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<nixoswikibot> [[Nixpkgs]] ! * Wizzup * (+34) /* Hack Nixpkgs */ some restructure
<asymmetric_> so great to see the wiki take shape! <3
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<fadenb> Yup :)
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<nixoswikibot> [[NixOS on ARM]] M * Samueldr * (+264) Adds `support` section.
<samueldr> hmmm
<samueldr> I should've asked before, but meh, it did learn me some skills
<samueldr> I'd add a logger bot to this channel, unless there are objections
<samueldr> and then, when proven that it works, ask to add it to other nixos-related channels...
<samueldr> I'm thinking about the smaller ones that don't have botbot, since it seems that getting botbot isn't easy?
<samueldr> (-dev asked for it and, I don't know much after that, but it isn't there)
<samueldr> fadenb, makefu, I don't know if there is anyone that may object to that
<fadenb> No objections from me...
<fadenb> Can we ensure the logs will be available even in the far future?
<fadenb> and I would mention the logging in the topic
<samueldr> fadenb: right now it'll be a stability test
<samueldr> if it is, I WANT to ensure it'll be available in the far future
<samueldr> I'll be looking into dumping my current logs into it
<samueldr> (I'm using quassel, which keeps history in a PostgreSQL database, it might be possible to dump it all easily)
<samueldr> (I'm looking into a last oddity in the config of the thing before hooking it up to freenode)
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