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<cole-h> lovesegfault: Working on a history paper about how the Guatemalan coup d'etat in 1954 wasn't only due to the United States and its UFCO
<cole-h> It's sucking the soul out of me and it's due Friday
<lovesegfault> cole-h: :(
<lovesegfault> That sounds horrible
<cole-h> 5-6 pages, big RIP.
<lovesegfault> It's like when the idiots back at home say the military coup d'etat was a revolution 🀣
<aanderse> so recently the television in my living room turns on when i nixos rebuild... but only sometimes πŸ€”
<cole-h> lovesegfault: Totally wasn't because of Decreto 900 screwing over UFCO and the fact that SecState (and his brother) were in bed with them πŸ€”
<cole-h> aanderse: wot
<aanderse> cole-h: not sure, i'm too lazy to look into it yet
<aanderse> its probably going to get increasingly annoying pretty fast, though
<cole-h> You sure it's not a coincidence?
<cole-h> Because that sounds really, really weird
<aanderse> lol its hooked up :P
<aanderse> pc is in the kitchen at a standing desk against the wall, tv is in the living room on the other side of the wall
<aanderse> an hdmi cable runs through the wall
<aanderse> the tv uses CEC to communicate with the computer
<aanderse> so you can control kodi via a tv remote
<aanderse> CEC has the ability to turn tvs on and off
<cole-h> OK, not sounding as weird now... haha
<cole-h> Still weird
<aanderse> yes, still weird
<cole-h> But not paranormal-weird
<cole-h> :D
<aanderse> i'm really wondering why the nixos-rebuild does it... what on earth is impacting that
<cole-h> It might be restarting services that contact the TV/whatever is running on it?
<aanderse> yeah will have to look at some logs later
<Gaelan> ugh why does everything i do inevitably end up in stdenv rebuilds
<samueldr> aanderse: systemd service switch/reload?
<aanderse> samueldr: i'm guessing, but i don't know what that has to do with kodi
<aanderse> kodi exclusively locks the CEC device
<samueldr> hmm
<aanderse> only once in a while though... hmm
<aanderse> i've just rebuilt about 10 times, only did it once
<aanderse> i should really look at a log
<aanderse> or go to bed
<ornxka> aanderse: you have ghosts, consider exorcising your pc
<aanderse> ornxka: i'll keep that as an option
<ashkitten> i wish CEC worked on my tv...
<ashkitten> it's a roku tv, and it should theoretically at least turn on when asked to even though it doesn't support remote control passthrough, but it doesnt
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<aleph-> Huh had totally forgotten there was a nix module for SaltStack
<aleph-> How odd
<drakonis1> nix has a kitchen sink of modules
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<aleph-> Heh
<aleph-> drakonis_: Other way around
<aleph-> Salt having a model to install packages via nix
<colemickens> confession: I really don't know how to setup bridged networking for libvirt machines anymore :(
<colemickens> I think they removed it frm virt-manager.
<srhb> colemickens: Hmm, I think I set mine up manually, but I don't actually know if it works anymore. :P
<srhb> colemickens: Seems to work fine.
* colemickens imposter syndrome intensifies
<srhb> colemickens: I have a networking.bridges.virtd.interfaces = []; and an interface.virtd.ipv4 on the host which defines an address for the bridge
<colemickens> I've actually gotten bridged networking working a while back for an ICS scenario, so maybe I can figure it out.
<colemickens> hm, I thought the point was that the VM would be able to just bridge and then DHCP normally. I need to dig in more than and re-acquaint myself I think
<srhb> colemickens: Oh, yeah, that'll require a bit more than that :)
<srhb> Actually not much more. Probably some firewalling.
<eyJhb> srhb: How is it going in the weather department? :p
<srhb> eyJhb: I haven't workd there since.. uh, october, I think :P
<eyJhb> srhb: Why not? :o
<srhb> Started at my old job in DBC again. :)
<eyJhb> I... I swithech the jobs around .. :p Somewhat got into my tiny mind that you started at DMI again...
<eyJhb> Well, how is the book buisness going? :p
<srhb> Good! Well, a bit slow because of covid I guess, but that part hasn't really affected us much. There's always infrastructure stuff to be done. :)
<srhb> eyJhb: How about you? Weird studying remote?
<eyJhb> THat's true, always stuff to be done. But the libraries are mostly closed, right?
<eyJhb> It is, and the material is seriously lacking... And soooo many exams I have to prepare for, because I got srewed by a reexam (basically someone thought the beginning of the 6. semester was moving too slow, so they put additional course hours in, so less time to read up on reexams...)
<eyJhb> But jush had the other reexam that we wrote about. Weird having a MS Teams meeting for a exam
<srhb> eyJhb: Yeah, but libraries are reopening soon I think. Which is good.
<eyJhb> On the 18th right?
<srhb> I actually can't remember, which is a bit embarassing. :D
<eyJhb> When the servers start to have a load, that is when :p
<srhb> eyJhb: Yeah, I expect there will be a spike. But I think we have plenty of capacity :P
<srhb> colemickens: It looks like the virt-manager iface option to pick for bridging is "shared device"
<srhb> colemickens: Because we needed another term for that :-)
<srhb> colemickens: Picking my host-side bridge there had it create a vnet0 which is linked properly to my virtd bridge
<srhb> (which in turn also has my ethernet)
<srhb> colemickens: And looks like dhcp works just fine.
<eyJhb> srhb: surely :D Does working at DBC give you more time to work on NixOS and contribute more than at DMI?
<srhb> eyJhb: Yes, though I'm always not good enough at taking time to upstream. Practice practice :P
<sphalerite> colemickens: srhb: the bridge stuff is only weird when using the libvirt user session thing. When connecting to qemu:///system, the bridges are displayed correctly.
<srhb> sphalerite: Oh, I don't think I've ever used the user sessions.
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<sphalerite> yeah I recently used it for the first time, works well too, except for the bridge weirdness (you have to select "Shared device" and then _type_ the name of the bridge
<sphalerite> and I just use the default virbr0 bridge, no setup required
<srhb> Yeah, I like the manual one because I often isolate vms in funny ways.
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<colemickens> I am on qemu:///system
<colemickens> but the default network is forward mode=nat, an it has its own ip range
<colemickens> if I go to the VM, and try to add a NIC, I see where the shared device option is.
<colemickens> But I'm confused, sphalerite do you have a different virbr0? or can I still re-use this virbr0 for a shared device too? I feel like I'm close but getting wires slightly crosses
<eyJhb> srhb: with time it might come :p
<sphalerite> colemickens: right, mine uses nat and has its own IP range too
<sphalerite> colemickens: what's your goal state?
<eyJhb> Anyone using Bitlbee in here?
<eyJhb> Thinking of making a Bitlbee like thing in Go, because I am kinda annoyed that everything is C in Bitlbee. I really do hate making networking stuff in C... Integration with e.g. Facebook messenger, etc.
<sphalerite> colemickens: well yes, you can select the network "default" as the network source in multiple VMs..?
<sphalerite> colemickens: for me it appears as "Virtual network 'default': NAT"
<colemickens> sorry, when I first stated it I was trying to say that I want the VM on my LAN
<sphalerite> oooh
<colemickens> this used to be very easy to do in virt-manager because I'd never manually configured a bridge before 6 months ago
<colemickens> and now I'm just butting heads with NM mostly, I think :/
<sphalerite> in that case, you can either use macvtap
<sphalerite> or create a bridge and put your physical interface in it and specify it as a shared device in virt-manager
<sphalerite> I think
<colemickens> yeah, the second one is the general concept that I thought I understood, but NM isn't quite doing what I think the commands ought to be doing.
<colemickens> I do remember using macvtap in the past... idk why I'm not seeing it now in virt-manager :s
<sphalerite> you're not? o.O
<colemickens> heh I swear I've been doing too much tech support for people and the "weird unexplainable PEBKAC-sounding problems" have been increasing!
<colemickens> I've got enough hints that I've got plenty of things to go off and check my understanding on and try :)
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<gchristensen> til you can send signals via systemctl to entire units: systemctl kill --user --signal STOP run-rc4750630f19b48758b92158b96c0ebe4.scope
<gchristensen> (this scope happens to be Slack's scope, since I only have 30min left of battery)
<__monty__> All those wasted cycles 😒
<gchristensen> with window switching events you could get mobile-phone like process management
<__monty__> That doesn't sound very desirable tbh. Aren't mobile phones trying to get away from that?
<__monty__> Though if it saves considerable power...
<joepie91> I'd love to be able to just suspend process groups (and have them actually work again when unsuspended, including GUI applications), similar to how smartphones do it
<gchristensen> joepie91: it seems to work!
<andi-> gchristensen: window switching with native wayland applications basically does that already.. it just runs the background thread and painting is paused.. but slack isn't really native wayland
<joepie91> AFAIK there are too many caveats on Linux for this to actually work, eg. what if a process listens for particular dbus signals?
<joepie91> you might want those to be queued, or wake up the process, etc.
<gchristensen> andi-: web browsers and slack seem to take up considerable CPU even when I'm not looking at them, though?
<gchristensen> joepie91: you might indeed! no magic here, but I think many of my programs would work well under this model, ymmv :)
<andi-> obviously they'll still run many silly javascript callbacks and do stuff in the background but at least they will not require a repaint
<andi-> I have been thinking of just disallowing `setTimeout` and `setInterval` on all tabs by default..
<joepie91> gchristensen: right, but that's the thing, what I want is for this to *always* work, not "for many things" :P
<joepie91> I want it as a real, first-class OS feature, rather than some hack with caveats
<gchristensen> sure
<gchristensen> joepie91: well ,maybe you could use a dbus spy to wake up the program. or maybe programs listening on dbus shouldn't be suspended, or whatever. I dunno, but this has been a fun experiment for me
<gchristensen> socket-activated but dbus-activated
<andi-> there is already `Type=dbus` in systemd
<gchristensen> perfect!
<andi-> but that wouldn't work in many cases where a client is listening on events. It only works if some service is being requested.
<gchristensen> yeah
<makefu> joepie91: you managed to get into my twitter feed with your firebase. Some tiny social media bubble i have ...
<gchristensen> https://github.com/NixOS/hydra/pull/759 oeuthoenuhtoneuthoen
<{^_^}> hydra#759 (by gilligan, 11 minutes ago, open): Devshell
<joepie91> makefu: \o/
<joepie91> makefu: curious, who did you see the retweet from
<joepie91> I don't see any obvious NixOS people in the list
<makefu> joepie91: jedisct1
<joepie91> ahh, that makes sense :)
<makefu> that is why i was surprised :)
<joepie91> jedisct1 is a common link in security-related retweet chains for me :P
<makefu> same for me
<makefu> i have a couple of other accounts, however twitter is pretty low-volume for me anyway
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<emily> I wonder if these packages that extract .msis into $out intended to just extract a bunch of installer metadata/scripts plus a monolithic .cab :s
<ornxka> today i learned that services.zfs.trim.enable defaults to true
<ornxka> i wish there was some warning about that because it has (not extremely important but still worth considering) security implications
<srhb> ornxka: It was in the 20.03 release notes, and the option does say it defaults true. But perhaps it should be enriched with some text?
<ornxka> ahhh thats when it happened
<ornxka> i remember looking for that option and thinking it defaulted to false so i wouldnt need to set it
<ornxka> ideally the default would be dependent on whether the underlying devices used luks
<ornxka> but i dont think thats possible
<srhb> ornxka: It might sort of be (since we mostly know about how devices map to luks volumes directly in Nix) and there's also the zfs native encryption case to consider.
<srhb> But this is getting dangerously on-topic. :-)
<ornxka> on-topic is a subset of off-topic :p
<srhb> Oh :P
<ashkitten> is there any ddrescue option for dealing with badly behaved drives? my friend has one that seemingly resets itself every time it encounters a bad sector, which means it's been rescuing data at about 0.5 gigs per HOUR
<gchristensen> I feel dirty, but dang it is working https://gist.github.com/grahamc/d52b98e58c639c591caa16fc28e3553e
<pie_> for a second i though thtis was alloy
<gchristensen> almost
<Gaelan> goddammit my RPi is compiling llvm
<Gaelan> joys of living on staging
<__monty__> Gaelan: So, I'll put you down for a status update in November? Or do you think you'll need more time?
<__monty__> : >
<Gaelan> lol
<hexa-> :D
<cole-h> gchristensen: "class UNKNOWN" lol
<gchristensen> :)
* gchristensen adds a very small asterisk
<Gaelan> NOOOOOO
<Gaelan> nix on the Pi4 has decided that llvm is lonely and it should compile gcc at the same time
<emily> Gaelan: time to buy one of those fancy manycore aarch64 servers to build on
<__monty__> Please tell me cross is an option for aarch64?
<Gaelan> i don't have a x86 linux machine handy atm lol
<Gaelan> and darwin->linux cross is Very Broken
<samueldr> (it could be a linux VM on your machine if it's powerful enough)
<samueldr> I think there's a thing to do linux builds more gracefully through that hypervisor kit or thingy of macOS
<Gaelan> yeah
<emily> idk, is the rpi4 so slow that software aarch64 emulation on x86-64 would be faster?
<emily> it gets you more cores I guess
<samueldr> I wasn't thinking about software emulation
<Gaelan> same number of logical cores, actually
<samueldr> and... using *user* emulation through qemu-user would be faster, most likely, but not that much of a margin depending on the exact situation
<balsoft> MichaelRaskin: I've looked at the 2017 act and it seems that only the owners of the infra are accountable.
<MichaelRaskin> Yes, 2017 is definitely only for those who run services.
<balsoft> I'm pretty sure self-hosting a VPN qualifies too
<balsoft> I'm not sure there's any liability for that though (yet)
<ottidmes> What was the software used by https://logs.nix.samueldr.com again?
<balsoft> I'll try to look for the article that stated that users of VPNs and tor are liable
<ottidmes> samueldr: Thanks! :)
<MichaelRaskin> Note that they do not actually _want_ to introduce liability there.
<MichaelRaskin> Because accidentally outlawing doing contract development work for foreign customers has some risks
<balsoft> I couldn't find any. Disregard. Sorry about that.
<balsoft> Anyways, do you think it's worth pinging Eelco for that?
<MichaelRaskin> Nope.
<balsoft> OK.
<MichaelRaskin> I think approximately all successes in getting things unblocked went through lawsuits
<balsoft> Well then, I'll add a link to a random "VPN on nixos" article everywhere I can.
<balsoft> Thanks.
<__monty__> What's this lawsuit stuff about?
<MichaelRaskin> Some of the DO IP address blocks are blocked in Russia
<MichaelRaskin> NixOS.org resolves to multiple IPs, and some of the IPs are in these blocks
<MichaelRaskin> (the blocks are officially related to attempts to block Telegram)
<balsoft> MichaelRaskin: I think in this case it wasn't telegram, one IP I got while randomly digging was blocked because some other site used to host on it
<balsoft> And that site had some gambling stuff on it
<MichaelRaskin> DO does sound like the old Telegram blanket-bans
<__monty__> Ah, so Russia's efforts to undermine the internet?
<MichaelRaskin> I would say that at undermining the internet Russia had some success by stealing exploits from NSA and publishing them…
<MichaelRaskin> But also some parts of Russian government try to make Telegram unavailable inside Russia
<MichaelRaskin> Some parts, because of course some ministries still run official Telegram channels
<__monty__> Sounds like cognitive dissonance.
<pie_> who said one government is a coherent single brain
<__monty__> No one, but it's not as if brains are a coherent single brain.
<balsoft> __monty__: as with many things here, it's a case of "noone cares enough". Some officials say that Telegram is banned, others say it's allowed and even have official telegram channels.
<balsoft> And very few of them know what they're talking about :P I liked this article a lot (it's in Russian, sadly, use Google Translate with caution): https://medialeaks.ru/1004ttp-deputatov-sprosili-o-klyuchah-shifrovaniya/
<__monty__> Yeah, it's just that I'd expect at least *some* agreement/discussion at government level about what to do about the situation.
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<cole-h> 2 more finals to go (one I'm not worried about at all) πŸŽ‰ This semester (this year, really) has been such a drain.