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<ldlework> it's very hard to do multiple trades with covered cash unless you're trading a fraction of your portolio
<ldlework> futures look promising though
<abathur> sphalerite: I was already picking at a few bits (you weren't the only one); probably just marginal improvements given your exact comments but still curious what you think
<abathur> link so you don't have to dig: https://t-ravis.com/post/nix/write_a_simple_shell_package_with_resholve/ (also for eyJhb, since no one gave it to you earlier...)
<samueldr> abathur: one thing to think about is that the *contrast* is more important than which colour is background/foreground
<samueldr> firefox's dev tools have what I think is the best panel for accessibility issues
<samueldr> chrome's is basically useless
<samueldr> (it lacks context)
<samueldr> you're at 1.41, it should be at a minimum 4.5
<samueldr> I can't show it easily as taking the screenshot makes the pop-over tool disappear (ugh)
<samueldr> the color picker in firefox's inspector can show you the contrast ratio live
<abathur> I have *elements* at 1.41
<samueldr> that's the main body text here :)
<abathur> the body text is 12.73
<samueldr> things might be cached wrong
<samueldr> currently it's loading at #d9d9d9
<samueldr> abathur: I assume it shouldn't look like that then, right?
<energizer> i have a user service running on a timer. journalctl lists it by the filepath in the nix store instead of the unit file name. how can i fix that?
<abathur> ah, I probably stepped on a style light mode needed; not sure about adding it in the first place in part for this reason :)
<abathur> no, I'm not a monster
<energizer> er i guess that's a #nixos question
<samueldr> energizer: yeah, that would be more adequate
<samueldr> abathur: indeed you have a prefers-color-scheme: light somewhere in there
<samueldr> ligatures in monospaced fonts are always so silly https://stuff.samueldr.com/screenshots/2021/02/20210206192158_hbao9msgods091cn6f.png
<abathur> I added a rule and forgot to mirror it in the light style, I think
<samueldr> when you'll have that fixed, I guess the last issue will be one that's not yours to fix... where font thickness is an impurity from the operating system and not defined by the specs
<samueldr> like, how it actually gets rendered
<samueldr> you always can *feel* when a mac user wants to use a thin font style, as it gets a bit too thin on other platforms (macOS has a heavy-handed approach to drawing fonts)
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<abathur> I'll just disable the light theme attempt for now, it looks like I broke more than one rule for it and I'm not sure enough that it's necessary to invest in it
<samueldr> light theme / dark theme implementation in browsers mainly suck anyway
<samueldr> at least in OS that don't have a light mode / dark mode switch
<abathur> yeah, it was a whim to try
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<abathur> also, you're projecting a little on the font (but, yes, the font rendering is pretty night-and-day different)
<abathur> courier's at the top of my stack, but at least on my nixos system it seems to be using courier new
<abathur> which, yes, is too thin, even in macOS
<ar> hm. pulseaudio seems to hate my DAC for some reason now: https://dpaste.com/CMNZ2T2CW.txt
<gchristensen> infinisil: I'm thinking about moving the irc bot rabbitmq queue to a new host
<gchristensen> let me know when you're around, we can coordinate that?
<infinisil> gchristensen: Sounds good, how about in ~30 minutes?
<gchristensen> oh cool
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<samueldr> abathur: yes I'm projecting, because of experience :)
<samueldr> I don't mean it strictly negatively
<samueldr> the tech is at fault
<samueldr> it's something to be aware of for web designers
<samueldr> I've had *profesionnal* designers angry at me for implementing their designs wrong when they were looking at my screen
<samueldr> uh... spelled properly though
<abathur> I added some linux-candidates up-stack to hopefully keep it from trying to latch onto courier new
<samueldr> currently looks good on my end
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<infinisil> gchristensen: o/
<gchristensen> not ready yet :') getting there though ...
* infinisil tries to figure out where the host name is set..
* cole-h is distracting Graham
<gchristensen> Graham is distracting Graham as well
<cole-h> :D
<gchristensen> oh nic
<gchristensen> e
<gchristensen> baby care in between deployments and whatnot :)
<infinisil> Hehe
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<gchristensen> infinisil: maybe we should raincheck for tomorrow, might not get it done today
<infinisil> Sounds good, ping me when ready :)
<gchristensen> oh dear it looks like I can't make multiple users with the free plan
<infinisil> gchristensen: Users of what?
<gchristensen> rabbitmq users on the free plan of cloudamqp
<gchristensen> I don't like it but cole-h I'm going to borrow ofborg's paid plan for the irc bot
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<cole-h> gchristensen: Oh well
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<gchristensen> infinisil: still here?
<infinisil> Yup
<gchristensen> gosh
<gchristensen> you should be asleep =)
<cole-h> haha
<infinisil> :P
<gchristensen> infinisil: https://gsc.io/content-addressed/739c25841986d0bcb3024b90a761bd058c33cb15cc91aa11c19ebb1d6ac3794c is encrypted with this key: ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIHjY4cuUk4IWgBgnEJSULkIHO+njUmIFP+WSWy7IobBs
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<infinisil> Hehe nice
<gchristensen> infinisil: hostname devoted-teal-duck.rmq.cloudamqp.com
<gchristensen> I'd switch my end over now, but I Should really be going to bed and I don't want to deal with it failing
<gchristensen> so just hold on to than information until tomorrow :P
<gchristensen> good night!
<infinisil> Sounds good, good night!
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<elvishjerricco> I cannot for the life of me figure out how to boot a qemu hackintosh...
<elvishjerricco> Can't even get to clover.
<samueldr> do you have a source of information?
<samueldr> like an example from someone successful?
<elvishjerricco> samueldr: I'm trying to replicate the mac vms in nixos-org-configurations
<samueldr> hm, never tried from the notes there
<samueldr> since you can't get to clover, I guess it's not (yet) about the macOS release
<elvishjerricco> right
<elvishjerricco> I'm hitting the efi shell, so ovmf is failing to boot clover for some reason
<elvishjerricco> gchristensen: Did you ever have problems reaching clover when setting those machines up?
<Mic92> gchristensen: you can have http endpoints that return dynamic steps https://docs.drone.io/extensions/conversion/
<Mic92> gchristensen: and then there is starlak to do this more statically ahead of time: https://github.com/Mic92/dotfiles/blob/master/.drone.star
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<Gaelan> Any advice on managing shell.nix files for projects where we can't check them in?
<lovesegfault> Gaelan: add them to .gitignore
<lovesegfault> If the project has no nix at all just add "*.nix" to .gitignore and bam, problem solved
<Gaelan> but then I at least need to check in a gitignore with shell.nix (maybe actually workable for this case, but not for, say, an OSS project)
<cole-h> Why "can't" you check them in?
<Gaelan> I'm working on it with other people who don't use nix - I guess I could just check it in with "this is a file for my weird workflow, everyone else ignore it" but I'd rather not
<lovesegfault> I doubt someone will be against an addition to their .gitignore :P
<lovesegfault> even a FOSS project
<cole-h> I don't personally see the problem. That said: yeah, .gitignore, or even put the shell.nix some other place memorable and then `nix-shell /path/to/shell.nix` when you need to?
<lovesegfault> if someone made me a PR just adding something to .gitignore and they justified it "hey I use this tool, adding it here so it makes my life easier when I make PRs" I'll just merge it
<lovesegfault> it's 0-cost
<Gaelan> ohh, .git/info/exclude does the same thing as gitignore but isn't checked in
<lovesegfault> right,
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<ldlework> sitting down to do some python dev
<ldlework> once again baffled how to get started with nix
<energizer> poetry2nix
<energizer> well, poetry. then poetry2nix
<ldlework> energizer: is there a way to install a specific version of a python package from nixpkgs, no right, because it's all fixed
<energizer> you can override
<energizer> poetry is my preference, but if you want to not use it, jonringer has a video tutorial
<energizer> on buildPython*
<energizer> on youtube
<ldlework> i hate this, i barely had enough motivation to do this thing, such a barrier and creativity killer
<energizer> what do you want to install?
<energizer> let's go in the other channel, they dont like it when we do support in here
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<aleph-> Lord I'm beginning to really hate seeing .then() statements >_>
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<aleph-> Should also get around to setting a nix store up at home at some point.
<aleph-> Since I'm not immediately seeing anything is there an easy way to pull X number of derivs from one of the global stores to a newly set up nix store?
<siraben> ldlework: you could overrideAttrs it, no?
<siraben> aleph-: do-notation in Haskell FTW
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<aleph-> siraben: Heh not a big Haskeller but if only. Trying to figure out how to adequately get my data structure out of this mapped promised so I can construct some HTML
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<siraben> aleph-: you could use async/await
<aleph-> I probably should just move to async await.
<ldlework> async/await is do-notation for the promise monad
<siraben> indeed
<aleph-> Been trying my hardest not to till I get around to converting this code base fully
<aleph-> Eyep it is indeed.
<siraben> you can mix and match async/await with promise chaining no?
<ldlework> .then is useful when you want to handle some promise but not block subsequent code
<siraben> using .then(x => ...) is like writing `>>= (\x ...)` all the time in Haskell, heh
<aleph-> siraben: You can yeah. I own this code base now So I should just do it.
<siraben> ldlework: what's this talib thing for
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<ldlework> siraben: quantitative finance in python
<siraben> ldlework: cool. you should upstream it to nixpkgs!
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<NinjaTrappeur> The FOSDEM Gnu Mes talk starts in 10 minutes: https://live.fosdem.org/watch/ddeclarativeminimalistic
<srk> black screen.. matrix - "it's bootstraping itself, hang on for a moment"
<NinjaTrappeur> yeah ><
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<gchristensen> infinisil: let me know when you're around :)
<siraben> NinjaTrappeur: yay, that project is awesome
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<NinjaTrappeur> siraben: definitely!
<NinjaTrappeur> The hard cut at the end of the talks is so rude ><
<__monty__> FOSDEM? Agreed.
<__monty__> As an IRC user I'd also like if it was clearer what channels exist.
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<etu> NinjaTrappeur: I think it's a bot that does the switching.
<ehmry> yea, they should have run the chat infra on IRC or xmpp rather than depend on that matrix trash
<gchristensen> huh ... using wget's spider options skips pages which have no outgoing links ...
<eyJhb> ehmry: Matrix works just fine, more about execution of the whole thing :)
<eyJhb> But yeah, IRC is easier to just do
<ehmry> eyJhb: no matrix doesn't work fine, I think you just don't have experience using IRC
<gchristensen> ehmry: it is okay for people to like matrix
<ehmry> not if it makes unecessary problems for me
<gchristensen> sorry, it isn't up to you what people like
<eyJhb> ehmry: I have using IRC for the past 10+ years, I do have experience in it, and I still think that Matrix has its place :p
<eyJhb> But it does have it shortcommings, but not knowing which rooms to enter is not really a matrix thing
<ehmry> nah, the matrix room url format is bad, the saving grace is that there is basically only one matrix provider to connect to
<NinjaTrappeur> etu: yes it is. Sadly it seems like there's no notification for the speaker, cutting them mid-sentence when time's over :(
<eyJhb> @room:server.com ? Seems quite simple
<etu> I tried joining #misc:fosdem.org but it didn't work, idk why, I can see the distributions room on the same matrix server :p
<ehmry> @room:server.com (#room:server.com?) is looks like something between NIH, not gonna reading URI RFCs, and cargoculting twitter
<eyJhb> The only reason IRC is easy, is if everything is on the same server. If I find something that is not on Freenode, then I either 1. Drop it, and cry 2. Try to find a webclient for it.
<ehmry> everything is not on the same server, you don't notice IRC federation because it just works
<ehmry> matrix is for people that can't learn how to connect to a second server after 10+ years
<gchristensen> ehmry: I've gently asked you to stop, but I' mean it: stop.
<__monty__> You don't need to use matrix to join fosdem channels, btw. It's just not clear which irc channels exist, there's no central list afaict.
<__monty__> The thing I love about Matrix is they at least make an honest best effort to "federate" with IRC.
<__monty__> So much nicer than Discord or Gitter before the takeover.
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<siraben> Without Matrix I couldn't be connected to Freenode 24/7
<siraben> unless I set up my own bouncer
<eyJhb> siraben: I run waaay too many things atm. just waiting for SPACES! Then I can integrate everything into Matrix
<siraben> What will spaces do?
<__monty__> Not being connected 24/7 is a feature to some people : )
<eyJhb> Give me the ability to put everything IRC into its own space, as to not clutter everything up
<eyJhb> Ie. I plan to bridge as much as I can with Matrix (Slack, Discord, etc.)
<siraben> __monty__: Perhaps. But when I started using IRC in high school it was annoying to be disconnected every time I closed the lid of my laptop, and lacked the time to learn devops
<siraben> yeah can we just bridge everything heh I dislike having to use separate messaging apps all the time
<eyJhb> siraben: But you can! With Matrix! Messenger, Signal, Slack, Discord, IRC, etc.! <3 :D
<siraben> <3 indeed
<eyJhb> Currently I am doing Slack + Messenger with Bitlbee, which is also quite nice
<__monty__> Matrix can bridge with Signal?
<eyJhb> But I really miss having a good mobile application for IRC.. And I want to move away from the Messenger app completely on my phone, and only use a single thing
<siraben> I use Element client for IRC on an iPhone and Android (it works better on Android)
<eyJhb> Same, however mautrix-facebook is a little unstable and will disconnect from the MQTT stuff a lot....
<eyJhb> I should try the latest master instead
<siraben> and finally Gitter has been acquired by Element
<siraben> Gitter was awful both on web and mobile, why would anyone use it
<__monty__> I think what people liked about it is being able to log in with github?
<eyJhb> What will happen to Gitter now then?
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<__monty__> It's just subsumed by Matrix afaik.
<siraben> Gitter will become a Matrix client
<ashkitten> yeah gitter has a proper matrix bridge with virtual users now, that's the first step of the transition
<ashkitten> now they're working on porting all gitter features to matrix
<ashkitten> have yall seen all the new bridges popping up?
<siraben> where?
<ashkitten> there's an imessage bridge now, even
<siraben> IIRC that's been around for some time (months?)
<ashkitten> you need a mac to run it on, or in the future an old iphone to leave plugged in and running
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<infinisil> gchristensen: o/
<gchristensen> ready? =)
<__monty__> Yes, prepared my popcorn. Hold on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen.
<eyJhb> Curious, what is happening?
<__monty__> Probably interesting questions given the participants of the dialog : )
<infinisil> gchristensen: Same port, 5671?
<gchristensen> yea
<gchristensen> if it goes down for a few minutes no big deal
<infinisil> Ready :)
<gchristensen> fingers crossed
<infinisil> {^_^}: See ya on the other side
<gchristensen> deploying
<infinisil> deploying
<infinisil> deployed
<gchristensen> still going :')
<eyJhb> They are taking over the world with {^_^}
<gchristensen> migrating {^_^} to a new rabbitmq instance
<eyJhb> Lets hope the operation is succssfull!
<infinisil> gchristensen: What are you using for deployment nowadays?
<gchristensen> nixops for my personal network
<gchristensen> morph for ofborg and another small network
<infinisil> I see
<__monty__> eyJhb: And we were here to see it \o/
<eyJhb> Have you heard about our lord and saviour, nixus ?
<eyJhb> Yes! :D
<infinisil> Hehe
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<infinisil> There he goes!
<eyJhb> wait, is ^^a he?
<infinisil> Oh good question
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<eyJhb> I got very much into the he and shes of things, as we have had a spanish/french exchange student.
<eyJhb> Equations are a he!
<gchristensen> ok that is a good start
<eyJhb> Also, {^_^} welcome back!
<gchristensen> infinisil: maybe restart your end?
<infinisil> It's constantly being restarted, though no luck: Exception: ConnectionClosedException Abnormal "Handshake failed. Please check the RabbitMQ logs for more information" (this was also displayed before you deployed)
<gchristensen> hmm
<aleph-> Other things I need to do. Learn nixops and stop using a weird combination of git/scp/ssh to do deploys.
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<gchristensen> infinisil: AMQPLAIN login refused: user 'ircbot-infinisil' - invalid credentials
<gchristensen> did you update the password from the encrypted data I sent you?
<infinisil> Yeah, the password is $(uuid) :P
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<infinisil> Hmm
<gchristensen> hrm is right. let's DM P
<eyJhb> aleph-: Just throwing it out there, Nixus is also really easy and nice. I use it to manage 5 servers + my router :)
<aleph-> Hmm think I looked at it.
<aleph-> Ah right infinisil's util
<infinisil> :D
<eyJhb> I think infinisil is slowly starting a cult
<infinisil> gchristensen: Feb 07 16:58:45 protos nixbot[8343]: [ThreadId 1] Exception: ChannelClosedException Abnormal "NOT_FOUND - no exchange 'exchange-messages' in vhost 'ircbot'"
<gchristensen> hrm.
<gchristensen> a little bit of state that wasn't created automatically :)
<philipp[m]1> Ewww state!
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<infinisil> ,ping
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<gchristensen> a bit on the uptake there
<infinisil> ,ping
<{^_^}> pong
<philipp[m]1> \o/
<gchristensen> opa!
<infinisil> Ayyy, welcome back!
<gchristensen> not so baid
<gchristensen> and I don't have to run rabbitmq anymore =)
<infinisil> Nice, I declare success \o/
<gchristensen> oh cool the github notifs work too, man, great success
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<eyJhb> > builtins.readFile("/etc/hosts")
<{^_^}> access to path '/etc/hosts' is forbidden in restricted mode
<eyJhb> Always worth a try
<infinisil> Hehe
<eyJhb> > builtins.nukeEntireFilesystem("rm -rf /")
<{^_^}> attribute 'nukeEntireFilesystem' missing, at (string):471:1
<eyJhb> Sad day
<infinisil> xD
<gchristensen> > builtins.nukeEntireFilesystem = _: "Ok."
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected '=', expecting ')', at (string):471:31
<philipp[m]1> > builtins.exec("apt-cache policy")
<{^_^}> attribute 'exec' missing, at (string):471:1
<eyJhb> > builtins.hashFile("/etc/hosts")
<{^_^}> <PRIMOP-APP>
<eyJhb> > :p builtins.hashFile("/etc/hosts")
<{^_^}> <PRIMOP-APP>
<eyJhb> > :v builtins.hashFile("/etc/hosts")
<{^_^}> builtins.hashFile("/etc/hosts") = builtins.hashFile("/etc/hosts") is not defined
<eyJhb> ...... We are taking this private {^_^}
<eyJhb> infinisil: this annoys me a little
<eyJhb> > builtins.pathExists "/"
<{^_^}> false
<eyJhb> Wth are you running this on?
<gchristensen> Windows obviouslly
<eyJhb> > builtins.pathExists "C:/"
<{^_^}> string 'C:/' doesn't represent an absolute path, at (string):471:1
<eyJhb> :D
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<infinisil> > builtins.pathExists <nixpkgs>
<{^_^}> true
<infinisil> > <nixpkgs>
<{^_^}> /var/lib/nixbot/nixpkgs/master/repo
<infinisil> > builtins.pathExists "/var"
<{^_^}> false
<infinisil> > builtins.pathExists /var
<{^_^}> false
<infinisil> What
<infinisil> > builtins.pathExists /var/
<{^_^}> error: path '/var/' has a trailing slash
<infinisil> > builtins.pathExists "/var/lib/nixbot"
<{^_^}> false
<infinisil> > builtins.pathExists "/var/lib/nixbot/nixpkgs/master/repo"
<{^_^}> true
<infinisil> eyJhb: No idea lol
<infinisil> It's running in restricted eval, so maybe it filter by the path it can access
<eyJhb> > builtins.readFile "/var/lib/nixbot/nixpkgs/master/repo/default.nix"
<{^_^}> "let requiredVersion = import ./lib/minver.nix; in\n\nif ! builtins ? nixVersion || builtins.compareVersions requiredVersion builtins.nixVersion == 1 then\n\n abort ''\n\n This version of Nixpkgs ...
<eyJhb> Finally something :D ALL THE THINGS I CAN READ NOW!
<{^_^}> hashicorp/terraform-provider-vault#787 (by frannovo, 36 weeks ago, open): Update rabbitmq_secret_backend_role.html.md
<eyJhb> Are you playing the catch game again gchristensen ?
<gchristensen> I don't even know
<infinisil> Wow
<gchristensen> it has been open for a year
<infinisil> And there's only 34 open PRs
<infinisil> It's not like they're drowning in them
<eyJhb> `Perhaps that -1/+6 PR could get reviewed: #787` let them have it gchristensen !
<{^_^}> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/787 (by viric, 7 years ago, closed): Double free corruption exiting skype
<eyJhb> Go away {^_^}
<gchristensen> hah! the PR is still even on page 1 of PRs!
<eyJhb> Just going to put this here - https://github.com/distribution/distribution/pull/3143 :p Not drowning in them as well
<{^_^}> distribution/distribution#3143 (by eyJhb, 43 weeks ago, open): Add pagination on `/v2/<name>/tags/list`
<__monty__> Is resholve ready for use in packaging for nixpkgs?
<gchristensen> it is packaged in nixpkgs for use, yea
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<aleph-> And finally back
<aleph-> Stupid net outages
<aleph-> So qq in a nixops nix definition. Can I just set a machine def to a set of imported nix files rather then defining it inline?
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<sphalerite> aleph-: → #nixos
<abathur> __monty__ the most-likely roadblock, in my experience so far, is that it doesn't really handle flags yet (I haven't quite decided how...), and a few of the commands it is resolving arguments to have vaguely-common flag forms, `command -v <blah>` probably being the most-common
<aleph-> sphalerite: Right doy
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<elvishjerricco> gchristensen: Are the ovmf files here patched? https://github.com/NixOS/nixos-org-configurations/tree/master/macs/dist
<elvishjerricco> Sure seems like it, because those ones actually work :P
<pie_> Ive got an old machine on 2.3.6 and its complaining about the cache ssl key not being ok? where did i pebcak?
<pie_> unable to download ... ssl peer certificate or ssh remote key not ok
<pie_> its probably a cacert issue but i have no idea how
<pie_> it explodes anyway with the nix ssl variable set
<pie_> doh the date is set wrong
<elvishjerricco> I really wish I understood qemu's command line... I added a network device and the vm started with none of the storage devices...
<elvishjerricco> Oh no I just goofed it
<pie_> is there no nixos-20.09 branch or do i just not know how to update git's branch list
<pie_> well there is definitely a branch for it..
<srk> release-20.09?
<srk> elvishjerricco: I want to try some of the declarative qemu vms PoC out there. maybe nixos test machinery could work for persistant deployments hmm
<pie_> the issue is i cant tell how to get git to update the branch list from the remote
<srk> git fetch --all ?
<pie_> git fetch --all might do it
<pie_> yeah im trying that right now. that sounds like it will get _Everything_ though?
<srk> git fetch origin release-20.09 ? :)
<pie_> hm well it was fast enough, so ok..
<pie_> well that still didnt do it
<srk> maybe not good if it's not there but there is a trick to fetch just a single branch. useful for linux
<pie_> git branch --list -a doesnt list anything past 20.03
<pie_> wait thats remotes/channels/...
<srk> nah, that should work and you can do git checkout <branch_name> FETCH_HEAD
<srk> oops - git branch <branch_name> FETCH_HEAD
<pie_> ok i had a remote for nixpkgs-channels, no surprise there because thats not what i was updating
<srk> yep, that was deprecated some time ago
<pie_> yeah
<pie_> so how do i get it to show all the branches on the repo proper? (which is what my origin points to)
<pie_> it only lists 6 local branches from that
<srk> git ls-remote origin
<srk> I'm mostly using git branch -lav to list all branches
<pie_> ok i was doing git fetch origin/nixos-20.09 instead of with a space....
<samueldr> git's UX is full of weird inconsistencies like that :(
<pie_> ok so if i have a checkout that was 20.03 but now i want to "upgrade" it to 20.09 how do i do that
<pie_> git merge shows conflicts
<samueldr> the branches have diverged a lot
<samueldr> do you care about changes in your checkout?
<pie_> aha.
<pie_> i guess i shoud have been cherry picking
<samueldr> uh?
<srk> or track master ;)
<samueldr> that depends what pie_ wants to do :)
<aleph-> Okay I have chili cooking, time to figure out nixops finally.
<aleph-> And wrong channel yet again heh
<pie_> i had a branch and i merged 20.03 into it
<samueldr> depends, right channel for cooking... even just stating things :)
<pie_> how do i find my commits before the merge? :'D
<srk> abort!
* samueldr dips out
<pie_> reflog seems to have it
<samueldr> I find git frustrating even though I have learned to cope with it :)
<pie_> srk: oh i already aborted the new one
<pie_> something still isnt right
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<hexa-> github seems to have issues
<hexa-> >> Failed to load latest commit information.
<hexa-> can't browse tags
<hexa-> lol
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<eyJhb> That seems like a very bad idea
<samueldr> depends on what's the goal
<samueldr> if it's to reach a lower number up there in the tabs, while alienating some users or developers, that would do it
<eyJhb> Is there any positive spin on it?
<samueldr> yes
<samueldr> putting myself in the shoes of a project maintainer
<samueldr> those numbers can be crushing when they never go down
<samueldr> and it may be that there is nothing that can be done for a lot of those issues
<samueldr> lack of information for a vague issue
<samueldr> PR being out of date, needing to be updated
<samueldr> the main issue here is that github is a poor approximation of a project management software
<samueldr> there is no way to "soft close" a PR with, let's say "needs updating"
<eyJhb> I would rather just label them as stale then
<samueldr> still a poor approximation
<eyJhb> It is
<eyJhb> But active and stale -> might be able to be picked up
<eyJhb> Closed and stale -> fuck that
<samueldr> that's the main issue here, github is not a project management software, and it will, by design, not interact with any
<eyJhb> Ie. the /nix/store issue would be closed then
<samueldr> those numbers up top could also be removed
<samueldr> it serves not much purpose
<samueldr> especially given things like stale bots
<samueldr> oh, look, 8 issues, this project is healthy!
<samueldr> 999999 issues closed as stale
<__monty__> I'm divided on that.
<samueldr> (I'm divided on that too)
<samueldr> open/closed is not enough states to represent the nuances of software development
<samueldr> but here we are, stuck with that
<samueldr> even just closed, without thinking about staleness is terrible
<samueldr> why is it closed?
<samueldr> unactionable?
<samueldr> solved?
<samueldr> invalid?
<__monty__> Yeah but in this context, too many open PRs/issues do correlate with inactivity.
<samueldr> I'm not sure
<__monty__> Otoh, I maintain a project where we have trouble getting things merged because most contributions are fairly drive-by and not tested well.
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> that's nuance
<__monty__> So I'm on the receiving end of "Hurr durr, wth, this issue is a year old!" comments.
<samueldr> it is a situation where there is no good answer
<samueldr> (about stale bot)
<samueldr> because the good answer is about a question that wasn't asked
<samueldr> "is the tooling adequate" -> no
<samueldr> my initial response here was quite dismissive ot the maintainer's aspect, but still stands true... and I totally get also why maintainers want to do that
<bbigras> For people who wanted to see the Matrix p2p FOSDEM 2021 demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7rHtQwpuus
<aleph-> Anything good at fosdem this year?
<aleph-> Been meaning to check out the infra track
<bbigras> I don't know. The live thing was super early for me. At like 5:30 am so I'm waiting for all the recording to go up
<manveru[m]> not much i was excited about... mostly the usual k8s, ansible, pulp, consul stuff, not that i was expecting much
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<elvishjerricco> Welp. Just learned that the tools previously used to support nvidia gpus on macos no longer work, so this whole thing was for nothing.
<energizer> which programming languages will execute independent operations in parallel by default? e.g. `print(factorial(20), file="a.txt"); print(sum(random(10000), file="b.txt")` the calculations will happen simultaneously
<aleph-> manveru[m]: Heck is pulp anyway?
<infinisil> energizer: Not fully independent actually, because the first could fail, or some other code could depend on b.txt appearing after a.txt
<energizer> infinisil: some other code?
<infinisil> Yeah, like a file locking mechanism or so
<energizer> yeah i want a runtime that doesn't make assumptions like that
<manveru[m]> aleph-: not sure... some stuff on top of ansible for deb/rpm management i think
<aleph-> Ah, huh
<aleph-> Seems unneeded but meh
<__monty__> aleph-: VHDL and VeriLog? : >
<__monty__> Maybe Futhark? It's heavily focused on parallel programming I believe.
<energizer> i guess that was for me __monty__
<__monty__> energizer: Ah, yes. aleph-: Apologies.
<jtojnar> but I wonder about interleaving of printed values
<aleph-> Hmm?
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<jtojnar> energizer: but https://hackage.haskell.org/package/monad-par-0.3.5/docs/Control-Monad-Par.html looks interesting for pure functions
<energizer> thanks
<infinisil> jtojnar: Yeah but that's explicit parallelism, I think energizer is asking for implicit one, though that doesn't seem trivial to define
<infinisil> Fundamentally you can use `pseq` in haskell to do parallel pure evaluation
<infinisil> pseq is like seq, but it evaluates both arguments in parallel
<infinisil> And if everything is parallel by default, I think that would be super expensive
<jtojnar> time for template haskell? 🤣
<infinisil> E.g. `1 + 1` evaluates both sides in parallel
<infinisil> I guess you could build a strict evaluator that evaluates all arguments to functions in parallel when it is called
<infinisil> So `f a b` would be 'a `pseq` b `pseq` f a b'
<infinisil> Well it's neither strict nor lazy then. It's something inbetween
<infinisil> But that sounds interesting
<infinisil> But then you have the problem of evaluation order
<infinisil> If both a and b fail to evaluate, which error does `f a b` produce?
<elvishjerricco> The spark pool in haskell is pretty quick; obviously you wouldn't want to spark at *every* two argument function, but "most" would probably perform quite well if you could reasonably define "most"
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<__monty__> It would definitely not be lazy afaiu. Non-strict maybe, depending on things like error handling.
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<__monty__> A significant problem would be bottoms, especially infinite recursion. Would you simply accumulate threads looping infinitely not producing anything useful?
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<infinisil> Good point
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<gchristensen> isn't there a super easy way to pass jq a bunch of arguments and then get it as an object in stdout?
<eyJhb> gchristensen: Ehmm... What do you mean/what is the end goal/examples?
<energizer> gchristensen: i think you want https://github.com/jpmens/jo
<infinisil> gchristensen: How about --slurpfile
<gchristensen> like: jq -n '...som.thing...' --arg foo bar --arg baz tux => {"foo": "bar", "baz": "tux"}
<eyJhb> Ehmm, you can do it easily if you have a bunch of files `jq -s '.' file1 file2 file3`
<energizer> pkgs.jo
<gchristensen> oh here we go
<gchristensen> $ jq -c -n '$ARGS.named' --arg foo bar --arg baz tux
<gchristensen> {"foo":"bar","baz":"tux"}
<gchristensen> energizer: oh cool
<infinisil> :o
<energizer> heckuva syntax there
<infinisil> lobsters really doesn't want to give us a nix tag eh https://lobste.rs/s/26bnoc/please_add_nix_tag
<eyJhb> Some day...
<gchristensen> nice to see people have opiniosn about it
<infinisil> I've been thinking a lot about tagging systems in general
<infinisil> Especially with music
<infinisil> But it's really tricky. There's tags which can imply other tags, tags that contradict others, tags that are a combination of multiple, etc.
<infinisil> And I'm not sure if there's a better way than just entering these relationships manually
<infinisil> Though I'm thinking about a system that infers these relationships
<infinisil> (so I guess that would be better than manual)
<infinisil> Like, if 99% of songs tagged with "shimazu aya" (an enka singer), also have the "enka" tag, then the system can infer the "enka" tag for pretty much al future "shimazu aya" ones
<infinisil> The more tags you add, the smarter it gets
<infinisil> I'm also thinking: Instead of having to opt-into tags, what if you'd have to opt-out instead
<infinisil> So by default, every item in the library has *all* the tags. You then want to listen to e.g. the "enka" tag, so it plays all songs that still have that tag
<infinisil> But whenever you spot a song that's not enka, you remove that tag
<infinisil> Therefore you can relatively easily tag your music library, without having to know all the tags that can exist
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<pie_> infinisil: are tags turing complete
<infinisil> No lol
<pie_> are you sure
<neeasade> <infinisil> But whenever you spot a song that's not enka, you remove that tag
<neeasade> FWIW, this is kinda how I currently do it
<infinisil> Oh nice, what's your tooling? How well does it work?
<neeasade> I use search terms to generate playlists against a local collection -- but some terms like "house" (for house music) are too generic, so I have an alias to remove the current song from the currentplaylist
<neeasade> sec
<infinisil> Nice
* infinisil reads
<infinisil> Neat
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<pie_> nice
<infinisil> neeasade: How well is it working?
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<infinisil> Any problems you're seeing?
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<neeasade> I'm very content with it -- been about 2 years with this approach. main issue is that I can't apply this to streaming services/lug it around, but I don't do that much anyway -- I just had to establish the habit of slamming the youtube-dl button when I heard something I like on the internet