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<ottidmes> my laptop runs at 1.3Ghz, but is downclocked like 50%, so it can be at 100% all the time without breaking a sweat, terrible at compiling and such, otherwise performed pretty good for such low speed
<jackdk> colemickens: Is this an "all dell laptops" problem? I'm planning to buy a laptop in 2019 and the entire field looks uninspiring
<colemickens> jackdk: I really don't know. I am generally happy with my XPS 13 with some minor reservations.
<ottidmes> its the reason that I dont have a new laptop yet, they all have too much issues, or you might just be lucky (a wager I am not willing to take for that amount of money)
<jackdk> I tried to install nixos on my thinkpad t440p and it was a disaster: total failure to get sensible power information from the battery. (seems to work OK on _buntu, which suggests some vendor-specific hack somewhere in the stack)
<jackdk> it's been through several years at this point and the chassis is starting to come apart, so I do need to get a new one
<jackdk> but also I cannot forgive lenovo for multiple spyware scandals
<ottidmes> jackdk: same here, it actually has tape on it to keep it all together XD
<ldlework> i have been a regular buyer of dell, apple and system76 and I fairly sure I've decided Dell is the only laptop manufacturer worth buying even if I do have some complaints
<ottidmes> jackdk: I have the same feelings about Lenovo, and Dell has a bad rep with coil whine and such issues
<ldlework> The Precision is probably the best I've found overall, but the XPS13 was good too
<ldlework> what's coil whine?
<colemickens> The BIOS is out sourced and it does weird things. I *swear* I have media that should be bootable in this thing that isn't. And I've tried all the USB ports, checked MBR/GPT/ partition flags, etc.
<colemickens> I swear the touchscreen is active sometimes despite being disabled in the BIOS.
<ldlework> colemickens: oh man
<colemickens> It takes MINUTES to POST with the offbrand hub plugged in.
<jackdk> Work gave me a precision and it's worked fairly well, but dunno if I want to fork over that kind of cash for a personal purchase
<ldlework> the touchscreen was such a headache
<jackdk> plus the Australia tax
<colemickens> Even *after* it POSTs... it will be weirdly slow.
<jackdk> also the trackpoint is ridiculously sensitive
<colemickens> like 2+ minutes to get from initrd to kernel booting, LUKS opening taking a minute, crazy weirdness.
<ottidmes> ldlework: you should google it, they explain it better, and there are videos with examples
<ldlework> jackdk: i forked over that cash specifically so I could get the best laptop I was aware of as an investment into my personal workstation you know
<ldlework> ottidmes: ok!
<colemickens> Otherwise, I actually really like the XPS 13 2018 keyboard. The trackpad is good (libinput supports it well). TP3 and docks have worked well.
<jackdk> ldlework: you're not wrong
<colemickens> 4K screen w/ the tiny bezels is great.
<colemickens> PRobably not worth looking at this laptop though if you need to rely on the builtin webcam, it's a turd.
<jackdk> how's the nosecam?
<colemickens> heh ^
<ldlework> i remember the xps13 having a strange thing where if the lower-left of the chasis like "bent" at all, even slightly, the mouse would move around randomly on screen
<ldlework> but only when the laptop was really really hot
<ldlework> very strange..
<gchristensen> oh very weird
<colemickens> ldlework: if I sit back in my desk and rest it on my need, it flexes such that I can't click the trackpad
<ldlework> the precision is more sturdy
<colemickens> it's actually a very common occurence. easy to fix, just scoot it until it's "flat" and not flexing again, but kind of annoying.
<colemickens> I had a Precision 5520 completely maxed out for work for a while, it was pretty excellent. Miss the screen size too, surprisingly.
<ldlework> the precision has this nice like faux-carbon coating that's like rubbery but isn't scratchable
<ldlework> i really like it
<gchristensen> what is the #?
<ldlework> Precision 5520
<colemickens> the 5520 is just a slightly thicker scaled up xps 13 chassis, from what I could tell.
<gchristensen> ah -- really similar to the xps, yeah, it is nice
<ldlework> yeah they are really similar in form
<ldlework> same keyboard too
<gchristensen> I wish I could wave a magic wand and make my xps15 an xps13
<ldlework> if I hold the thing by one of the corners while the face is open, it doesn't "bend" slightly like an xps though
<ldlework> another annoying thing about the dell laptops is the side-by-side graphics
<ldlework> though happily I've never has as good success as than on NixOS where optirun seems to actually work and do the thing it says it does
<ldlework> when i run glxgears or chrome webgl experiments there is an obvious difference
<ldlework> never got it working on ubuntu
<ottidmes> gchristensen: I have a 13" laptop, but the XPS 15 with its small bezels is like a normal 13" laptop right, is smaller than that really better?
<Ralith> I'm pretty happy with my 15"/4k T580
<Ralith> lots of screen space but not unwieldly
* colemickens wants a non-2in1, XPS 15 w/ Vega M graphics.
<jackdk> yeah I shy away from multi-gpu laptops, looks like a nightmare
* colemickens thinks Dell will make it in 2019
<ldlework> i've never actually owned a TP
<gchristensen> ottidmes: but the xps13 is the size of a 11" laptop, but with a 13" screen :)
<jackdk> also nvidia continually trying to stop GPU passthrough -_-
<ldlework> jackdk: it is. though on NixOS it is just like two-lines of config ha!
<ottidmes> and 4k screens, I have a 4k monitor, but honestly I would have preferred a 2560, I cannot imagine whats it like to have 4k on small screen like that
<gchristensen> I would also like to not have an nvidia gpu
<Ralith> ottidmes: all of my fonts are very sharp <3
<ldlework> i like 4k
<ottidmes> gchristensen: ooh! I am about to buy one, why not NVIDIA? bad Linux support?
<Ralith> what I really want is RISC-V
<Ralith> but that's gunna be a while
<ottidmes> Ralith: but do you use some scaling settings? what DE/WM setup do you have?
<gchristensen> ottidmes: given the amount I travel, I'd rather have long battery life and low weight, so I just turned off the nvidia card and never turned it on, but still have the weight :P
<Ralith> ottidmes: I set my xft DPI and I use i3
<ldlework> It's always funny when some app doesn't support hi-dpi and you get https://media1.tenor.com/images/72c52c20a66f2eecfd39f0fd58e8d12c/tenor.gif?itemid=5056034
<gchristensen> haha, ldlework
<Ralith> browsers, terminals, gtk, and qt all Just Work pretty well
<gchristensen> ottidmes: it works great. I just don't need/want it
<ldlework> hmm
<ldlework> one thing that is nice about dual GPU
<Ralith> unwanted nvidia gpu was a big part of why I passed on the xps15 in the end
<ldlework> is that everything runs on the integrated gpu by default
<Ralith> that and I love that my T580 can charge from USB-C
<ldlework> and so overall I save a lot of power that way
<ldlework> only selectively acellerating things explicitly
<ldlework> i never considered that aspect of it
<Ralith> I can just leave USB-C chargers scattered around and be set for everything
<Ralith> it's great
<ldlework> i would not want to be without a GPU
<gchristensen> xps15 9560 can charge from usbc too, which is nice
<jackdk> are there any decent amd laptops kicking around?
<ldlework> I loooooove playing with shaders
<ottidmes> gchristensen: ah, makes sense, then its just dead weight
<Ralith> ldlework: modern intel GPUs support recent graphics tech just fine
<ldlework> not at the speeds of an nvidia gpu
<Ralith> I do hobbyist vulkan R&D pretty often
<Ralith> so what?
<ldlework> ...
<ldlework> frames are a pretty important issue when it comes to graphics
<Ralith> your nvidia GPU doesn't do it at the speeds of a fancier nvidia GPU
<Ralith> and that one doesn't do it at the speeds of next year's model
<ldlework> they don't offer the laptop with anything higher
<ottidmes> Ralith: no special settings with i3? I just changed my terminal font settings and increased scaling in vscode, but that only helps so much
<Ralith> "playing with shaders" does not require any specific amount of horsepower
<ldlework> that argument doesn't make much sense
<ldlework> Ralith: yes, but it does incentivize the best you can get your hands on
<Ralith> not for me 🤷
<ldlework> literally there's no case in which you wouldn't enjoy better performance
<ldlework> erm, ok
<gchristensen> good thing you're not the same person :P
<Ralith> doing cool things without requiring thousands of dollars of hardware is a point of pride
<Ralith> people are incredibly wasteful with modern hardware
<Ralith> very few things need a fraction of the resources they consume in practice
<ldlework> i don't take a moral stance when it comes to buying the hardware or why I pick it
<ldlework> if I'm doing cellular automata experiments I obviously want my shaders running as fast as I can get them
<gchristensen> makes sense
<ldlework> if you were doing AI, it would be a strange argument to say you just like doing it slower
<gchristensen> (to me)
<Ralith> I don't take a moral stance either, I just buy what is necessary to do cool things, and have lots of money left over :P
<ldlework> finances -are- indeed totally uncorrelated between people
<ldlework> but people doing specific activities share concerns in an important way
<Ralith> ottidmes: i3 doesn't have much to do with the font size chosen by my applications
<ldlework> so, that's fine that you need to save
<Ralith> and it is extra-fine that I get to play with shaders without heavy, buggy, expensive, and overheat-prone hardware <3
<ldlework> very strange argument
<gchristensen> let's get off that topic maybe
<gchristensen> it doesn't matter
<ldlework> sure
<gchristensen> ldlework likes that hardware, Ralith doesn't want it, we're all ok
<Ralith> condolences if you work mainly on the rare problems that actually measurably benefit from the most powerful possible hardware :p
<ldlework> i don't like any hardware in particular
<ottidmes> gchristensen: do you know if GeForce RTX 2070 is supported by NixOS? I dont want to make the same mistake as with my current card (only modesetting...)
<gchristensen> ottidmes: no idea :) sorry
<ldlework> I'm responding to the idea there's any reason why you would specifically want to do computations slower for any other reason than you can't afford the next best thing
<ottidmes> gchristensen: ok, I will continue Googling then :)
<Ralith> ottidmes: the only font size/DPI related configuration I've done is setting my xft DPI to 144 and xcursor size to 32
<ldlework> ottidmes: you had a gpu that you couldn't get working with NixOS? :(
<Ralith> the xft DPI seems to be what everything keys off of
<Ralith> which is great, because that's just how things should work
<Ralith> none of this scaling factor nonsense
<ldlework> Ralith: any chance you wrote down what you did?
<ottidmes> Ralith: alright, I will try tweaking those things, but I have multiple monitors, and only one 4k, so I might not get what I want
<Ralith> ldlework: I use home-manager, so it's just `xresources.properties = { "Xft.dpi" = 144; };` and `xsession.pointerCursor.size = 32;`
<ldlework> god bless nixos and home manager
<ldlework> Ralith: thanks
<Ralith> inorite
<gchristensen> joepie91: https://sugoi.su/post/180842837791/we-must-go-deeper look at this tumblr disaster
<Ralith> ottidmes: yeah, per-device DPI is its own can of worms; I think wayland is capable of handling that gracefully but I doubt X is
<ottidmes> ldlework: yep, tried everything possible, went through all google results I could find, any lead, but all resulted in the same thing. A little buggy driver under 4.4, but no errors in the journal or anything, or modesetting under any kernel, with terrible 3D performance, but for normal 2D use and video it works fine
<Ralith> I also have a cursor theme set, but I assume that's not necessary
<Ralith> (home-manager is the first time I've ever gotten cursor themes to work)
<Ralith> (and gtk themes, for that matter)
<colemickens> (Turns out the same tool used to fix the intel cpu throttling bug can also be used to tell the bios to maybe not severely degrade my CPU from a weird power supply. hurray?)
<ottidmes> Ralith: I made my own modules for that, cursor, GTK, QT themes and all that, but have not added an option for cursor size yet :P
<ottidmes> colemickens: I guess time will tell :P
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<ldlework> ottidmes: poop
<ottidmes> ldlework: sorry?
<ldlework> ottidmes: your experience sounds poopy. sorry to hear about it.
<ottidmes> ldlework: ah, yeah, it was, but the upside is, I wanted it for its 4k support and that works even with modesetting, although I cannot watch netflix on the 4k display but the the framerate its just low enough to become annoying, so I am mostly still using my 2048 display
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<gchristensen> do I know any full stack web devs who want to move to sF?
<gchristensen> or not move to SF, but does want to work with React and Django?
<ldlework> gchristensen: for something Nix related?
<ldlework> is it funded?
<ldlework> dang it i just moved away from SF (hehe)
<gchristensen> I doubt it is Nix related
<ldlework> oh.
<ldlework> well what is it?
<gchristensen> tragically. I have an "in" with some of its leadership and they're looking.
<ldlework> well technically I'm looking too
<ldlework> if i don't have to move to SF my interest goes up by a countable infinity
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<colemickens> there's a POC tool for the k8s bug now: https://github.com/gravitational/cve-2018-1002105
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<colemickens> It never feels appropriate to say "your github issue template actively discourages me from contributing" but one of these days it's gonna slip out.
<colemickens> (does not apply to the nixpkgs one, I think it's a good example actually)
<jackdk> If it's a project you care about, file an issue and teach them to do better?
<meizikyn> or ask if there is an anecdotal reason for their setup, if they have time you may get a non-contrived response
<colemickens> I thought about asking in IRC or offering a PR of what I think would be an improvement, but it's not worth the social capital to poke about this, in my judgement.
<colemickens> Not a big deal, also I haven't been on the triaging side of a project lately, so I may be forgetting some of my maintainer empathy. There's possibly a more calculated reasoning than I'd previously though :)
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<ldlework> I'm really interested in having an encrypted USB key that is mounted/unmounted when I interact with my Yubikey. Anyone know anything at all about that?
<ldlework> I don't know much at all about disk encryption
<ldlework> oops wrong channel
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<colemickens> non-nixos problems: https://lwn.net/Articles/773342/
<jasongrossman> colemickens: That's for subscribers only.
<colemickens> oh drat, I forgot, sorry.
<jasongrossman> colemickens: nw.
<colemickens> basically the usrmerge causing issues in Debian land
<jasongrossman> usrmerge?
<colemickens> the merge of /usr/{lib,bin} and /{lib,bin}
<jasongrossman> Oh, are they doing that? Very interesting.
<jasongrossman> We don't have that problem because we've got worse problems!
<colemickens> s/worse/more fun/?
<jasongrossman> LLOL. Yes.
<jasongrossman> colemickens++
<{^_^}> colemickens's karma got increased to 7
<samueldr> can't have usr merge problems if you don't have usr nor bin
<colemickens> you're tapping your forehead, I assume
<jasongrossman> Oh very interesting.
<jasongrossman> Well, I said tongue in cheek that we have worse problems, but I meant it in a way. Lovely example of how sometimes it's best to break things completely. Marx would be delighted.
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<colemickens> anyone else use vscode on nixos-unstable? can't tell if I broke it with my weird waylandy setup or if it broke elsewhere
<ottidmes> colemickens: running vscode with unstable.vscode (so from nixos-unstable) in an otherwise stable system, is what I can test for you
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<ottidmes> colemickens: forgot to respond, if its still relevant, it does work for me like that, with unstable.vscode (I made sure to update to the latest nixos-unstable)
<colemickens> ottidmes: you did, haha. thank you!
<colemickens> oh, you meant you were going to test it.
<ottidmes> yeah
<colemickens> I assumed you had already tested it anyway. :) thanks!
<ottidmes> seems like they fixed the terminal, it was really sluggish with the stable version, so much so that I had to stop using it, had to do with a bug in a dependency they used, seems fixed now. I really love this editor and how actively its being developed
<ottidmes> nevermind, its less sluggish, but scrolling is still as sluggish, guess I will keep using my normal terminal for now
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<joepie91> gchristensen: does it... conclude that every screenshot of a flagged post must also be flagged...?
<joepie91> (which would be an understandable outcome if you trained a neural network on moderator decisions without any real oversight or insight into the results :P)
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<andi-> am I the only person that always writes `…` instead of `...`?
<sphalerite> andi-: no
<sphalerite> well actually every now and then I do type ... but usually …
<andi-> I meant in nix expressions :D
<sphalerite> oh
<__monty__> ... is a lot clearer to me, … looks a lot like _
<__monty__> Also harder to type.
<sphalerite> silly monospace fonts.
<sphalerite> :p
<__monty__> You write code in a variable width font? You heathen!
<sphalerite> no x)
<andi-> I actually use monospace and prefer … since it is one character (multiple bytes) expressing what I want vs having multiple characters...
<__monty__> Worst offender imo is dhall's ⫽ for //
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<gchristensen> how do you type ...?
<gchristensen> but not ..., but the smushed ...
<ottidmes> gchristensen: by using the compose key
<gchristensen> ok I know I learned about the compose key once before, but can't for the life of me remember what it is. I'll go learn something :) thanks
<ottidmes> gchristensen: like compose+"+e = ë, compose+.+. = …
<ottidmes> gchristensen: I use services.xserver.xkbOptions = mkDefault "compose:menu";
<srhb> gchristensen: I think the word you're searching for is "ellipsis"
<srhb> :-)
<srhb> Though I do like "smushed ..."
<gchristensen> no coffee // too early for words like that :P
<ottidmes> you got you meaning across, and in the end thats what matters :)
<gchristensen> ok this is cool, in ZSH: if you type something, and then press alt ' zsh quotes it, which you can repeat many times over
<ottidmes> gchristensen: now I have screen full of quotes quotes :P
<gchristensen> same :D
<gchristensen> hrm. this AltGr key seems elusive
<ottidmes> gchristensen: I use services.xserver.xkbOptions = mkDefault "compose:ralt"; or did you try that already? or do you mean its missing on your keyboard?
<gchristensen> I haven't tried that, I was hoping to be able to use the default
<gchristensen> I remember finding it once, it involved like pressing right-alt, the flicking shift or something
<ottidmes> Ubuntu's default is Shift+RightAlt
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<yurb> Hi everyone. What is the policy in nixpkgs on packages that bundle libraries inside? For instance, supercollider includes a bundled libboost, but has a build flag to use a system one instead. What would be the preferred way in nix?
<gchristensen> use the system one
<gchristensen> sounds great :)
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<gchristensen> > pkgs.io.meta.description
<{^_^}> "Io programming language"
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<yurb> Does nix have a way to specify that a package needs to be built against a specific version of a library?
<ottidmes> yurb: sort of, for example callPackage ... { lua = lua5_1; }; is used by some packages only working proplery with lua 5.1 and not just any lua
<yurb> ottidmes: I see, so you have to first define lua5_1 as a distinct package, correct?
<yurb> or the "_1" has some special meaning?
<ottidmes> yurb: no, lua5_1 is just an arbitrary name given to indicate its lua version 5.1
<ottidmes> yurb: and yes, you would need to do so, create a distinct package for it
<yurb> ottidmes: I see, thanks.
<ottidmes> yurb: but those distinct packages are often just tweaked version of some general package definition themselves, parameterized by e.g. callPackage /path/to/general/lua.nix { version = "5.1"; }; (in this case not really, but you could imagine it were the case like that)
<yurb> ottidmes: okay. And is it possible to install a specific previous version of a package using nix-env?
<ottidmes> yurb: if such a specific version is already assigned an attribute name, like lua5_1, then yes, its like any other package
<ottidmes> yurb: and yes, if you point nix-env to some old nixpkgs checkout, it would install the older version of the package just fine (might need to rebuild some more depending on how much is still in the cache)
<yurb> ottidmes: okay, I see. And then, if I did so, both version could coexist peacefully as separate nix profile generations I guess.
<ottidmes> yurb: for example, I am using nixos-18.09 (i.e. stable) in general, but have defined an unstable attribute to point to a nixos-unstable nixpkgs checkout, so I can do unstable.pkgname to get the nixos-unstable version, while the rest is still on stable, its a similar idea
<ottidmes> ,unstable yurb
<yurb> ottidmes: interesting.
<ottidmes> yurb: BTW, these questions are perfectly valid to be asked at #nixos, #nixos-chat is the channel where its allowed to freely go off topic from Nix related topic, so sure you can ask it here, but you have better chances at #nixos (the bigger channel)
<yurb> ottidmes: okay, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!
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<gchristensen> anyone want to make bindgen bindings for Rust <-> nix's libexpr?
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<drakonis> so this happened ^
<srhb> Impressive! Their UX has us completely in the dust. Time to rip off everything! :-D
<drakonis> they're giving us a run for our money
<drakonis> software heritage seems like the wayback machine of software
<gchristensen> yeah we should, srhb :)
<drakonis> rip everything off
<drakonis> they have this
<gchristensen> very cool
<simpson> I don't understand what the "inferior" feature is for.
<drakonis> versioning
<drakonis> you need a package from a older revision but you dont want to fiddle with three dozen mechanisms
<simpson> Sure, but why does that require running an older Guix?
<ottidmes> simpson: I believe its their way of allowing things like having both stable and unstable at the same time
<ottidmes> its in the link above
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<ottidmes> Composing Guix revisions and On coupling
<simpson> Sure. I guess I might understand better if they were willing to compare and contrast with Nix, but they seem to be allergic to that.
<ottidmes> simpson: they do in on coupling
<ottidmes> a bit at least
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<simpson> Oh, the second post. Got it.
<drakonis> these kinds of things make me crave guix
<drakonis> seems to be a lot cleaner
<simpson> This seems to be a massive messiness in the API, TBH. It happens in Nix too, sometimes, that there's a new builtin, but Guix appears to want to allow the big-ball-of-Guile strategy.
<ottidmes> ^ that
<drakonis> nix is a big-ball-of-legacy
<gchristensen> ouch
<simpson> drakonis: What does that mean, exactly? I'm talking about a specific old pattern which occurs regularly in Lisp codebases: http://laputan.org/mud/
<drakonis> doesn't look like we have a consolidated way to do things
<drakonis> there's how many ways to pull from a git repo right now?
<drakonis> 4?
<LnL> I disagree what that, but there's a pretty large difference in terms of ux between nix an guix
<ottidmes> I did just see: { configuration ? import ./lib/from-env.nix "NIXOS_CONFIG" <nixos-config>, basically the first first line when you run nixos... and it references a deprecated file, with a FIXME that it should use lib.maybeEnv, I guess its still like this for legacy reasons, so it is a problem
<gchristensen> yeah, it really sucks that we keep nixos working for long time users
<drakonis> that's not the point
<gchristensen> oh
<LnL> ottidmes: that's not possible, there's no lib yet at that point
<drakonis> that's nice to have, the point is that there's a dozen ways to do the same thing and none of them are optimal
<gchristensen> they're not?
<simpson> How is "optimal" measured? All of them seem to incant a Nix-built git, which surely is sufficient?
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<drakonis> usability i suppose
<gchristensen> what would be optimal?
<drakonis> have only fetchgit as it takes care of all git repos
<drakonis> no need for a fetchfromgithub
<drakonis> unless it provides something that fetchgit does not
<gchristensen> pkgs.fetchgit?
<drakonis> no, the module
<gchristensen> fetchfromgithub works much better for very large repos, because it doesn't bring history
<gchristensen> builtins.fetchgit?
<drakonis> see that's what confuses me
<drakonis> there's a builtin and a pkg for it
<ottidmes> LnL: right, I thought maybe it was a builtin as well, but only getEnv is, lib depends on configuration, so I get the problem
<gchristensen> ah, yeah! builtins.fetchgit allows you to authenticate during the fetch, because it executes as your own user
<drakonis> the v8 derivation uses pkgs.fetchgit and pkgs.fetchfromgithub
<drakonis> i'd rather have a better fetchgit that could disable history
<drakonis> than have multiple ways to fetch git
<gchristensen> well fetchgit does disable history as much as possible. the secret isfetchfromgithub isn't fetching via git at all
<samueldr> additionally, the ux of fetchgit vs. fetchFromGitHub would be worse (in MY opinion) as owner = x; repo = y; feels neat to me
<gchristensen> yeah, that seems very nice
<ottidmes> I like how my build says "We know it took a while, but your build finally finished successfully!"
<gchristensen> the builtins.fetchgit and pkgs.fetchgit, I agree, is confusing
<drakonis> there's also a few ways to write files with derivations
<drakonis> one that writes into the store, another for etc, one for arbitrary locations
<gchristensen> my impression is you're unhappy there are a robust set of use-case specific helpers?
<drakonis> oh no
<gchristensen> well at any rate, you're welcome to switch to guix :)
<drakonis> nah
<gchristensen> okay
<drakonis> i'm not going to switch because the helpers are varied
<drakonis> that's a really poor reason
<gchristensen> I surely didn't imply you'd only switch because of that
<gchristensen> intend to imply*
<drakonis> their ux is so good though
<ottidmes> drakonis: what is fundamentally better? it is not that hard to create a few shell functions to make the UX of your dreams on top of the awesomeness that is Nix :)
<drakonis> i don't think it is a matter of just layering shell
<drakonis> they have achieved a better package manager feel
<drakonis> you can build a package and feed your custom sources to it
<drakonis> no need to host a nixpkgs tree
<simpson> So, why *not* switch?
<drakonis> the tree perhaps?
<drakonis> also grafting is actually a pretty good feature
<drakonis> it's a matter of community i guess?
<simpson> I dunno; I'm just trying to understand.
<drakonis> okay so, if i go with guix i get to contend with having to write all of my packages for the things it doesn't have on tree or run the nix daemon along with guix
<drakonis> excuse my swooning
<gchristensen> I wish we could have the UX polish too
<gchristensen> had*
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<__monty__> infinisil: Clever tricks for day 6? Can't get it to run in reasonable time : /
<infinisil> __monty__: My part b isn't particularly fast either, about 16 seconds
<infinisil> But I know how to make it better (haven't done it yet though)
<__monty__> I'm talking minutes. I generate the manhattan lozenge for the distance for every coord turn them into sets and intersect them.
<infinisil> For b?
<colemickens> How hard would it be to close the window between a hydra job passing and the channel updating?
<__monty__> infinisil: Yes.
<colemickens> IIRC it's a cron job. Can we make the update be triggered rather than polling?
<gchristensen> that would help a _bit_
<samueldr> 10 minutes for the cron job IIRC
<infinisil> __monty__: Let's go to ##adventofcode shall we
<samueldr> 10 minutes *between* syncs
<samueldr> >> OnUnitInactiveSec= defines a timer relative to when the unit the timer is activating was last deactivated
<gchristensen> 20:05:32 -> Dec 06 20:24:56 -- update process takes 20 minutes on 18.09, once the update starts
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<colemickens> such detailed answers, thank you! it seems like nixos-unstable should advance very soon then: https://hydra.nixos.org/build/85534754#tabs-summary
<gchristensen> ohhh so that one is a trick, colemickens
<gchristensen> colemickens: https://hydra.nixos.org/eval/1493613 the eval still has queued jobs. as soon as the evaluation has 0 queued jobs && tested is finished, it will update!
<colemickens> this status indicator seems a bit misleading then maybe? or I was certainly misreading it: https://hydra.nixos.org/job/nixos/trunk-combined/tested#tabs-status
<gchristensen> aye, the tested job _is_ done, but the tested job is nothing special.
<gchristensen> it is just any other job -- we just treat it special
<gchristensen> yes that sucks as an answer
* samueldr sweats
<samueldr> fixed-output derivation produced path '/nix/store/b532v0f48jbhw151h7v8v6ab8vshlj4z-autoconf-2.69.tar.xz' with sha256 hash '05s19ghbic9whsqsgja87qfjibm0i350daz8i2dawd2xymyc6yjg' instead of the expected hash '113nlmidxy9kjr45kg9x3ngar4951mvag1js2a3j8nxcz34wxsv4'
<gchristensen> O.o
<ldlework> howdy
<colemickens> gchristensen: I guess I'm too confused to judge the answer. When I go to howoldis.herokuapp.com, I see "3days old" for nixos-unstable and a link to the hydra test job. The most recent run was a success. The previous success directly correlates to the current nixos-unstable commit.
<colemickens> gchristensen: and when I go to the previous successful job (aka current nixos-unstable), the eval that it was part of also had other failures, but the channel still advanced.
<gchristensen> the eval can have failures, but each build must have ended
<gchristensen> maybe a bit weird but it doesn't matter if https://hydra.nixos.org/build/85534727 passes or fails, just that it has finished
<colemickens> :/ oh, I'm sorry. You said that before and I didn't pick up on it.
<colemickens> Thank you!
<gchristensen> that is okay :)
<gchristensen> this rule doesn't seem reasonable when its blocked on 1 job, but it is nice for when the tested job finished and there are 10,000 jobs still queued and people are nhappy to have to compile a lot of stuff
<colemickens> Ah, I hadn't made the connection. Similarly I push to cachix before GitHub; makes sense.
<samueldr> >> needs to be completely built ie. no more queued jobs, even if some jobs may fail
<samueldr> if it can help anyone see the distinction from the howoldis site
<samueldr> >> Particular jobset evaluation's tested/unstable job needs to be built succesfully
<samueldr> not many requirements though, "only" two :)
<colemickens> oh no, the explanation was on the page even. that page is *too* good. :)
* colemickens goes to hide in shame and drink coffee
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<gchristensen> no shame, this process as been shrouded in mystery for a long time
<samueldr> it's easily understandable to read that page, and not grok the meaning as there's so much terminology in hydra and nix :)