<samueldr> ooooh boy
<samueldr> I ha a SUPERNETS with ident SUPERBOWL connect to my private~ish ircd too
<samueldr> oh no
<samueldr> I don't like this
<samueldr> sorry to go off-topic, but I think there are others here too that have IRC networks
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<samueldr> or uhm, I'd like to say it's "live", looks like I'm having troubles with websockets and the proxy
<samueldr> and now it's live
* samueldr tests
<samueldr> okay, looks like the import was somehwat successful
<samueldr> it goes all the way to https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/nixos-wiki/2017-09-04 \o/
<samueldr> only two days late, according to the logs → https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/nixos-wiki/2017-12-23#1514060725-1514062428;
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<ixxie> happy holidays to those it applies
<zarel> I'm in (filter hasXMas) so thank you, happy holidays to you too ixxie :)
<ixxie> whats up zarel?
<ixxie> Reaktor|krebs: help
<Reaktor|krebs> I'm famous
<ixxie> Reaktor|krebs: commands
<Reaktor|krebs> I'm famous
<ixxie> Reaktor|krebs lstcmd
<Reaktor|krebs> I'm famous
<ixxie> Reaktor|krebs: tell makefu https://github.com/nixos-users/wiki/issues/25
<Reaktor|krebs> Consider it noted.
<ixxie> Reaktor|krebs: tell samueldr https://github.com/nixos-users/wiki/issues/25
<Reaktor|krebs> Consider it noted.
<zarel> ixxie: not much really, I'm looking at this "issue" :-p
<zarel> I think that google detects mediawiki and parses, yes
<nixoswikibot> [[NixOS:extend NixOS]] https://nixos.wiki/index.php?diff=1700&oldid=1068&rcid=1722 * Ixxie * (+0) update pkgs.lib to lib to bring this up to date.
<nixoswikibot> [[NixOS:extend NixOS]] https://nixos.wiki/index.php?diff=1701&oldid=1700&rcid=1723 * Ixxie * (-5) 
<ixxie> zarel: I didn't know where else to put it xD
<ixxie> but its nice to see and I wanted to share it
<nixoswikibot> [[Main Page]] !M https://nixos.wiki/index.php?diff=1702&oldid=1696&rcid=1724 * Zarelit * (-53) removed duplicated nixpkgs manual link
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<ixxie> yo
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<samueldr> 'morning
<samueldr> nobody knows exactly when google does something like that (issue 25) and why, it's also part of the "bubble" you have with google. e.g.: I don't have that table as a result
<samueldr> also, ixxie, it't not in the topic yet, but I've added a logger bot : https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/nixos-wiki/
<samueldr> I merged my personal logs from this channel into it
<ixxie> neat samueldr!
<ixxie> samueldr: so its impossible to know how we can encourage this sort of thing
<ixxie> ?
<samueldr> mainly, have quality contents, well maked-up (html/wiki)
<samueldr> marked-up*
<samueldr> but other than that, ranking will help, as nix/nixos is quite specific, ranking won't really be an issue
<ixxie> samueldr: I guess I mean more like a way to help google generate more 'answer boxes'
<samueldr> sadly, anything you read online will be guesses
<samueldr> some more educated than others
<samueldr> as google is built using magic sauce™
<samueldr> the recipe is a secret, otherwise it could be gamed more efficiently
<ixxie> yeah its weird
<ixxie> it doesn't show up for me anymore either
<samueldr> though, with that, we know th structure for that article is likely good
<samueldr> especially for those parts
<samueldr> google somehow "understands" that part as being an answer to the "question"
<ixxie> samueldr: can you explain to me the ARM pages
<ixxie> samueldr: its like you made a main article and 'child' articles?
<ixxie> how does that work?
<samueldr> what do you mean, technically with mediawiki or how did I organize stuff?
<ixxie> technically
<ixxie> but also the thinking behind it
<samueldr> thinking behind it is easy: it was getting tight in one page!
<samueldr> we can add specific notes for each boards more easily
<samueldr> technically, mediawiki has the concept of sub-pages https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Subpages
<samueldr> if there's anything else you'd like to know, something more precise, ask
<ixxie> samueldr: that about clarifies it!
<samueldr> personally, for nixos on arm, the goal is to have both nixos stuff AND some minimal knowledge about the supported boards
<samueldr> the minimal knowledge is because sometimes it is hard to find good information about those
<samueldr> having them in the wiki will help, since for each boards they should be presented the same way
<samueldr> e.g.: the `console=` kernel parameter for the board, the position of the UART/Serial, upstream kernel status
<ixxie> samueldr: I am all for that; the Arch Wiki has been super helpful even with NixOS xD
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<makefu> ixxie: i just saw the issue, this is actually pretty neat!
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<ixxie> makefu: yeah it is, although samueldr made me now question how significant it is
<makefu> i think as long as do do not put all information about a topic into a single damn page and get some backlinks we will do better than the official source :D
<samueldr> oh, it's significant, google knows that nixos wiki is relevant to nix questions!
<makefu> definitly
<samueldr> it's only impossible to trigger or control
<makefu> yes i think so as well. the incomprehesible magic of google
<samueldr> makefu: could you add a logs link in the topic? https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/nixos-wiki/
<samueldr> it's a semi-permanent address, semi-permanent because when/if it changes domain, this will always redirect to it
<ixxie> samueldr: you could also link this in https://nixos.wiki/wiki/Get_In_Touch
<makefu> someone has OP in the channel? :D
<samueldr> you're in chanserv's founders list for the channel!
<samueldr> as are fadenb lassulus and tv
<makefu> so i should ask chansrv, right? :D 1 sec, googling this
<samueldr> you probably can /msg chanserv op #nixos-wiki
<samueldr> or set topic through chanserv
<samueldr> → /msg chanserv help
<makefu> magic!
<samueldr> \o/
<ixxie> w00t
<samueldr> I hadn't really had the chance to look at the log thing with real data
makefu changed the topic of #nixos-wiki to: Welcome to the *unofficial* nixos wiki | https://nixos.wiki | chat logs: https://logs.nix.samueldr.com/nixos-wiki/
<samueldr> I mean, there's the main installation of that log bot, but I had nothing tangible to look at
<samueldr> it feels much nicer than botbot
<makefu> just in case of bots
<makefu> (spam-)
<lassulus> we can also add more people to chanservs list
<samueldr> IIRC it's not all forced to be founders
<makefu> ah yes, let me google this
<samueldr> (I mean, it also depends on the actual service codebase used)
* ixxie laughs maniacally with the thrill of his new found powers! Muahahaha!
<makefu> okay looks good
<ixxie> goodnight folks ^^
<lassulus> ヾ(^_^) byebye!!
<makefu> bye
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<nixoswikibot> [[Get In Touch]] M https://nixos.wiki/index.php?diff=1703&oldid=1509&rcid=1725 * Samueldr * (+703) Reviews IRC chat section
<makefu> nice table
<samueldr> thanks
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