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<infinisil> Pretty interesting stuff in this weekly! https://weekly.nixos.org/2020/02-nixos-weekly-2020-02.html
<DigitalKiwi> highly recommend a buffing wheel if you buy cheap/import tools that have sharp/rough surfaces. makes these cheap tools nice tools
<DigitalKiwi> my belt sander table was almost unusable before...everything kept catching
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<evanjs> infinisil: saw that! Mmmm 🦀 - hoping to see more rewrites like that, and dead/unmaintained projects are a great, low-risk place to start!
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<ashkitten> holy shit!
<ashkitten> and the keys themselves are only $10 apiece. i dont see any downside to getting 4 of these instead of a single yubikey for the same price
<ashkitten> ofc they do say it's experimental
<ashkitten> but still
<ashkitten> sigh, i should really get a yubikey for real though actually. i don't have money rn and won't for a while tho
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<colemickens> I'm still just waiting for one that has USB-A/USB-C/NFC all in one.
<ashkitten> colemickens: yeah, the dream
<colemickens> Or even better, I've been thinking about getting the newer Trezor with a screen - it can let you do on-ext-hw PIN entry with GPG agent etc.
<ashkitten> oh cool
<colemickens> But the Trezor isn't actually super secure as I understand it, at the hardware level, so...
<ashkitten> oh i wonder if when i get my cosmo i'll be able to make it work as a usb keyboard to type passwords into computers
<ar> TIL: ip addr flush dev wlan0 # didn't know flush worked in addresses too
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<eyJhb> ashkitten: should be possible
<eyJhb> But you can use you current phone for that, right? :D RUbberDucky
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<ashkitten> eyJhb: technical, yes. practically, no.
<ashkitten> i'm not even sure there's a software keyboard i could use yet
<ashkitten> nixos-mobile is just a bootloader into nixos so far, iirc. no actual mobile ecosystem bits
<eyJhb> ashkitten: practically no, how? You could make a script, and then execute it
<eyJhb> Project on Github for it called Rucky
<ashkitten> execute how?
<ashkitten> on android, you mean?
<ashkitten> sorry, i'm stuck on nixos-mobile
<eyJhb> Yeah, from Android
<eyJhb> Ah
<eyJhb> ten no
<eyJhb> Then*
<eyJhb> Assumed Android, sorry
<ashkitten> current phone runs android yeah
<ashkitten> i was talking about when i run nixos on the cosmo
<eyJhb> Ah, makes sense :) Then you have a project to work on! :D
<ashkitten> it's got a hardware keyboard so i don't even need to worry about that aspect
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<ashkitten> actually...
<ashkitten> they mentioned the cover display being usable as a trackpad at one point in an update i think
<eyJhb> I need to get at Cosmo at some point
<eyJhb> Right after I have recovered economically
<ashkitten> ar: you have a cosmo, right? is the cover display a working trackpad? or maybe that'll be a linux thing
<ashkitten> eyJhb: yeah, i ordered mine a long time ago when i had spare money
<ashkitten> now we're moving in a month so we can't spend on anything
<eyJhb> > DKK 30000
<{^_^}> "30000 DKK = 4500.000000 USD"
<DigitalKiwi> kde-connect has a fairly useable keyboard
<eyJhb> Is what I need to save up atm...
<DigitalKiwi> and mouse!
<ashkitten> DigitalKiwi: sure, but on the same device?
<eyJhb> ashkitten: Ahh, that is nice to be moving! I just bought a cat. And she is a total idiot :P
<DigitalKiwi> what do you mean same device
<ashkitten> it's gonna be good to have a better & bigger apartment but moving is stressful and i get panic attacks lol
<ashkitten> DigitalKiwi: i'm talking about using nixos on a phone
<eyJhb> ashkitten: ahh, not that nice then.. But when it is done, then it is nice
<eyJhb> I love moving and getting things into order again
<ashkitten> definitely
<DigitalKiwi> 06:49 ashkitten: oh i wonder if when i get my cosmo i'll be able to make it work as a usb keyboard to type passwords into computers
<DigitalKiwi> i'm talking about that
<ashkitten> DigitalKiwi: oh, i meant with my password manager lol
<eyJhb> ashkitten: Wishing I could get a bigger apartment soon, but that requires me to win over another person. And not sure she is go yet :p
<ashkitten> also i did say over usb, for computers i haven't set up for myself
<ashkitten> if i'd set up the computers i'd have my password manager on them already
<DigitalKiwi> oh
<ashkitten> eyJhb: ah that's legit. i'm lucky to be living with my gf, since i'm unable to work
<ar> ashkitten: the trackpad is working, but it's kind of laggy
<ashkitten> oh huh
<ashkitten> the entire cover display is laggy as well, yeah? i heard that from someone else
<ar> ashkitten: also, the entire cover display is handled by a separate microcontroller, iirc an stm32
<ar> yup
<ar> and - afaict - it uses the same APIs that android lockscreens use
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<ashkitten> i hope they get that working better because it'd be really disappointing if it's just unusably slow
<ar> so there must be some daemon on the cosmo responsible for comms
<ashkitten> hmm
<eyJhb> ashkitten: yeah... The plan as is to score her, and get a bigger apartment together with the little kitty ;)
<ashkitten> cute
<ashkitten> eyJhb: damn now i wanna cat
<eyJhb> ashkitten: want to see some pictures so you might want it more? ;) :p
<ashkitten> gf is telling me we can't get a cat until we move ;-;
<ashkitten> but i wanna cat nooow
<eyJhb> But then you can soon get a cat :D
<ashkitten> a month is a really long time ;-;
<ashkitten> thats like, half a year
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<eyJhb> ashkitten: soon ;)
<eyJhb> Until then you can request kitty images from here, she is 10/10 stupid. And she loves her little plastic box
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<clever> gchristensen: i now have nixos booting on an rpi2, without any blobs!
<clever> gchristensen: but the cpu is running at ~1/50th normal speed, so it takes 8 minutes to boot
<Taneb> I still intend to get NixOS on my RPi0, but I haven't gotten around to it yet
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<srk> clever: wow! congrats :)
<srk> clever: is arm core missing clock config?
<clever> srk: thats what i need to investigate next
<clever> srk: i found a /2 in one of the config registers, and changing it to /1 made it 40% faster, relative to the 1/50th speed
<clever> so 1 is the original speed, 1.4 is the new speed, and 50 is where it should be
<srk> there's probably some PLL, combination of few fields
<srk> I guess there's no documentation for that
<clever> exactly
<clever> the PLL's are supported by linux, but the PLL that controls arm is missing
<clever> because the firmware drives that one
<clever> and they dont want 2 OS's fighting over a PLL
<srk> I see
<clever> ive added support for PLLB, and confirmed its running at ~939mhz
<clever> when it normally runs at 1.2ghz
<clever> but there is an unknown chain of dividers after that
<clever> and the /2 i changed to a /1, isnt all of it
<clever> srk: this shows the clock free
<srk> hmm, BCM2837-ARM-Peripherals.pdf
<srk> that's new, wonder if that's relevant
<clever> srk: that only explains the GPCLK nodes
<clever> wait, 2837....
<clever> whats the last-mod timestamp?
<clever> srk: what link did you find it at? i'm not seeing it on the official repo
<srk> it says 2012, and yeah, there's only GPCLK
<clever> srk: that looks like the 2835 pdf
<clever> from the original rpi1
<clever> most of the pages even say 2835, only the 1st claims 2837
<srk> yup
<clever> the GPCLK's can select between any PLL channel (specifically one of the dividers under each), and then output a clock based on that
<clever> and you need to configure GPCLK to even get usb working, on models 2 and 3
<clever> the usb hub needs a 25mhz clock, and they cheaped out and didnt install a 25mhz crystal
<srk> :)
<clever> so, the main SoC has to be configured to generate the 25mhz clock directly
<clever> and each model puts it on a different pin!
<srk> /o\
<jtojnar> are dogs aware of their leash when walking around obstacles?
<srk> some
<jtojnar> or is it like some people with baseball caps bumping their forehead into doorframes?
<clever> srk: so i need to detect the model of pi, and then output the clock on the right pin
<__monty__> jtojnar: I've never seen that happen o.O
<viric> damn it I bought a new keyboard and I bet it has a low sampling frequency
<viric> if I press two keys close enough in time, it always outputs the same order no matter which I press first
<clever> viric: ive got an old wireless keyboard, and it has a crappy buffer and power saving combination
<viric> it's a Cherry Stream 3.0
<viric> wired
<clever> viric: if i press 2 keys rapidly while its "off", only the 1st key every goes thru
<clever> once it wakes up, it doesnt drop keys
<viric> power saving by ignoring keypresses. clever.
<clever> the problem, is that if i hit 4 keys in a row, the 2nd key is always lost
<viric> This world of keyboards is HELL
<srk> viric: they cheaped out on keyboard matrix :)
<viric> I make two fingers fall quick over KM
<viric> (with care k being first) And it types mk
<srk> clever: common/broadcom/bcm2708_chip/axi_dma_lite14.h:// This file was generated by the create_regs script
<viric> It's not the matrix this time! It's the sampling frequency
<clever> viric: ive found that with one of my older laptops, i would sometimes be typing so fast, that i wasnt pressing keys, i was dragging and rolling a finger across many keys
<srk> clever: any idea where does create_regs come from?
<viric> They get the two key presses in the same sample.
<clever> srk: i suspect those are generated by processing the verilog that created the original gates in the chip
<clever> srk: obviously, locked behind NDA
<srk> ah, right
<viric> I was typing the whole day in this new Cherry keyboard and swapping letters quite often
<viric> I thought I was not used to the push-force of the keys....
<clever> srk: some of the hw blocks are now supported by linux itself, you can compare the addresses from these headers to device-tree to get a compatible name, then search for that in the linux source
<srk> clever: guess I'll try to reconstruct .h files into SVD files to allow easy inspection
<clever> srk: SVD??
<clever> -?
<srk> I can load these in my hgdb wrapper and inspect contents via their names http://ix.io/2aZQ
<srk> with tab completion
<srk> to save some roundtrips between -> look up register address -> x /x $addr -> decipher
<clever> srk: here is an example of accessing the registers from plain linux
<clever> that reads the ST_CLO (clock lower 32bits), on an rpi4
<clever> line 10 should be 0x20000000 for an rpi1, 0x3f000000 on 2/3, and 0xfe000000 on an rpi3
<clever> 4*
<clever> there is a proper library to handle all of that for you, which i didnt bother looking up
<srk> like the arm regs are mapped at different locations on linux?
<clever> yeah
<clever> 2 layers of mapping are at play, which is explained on the pdf you previously linked
<srk> ok, good to know
<clever> page 5, the registers within the 0x7e00_0000 space, are remapped to an arm physical address (0x2000_0000 on the rpi1, and then they keep moving it)
<clever> and then linux itself, remaps them again to a virtual address, so the kernel can access them natively
<clever> but /dev/mem deals with arm physical
<srk> makes sense
<srk> otherwise the i/o registers are compatible between variants?
<clever> mostly
<clever> some hw blocks like ST_ appear unchanged over every model
<clever> some like the I2C controllers got multiplied, and the rpi4 has more of them
<clever> the power management (PM_) seem to function in a completely different on the rpi4
<srk> that's fine if it's still the same IP
<clever> some like the arm control block, reserved bits start having a purpose, when 64bit comes along
<srk> there's no way to compare these via header files I guess
<clever> we only have the headers for the rpi1, and the current linux source
<srk> yeah, with some guesswork we can RE the rest
<srk> good that you can at least dump what's the orig fw sets
<srk> s/what's/what
<clever> srk: some things like the ARM_ block, return all nulls when read from the arm side
<clever> srk: you can only see the true value if you read it from the VPU
<srk> protection mechanism?
<clever> yeah
<srk> like arm control blocks should be standard anyway
<clever> the arm translate registers let you configure the mmu from page 5 of the pdf
<clever> thats entirely non-standard stuff
<clever> that maps arm physical to real physical
<srk> ah
<clever> srk: this is the proper way to get the address for line 10 of my gist
<savanni> What time does Nix Friday happen? Or has it already happened today?
<gchristensen> zimbatm: ^
<zimbatm> savanni: it's on hold at the moment :/
<savanni> kk.
<zimbatm> got too much work at the moment
<zimbatm> I'm hoping to resume it next month
<savanni> k. I subscribed so I'll try to be paying attention to notifications.
<srk> clever: yeah that uses dt internally - this seems to work - xxd /proc/device-tree/soc/ranges
<srk> yeah
<clever> srk: ranges lets you map registers from dt back into arm physical
<srk> cool, didn't know there's devicetree spec!
<clever> srk: dma-ranges lets you translate arm physical back into bus addresses, for the purposes of telling a device to perform dma
<clever> srk: the rpi4 also has 4 or 5 different address spaces, and the pci controller lives in a different one
<clever> srk: so the pci area, has its own unique dma-ranges, so you translate a given physical differently, when telling pci to dma
<clever> srk: as for what uptime.c did, the rpi has a 64bit free-running timer, ST_CLO and ST_CHI give you the lower and upper 32bits of it
<viric> damn it the K120 also does the sampling thing.
<viric> Maybe it's the OS?
<clever> srk: ST_C0, ST_C1, ST_C2, and ST_C3 are 4 compare registers, that will fire an irq when the lower 32bits match, and the rpi1 needed that as it was the only source of timers
<viric> I don't know the USB HID thing enough, but it has to be very weird if it only allows 6 keys at once
<clever> srk: rpi2 added proper arm timers into the mix
<srk> like systick?
<srk> viric: it's the reason why there's no full NKRO on linux except for PS/2
<srk> on windows it's doable with special drivers iirc
<viric> I've used NKRO keyboards in both very well
<viric> all worked fine
<srk> but for which N :)
<viric> all I managed to press
<viric> A Sharkoon SKiller 5 or similar name, I used
<srk> yeah, looks like linux driver shouldn't be limited either
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<viric> But I don't care about that now
<viric> I care about why my keyboard doesn't know in what order I pressed the keys if I press them fast
<viric> and how could I prove I type them in this or that order :)
<viric> - the laptop keyboard looks like working fine, but that's PS2
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<ar> <viric> I don't know the USB HID thing enough, but it has to be very weird if it only allows 6 keys at once
<ar> viric: that's true only for the compatibility/basic mode
<ar> viric: which keyboards default to because of macos
<ar> (because iirc even non-ancient uefi knows how to deal with modern hid)
<viric> ar: ok, it makes sense.
<viric> so my fight is against the matrices and the sampling frequency
<viric> And manufacturers OF COURSE wouldn't report any of that
<viric> so I don't know what keyboard to buy to shut up my complaining
<srk> viric: what's the microncontroller inside it?
<viric> srk: I've no idea.
<srk> you can try something that runs qmk
<srk> find a screwdriver and break that warranty void sign
<viric> srk: I may still return the keyboard
<viric> I don't want a mechanical keyboard but I want good sampling rate + 2KRO with shift pressed.
<viric> (crying to the sky)
<clever> viric: modifier keys like shift/alt/ctrl are often an exception to the rollover, and have a dedicated bit field
<viric> clever: I have not found a single keyboard where that is true
<viric> yet I've seen that claim in websites
<clever> viric: have you played with libusb much?
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<viric> clever: a bit. I wrote a usermode driver for a device
<viric> (a temperature logger)
<joepie91> viric: is there a configuration tool for your keyboard?
<viric> I could write it understanding 10% of what I was doing
<clever> viric: ive used libusb to talk to my wireless headset before, it does report button presses over usb hid
<viric> it worked.
<joepie91> I had a very similar issue with my new keyboard, until I realized that I could increase the sample rate from the config tool
<joepie91> and it works fine now
<viric> joepie91: I don't think there is
<viric> cherry stream 3.0
<clever> viric: you could use that to dump the raw HID packets, and see how much room it has, and what keys do what
<viric> I can't press R+T+shift at once
<clever> ouch
<viric> I mean it doesn't get that. I don't need the usb thing to find out about that
<viric> clever: I wrote this https://viric.name/typing-rollover.html
<clever> but libusb can reveal where shift is held in the packet, and why it fails
<viric> clever: nah, it's the matrix
<viric> not the wire data
<clever> ah
<clever> viric: let me see what your site does with mine...
<clever> viric: abcd can be held at once, but the e is then ignored
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<clever> and i can release any of abcd, without any glitches
<clever> but ASDF ignores the F
<clever> that looks like matrix problems
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<clever> asd jkl can get me to 6 held at once
<cransom> i have 7 simultaneous keys. shift/ctrl are separate and get me to 9 on a kinesis freestyle pro
<cransom> oh, take it back. script glitch, it's 6.
<clever> cransom: yeah, shift lets me get up to 7, asdjkl<shift>
<clever> but then hitting a 7th letter, causes shift to glitch and release itself
<clever> ctrl+shift lets me get up to 8
<cransom> my modifiers doesn't conflict with regular keys. cmd/shift/ctrl/control show up after the 6 regular keys
<clever> i can get up to 9 keys, if i use ctrl+windows+alt asdjkl
<clever> it gets hard to press that many keys, running out of fingers
<clever> cransom: thats what i need, lol
<clever> found a way to break the matrix hard
<clever> zx ctrl windows alt, works
<clever> zxq ctrl windows alt, works
<clever> zxqw ctrl windows alt shift, turns into zxq
<cransom> something also about how keyboard manufacturers cheap out as well by tuning which keys rollover well. wasd and surrounding keys get some love, and modifiers + zxcv for the common windows shortcuts (on qwerty)
<clever> yeah, if i swap w for another key, i can get more
<clever> for some combinations, it sanely ignores the new press (limit in reporting not detection?)
<clever> for others, it drops other held keys (limit in detection?)
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<ashkitten> keyboards are fun
<ashkitten> especially open source keyboards
<ashkitten> possibly ones you build yourself
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<cransom> i have 2 that i enjoyed making.
<srk> I'm going to desing and build one too soon^tm, gonna run haskell generated firmware
<srk> don't have USB stack yet
<wildtrees> haskell generated firmware!? something like ivory?
<clever> wildtrees: one crazy plan i have, is to run haskell as the firmware
<clever> not generating firmware, but being the firmware
<gchristensen> O.o
<wildtrees> you are gonna something like ghc as firmware?? what about gc pauses and gc size, how big is the device you are gonna run? I have heard of unikernels that use haskell
<gchristensen> you'll need to do neat tricks to make the SoC let you allocate 1T of vmem
<wildtrees> ha :)
<gchristensen> ;)
<clever> gchristensen: that 1tb of ram, is only a performance hack, done on 64bit systems
<clever> haskell doesnt do it on 32bit systems
<gchristensen> aye, it was a cheap joke
<clever> wildtrees: the current rtos (threadx) has the ability to defrag its heap
<clever> wildtrees: and the copy collector in ghc, is basically defragging the heap each time it collects
<clever> that is what led to this idea :P
<clever> wildtrees: and i have read the bootstrap code in halvm (haskell under xen), so i know how to make it work, i just dont know how to compile it for the arch (haskell to llvm to vc4)
<wildtrees> I mean its a cool idea, only problems I have had with haskell is mostly occasional gc pauses for games, and serializing and deseriliazing large amounts of binary data is kinda of slow
<wildtrees> vc4?
<clever> videocore4, the gpu on the rpi
<__monty__> A keyboard firmware running on a GPU? o.O
<clever> __monty__: haskell on a gpu, not keyboard on a gpu
<srk> wildtrees: exactly ivory, and tower :)
<clever> __monty__: though, you could have the gpu dealing with a keyboard matrix
<__monty__> Oh, I thought you wanted to run it as a keyboard firmware.
<clever> its more then just a gpu
<wildtrees> something haskell like on a gpu, reminds me of futhark, haven't look into it much
<clever> the VPU on the rpi, is just a dual-core processor, that can run any normal code (c/c++ is what i currently use)
<clever> it also has a 16 wide ALU, shared between both cores, which can fetch data from a 64x64 matrix of registers
<srk> ooh futhark, cool
<clever> this code will fill a c array with 16 ints, load all 16 ints into the matrix, multiply all 16 by a single constant, then copy them back out to a c array, and print
<clever> it can operate on a max of 1024 elements in a batch
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<gchristensen> revisiting a patch I wrote just 15 days ago, https://gph.is/1wu68Q1
<cransom> 'who wrote this crap.' <git blame> 'crap. i did.'
<gchristensen> haha
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<viric> clever: hitting a character makes it release shift? that's crazy
<viric> clever: the problem is not "up to N letters". The problem is the minimum that can be pressed together.
<clever> viric: depending on which keys i hit, shift returns when i release the "too many" one, but sometimes it doesnt
<clever> it would take too long to test every single pair of keys
<clever> oh, but i have noticed that windows is also a problem
<clever> ive been using screen on linux for years, and the hotkeys have become muscle memory
<clever> it i'm in putty on windows, i type too fast, and it drops half the keystrokes
<viric> is it worse on windows? how can it be?
<joepie91> clever: ha
<joepie91> cransom: ha *
<joepie91> sorry clever :P
<clever> i dont know what windows is doing, but its worse :P
<viric> In the logitech K120, if I drop two fingers straight over KO (caring to press K first), it types ok.
<viric> I'm amazed at this
<viric> The USB HID thing takes
<viric> The USB HID thing takes up to 6 key states per message.
<viric> (probably more after the 'boot keyboard protocol' thing)
<viric> But imagine that a message reports that o+k have been just pressed.
<viric> Is it possible? I hope not but feels like so.
<cransom> is that keyboard supposed to have a better reputation? i don't see much info on it other than it's $17 at amazon.
<viric> :)
<viric> I started at the Logitech K120 and I was happy with it. Comfortable. Until I realized that some things that end up typed wrong were not my fault!
<viric> Then I guess I got crazy at finding a keyboard that works.
<viric> I went for more expensive keyboards and all are worse, with more important problems than the K120
<viric> And somehow this "keyboard world" takes the direction towards mechanical keyboards with long key travel and noise. And I don't want any of that.
<viric> The keyboard with more keys rollover + short travel + high sampling rate is that of my cheap laptop.
<viric> The characteristics I care most are not advertised by any manufacturer: sampling rate, 2KRO with modifiers apart, short key travel, weak presses but quick return, etc.
<viric> So it's an adventure to find a keyboard.
<viric> With XEV I see that when I press two keys short enough in time, the appear with same timestamp
<viric> 1ms resolution
<viric> DAMN bash tab completion. "tar xf kernel.tar.xz lin[TAB]" unpacks the thing.
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<viric> clever: I added a time measure in that web thing
<clever> ive never had any issues with keys coming out in the wrong order, on this keyboard
<viric> It happens in two of two that I tested. I'll test a third now
<viric> Cherry Stream 3.0 seems to get the wrong char when <20ms between presses. The K120 < 15ms (for some key pairs)
<viric> clever: I discoverd this only today :)
<viric> the ps2 of the laptop works just perfect in this test.
<clever> viric: semi-related, my old dell c600 laptop, the first one with cpufreq stuff
<clever> viric: when it changed freq, the system would hang for ~600ms, and if i was typing too fast, it could drop ps2 packets
<clever> viric: and depending on timing, it might drop a key-release event, causing xorg keyrepeat to just take off
<viric> damn it
<ar> <__monty__> A keyboard firmware running on a GPU? o.O
<viric> clever: pretty bad
<viric> Until some weeks ago I would have thought that the keyboard thing was a computer problem SOLVED
<ar> __monty__: see, with raspi, the vc4 is actually the main core, judging by what manages bringup and by sillicon size
<ar> __monty__: arm cores there are just an addon for people that insist on running normal software there
<clever> ar: i can now boot linux on the rpi2, with fully open firmware
<clever> ar: so i now have the option to run more of a realtime thing on the vc4 side
<DigitalKiwi> clever: so i got my rpi to work with mainline but the linuxPackages_rpi2 just black screens after the "loading kernel"
<DigitalKiwi> rpi3*
<clever> DigitalKiwi: id say you should start with uart debug
<samueldr> that's dangerously on-topic for #nixos-chat
<clever> DigitalKiwi: as a more advanced solution that i have now unlocked, jtag....
<clever> get a new hammer, and every problem starts to look like a nail
<DigitalKiwi> i think you'll find i solve all problems with the same hammer
<clever> DigitalKiwi: now that i know jtag, i can single-step and backtrace the arm core of the rpi, before the os has even loaded
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<viric> the keyboard is responsible of the key press order even in a single HID report message https://wiki.osdev.org/USB_Human_Interface_Devices
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<jtojnar> huh, for some reason ostree tests are running in Catalan after update