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<samueldr> right, first: sorry, this is a loose end with onboarding
<samueldr> shofius: I assume you did something like checkout Mobile NixOS, nix-build at the root (with the proper --argstr), made the sd card and it booted to "nothing"?
<shofius> basically, yeah. it boots to stage1 and i think it drops me into a shell of some sort.... it's been a bit since i tried
<samueldr> that's actually a successful build into a totall unconfigured system
<samueldr> so, good news: the build worked!
<shofius> oh, i guess i took a picture of it lol. so yeah, it booted to a login prompt
<samueldr> at the current point in development there is no real "phone environment" setup ready to use
<shofius> ah, ok.
<samueldr> I've been fully invested in working with the boot process *up to* stage-2
<samueldr> (making it as solid as possible across a large range of different devices)
<shofius> i just found someone's local.nix config on github and it looks like they're using xfce, so i'm gonna try that out
<samueldr> note that cross-compiling a lot of graphical programs won't work as it is
<samueldr> under the `examples` folder there are two three main example systems
<shofius> i'd really like to see something along the lines of sxmo on top of mobile-nixos
<samueldr> "demo" is not cross-compilable, but produces a graphical environment which is somewhat usablel, it was a hack thrown together in a couple of days for nixcon 2019
<shofius> yeah, i wasn't able to cross-compile that demo
<samueldr> "target-disk-mode" is a bit like jumpdrive
<samueldr> (if you know what jumpdrive is)
<shofius> yep, i've used jumpdrive
<samueldr> unverified on the pinephone (and I think there's something missing in the kernel config) because my pinephone unit has defective usb
<samueldr> (like, really defective, not the well-known issues)
<shofius> i have nix on a couple rpi4s, would it be better to use those to build this?
<samueldr> yes!
<samueldr> and depending on the Nixpkgs generations, if you build `demo` it may pull a lot from the cache
<samueldr> and finalle "examples/hello" is what new users should first try running
<shofius> ok, maybe i'll give that a shot lol
<samueldr> and finally*
<samueldr> examples/hello *should* always cross-compile (when Nixpkgs is okay with cross-compilation)
<samueldr> it's not a "useful" system, but proves stage-2 is working
<samueldr> (in the future it will hopefully gain the ability to test more and more things for the device)
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<shofius> ok, thanks. i think that pretty much clears up a bunch of stuff for me lol
<shofius> i'd really like to see this take off. i'd so much rather use nixos on my pinephone than anything else i've seen out there so far
<samueldr> believe me, I'm working towards it, but not single-mindedly for the pinephone :)
<samueldr> in practice, for what Mobile NixOS is concerned, it has already proved any new linux-based target will work
<shofius> yep, i've had my eye on this project for a while. i just don't really have any other phones i'd be able to put it on
<samueldr> understandable
<shofius> i do have a oneplus 3t, but the storage on it is dead...
<samueldr> dead?
<samueldr> just now I'm taking the time to tie up some loose ends about armv7 so people with armv7 devices are not left with a hot mess to handle
<shofius> yeah, it's rooted and i can flash android roms all day but they'll boot once or twice and then it won't boot again. as far as i can tell the storage just gets corrupted
<samueldr> incredibly odd
<shofius> i don't remember specifics, but that was the reason i got the 6t, and then couldn't recover any of my files or anything from it
<samueldr> one thing that's nice with the oneplus3 series is how the "programmer" files to reflash it from "emergency dl" mode exist
<shofius> i'm not sure i've ever heard of that
<samueldr> maybe you could try reflashing using the tools from the vendor that actually completely reflash the storage, though unlikely I guess to actually change anything
<shofius> yeah, might still be worth a shot. i'll check it out
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<samueldr> it's basically a mode where the cpu hasn't started loading anything (or couldn't) from the storage
<samueldr> and it waits for a _signed_ program from usb
<samueldr> the tools from oneplus use that mode
<samueldr> but since it uses that mode, that means the signed package is part of their tool
<samueldr> and that has been extracted and can be used with other tools
<samueldr> e.g. I used it with
<samueldr> I used it to validate my assumption that I could restore a bricked oneplus3 if I wanted to play unsafe with it :)
<shofius> lol
<shofius> cool, i might dig that old 3t out and play with this
<samueldr> as Mobile NixOS is designed, you'll face ~approx the same issues with having a useless system with the default config ;)
<samueldr> but that's also a sign of success
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<shofius> samueldr: have you seen the sxmo ui for postmarketos for pinephone?
<samueldr> screenshots of, yes
<shofius> it's pretty cool. not sure what all would be involved in porting it to nixos
<shofius> i
<shofius> i was looking through their git issues one day and saw some evidence of someone else maybe trying to build it on nixos
<samueldr> not much I believe
<samueldr> yeah, I believe noneucat is/was
<shofius> yep that sounds familiar
<samueldr> I thought there was a repo of 'em somewhere, but can't seem to find it
<shofius> sorry, i just got a new keyboard and things aren't where i'm used to them being so i'm typing slowly and accidentally hitting the enter key before i'm ready to send lol
<noneucat> should be packaged here i think
<shofius> oh sweet
<noneucat> though there are some fixes i need to push
<samueldr> I couldn't figure out how to get there with the source hut interface :/
<samueldr> I tried to look at your projects, but it seems there is no central "identity" place to look at a user's contribution on that not-so-good website :(
<shofius> lol, yeah, that site isn't very easy to navigate
<noneucat> yeah, that's a little annoying :p
<noneucat> i think that's all i have actually, the only other fixes i have are patches for modemmanager to not hang up calls during wakeup
<noneucat> but that may be outdated now
<samueldr> as I haven't spent that much time in stage-2, I wouldn't know yet :)
<samueldr> ugh, this new port is going to be a nightmare :(
<noneucat> haha :) i remember reading that someone had done work on quicker call wakeups in this mo's summary for pine
<noneucat> but idk if that's kernel side or in userspace
<samueldr> ah, yeah, I know what you mean
<samueldr> no serial (expected), but also things don't work as expected :|
<samueldr> and it's slow!
<samueldr> (snapdragon 400)
<shofius> noneucat: is sxmo usable in mobile-nixos with your repo?
<noneucat> last time i checked yes, it was still working
<shofius> :O awesome lol
<noneucat> just need to include the module from NUR and enable it
<shofius> NUR? is that like nix's version of the AUR?
<shofius> oh cool
<noneucat> sort of, it aggregates user package definitions
<shofius> i'm relatively new to nix in general still. i've been using it since maybe last summer or something
<shofius> but i'm getting there...
<shofius> i
<shofius> ugh lol
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<shofius> hrm, so trying to compile on my pi, that step that says it might run out of memory... it does...
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<shofius> not sure what to do about that. the pi has 4gb ram
<hexa-> shofius: build with fewer jobs
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<hexa-> nix.maxJobs = lib.mkDefault 1;
<hexa-> nix.buildCores = lib.mkDefault 2;
<hexa-> is what I use on my rpi4
<shofius> do i put that in the configuration.nix?
<hexa-> yep
<shofius> i'll give that a shot. thanks
<shofius> it still runs out of memory...
<shofius> maybe i can pass -j 1 or something
<hexa-> did you rebuild switch?
<hexa-> maxJobs should equal -j1
<shofius> i'm building for pinephone on the pi, not rebuilding the pi
<hexa-> you have to rebuild the pi so the maxJobs and buildCores options get applied to the local nix
<samueldr> rebuild switch for those nix configuration in /etc/nixos/configuration.nix :)
<shofius> oh, my bad. i misunderstood you
<shofius> not sure i can rebuild the pi though because everytime i do, it runs out of space... i think the boot partition runs out of space cause there should be plenty of space
<shofius> i fixed it once before but i don't remember how lol
<hexa-> then just try and use -j1
<hexa-> probably deleted some stuff in /boot/old
<shofius> so -j1 still runs out of memory. and i think you were right about removing stuff from /boot/old... looks like that's gonna let me rebuild...
<shofius> but the options you gave earlier are failing saying they don't exist. i can get an exact error in a sec
<shofius> just doing a regular upgrade right now since it's been a while
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<samueldr> hmmm... interesting
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<luxemboye> Hello there, I've been having some issues trying to get NixOS to work on the ODROID C2 (even with the wiki pages)
<luxemboye> It only boots if the serial adapter is connected, but outputs to HDMI, and if it's not connected it stays stuck on the "Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0".
<luxemboye> the same screen also always has an error about not being able to "get PHY for ethernet@c9410000: addr -1", regardless of if its gonna boot into NixOS, or if no serial adapter is connected.
<luxemboye> now im booted into NixOS, but in "ip link", eth0 is down, and trying to get it up prints out erros similar to the one from the boot screen ("no phy at addr -1", "stmmac_open: Cannot attach to PNY (error: -19)")
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<luxemboye> I tried using the unstable sd card image instead of 20.09 one (both from hydra), and the issue is still there, i feel like its on u-boot
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<luxemboye> I have verified with different eMMC on the same device with has a half-broken Ubuntu that the network works on there, no it's not a physical fault
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<luxemboye> It seems to be a U-Boot issue
<luxemboye> i think
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<luxemboye> and now eth0 gets an IP address
<luxemboye> I don't exactly know where the issue is coming from though, so I'm not sure if I should open an issue (on nixpkgs)
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<artturin> im trying to build the boot partition for the pinephone but im getting an error
<samueldr> hi artturin
<samueldr> yeah, annoying issue with recent mainline kernels
<samueldr> they're saving a lot of info about the build environment in the configuration :(
<samueldr> you could run `bin/kernel-normalize-config` to update the config, or apply the diff yourself to devices/pine64-pinephone/kernel/config.aarch64
<samueldr> the issue is, depending on whether you build natively or cross-compile it will change
<samueldr> and *then* I think when the compiler updates it can/will change this
<samueldr> so I have to rethink that part...
<samueldr> which is not easy since it's important for that input to be "right"!
<samueldr> basically it's all about requirements being changed from under my feet after I implement things!
<artturin> Thanks that worked, i didn't realise that bin/kernel-normalize-config was in the repo, i thought the message was just a generic message not specific to this repo.
<samueldr> haha, I try real hard to make the error messages I own useful
<samueldr> starting to think I should add a clippy-style avatar, which starts with "hi, this is mobile nixos, and it seems we made a oopsie woopsie" (not really)
<samueldr> but I do understand the feeling that any error messages will end up being less useful within a Nix build :)
<samueldr> I guess it wouldn't hurt if there was a better way to explain "who owns" the error message you're reading
<samueldr> is it the thing that's being built? is it part of the mkDerivation harness? part of Nixpkgs, but not exactly relevant? part of Mobile NixOS? :)
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<artturin> the error message
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<luxemboye> I'm getting an error when installing NixOS on the ODROID C2
<luxemboye> "error: file 'nixpkgs/nixos' was not found in the Nix search path". and before that it complained about not being able to find Nix search path entries
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<artturin> do you have channels
<artturin> luxemboye and have you updated them
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<craige[m]1> I've got a script that's looking for `aarch64-linux-gnu` but I've been inable to find this binary packaged in NixOS - is anyone familiar it with able to hit me with a clue x 4 to locate it? Thanks 😃
<samueldr> craige[m]1: sounds like cross-compilation
<craige[m]1> It is.
<samueldr> hm, I thought I knew how to make a nix-shell with that, but it seems I don't
<samueldr> but isn't that out of pkgsCross.aarch64-multiplatform.* ?
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<luxemboye> artturin: if I do nix-channel --update it errors because there's not enough space
<luxemboye> the instructions said to just dd the image on the SD card
<craige[m]1> I'll dig in that direction samueldr
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