be easier for them
<energizer> it cut out exactly at landing time, i wonder if theyre related
<infinisil> cole-h: If you click on the "live" icon in the stream you should be able to skip to actual live
<cole-h> I am.
<cole-h> :')
<infinisil> :P
<energizer> ISS is 254 mi high
<samueldr> nineteen hours
<samueldr> I'm not following the stream for that long
<infinisil> > mile = amount: "${toString amount} miles are ${toString (1609.344 * amount)} meters"
<{^_^}> mile defined
<infinisil> > mile 254
<{^_^}> "254 miles are 408773.376000 meters"
<samueldr> BuT HoW mAnY KiLomEtErS iS ThAt?
<joepie91> I feel like KM is probably easier
<joepie91> lol
<infinisil> > retardify "But how many kilometers is that?"
<{^_^}> let's not do this
<infinisil> Aw man!
<samueldr> Kibimeters is where it's at
<samueldr> > 408773/1024
<{^_^}> /var/lib/nixbot/state/nixpkgs/408773/1024
<samueldr> > 408773 / 1024
<{^_^}> 399
<samueldr> thanks paths, thpaths
<joepie91> > mile = amount: "${toString amount} miles are ${toString (1609.344 * amount)} meters, or ${toString (1.609344 * amount)} km"
<{^_^}> mile defined
<joepie91> samueldr: no.
<eyJhb> What
<joepie91> also, what?
<eyJhb> > 408773 / 1000
<{^_^}> 408
<joepie91> > mile 254
<{^_^}> "254 miles are 408773.376000 meters, or 408.773376 km"
<eyJhb> > ../../
<{^_^}> error: path '../../' has a trailing slash
<eyJhb> > ../../test
<{^_^}> /var/lib/nixbot/test
<eyJhb> > ../../../../../test
<{^_^}> /test
<joepie91> infinisil: "retardify" seems like an odd and unnecessarily offensive name for that... spongebobify seems a lot more appropriate
<infinisil> > spongebobify = str: lib.concatStrings (r (map randomizeCase' (lib.stringToCharacters str)))
<{^_^}> spongebobify defined
<infinisil> > spongebobify "But how many kilometers is that?"
<{^_^}> "BUT HOW many kiLOMetErS Is thAT?"
<infinisil> Perfect
<eyJhb> samueldr: You cannot go underground now?! Get back here :D
<samueldr> huh what?
<eyJhb> Good
<infinisil> Oh wow they're doing social distancing for the interview!
<eyJhb> How do you guys trigger e.g. autorandr?
<eyJhb> Yup
<eyJhb> Also
<eyJhb> #SpaceForce!
<joepie91> 🤔
<joepie91> that random does not seem very random to me
<infinisil> We humans are pretty bad at recognizing randomness :P
<__monty__> > spongebobify Let's see how random it is?
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting ID or OR_KW or DOLLAR_CURLY or '"', at (string):316:1
<__monty__> > spongebobify Let's see how random it is?
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting ID or OR_KW or DOLLAR_CURLY or '"', at (string):316:1
<__monty__> > spongebobify Let's see how random it is?
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting ID or OR_KW or DOLLAR_CURLY or '"', at (string):316:1
<__monty__> Well that's not very random >.<
<__monty__> Oops
<infinisil> Lol
<samueldr> > ''error: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting ID or OR_KW or DOLLAR_CURLY or '"', at (string):316:1''
<{^_^}> "error: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting ID or OR_KW or DOLLAR_CURLY or '\"', at (string):316:1"
<samueldr> > spongebobify ''error: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting ID or OR_KW or DOLLAR_CURLY or '"', at (string):316:1''
<{^_^}> "errOr: SynTAx ERRoR, uNExPEcted ')', EXpeCTInG ID Or OR_kW Or doLlAR_CURLy OR '\"', aT (STriNg):316:1"
<energizer> why are they muxing the audio in this way...
<__monty__> joepie91: Woot! My RFC comments were accepted : )
<joepie91> __monty__: \o/
<lovesegfault> infinisil: Any idea why nixus' eval time seems so high?
<lovesegfault> I'm collecting data to make sure it isn't my imagination
<lovesegfault> infinisil: It was my imagination :)
<lovesegfault> it's actually faster than my previous solution by 5s
<infinisil> lovesegfault: Oh nice, what was the previous solution?
<lovesegfault> infinisil: my hand-rolled thing: https://github.com/lovesegfault/nix-config/blob/master/default.nix
<samueldr> lovesegfault: it's the usual: because you were observing it, a boiling pot evaluates for longer
<samueldr> oops, a watched pot*
<infinisil> Ah
<infinisil> Nixus does basically the same thing afaik, so not sure why it would be faster :P
<lovesegfault> infinisil: but I do have a real issue :P
<lovesegfault> Two of my boxes fail to deploy every time
<lovesegfault> and the logs say nothing
<lovesegfault> :D
<lovesegfault> Oh, they are both aarch64 boxes
<lovesegfault> hmmm
<lovesegfault> Wait
<lovesegfault> no they aren't
<infinisil> lovesegfault: Does it fail like that after ~20 seconds?
<lovesegfault> infinisil: lemme grab my stopwathc
<infinisil> Oh, it does say success confirmation received
<infinisil> lovesegfault: Let's go to #nixus again though
* lovesegfault goes
<eyJhb> adisbladis: ping
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<abathur> welp, I found a simple way to make bash segfault
<cole-h> `pkill -SEGV bash`? :P
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<abathur> simultaneously more and less simple, I guess? I thought I'd just get a recursion too deep error but instead it just crashes after ~9 seconds: bash -c "alias ls='ls -l'; function ls(){ ls -a; }; ls"
<sphalerite> abathur: is the alias part necessary for that?
<sphalerite> Nope for me it segfaults without the alias as well
<sphalerite> after ~10s
<abathur> ah, fair
<abathur> good spot
* sphalerite golfs: :() { : : ; }; :
<sphalerite> can use any identifier character, doesn't have to be :, but it looks funnier like that
<ashkitten> ;-; i was installing ms-dos on my thinkpad a30 and the floppy drive up and shit itself
<ashkitten> i think i need a new one?
<ashkitten> unless they're serviceable
<sphalerite> lolwat
<ashkitten> i don't know!
<ashkitten> it smells like magic smoke and doesn't work anymore
<iqubic> sphalerite: I'm not going gto be running the fork bomb on my computer today.
<abathur> kinda surprised it doesn't emit a recursion depth error on a self recursion, I could swear I've seen it throw one on a loop between functions before, but maybe I'm mis-remembering
<sphalerite> abathur: unfortunately I think `kill -11 $$` is still shorter and faster than `:(){ : :;};:`…
<ashkitten> how does a floppy drive just fry itself randomly like that
<joepie91> ashkitten: maybe the motor got stuck?
<joepie91> and burnt itself out
<sphalerite> ashkitten: motor could be stuck -> heat -> smoke
<ashkitten> oh, that's possible
<sphalerite> damn joepie91 beat me to it
<ashkitten> i probably should've cleaned it
<ashkitten> shit
<ashkitten> well now it's done with
<sphalerite> it is probably serviceable though
<joepie91> :P
<joepie91> sphalerite: and that was *with* Matrix lag!
<joepie91> especially if it's old stuff that seems plausible
<sphalerite> I mean, just based on my knowledge of thinkpads, especially old ones…
<ashkitten> i bought the only ebay listing for the drive
<sphalerite> lol
<joepie91> ashkitten: what sort of floppy drive was it? standard 3.5", swappable custom bay, integrated?
<ashkitten> but i'll see if i can repair it
<ashkitten> this one
<sphalerite> oh you mean the drive x)
<samueldr> "collectible"?
<ashkitten> lol
<ashkitten> i don't think it's quite collectible
<ashkitten> but it is the drive i need and it's quite cheap
<samueldr> "mark it as collectible" ... ... "how to artificially inflate the value of an item"
<joepie91> ashkitten: hmmm. have you checked whether there are equivalent drives under different model names? IIRC that was a thing for a while with swappable-bay drives
<samueldr> (playing jeopardy, badly)
<ashkitten> joepie91: i haven't, but as long as this one works...
<ashkitten> oh lol i was searching for the wrong number, n533 isn't the model number
<ashkitten> whatever
<ashkitten> it's the right thing, listing says it works
<ashkitten> i won't worry about it
<joepie91> ashkitten: oh this is the replacement you bought, not the broken one?
<ashkitten> what? i wouldn't put a broken item up on ebay
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<samueldr> I think joepie91 is assuming "SOLD" on that item is to you
<ashkitten> ohhh
<ashkitten> yes it is me, i bought it
<ashkitten> as a replacement
<ashkitten> the laptop was from a friend
<ashkitten> well-used
<joepie91> right okay, I got confused thinking that you bought that one and then just blew it up and couldn't find a replacement
<joepie91> but I was apparently off-by-one :P
<ashkitten> lol, it's fine
<adisbladis> Nice
<adisbladis> I was just going through some old stuff today and found a USB diskette drive
<ashkitten> i just want a working floppy drive so i can install ms-dos ;-;
<ashkitten> did you know that freedos doesn't support installing from a floppy set
<ashkitten> only from cd
<JJJollyjim> NixDOS pls
<ashkitten> ✨ JJJollyjim
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<joepie91> ashkitten: hmmm. maybe it has a serial/parallel/whatever port that you can hook up a floppy drive to?
<ashkitten> i don't have a serial or parallel floppy drive
<ashkitten> i have a usb one but i don't think it'll work
<samueldr> most of them were proprietary, AFAIK even "parallel" laptop floppies were
<JJJollyjim> woo sparkles obtained
<JJJollyjim> ✨
<joepie91> right, but those should be much more easily obtainable than vendor-specific bay models
<joepie91> samueldr: wait really?
<samueldr> from knowledge I gathere from a few dos machines enthusiasts online
<samueldr> though it's possible I'm wrong still
<samueldr> but I wouldn't be surprised a "standard parallel" floppy drive won't be bootable
<samueldr> weak confirmation from that michaelweaser post https://forum.winworldpc.com/discussion/comment/150723/#Comment_150723
<samueldr> (and menage)
<samueldr> in fact, good confirmation from menage
<joepie91> help
<joepie91> need hostname suggestion
<joepie91> purpose of server: git
<samueldr> "hostname"
<cole-h> "git"
<joepie91> no :P
<cole-h> "githostname"
<cole-h> "hostnamegit"
<joepie91> I am trying to move away from git
<joepie91> I want something clever
<joepie91> :p
<samueldr> "weirdcodestore"
<cole-h> "vcshostname"
<samueldr> what's a shost?
<samueldr> :)
<joepie91> argh
<joepie91> y'all are no use!
<joepie91> :P
<samueldr> well, I generally pick a scheme and stick with it
<samueldr> so all my server names are named after f-zero tracks
<samueldr> and all my personal devices are named after simpsons characters (since probably ~2002)
<cole-h> All my hostnames come from locations in the Cosmere
<samueldr> I've never had to think about a "per-use" hostname
<lovesegfault> infinisil++
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<joepie91> samueldr: my server naming is like that standards XKCD
<joepie91> I have 13 different naming schemes, and room for a 14th!
<MichaelRaskin> At work where we understood we will have a large amount of long-lived VMs, we decided to plan ahead and called the cluster «Saturn». This provides a perfect naming scheme for the VMs. Best part: no need to choose the next name to use, they come pre-numbered!
<infinisil> Nice, how many moons does saturn have?
<energizer> yknow hostnames can be numeric
<infinisil> I'm gonna name my hosts with an increasing amount of pi's digits. First will be "3", second "3.1", etc.
<infinisil> Then I can just say "Pi to X digits" and everybody will know the host name immediately!
<MichaelRaskin> infinisil: you will run out of patience first
<MichaelRaskin> Wikipedia says that ordered labels are assigned to 53 of them
<MichaelRaskin> The rest seem to lack nice names
<joepie91> 53, that's the port number for DNS
<joepie91> DNS breaks things
<joepie91> therefore naming them after moons of saturn will make your servers break
<MichaelRaskin> Uranus has 24, Jupiter 72 labeled ones but after 50 some lack names
<JJJollyjim> i had to change my naming scheme when i moved in with my boyfriend cos it turned out our desktops had the same hostname lol
<MichaelRaskin> joepie91: if DNS breaks things, you are doing it wrong
<joepie91> MichaelRaskin: you're not familiar with the "it's never DNS" meme? :P
<energizer> JJJollyjim: wow. what was it?
<MichaelRaskin> joepie91: doesn't _every_ part of the infrastructure have such a meme?
<JJJollyjim> archbox, not particularly creative lol
<joepie91> no, DNS is special :P
<lovesegfault> cole-h: ping
<cole-h> pong
<lovesegfault> cole-h: I merged my nixus branch :D
<cole-h> Oooo
<abathur> at least on my laptop, my hostname changes every nix-darwin rebuild
<energizer> abathur: why?
<abathur> do you want the dumb reason or the smart reason?
<cole-h> Yes
<energizer> i'm hoping it's "hash my configuration into the hostname"
<energizer> but i have no idea how to do that
<infinisil> abathur: I want to believe there is no smart reason
<manveru> hostname is part of the config... so you're gonna need a while to find it :P
<abathur> the dumb reason is that macOS likes to name the computer and hostname stuff like "<User's firstname>'s MacBook Air"
<abathur> but when I bought a 2nd macbook and was working on transferring my Nix configs and built 2 at once, I had 2 <firstname's MacBook Air, which the OS didn't like, and renamed it to "<firstname's MacBook Air (2)"
<abathur> and, so, here we are
<infinisil> Ohhhh, I've had this happen too
<joepie91> missed chance for "<firstname's MacBook Air(2) final.docx" imo
<infinisil> Lol
<abathur> the (admittedly, not smart, but less dumb) reason is that I already hated that apple wanted to stuff my name in my hostname all of the time since I use a lot of public wifi, and I figured it wasn't terrible to rotate my hostname regularly
<ashkitten> i tried using a usb floppy drive but it not only doesn't boot from that, having it plugged in causes the bios to write a short line of garbage pixels to the screen
<abathur> though, yes, I would prefer a random hn along the lines of what joepie91 suggests
<ashkitten> so, that's not great
<abathur> because most humans at least would eventually figure out the rotating hash hostname is the same system
<abathur> but, whatever, it was a simple fix to making sure each macbook has a distinct HN
<abathur> `macHash = builtins.substring 0 8 (builtins.hashString "sha256" (builtins.toString builtins.currentTime));`
<infinisil> Hah
<abathur> also helpful if I need to ssh between macbooks and can't remember what level of inception I'm at
<ashkitten> abathur: sounds like you need a status bar that just says "inception level: 2"
<joepie91> I would legitimately like a feature like that in my terminal
<joepie91> "You are 3 SSH sessions deep"
<MichaelRaskin> Are you willing to have to setup something on all the machines that can be in the reported chain?
<samueldr> when it's running my usual config, I have tmux doing that implicitly
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<abathur> well, I do use a number of > characters to indicate my shlvl
<abathur> and I invert them if it's a ssh session
<abathur> and also use green for one and red for other
<energizer> i use a different color PS1 per host
<energizer> generated dynamically by hashing
<abathur> nice
<abathur> it all gets complicated by the fact that linux and macOS have defacto different user shlvls, though, I should probably adjust for that at some point