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<gchristensen> if anyone wants some NixOS stickers: https://twitter.com/grhmc/status/1070114046060433408
<jackdk> TIL the NixOS foundation exists
<gchristensen> it doesn't do much, but pays for infra
<jackdk> paying for the thing that makes everything else possible isn't what I'd call "not much" :-)
<jasongrossman> jackdk: Right!
<jackdk> what if I want -ofborg overlays to put over people's photos?
<gchristensen> haha
<jasongrossman> If I make a donation, do I have to have stickers?
<mdash> jasongrossman: your life is incomplete without nixos stickers
<gchristensen> jasongrossman: haha, no, you only get stickers if you fill out the form. I don't have access to donations, , so can't get it from that
* mdash got one last time
<jasongrossman> Phew.
<jasongrossman> mdash: They're very nice stickers. I desperately want not to have any stickers of any kind though.
<jasongrossman> mdash: Well, except unicorns, obviously.
<jasongrossman> I've made a small donation.
<gchristensen> jackdk: I do have a patreon for ofborg, if you're interested
<gchristensen> thanks, jasongrossman!
<ldlework> that was so fun
<ottidmes> ldlework: it seemed to me that shadow (orange) had more grip in its wheels, all bots had something different about them though
<ldlework> I had basically the only unbroken bot
<ldlework> Red could only go backwards
<ldlework> and Orange's left wheel was loose on the axel so he wasn't getting any pull
<ldlework> still, controlling robots over the internet with low latency is crazy fun
<ottidmes> ldlework: and it was funny how you had a few really nice wins only to directl after almost immediately suicide :P
<ldlework> lol yeah
<ldlework> that guy is definitely onto something
<ottidmes> or the timing "something funky is going on" (I thought directed at a malfunctioning robot, not you) while you were pushing away the camera stand
<ldlework> heh you saw that
<ldlework> i was really hoping i didn't topple it but i took my chances
<ldlework> Honestly
<ldlework> That whole system wouldn't be too hard to reproduce
<ldlework> parts you can't print, printer for parts you can, they all run wifi, so you just need a django site that can do webrtc and talk to your backend that talks to the robots over wifi
<ottidmes> ldlework: but a lot of things sound simple on paper, its probably pretty hard to get all the details right
<ldlework> sure but I've done just about all of those things independently
<ottidmes> in that case, it should be simple enough :P
<ottidmes> gluing things together is what most software development is about these days anyway
<ldlework> indeed
<ldlework> with someone who was really good with printers and building the bots i think i could definitely do the other side of things
<colemickens> what is the "upstream" version of repology?
<colemickens> as in, is there an API I can query for releases of arbitrary software? I guess I can query GH for a majority of it, evne though their API limits are so low
<samueldr> AFAIK, the way they know something updated is when a distro updates it
<colemickens> right, I want the other direction, in a sense
<infinisil> Wow, wolframalpha has the binomial notation switched around: https://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=(2+choose+5)
<infinisil> "2 choose 5" is supposed to be 10, not 0
<colemickens> is it?
<colemickens> Google says the same, as does my interpretation of it with basic English.
<gchristensen> NixOS's "LUSTRATE" feature is just the Crystalline Entity tbh
<jasongrossman> gchristensen: Is it the first virus that consists of a whole OS?
<gchristensen> haha
<joepie91> jasongrossman: I mean, depending on how you define OS, there used to be boot sector viruses...
<joepie91> :P
<samueldr> maybe those should be called retroviruses?
<samueldr> they're so retro!
<joepie91> lol
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<jasongrossman> samueldr++
<{^_^}> samueldr's karma got increased to 43
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<infinisil> colemickens: oh wow
<infinisil> I'm so stupid
<infinisil> No idea how I thought it should be the other way around 30 minutes ago
<infinisil> infinisil++
<{^_^}> infinisil's karma got decreased to 46
<jasongrossman> infinisil: It might depend on whether you write it out in words or write C superscript 5 subscript 2.
<jasongrossman> infinisil: Either that, or there are competing conventions.
<jasongrossman> infinisil: I love your idiomatic use of infinisil++ by the way.
<{^_^}> infinisil's karma got increased to 47
<infinisil> :P
<jasongrossman> infinisil: Using ++ to decrease your own karma - it's as bad as Perl!
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<ldlework> I should try to get BeautifulDiscord working with Nix
<ldlework> can't be that hard
<ldlework> meh
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<infinisil> Aw man, day 5 of adventofcode was really easy
<ldlework> infinisil: you know there's ##adventofcode just in case you were not getting the reciprocation here :)
<infinisil> Heh right, thanks
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* etu jumped of the aoc bandwagon yesterday because he got greenlight to work on another project in his freetime
<etu> Which is more rewarding
<etu> But also scary
<infinisil> etu: aoc is scary?
<ldlework> no the greenlight on another project
<etu> yeah
<etu> It's a non-profit that I've been a passive member on for like 10+ years
<etu> I noticed that the site started to become really shitty and slow
<etu> And holy cow their wordpress
<etu> The plugins directory was 120+MiB
<etu> With actual plugins
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<etu> And loads and loads and loads of "custom things"
<ldlework> fun
<etu> yeah... but it's for a good cause
<etu> So when we get it cleaned up, it will be very rewarding :-)
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<ldlework> I got BeautifulDiscord working heh
<ldlework> heh I got pywal working with discord XD
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<srhb> Has anyone had any luck using primusrun and friends with steam recently? I just get segfaults all over the place, not sure if it's mostly a 32 bit thing, but it seems we broke something..
<gchristensen> for the this-timezone crowd, contribute to the nixos foundation, get stickers: https://twitter.com/grhmc/status/1070114046060433408
<tilpner> srhb - AFAICT steam broke, fix is reaching channels, primusrun still works
<srhb> tilpner: reaaally. Interesting. Steam seems fine to me, as long as I accept crummy slow iGPU. :P
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<tilpner> But now I can't seem to find the PR anymore
<tilpner> (What are bookmarks?)
<srhb> Something we used in the 90s
<srhb> Now we just vainly type things we think we remember into the flavour of the month-named "omnibar" and ponder how this might be an ironic commentary on life and society
<srhb> (If anyone's interested in a "positive outlook" course supervised by yours truly, let me know)
<gchristensen> sign me up!
<srhb> :D
<__monty__> First class: "Psych! Everything is terrible. Pick up your diploma while leaving."
<{^_^}> __monty__: 14 hours, 14 minutes ago <infinisil> Am done now, ~0.05s for both parts :P
<__monty__> Well, talk about ambushing someone.
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<__monty__> infinisil: 3s again. Clever tricks for 4 and 5 or am I just making silly mistakes? : )
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<infinisil> __monty__: For 5: Use a stack to represent already seen chars, do a case split on the next char and the last one on the stack, use recursion
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<elvishjerricco> Alright I've got the integrated GPU working, and Clover and OVMF built from source. Now to try to get a truly headless NixOS booting. Need to be able to passthru both GPUs and all the other IO to a macOS VM.
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<__monty__> infinisil: Recurse until input and output are identical?
<infinisil> __monty__: Nope, recurse until the input is empty, then the stack should contain the reacted part
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<andi-> How would you go about providing student with a (remote) nix capable environment? Just setup a box and hand out accounts? Isolate them further?
<gchristensen> me? I'd just let 'em at it. if someone pwns the builder, hire them
<andi-> :D
<andi-> I am thinking the same.. there shouldn't be much to take care of.. the box will be wiped afterwards anyway
* andi- prepares to give a nix(os) intro/workshop at the hackerspace together with wirew0rm… Time to get some people hooked.
<gchristensen> nice
<gchristensen> one day, I should set EDITOR to be an editor I actually use
<samueldr> EDITOR=gimp # you never told me it should be a text editor
<gchristensen> oh dear lord
<disasm> lol
<disasm> gchristensen: get bit by nano? :)
<gchristensen> disasm: I always use nano for `git rebase` until I want to do a big rebase. _always_ and then I do EDITOR="emacs -nw" git rebase ... and it is a bit pointless, when I could just set it :once :P
<disasm> yeah, I run into that anytime I'm running something logged in as a different user than I normally use, or if I'm on a stock machine spun up with nixops that doesn't have my zsh config.
<gchristensen> what do you set editor to?
<disasm> it's always like a rush to remember how to quit without saving, but with rebase it's even worse because the rebase continues even if you don't write before quit!
<gchristensen> not sure if I should "emacs -nw" it or go fancy with emacsd
<disasm> so I usually fire up another terminal, git rebase --abort and then quit nano
<gchristensen> nice
<gchristensen> didn't know you could do that
<disasm> yeah, in vim I just run !git rebase --abort followed by :q!
<mdash> magit makes this pretty easy :)
<gchristensen> I'm scared of magit ever since I accidentally'd my ~ with it
<disasm> gchristensen: for git commands, you can also set editor in core of your .gitconfig and then it ignores EDITOR completely
<gchristensen> ooh nice disasm
<disasm> andi-: I agree with gchristensen, fire something up in the cloud, enable ssh with key only, get their public ssh keys, and let them have at it!
<andi-> collecting ssh public keys before the event will be challenging since we do not have a list of attendees... So I'll have to figure something out... e.g. send me a public key via netcat on the local network and there will be an account echoed back…
<gchristensen> you could just mail around an SSH private key :P
<gchristensen> oooh! root with an empty password, and allow empty password!
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<mdash> pull ssh keys from github accounts
<__monty__> samueldr: It can't even be a "visual" editor. So I'm pretty sure it *has* to be a text editor.
<gchristensen> ah, right, set VISUAL=gimp
<__monty__> VISUAL doesn't imply X.
<__monty__> : p
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<gchristensen> gimp with libcaca?
<Ralith> magit is delightful
<samueldr> __monty__: [citation needed] :P
<samueldr> AFAIK it's only conventionally defined
<infinisil> Ralith: I have magit installed but never bothered to learn it, still haven't really used it :P
<samueldr> (though I'd be glad to see a formal definition)
<infinisil> Also, evil-mode messes with a lot of things, I'm a bit conflicted because of that
<Ralith> infinisil: condolences
<samueldr> I was thinking more formal, like UNIX or POSIX :)
<samueldr> (I searched quickly earlier but the terms are too generic to be useful :/)
<samueldr> posix only says it's unwise to conflict with it http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/basedefs/V1_chap08.html#tag_08_01
<__monty__> samueldr: This is the best reference on what they should be. I don't think it's actually in the posix spec or anything. https://unix.stackexchange.com/q/4859
<samueldr> what I believe is actually true, still from convention, is that EDITOR has to exit only once you're done
<samueldr> so no gvim which forks by default
<__monty__> I haven't heard about that.
<__monty__> I'm sure programs like git will mess up if you used one that deviates though.
<gchristensen> pretty sure I've never been spurned by using "emacs -nw" in EDITOR
<__monty__> Also, about the earlier talk about git --abort, I just ggdG the file before quiting vim, that also aborts the commit.
<__monty__> gchristensen: I doubt you use many terminals that don't support visual mode editors : )
<gchristensen> yeah, pretty sure I don't
<gchristensen> do you?
<disasm> __monty__: :%d is faster to type :) Although I didn't know clearing the file of all lines aborted git rebase, I'll try that next time!
<__monty__> No, but I can set VISUAL rather than EDITOR, I don't care what the variable is called.
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<__monty__> disasm: I doubt it. ggdG<shift>:q<CR> v. <shift>:<shift>%d<CR><shift>:q<CR>
<__monty__> : p
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<__monty__> Also, muscle memory.
<__monty__> I can do the former before thinking, not so with the latter.
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<__monty__> Also, you can actually replace the :q with ZZ, it's fine.
<__monty__> I thought writing the blank file might be a problem but it's not.
<disasm> __monty__: I hear ya, I tend to do a lot more :% commands so it's in my muscle memory :)
<__monty__> I basically only use it with s//, the occasional g//.
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<colemickens> in case anyone is curious, I sorted out my last CPU scaling issue -- turns out Dell laptops will massively throttle the CPU with certain types of power supplies. I guess that one of my power supplies + USB Hub triggers this edge case.
<colemickens> The result, the CPU is throttled to 400Mhz.
<colemickens> A different power supply + hub = fine. The "bad" power supply w/o the hub = fine.
<ottidmes> yikes, 400Mhz, thats more like smartwatch kind of speed XD
<colemickens> maybe the hub and "bad" powersupply can't negotiate properly, but the same powersupply can negotiate directly with the laptop?
<colemickens> ottidmes: yeah, it's pretty painful. I had been noticing weirdness, but was suffering from the intel cpu throttling issue as well and had been putting off diagnosing everything. Hate to think how long I've been living with one or both issues.
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<ottidmes> but throttling is a big issue with laptops, to the extent that the CPU specs on paper dont have to say much anymore