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<clever> samueldr: there was an incident in the retro community a while back, about a console being sold, that didnt mention it was just an arm box running an emulator
<clever> samueldr: it game to light, because of a graphical bug in the emulator
<clever> samueldr: cant find the link to the video though
<samueldr> wasn't it a CPS one?
<samueldr> well, CPS2 most likely
<samueldr> and finalburn mayb
<samueldr> which, from memory, led to issues with the emulator since they licensed it to capcom... while maybe not being actually able to
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<samueldr> hmmm, a git worktree makes it inconvenient to assume the full git repo will be available for using its history in a nix build
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<gchristensen> 5:45am, don't need to wake for 30m and my brain has been in "wake up!" mode since 5
<red[m]> preach it Brother gchristensen
<samueldr> embrace the longer shower, and walk slowly to next step
<samueldr> though yeah, 1h15 is a long shower
<red[m]> it's 23:50 here and I'm still trying to convince brain that watching a borgbackup check isn't going to make it go any faster
<red[m]> and trying to chase down this performance issue on glusterfs is a losing prospect at this time of day
<red[m]> esp since all my gluster nodes are running debian instead of nixos
<red[m]> :-(
<red[m]> I just need to bite the bullet and buy another odroid hc-2 and see if I can get nixos to run on it
<gchristensen> :)
<gchristensen> I guess I'll just go to the airport and find some mediocre breakfast
<red[m]> You flying somewhere?
<red[m]> or you just live that close to an airport? :-)
<gchristensen> flying home to the states :)
<red[m]> coolio - where are you now and where are you based?
<samueldr> gchristensen: try figuring out breakfast before security, just in case there are any sane option
<red[m]> was it work, pleasure?
<gchristensen> I'm in Paris now where my company is based, and I live in western MA. business, but fun business :)
<gchristensen> samueldr: yeah, and tons of time to do so -- good thought
<samueldr> I know that, 8 days ago, there was no sane option in the international departures...
<ashkitten> memtest86.com is down..
<gchristensen> probably cpu issue
<ashkitten> gchristensen: lol
<gchristensen> okay off to the airport, see y'all
<ashkitten> cya!
<ashkitten> how do i get info about what depends on a store path?
<infinisil> ashkitten: nix-store -q --referrers-closure <path>
<ashkitten> ty
<ashkitten> oh i see
<ashkitten> was dhcpcd default enabled sometime semi-recently?
<infinisil> ashkitten: Are you using networkmanager?
<ashkitten> correct
<infinisil> ashkitten: Then yeah, a bug enabled it by default for people using networkmanager, see https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/72916
<{^_^}> #72916 (by jtojnar, 1 day ago, merged): nixos/networkmanager: fix merging options
<ashkitten> ah
<ashkitten> tyty
<infinisil> :)
<ashkitten> it's been causing so many issues
<ashkitten> interestingly, firefox handles it fine. chrome gives constant network changed errors
<infinisil> Well dhcpcd has been giving me problems too, but I'm not using networkmanager
<ashkitten> networkmanager constantly resets the network connection when it can't claim the port it wants for dhcpv6
<yorick> __monty__: I don't think birthday distributions are binominal
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<ashkitten> reflection was created by big computer to sell more java
<ashkitten> i feel like a good rule of thumb for reflection is "if you think you need reflection, you don't"
<ashkitten> if any of you know a legit use case for reflection i'd love to hear
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<ashkitten> introducing 20ver: it's like 0ver, but instead of making point releases you just make an initial release (version 20) and call it stable as you make major updates to master for the next 10 years! makes things really easy for debian packagers!
<eyJhb> Sounds like a fantastic idea!
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<Taneb> ashkitten: reflection makes it easier for me to see what I'm doing when I try to comb my hair
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<adisbladis> ashkitten: I happen to know a bit about that :) The firefox network detection code is far less trusting in external services than the chrom(e|ium) one.
<adisbladis> It's not just listening to dbus events from networkmanager and the like, it's doing some actual probing iirc
<adisbladis> At least that's what I remember from an IRC discussion a few years back
<adisbladis> eyJhb: Wat
<adisbladis> That's next level bad design
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<infinisil> Huh neat, since the last update i did on my desktop, the audio output doesn't get this "ungrounded noise" when it's in standby
<infinisil> No idea what caused this, maybe intel microcode update? It's really nice
<ivan> it's probably random :-)
<ivan> give it a month to go through different states and battery levels
<infinisil> Is a desktop, no battery, but I guess I'll keep an eye out
<infinisil> s/eye/ear
<infinisil> (Kinda totally doesn't seem random though)
<infinisil> I guess i could rollback to find out
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<infinisil> Oh except e.g. microcode won't be downgraded like that
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<adisbladis> infinisil: When did you do the last update before that? Pulseaudio was also upgraded recently.
<infinisil> adisbladis: Did my last nixpkgs update about 2 weeks ago, from 2436c27541b2f52deea3a4c1691216a02152e729 to f35f0880f2cdbc8c1bc81492811251f120d7a9bc
<infinisil> Hm yeah the 12.2 -> 13.0 update was in there
<eyJhb> adisbladis: sadly many sites rely on just doing `include($_GET["page"]);`.....
<adisbladis> eyJhb: I have this policy of not deploying anything PHP for myself.. I think it's a good policy.
<eyJhb> I generally don't really deploy PHP anymore, I only maintain what I have. And at least that doesn't function in that weird way, and actually does prepared statements
<eyJhb> A funny thing I saw as well, was somebody had something like `$id = mysqli_real_escape_string($link, $_GET["id"]); .... $query = "SELECT * FROM ... WHERE id = $id"` :D
<eyJhb> If you are not going to put quotes around your params, then I don't need to escape anything
<eyJhb> (these examples are BOTH from the same website, I saw the escape thingy by reading the source. Full pwn)
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<Taneb> At the risk of being dangerously on-topic, I really like nix-deploy
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<red[m]> careful there Taneb - that kinda talk can get you in trouble in these parts
* red[m] looks up nix-deploy
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<gchristensen> dang, this airline's wifi blocks and bills udp correctly
<samueldr> dang!
<averell> icmp?
<ashkitten> adisbladis: oh interesting about firefox
<adisbladis> I remember the dev that wrote that code was bitching about how hard network detection actually is :)
<ashkitten> heh
<ashkitten> i figured chrome was probably just failing any connections whenever it got an event, while the actual connection was stable - just not networkmanager
<ar> gchristensen: and what about icmp?
<gchristensen> I haven't tried it, and probably won't on this one since the cost per MB is so large
<adisbladis> gchristensen: Back in the US? :)
<gchristensen> another 3.5h before landing
<adisbladis> Oh
<adisbladis> I'm still not used to this world where we have internet on planes..
<Church-> Alright
<Church-> Guess I need to package kiwix-tools
<Church-> And write a service for kiwix-serve
<Church-> That'll be great to have finally
<gchristensen> oh amazing, havingthe "how much data left?" web page open uses 1.25kb every 30s
<waleee-cl> yeah, live updates on that is super important
<Church-> gchristensen: Gotta love it right?
<eyJhb> So from 1..10, how would you do this code instead? - https://termbin.com/hcqq
<eyJhb> Just curious
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<eyJhb> Didn't know that Gitlab shipped mugs if you contribute with a PR, that's cool!
<samueldr> not as cool as nixcon mugs
<eyJhb> samueldr: don't rub it in :(
* eyJhb accepting NixCon mugs
<samueldr> not so great for rubbing actions
<eyJhb> Tried it?
<samueldr> tried similar mugs
<eyJhb> So 1 to 10, how would you rate it on 1 being bad, 10 being good?
<eyJhb> 5 being okay
<MichaelRaskin> Friendly: contribute PR, a mug is offered. Aggressive: you cannot contribute PR without a shipping address provided. Creepy: ontribute PR anonymously, a mug gets shipped to your home address no questions needed
<LnL> lol
<gchristensen> very creepy: a mug arrives the day before you submit the PR
<eyJhb> sci-fi: a mug spawns once you submits a PR (?)
<samueldr> dada: you are the mug, writing a PR
<gchristensen> I guess s/very creepy/minority report/
<MichaelRaskin> Amazon: between the time you commit and the time your push, a drone with a mug knocks on the window
<gchristensen> samueldr: nice
<eyJhb> gchristensen: when will NixOS ship mugs for PRs? :D
<gchristensen> I think we'll need more budget
<eyJhb> What about paint then?
<eyJhb> DIY mugs
<eyJhb> The Linux way
<cransom> at nixpkgs volume, i'd expect a dixie cup with sharpie scrawl.
<gchristensen> lol
<eyJhb> How many newcomers do we have?
<eyJhb> Just first PRs :D
<eyJhb> Or first 10 prs :p
<MichaelRaskin> First approval-as-a-maintainer of someone else's PR against one's package?
<gchristensen> very affordable
<gchristensen> as an aside, it would be nice if airplanes were faster
<eyJhb> I will never get that MichaelRaskin :p
<eyJhb> Have you told the pilot to speed up gchristensen ?
<gchristensen> I tried, but he said it isn't a concorde
<MichaelRaskin> Also, «if passengers swwitch places there will be balance issues» might mean there are already balance issues because of badly loaded cargo
<gchristensen> maybe but also aer lingus is particularly paranoid
<gchristensen> they won't let you hold a pillow during take-off
<MichaelRaskin> Have you ever flown El Al?
<gchristensen> no
<gchristensen> is it especially dso?lu
<gchristensen> any interesting man pages I should read? I'm out of reading material and bored with 2h left in my flight
<MichaelRaskin> El Al is Israel's flag carrier
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<MichaelRaskin> Entire man bash?
<gchristensen> already ready it :P
<gchristensen> could read it again, but I'drather not pick up more tricks
<eyJhb> Me and 3d rendering is fun, hit the wrong axis, so instead of my model going "up" it went "backwards", so I had a really flat/stretched sphere. Hard to describe how weird it looks
<red[m]> oh, its 3pm and nix friday
<MichaelRaskin> gchristensen: want new tricks? Try reading APL language reference
<gchristensen> did you see the three character apl golf problem?
<red[m]> APL is amazing
<red[m]> I use it on two of my slides to illustrate how amazing functional programming is
<waleee-cl> 3 char running sums is pretty nice (as a APL/J/K demo)
<red[m]> This is the slide...
<red[m]> ... and the people in the audience are able to tell me the value of A at the end of that significantly long function
<red[m]> ^^ the answer slide
<averell> ah, so it's just not mut vars ;)
<red[m]> yup - immutablility FTW!
<red[m]> makes code easy to reason about
<red[m]> even if you don't understand the language it's written in
<red[m]> (which is why I chose it)
<leons> red: I like the rather mathematical representation of code which immutability and functional programming kind of forces you to write. It helps me describe the algorithm's functionality without focusing to much on implementation details
<leons> Requires you to have a good compiler though, if you want your code to run at reasonable speed :/
<red[m]> I don't have a heavy math / algorithm background... I just like that it makes it easier to reason about code.
<red[m]> I'm the simple type :-)
<leons> Me neither. But basically, algorithm is AFAIK a broadly defined term, so I'd say my statement applies to all code, whereas mathematical algorithms are just a good example
<leons> tl;dr: Functional Programming FTW
<red[m]> indeedy
<MichaelRaskin> Oh well, multi-paradigm is the only way to preserve sanity
<gchristensen> MichaelRaskin++
<{^_^}> MichaelRaskin's karma got increased to 15
<MichaelRaskin> (Saying as someone who has recently written an imperative-mutation-based pure existence proof in a completely theoretical article)
<red[m]> multi-paradigm is awesome for those with self-discipline.
<red[m]> (which would not be me) <3
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<gchristensen> see y'all
<red[m]> later
<red[m]> Umm, did I miss Nix Friday today?
<red[m]> Google Calendar tells me it's now, but when I look at the associated text it appears to be in a different timezone
<red[m]> oh yeah - there's the video 6 hours ago
<red[m]> sigh
<samueldr> nix friday, but not nix office hours, if it matters to you
<red[m]> As odd as it sounds, I've been using nixos for a number of years now... but until a month or two ago I'd been very 'superficial' with the use / knowledge of it. I'm wanting to get deeper so I'm consuming as much as I can.
<cransom> i noticed today one of my longest, least messed with machines has stateVersion 15.09.
<Church-> Hmm, well this is fun building this package.
<kraem> are people adjusting the niceness of X? should one renice the Xorg server in the case of always letting the UI run with the highest priority?
<samueldr> niceness on some distros, including nixos, may do nothing as expected :)
<samueldr> the conversation continues later on IIRC https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/nixos-chat/2019-10-22#1571705965-1571712196;
<samueldr> kraem: ^
<tilpner> nix.daemonIONiceLevel sets systemd.services.nix-daemon.serviceConfig.Nice
<tilpner> You can try that for display-manager
<kraem> samueldr: that flew over my head haha - but the gist is i can't make the gui have highest priority?
<samueldr> not that way at the very least
<samueldr> well, maybe what tilpner said
<samueldr> I haven't explored the subject further
<samueldr> just know that it might not do what is expected
<kraem> tilpner: wouldn't that be for the daemon only? not that one is building a lot of stuff outside the daemon that disturbs the nix daemon i guess
<kraem> disturbs gui*
<tilpner> Isn't that what you meant?
<tilpner> Setting systemd.services.display-manager.serviceConfig.Nice should "renice the Xorg server", as you put it
<tilpner> Your login manager will be caught as well
<kraem> ah thanks! now i understand
<tilpner> Though don't expect too much
<tilpner> Your actual DE/WM runs outside that service, so that part will not run much/any better
<kraem> i haven't looked at the process tree explicitly before.. i thought all processes i started through the wm were children of the display manager. all processes but X and i3 seem to be directly under systemd?
<infinisil> tilpner: Isn't is a subprocess of it?
<tilpner> infinisil: No, at least is started on user login, whereas X runs before and without user login
<tilpner> *at least i3 is
<tilpner> And that's not a good explanation
<tilpner> Uhm, it's in the user slices
<kraem> i3 seems to be under the display manager though?
<tilpner> Huh, where did you find that?
<kraem> htop
<infinisil> Yeah my xmonad is also under the process tree of the DM, in parallel to X
<tilpner> Yes, here too
<tilpner> But not in systemctl status
<tilpner> systemctl status display-manager lists sddm and X, but not i3
<tilpner> While systemctl status user-1000.slice lists i3
<ashkitten> hmmmmm
<ashkitten> time to set up nextcloud
<kraem> that made matters even more complex.. i thought the dm forked and started the wm?
<kraem> does that mean i can kill the i3 process and the processes i started within it would still live?
<infinisil> tilpner: Hm I see..
<ashkitten> where is the admin pass file recommended to be set?
<tilpner> infinisil: I could be wrong!
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<red[m]> infinisil: and I run my own homeserver too
<infinisil> Ah nice, how much RAM do you need for that?
<red[m]> lemme check
<red[m]> one moment
<red[m]> 18.8% of my 4G which sounds a bit heavy
<red[m]> I'm not sure I believe it
<red[m]> or if I do - I need to write a better, more efficient homeserver
<red[m]> yeah - pmap claims 1.8G - looking for the bloat
<red[m]> maybe it's configurable
<infinisil> red[m]: That's synapse?
<infinisil> Or not?
<red[m]> yes
<red[m]> and I'm using the nixos module to configure it
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<red[m]> Going to re-start it to see if it drops the memory usage so I'm about to drop and rejoin
<red[m]> one sec
<red[m]> okay
<red[m]> sure enough - after restart it drops heavily
<infinisil> Hm I see, I've thought about running my own too, maybe I could do it
<infinisil> With some swap
<infinisil> On my tiny VPS
<red[m]> you also nneed to run either a database or sqlite
<red[m]> yeah
<red[m]> it's mainly just for caching messages when you drop offline
<red[m]> it's configurable I think how much history you store
<red[m]> the webui btw is 100 client-side
<red[m]> so no execution server-side
<red[m]> for for example, you could connect to https://evil.red/riot
<red[m]> and log into any homeserver in the world
<red[m]> and the connections go directly from your browser to your homeserver
<infinisil> Neat
<red[m]> oh - looks like the package needs a version bump - I'll submit test and submit the PR for that now
<clever> 2019-11-08 19:45:54 < kuznero[m]> clever: infinisil: thanks (from Riot-Desktop now)
<clever> infinisil: the bot may track more karma if it treated this as a ++
<red[m]> excellent!
<red[m]> oh - was I the only person who moved channels? doh
<infinisil> clever: What do you mean?
<clever> infinisil: {^_^} should treat that as a ++ for both infinisil and clever
<infinisil> Ahh
<infinisil> red[m]: You didn't rejoin in freenode anyways
<infinisil> clever: Not sure if that's something to want
<infinisil> I'll consider it though
<red[m]> infinisil: I think the reason for that is because I'm using the irc bridge on matrix.org instead of running it locally. (It's written in javascript and I don't do server-side js if I can help it)
<red[m]> So that connection from matrix<->irc probably stayed up while the connection from my home server to matrix.org dropped