<nixoswikibot> [[NixOS on ARM]] M https://nixos.wiki/index.php?diff=1653&oldid=1639&rcid=1666 * Samueldr * (+5) x → ×
<nixoswikibot> [[Hardware]] N https://nixos.wiki/index.php?oldid=1654&rcid=1667 * Samueldr * (+266) Inits page
<nixoswikibot> [[Hardware]] M https://nixos.wiki/index.php?diff=1655&oldid=1654&rcid=1668 * Samueldr * (+49) Reviews section descriptioné
<samueldr> s/é/.
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<fadenb> same mail pattern as yesterday, email they used was on several spam lists
<makefu> okay then lets employ a simple extra question. "The package manager of NixOS"
<fadenb> Yep, will be implemented right after breakfast.
<fadenb> Why am I up so early anyway? Vacation mode has not kicked in yet :p
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<makefu> haha :D
<fadenb> Switched captcha: https://nixos.wiki/index.php?title=Special:CreateAccount&returnto=Special:Log/newusers
<fadenb> seems like they can not be both be active at the same time, so let's wait and see how effective it is
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<nixoswikibot> [[Mirroring repos]] !N https://nixos.wiki/index.php?oldid=1656&rcid=1678 * Nyarly * (+447) Created page with "[[Category:Nixpkgs]] [[Category:Discussion]] Many software platforms provide their own package management tools and maintain their own public software repositories. This is..."
<nixoswikibot> [[Talk:Mirroring repos]] !N https://nixos.wiki/index.php?oldid=1657&rcid=1679 * Nyarly * (+131) Created page with "This is absolutely a WIP at the moment, created so that concerned but busy people have a place to collaborate on the overall issue."
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<judson> Okay, samueldr, pitch me on this channel :)
<samueldr> sorry, pitch you about what?
<judson> I'm right that nixos.wiki is the right place?
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<samueldr> I hope so, that's what this channel is all about :)
<samueldr> there's the nixoswikibot that will be noisy when pages are edited
<samueldr> and there's sometimes discussions about the wiki
<judson> Okay, cool.
<judson> Mostly I was just trying to determine what this channel has that #nixos doesn't
<judson> The bot is enough all by itself.
<samueldr> :D, otherwise when there's discussion about the state / contents of the wiki, by the usual contributors, it all happens here
<samueldr> (the bot is how I knew there were fresh edits)
<fadenb> An we all act surprised when a Spammer uses the wiki ;)
<judson> I'm starting a page to try to build up a consensus policy about handling foriegn repos (e.g. npm, rubygems, pypi) - right now it's orphaned except for category links.
<samueldr> excellent
<nixoswikibot> [[Mirroring repos]] ! https://nixos.wiki/index.php?diff=1658&oldid=1656&rcid=1680 * Nyarly * (+693)
<nixoswikibot> [[Mirroring repos]] ! https://nixos.wiki/index.php?diff=1659&oldid=1658&rcid=1681 * Nyarly * (-5)
<makefu> judson: sounds great. the wiki is definitly the right place to store this info :)
<judson> Cool.
<judson> I mean, at some point I think it belongs in the Nixpkgs manual somewhere. But atm we need to push it around somewhere we can collaborate on it
<makefu> yes, correct
<samueldr> I personally think it's alright if the wiki serves as a kind of incubator for documentation while it's being written up
<samueldr> (in addition to other topics that can't really fit in the manual)
<makefu> and some info simply does not belong into the manual. it is clogged enough already
<makefu> !
<judson> Absolutely
<judson> Are the nix-pills copied into the wiki yet? Is lethalman okay with that?
<makefu> the nix-pills are now part of the "official" documentation
<judson> Rad!
<makefu> that way the docu can also be kept up-to-date
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<nixoswikibot> [[Nix For Lang Packaging]] !N https://nixos.wiki/index.php?oldid=1660&rcid=1682 * Zimbatm * (+5982) Some thoughts on integrating Nix with $lang package managers
<makefu> nice, how we have the same topic twice :D
<samueldr> (they'll most probably synchronize and merge articles :D)
<makefu> i am very sure about this
<nixoswikibot> [[Nix For Lang Packaging]] M https://nixos.wiki/index.php?diff=1661&oldid=1660&rcid=1683 * Samueldr * (+22) (syntaxhighlight!)
<nixoswikibot> [[Nix For Lang Packaging]] M https://nixos.wiki/index.php?diff=1662&oldid=1661&rcid=1684 * Samueldr * (-4) Fixes most probably a pythonic mistake with ''' → '' / """
<makefu> :D
<nixoswikibot> [[Distributed build]] https://nixos.wiki/index.php?diff=1663&oldid=1453&rcid=1685 * Makefu * (-9)
<nixoswikibot> [[Nix For Lang Packaging]] ! https://nixos.wiki/index.php?diff=1664&oldid=1662&rcid=1686 * Nyarly * (+429)
<nixoswikibot> [[Talk:Nix For Lang Packaging]] !N https://nixos.wiki/index.php?oldid=1665&rcid=1687 * Nyarly * (+96) Created page with "I have to say: I'm incredibly skeptical about getting language packagers to play along with Nix."
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<nixoswikibot> [[Talk:Hydra]] N https://nixos.wiki/index.php?oldid=1666&rcid=1688 * Samueldr * (+319) Adds note about declarative hydra / spec files
<samueldr> (adds link to the current #nixos discussion)
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