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<nh2> samueldr clever: after having read through the first 2500 diff lines, have a first guess: `CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SD=m` in NixOS, `=y` in ChromiumOS:
<nh2> "Do not compile this driver as a module if your root file system (the one containing the directory /) is located on a SCSI disk"
<clever> nh2: nixos relies heavily on an initrd to deal with things like that
<samueldr> do you have an initrd?
<samueldr> my thoughts :)
<clever> nh2: if you provide an initrd to kexec, you likely can boot a stock nixos kernel via kexec
<clever> nh2: then you can lsmod, find what it needs, and bake those in!
<nh2> clever: hmm I tried that yesterday with kexec but it just hung
<clever> nh2: with or without an initrd?
<clever> nh2: and was the initrd made after nixos-generate-config guessed kernel modules?
<nh2> clever: I think with initrd, but should retry to make sure. For the second question, no, I haven't run that yet
<nh2> clever: I must have done something wrong last time, or not it's the fact that now I'm passing more --append args or that I changed the kernel somehow, but now kexec gets me further with
<nh2> `kexec -l /run/current-system/kernel --append="$(cat /proc/cmdline)" --initrd /run/current-system/initrd`
<nh2> it can't be the middleone, as `--append=""` also seems to get me that far
<clever> nh2: it may be that the --append parsing is dumb, and eats all further args
<nh2> clever: no I mean both `--append="$(cat /proc/cmdline)"` and `--append=""` work now, so the thing that made it work compared to before must be something else
<clever> ah
<nh2> clever: hmm, kexec has some problems. When it tries to mount the root fs, busybox fsck.ext4 complains about unsupported features: FEATURE_R24 FEATURE_R25 ... FEATURE_R31 "Get a newer version of e2fsck"
<nh2> clever: I suspect that is because before kexec, the root fs does not get cleanly unmounted
<clever> nh2: you should be able to flag it as no-check in fileSystems
<clever> nh2: oh, also
<nh2> I'm just doing `kexec -e` after `kexec -l`; should I reboot more properly somehow?
<clever> `systemctl kexec` will do a full shutdown, then kexec whatever is currently loaded
<clever> if nothing was loaded, (and your using systemd-boot), it will try to load the current kernel (according to the docs, untested on nixos)
<nh2> clever: OK, then I should try that better method so that it unmounts first
<samueldr> :/ my previous assumptions about =n not working may have been clouded by *some* options not respecting =n somehow
<samueldr> turns out I just don't know how to track down why it stays active I guess?
<clever> samueldr: some options can force =y on others
<clever> samueldr: check the KConfig files for all references to the one in question
<clever> also try setting it to n in menuconfig, and see if it allows it or does other changes
<clever> since menuconfig knows the rules and wont let you do invalid things
* samueldr needs to track down how to menuconfig
<samueldr> I know it's documented somewhere
<clever> samueldr: just `make menuconfig` in a nix-shell
<nh2> clever: hmm, I'll first have to do the fsck on another computer, because it's still marked unclean and the busybox can't do it
<samueldr> thing is, FB_LOGO_EXTRA is not referenced anywhere, ONLY at the option
<clever> samueldr: you can also oldconfig it after manually messing with .config to see if it gets upset
<samueldr> though it's config, not menuconfig
<samueldr> right?
<clever> menuconfig is ncurses
<clever> there is another one that is x11
<samueldr> sorry
<clever> maybe a gtk one?
<samueldr> clever: the option is defined as `config` and not `menuconfig` like LOGO
<samueldr> so I think that might be it
<clever> its called FB_LOGO_EXTRA in the Kconfig files, but then CONFIG_FB_LOGO_EXTRA in the makefiles and #defines
<samueldr> yes, I know
<samueldr> the few uses are all in the logo related things, and only the logo Kconfig refers to FB_LOGO_EXTRA
<clever> if defined, this header will declare a function type
<nh2> clever: hmm, even if I clean it, busybox will try to run fsck and fail. I can press `*` to continue though, and then it works! I am now in the nixos kernel with the initrd via kexec
<clever> when not defined, it declares an inlineable no-op function
<samueldr> yes
<clever> nh2: now lsmod and you can see what nixos is using, and needs baked into the kernel
<samueldr> believe me I understand everything UP until the Kconfig definitions and how the kernel automatically changes options
<clever> nh2: some stuff like alsa is obviously not needed to boot, so you can still make those modules if you want to
<gchristensen> samueldr: xconfig isn't so hard to enter either
<samueldr> yeah, turns out it wasn't; I'm mostly annoyed at the lack of clarity about linux config options
<samueldr> the syntax doc about it seems to imply it's an option https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/kbuild/kconfig-language.txt
<clever> samueldr: oh, there is no description or name on that, thats fishy
<samueldr> not the first one like that I see though :/
<clever> double-check xconfig or menuconfig, does it let you change that option?
<samueldr> it's not listed
<samueldr> though good point, testing with bool "some desc"
<samueldr> that might be it
<samueldr> it's now listed
<clever> samueldr: i think the Kconfig for something else (3rd party?) must flag FB_LOGO_EXTRA is required, and then call fb_append_extra_logo() at bootup
<samueldr> not sure why you're linking to the code
<clever> and if that 3rd party thing isnt involved, FB_LOGO_EXTRA will never be active
<samueldr> nothing third paty in this build
<samueldr> but I think that's because the config has no prompt
<samueldr> it's a bit weirdly documented, so I'm not sure yet
<samueldr> it looks like a config without prompt might be used to compute a config value dependent on others
<clever> i think its an internal option, that should only be enabled by 3rd party things making use of it
<samueldr> and only that
<clever> and without 3rd-party stuff, it just never enables
<samueldr> false
<samueldr> here not even "third party uses it" but "only computed according to other config values"
<clever> it also has a default value, that can mss with it
<clever> ooo
<clever> since you cant edit it, the default assumes full control
<samueldr> seems like it
<clever> so SPU_BASE is in control
<samueldr> the option is why up to 10 penguins are shown depending on the number of CPUs
<samueldr> (cores)
<clever> kconfig may even assume that default is an override, since you cant possibly have edited it
<clever> (and then you did edit it :P)
<samueldr> yeah, though it's not written "configs without prompt are not configurable" I'm 99% sure the wording on everything in the doc means that
<samueldr> https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/kbuild/kconfig-language.txt just in case the link was lost earlier
<samueldr> this seems to match the behaviour I saw
<samueldr> AND, an option *can* be re-defined, as long as its type match
<samueldr> so your third party thing is right too
<samueldr> (but no third party stuff here)
<samueldr> so two ways to force a value (and keep it through make oldconfig)
<samueldr> (1) add a prompt through a patch
<samueldr> (2) add a new Kconfig option for your customizations and new defaults/ifs
<clever> oh, the rpi kernel shows 4 raspberries on bootup
<samueldr> yeah
<clever> it may be interesting to see what it does differently
<samueldr> they changed the ppm
<clever> ah
<samueldr> I want to show *only one* :)
<samueldr> that's the thing that's not customizable
<clever> dang
<samueldr> you can enable/disable logo, but logo will always show x amount of logos (up to 10) , where x is the amount of cores
<samueldr> I want to hijack that as a "debug" thing, where this'll allow mobile-nixos to show a specific logo at the first possible moment, before anything else
<samueldr> (some android OEM kernel trees are quite broken and the console on framebuffer will not build)
<samueldr> being stuck on that initial logo would allow determining that the kernel started, but something broke in the initrd
<samueldr> thanks for sharing the debugging load
<clever> there is an early-printk thing, but if fbcon and serial are down, that wont help much
<samueldr> yeah, no serial on most android devices, and fbcon is not in good shape in those cases
<clever> another thing you could maybe play with, but i'm not sure it would work so early on, is usb gadget support
<clever> and usb otg
<samueldr> needed some initrd involvement
<samueldr> but it works fine
<samueldr> networking + ssh + dropbear
<clever> but if its booting fully, and its just an FB problem, that would help
<nh2> clever: I think I tricked myself: the kexec only works if I kexec into a kernel that has the ChromiumOS kernel config. I noticed by seeing that the lsmod output is the same before and after kexec. If I kexec into a real NixOS 4.4 kernel, I get the hang as originally :(
<nh2> Also I noticed that if I put the NixOS kernel (+modules) onto the root FS instead of the one with ChromiumOS config, then `lsmod` suddenly shows no loaded modules at all.
<samueldr> and adbd too, but not on aarch64 :/
<samueldr> (or might be the kernel)
<clever> nh2: nixos looks for modules in /run/booted-system/kernel-modules/ and if they dont match the kernel, it cant load them
<nh2> clever: but they should match, it's the same source code, just different config
<nh2> clever: the nixos hardware detection had generated me `boot.kernelModules = [ "kvm-intel" ];`so I've put that into my system config for generating the root FS, but I see in journalctl in the state when there are no modules `systemd-modules-load: Failed to lookup alias 'kvm-intel': Function not implemented`
<clever> nh2: there is a modsrc thing, where the kernel will bake its own hash into the modules
<clever> and if the hash doesnt match, it wont load
<clever> nh2: you could try manually running modprobe after booting in that "no module" situation, to see what the error is
<nh2> clever: hmm looks like there are infinite barriers people invent to keep me away from the goal :D
<clever> its mostly to prevent accidents from borking the machine :P
<pie_> writing domain specific shells or something https://bpaste.net/show/6c701fc5384e
<nh2> clever: `modprobe mii` says `version magic '4.4.178 SMP mod_unload modversions ' should be '4.4.178 SMP preempt mod_unload '`, I guess that's what you meant
<clever> nh2: if you can rebuild the kernels to make those specific options align, then it will allow mixing modules between the 2 builds
<clever> nh2: modinfo will also display that for a given module
<nh2> clever: not sure how to control those specific ones. I'm also not sure if I should go into that, as it's just a thing I noticed that lsmod is empty. It shouldn't interfere with the kexec, right?
<clever> yeah, if it boots with an empty lsmod, it should be fine
<samueldr> bad news: I was wrong in my sleuthing and FB_LOGO_EXTRA doesn't matter in showing more than one logo
<samueldr> good news: the fix is even more trivial
<clever> samueldr: ah, simple!
<nh2> clever: so given that the kexec hangs, it seems to be unhappy with the kernel I provide, or the initrd can't do something the device needs
<clever> could even patch it to be a kconfig option!
<clever> nh2: hmmm, does the device have any LED's?
<samueldr> definitely could, but the value is relatively low
<nh2> clever: only one in the power button
<samueldr> mostly a learning experience
<clever> nh2: seems unlikely, but check /sys/class/leds/
<clever> nh2: you can sometimes twiddle the LED's by just writing to the brightness file
<clever> you can also use trigger to remap it to any compatible event
<nh2> clever: lists capslock, numlock and scrollock, none of which exist on the keyboard
<clever> same for my laptop, lol
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<pie_> i ran setsid on some processes and now i cant kill them...is that normal?
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<pie_> can i use a build user other than nixbld1 that isnt tied up, so i dont have to reboot?
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<clever> pie_: what happens when you try to kill it with -9 ?
<clever> pie_: what is the parent of that process?
<clever> pie_: what does `ps aux` say about the un-killable?
<pie_> clever, nothing happens
<pie_> they are in the D state
<clever> pie_: what is the wchan?
<clever> pie_: top can show the wchan for things
<pie_> how do i get wchan
<clever> cat /proc/<pid>/wchan
* pie_ figures out these top things
<clever> cat also works
<pie_> all of these have empty wcahn
<clever> pie_: if the nix-daemon for nixbld1 is alive still, then nix wont try to use nixbld1
<clever> and it should try the next user automatically
<pie_> says waiting for lock or something
<pie_> clever, waiting for locks or build slots...
<clever> pie_: that means the derivation you want to build is already building
<pie_> oh
<pie_> well...yeah
<pie_> its the one thats stuck
<pie_> i guess i could just change something
<pie_> clever, ok i was able to kill the middle nix process
<pie_> now i can build again
<pie_> looks like thats a bad thing to do thought because its using the nixbld user again even though theres defunct processes
<pie_> well, thats not unexpected i guess, it uses the presence of the daemon to know that usually
<pie_> clever, the real question is how do i detach something in cntr 1) at all 2) without breaking the world
<pie_> because every variation of disown nohup and & i tried failed
<pie_> setsid works ?kind of? but breaks everything as you can see
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<kisik21> Hey! I'm running Sway on Wayland
<kisik21> And it's cool
<kisik21> I only need a bar
<etu> Nice :)
<kisik21> Is waybar in nixpkgs?
<etu> Should be
<etu> Haven't checked though
<kisik21> nix search waybar gives nothin'
<kisik21> saaaaaad
<etu> ,locate waybar
<{^_^}> Found in packages: waybar
<etu> Hmm
<kisik21> I'm on 19.03
<kisik21> it may be in unstable
<kisik21> But unstable was SO buggy with Xorg I rolled back to 19.03
<etu> Unlikely since 19.03 is quite new
<kisik21> (weirdly my old notebook is happily chugging along on unstable)
<etu> Well I'll be damned, it's not in 19.03
<kisik21> You don't need to be damned
<kisik21> I am damned
<kisik21> because my ESP is 100 MB
<kisik21> there is only place for 2 kernels
<kisik21> I let windows create it...
<kisik21> that was my biggest mistake ever
<etu> :(
<kisik21> I needed to partition stuff myself beforehand...
<kisik21> probably
<etu> I had that issue on my raspberry pi as well
<etu> Until I switched sd-card and fixed it at the same time
<kisik21> yep, RPis have that kind of stuff too because boot wasn't supposed to have, like, 5 kernels and 5 initrds
<kisik21> RPi devs didn't know about NixOS
<kisik21> :3
<etu> :D
<etu> Their loss ;D
<kisik21> Can I run GParted from Wayland as root?
<kisik21> I can't
<etu> I'm on exwm, so I'm probably stuck on x11 for a good while :p
<joepie91> pie_: unsure what that was in response to, but I agree, that's an annoyance of mine as well :P
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<MichaelRaskin> gchristensen: well, code comments have space locality without time locality, and the commit messages the other way round. As for PR description — it has the same model as commit messages; so it indeed either follows from commit messages obviously, or talks about transient review-process things or belongs to release notes.
<andi-> joepie91: that is where I'll be on sunday ;-)
<joepie91> hehe
<andi-> Currently experiementing with vulan in rust and then trying to shrink the binary to see if that has any future in the demoscene.
<andi-> Talked to a bunch of people yesterday that are big into rust but not for demos. Given the work on small webassembly it might be feasible.
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<gchristensen> MichaelRaskin: :)
<gchristensen> MichaelRaskin: putting "why" in the code is good too!
<MichaelRaskin> Well, it depends if that «why» is about a localised thing
<gchristensen> ah
<gchristensen> yes that is a good point. different levels of why.
<MichaelRaskin> My point was different dimensions of localisation.
<MichaelRaskin> (Time vs space)
<gchristensen> right, ok
<gchristensen> jD91mZM2: I have a puzzle for you and your rnix :)
<pie_> andi-, cool
<gchristensen> https://gist.github.com/grahamc/196c7efd4f57e421251037f0d9c99e38 how about a way to flatten a set of nix expressions in to a single file
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<infinisil> gchristensen: FWIW that can't be done in general, because what files to import may not be known yet, e.g. with IFD
<gchristensen> that source could be included written to a file and imported, no?
<gchristensen> oh i see
<gchristensen> well I'm happy to prohibit IFD if I can get this :)
<infinisil> What is this for?
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<gchristensen> to take a factored out NixOS configuration and make it a single blob for AWS USer-Data
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<joepie91> gchristensen: ahh, you're writing a bundler :P
<joepie91> Webpack, But For Nix(tm)
<gchristensen> oh no I'm notwriting it :P
<gchristensen> I'm hoping someone else does :)
<joepie91> oh, lol
<joepie91> maybe you can convince jD91mZM2
<joepie91> this seems like a great testcase for rnix
<gchristensen> :D
<joepie91> (on both the parsing/stringifying and format retention points)
* joepie91 lets out a deep breath
<joepie91> I finally have something approximating a comprehensive mount flag parser!
<gchristensen> oh man
<gchristensen> what for?
<joepie91> gchristensen: on paper, a VPS panel - in practice, the inevitable "query your system state with arbitrary queries" projects that this piece of the VPS panel is going to spin off into
<gchristensen> cool
<joepie91> gchristensen: anyway, I'm basically paying a one-time upfront cost to build an arbitrarily queryable system API so that I don't have to scatter exec()s throughout the rest of the codebase :P
<joepie91> given that a VPS panel is basically a big pile of wrapped CLI utilities, parsing code, and some shiny UI
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<clever> pie_: need to find breakfast next...
<pie_> clever, same
<pie_> well, i made a thing, it doesnt work yet https://github.com/deliciouslytyped/nix-cntr-sos
<pie_> i should build a search engine for nix documentaiton
<pie_> f*** me
<pie_> is this really ok https://bpaste.net/show/7984ca1895d4
<gchristensen> what would that list look like for anything else?
<pie_> could be worse i guess
<pie_> like, im just coming to realize there is a pretty good amount of docs out there its just nontrivial to search
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<pie_> i just started writing an outline for "What I Wish I New When I Was Welcomed In Nix" (content pending)
<MichaelRaskin> I hope it is «knew» there
<gchristensen> please do
<MichaelRaskin> Indeed, even an outline would be already quite helpful
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<pie_> problem is i should have started writing it when im started
<pie_> now im both experienced AND confused :P
<MichaelRaskin> Pity
<gchristensen> +1 that is a problem
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<pie_> i should go back and scrape my old irc logs for things i asked but ugh sounds so tedious
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<gchristensen> simpson: it would be neat if https://graphs.matador.cloud was linked to from more than the privacy policy page :)
<gchristensen> (although it seems down)
<simpson> gchristensen: Not down, just no longer public. Thanks for the heads-up.
<gchristensen> ah ok
<gchristensen> simpson: where (in physical space) does matador store data?
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<simpson> gchristensen: Datacenters belonging to one of Google, Microsoft, IBM, or DigitalOcean, somewhere in the USA.
<gchristensen> lol.
<simpson> Sorry, having trouble understanding the underlying motivation.
<gchristensen> given I'm downloading data from systems in San Francisco CA, Dallas TX, or New York City NY, would my data cross the continent to get to any of them?
<simpson> Yeah, it's gonna be interstate.
<gchristensen> for all three locations?
<simpson> In general, for Tahoe-LAFS, you'll connect "directly" to each storage server. But it's very easy for typical consumer ISPs to have gateways whose routes cross state lines.
<gchristensen> right
<simpson> For example, I might be in Portland, OR, with a storage server in a Google datacenter in The Dalles, OR, but my route still goes through a gateway in Seattle, WA, as well as a gateway in San Jose, CA.
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<Ralith> simpson: matador uses tahoe?
<ar> /41
<gchristensen> matador's primary service is hosted tahoe
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<Ralith> oh, I was confusing it with something else
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<joepie91> manpage says: "Ramfs is a memory based filesystem. Mount it and you have it. Unmount it and it is gone. There are no mount options. "
<joepie91> yet, on NixOS:
<joepie91> "options": "rw,nosuid,nodev,relatime,mode=750",
<joepie91> who has an explanation? :P
<joepie91> (for /run/keys)
<gchristensen> nosuid and nodev may not be filesystem-specific options?
<joepie91> correct; but `mode` is
* gchristensen shrugs
<joepie91> mount would fail given nonexistent options, correct?
<gchristensen> don't think so
<joepie91> hrm. really?
<gchristensen> my evidence is my /run/keys works great
<joepie91> actually, ramfs, we can test that
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<joepie91> gchristensen: so it doesn't /fail/ exactly, but it /does/ filter out my asdfasdfasdfasd=asdfasdfasdf option
<joepie91> which suggests that `mode` is semantically meaningful to it... somehow
<joepie91> `mode` seems widely used also...
<gchristensen> to the source!
<joepie91> ha
<joepie91> so the manpage is wrong
<joepie91> thanks
<joepie91> samueldr: I don't speak C very well; is my experimentally-observed conclusion that `mode` refers to the mode that the root of the pseudo-fs will have, correct?
<samueldr> feels like this is the mode of the root directory
<samueldr> (of the fs)
<joepie91> right
<joepie91> thanks :)
<samueldr> it's the only use of the mode mount_opts
<samueldr> and it's next to make_root
<samueldr> not an expert though
<joepie91> this seems enough confirmation for a confident assumption :)
<joepie91> good enough for me right now
<joepie91> I have insufficient motivation to untangle this particular yarn in detail now, heh
<joepie91> I've been reading manpages and source code for like 2 days straight now <.<
<joepie91> I'm almost there, though!
<nh2> samueldr clever: Using manual bisection of the kernel config in `meld`, I have found that the minimal change to the NixOS kernel config to make the Chromebook's display work is setting these from `m` to `y`:
<pie_> rewrite the kernel in nix
<joepie91> holy shit, it works :D https://i.imgur.com/czHh920.png
<samueldr> nh2: most likely these would be needed as modules in the initrd I guess if =m
<samueldr> nh2: all of them, when any of them is =m it fails?
<samueldr> AGP is weird, but maybe it's something more internal than the real AGP
<samueldr> >> AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) is a bus system mainly used to connect graphics cards to the rest of the system.
<samueldr> though I guess it's possible that internally pineview uses something AGP-like
<nh2> samueldr: yes, any =m here kills the display (also setting one of them to `m` also makes the respective "parent" in the config tree go to `m`)
<samueldr> right
<nh2> samueldr: so the question is: why does NixOS's initrd not work? Does it not contain the modules for one of these?
<samueldr> don't know, maybe even with those as modules something fails due to them not being loaded too early?
<samueldr> I guess the only way to know would be to (1) verify the modules are there in an extracted initrd (2) get some dmesg output
<samueldr> though (2) has been provably hard
<pie_> isnt agp something that was used before pciexpress stuff
<pie_> i mean i wouldnt know
<joepie91> yes
<nh2> samueldr: now that I know how to turn on the display, I should be able to get dmesg output even while leaving everything else unchanged. But my suspicion is: The required modules are *not* in the initrd
<nh2> how to map from CONFIG_* options to the names that can be given to `boot.initrd.availableKernelModules`?
<nh2> maybe I just need to put more stuff in there or `kernelModules`
<nh2> but I don't know how to call them
<nh2> are those names the ones in the section "modules built" in e.g. https://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/DRM_I915.html?
<simpson> nh2: Yeah. For example, $(modinfo i915) should show you many params.
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<nh2> ccccccgelcbvijdhnndurikcivntcrrvggkguncgngvr
<nh2> ccccccgelcbvrddhnlvfkhnttrvgrntfnlbknvfjdkjv
<nh2> sorry
<samueldr> cat?
<nh2> caryring laptop
<adisbladis> samueldr: Looks like yubikey
<joepie91> was gonna say, lol
<nh2> is one
<samueldr> oh
<nh2> carrying on the side results in this
<samueldr> yubicat? :)
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<clever> nh2: do you know what kind of things the yubikey can do in HSM mode?
<nh2> clever: no
<adisbladis> clever: As in PKCS#11?
<clever> 2019-04-19 23:14:57 < clever> looks like i need wallet_encrypted_derive_private from https://github.com/input-output-hk/cardano-crypto/blob/master/cbits/encrypted_sign.c, and it has to be called recursively a few times
<adisbladis> Or the actual Yubico HSM product?
<clever> 2019-04-19 23:22:24 < clever> i also need some chachapoly1305 at one point
<clever> adisbladis: i need to perform that unknown key derivation, and chachapoly1305 encryption, and some signing
<clever> adisbladis: part of the issue is that i dont really know whats normal with HSM's, can i request that it do sign(derive(derive(uber_secret)),"blob") ?
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<joepie91> hackalot, a hackerspace in NL, officially has a cooler deployment of the photo gallery software than we (revspace) do
<joepie91> that is a genuine floppy-powered digital camera
<joepie91> and they have a reader that, when a floppy is inserted, uploads the pics to the gallery
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<adisbladis> clever: Hmm.. sign(derive(derive(uber_secret)),"blob") should be fine. Though I'm not so sure about your combination of required crypto.
<adisbladis> Yubikey does not have ed25519 support
<samueldr> joepie91: bamboozled: that photo wasn't taken by the mavica itself
<adisbladis> Btw, for developing HSM applications softhsm is great
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<clever> adisbladis: i'm wondering about just throwing it together in an atmel chip for fun
<adisbladis> Honestly.. Sounds like less headache
<joepie91> samueldr: correct, but several others in the gallery were!
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<clever> adisbladis: what about TPM featurs?
<adisbladis> clever: Never played with TPMs
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<nh2> clever: I successfully kexec'ed now after setting `noCheck` on the root file system. I suspect that the busybox fsck that hangs (I mentioned before) runs *before* the display driver module is loaded, so I can't see that it's prompting
<nh2> simpson clever samueldr: There's still something I don't understand with module names. On https://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/AGP_INTEL.html it says the module is called `intel-agp`. But in `lsmod` it shows up as `intel_agp` :o
<samueldr> it's... uh... complicated
<samueldr> the filename will not be the module name in lsmod
<samueldr> find the .ko(.gz?) file for the module
<samueldr> it's likely to be intel-agp
<samueldr> no idea why it's that way though
<clever> modinfo will show more info
<clever> [root@system76:~]# modinfo intel_agp
<clever> filename: /run/current-system/kernel-modules/lib/modules/4.19.33/kernel/drivers/char/agp/intel-agp.ko.xz
<clever> modinfo points both intel_agp and intel-agp to the same file
<nh2> hmm right, so the filename has a `-`, the `name: intel_agp`, and in `depends:` everything is with `-` again
<nh2> clever: I've now set the `noCheck`, but the busybox prompt in still appears during the kexec
<nh2> clever: I don't understand why busybox fsck's it at all. I has all-`0` in /etc/fstab
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<clever> nh2: is it failing in stage1, stage2, or a systemd unit?
<nh2> clever: stage1
<clever> nh2: fstab doesnt exist yet at that stage
<clever> and @fsInfo@ comes from stage-1.nix
<clever> checkFS() looks of important
<clever> importance*
<clever> if the type at the nix level is set to "auto" then it will never check
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<clever> if its ext3, ext4, reiserfs, xfs or jfs, it will depend on the checkJournalingFS option
<clever> checkJournalingFS defaults to true
<clever> nh2: try setting that option to false?
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<nh2> clever: thanks, tried that now, it still hangs, but prompting with a different error message:
<nh2> [3.16] EXT4-fs (sda3): couldn't mount RDWR because of unsupported optional features (ff000000)
<nh2> mount: mounting /dev/disk/by-label/ROOT-A on /mnt-root/ failed: Invalid argument
<clever> nh2: that may be due to ext4 related CONFIG_ flags
<clever> grep the diff for anything ext related
<nh2> clever: Now when I press `*` to continue, it prints:
<nh2> Continuing...
<nh2> BusyBox v1.30.1 () multi-call binary.
<nh2> It's printing usage information, which suggests that something is invoking busybox switch_root binary incorrectly.
<nh2> Usage: switch_root [-c CONSOLE_DEV] ...
<nh2> clever: also that bash script that is stage1 seems to run without any of the normal bash "sanity" options like `set -e` or `-u`
<samueldr> -e would be "dangerous" in some cases :/
<samueldr> I'm pretty sure it's by design
<clever> nh2: it failed to mount /mnt-root/ and you told it to continue without a rootfs!
<nh2> samueldr: my experience is that all bash scripts in the world are bugged, and those without `set -e` are extra bugged, and that at least set `-e`should be turned off locally where needed
<samueldr> I tend to agree, but when it's the only thing stopping you from booting, I can see why they didn't
<samueldr> and with -u, considering it's not bash, not sure how expansions become more painful to work with -u
<nh2> clever: that's right, I don't expect it to boot through given that the mount failed, but I also don't expect it to invoke switch_root "with bad syntax"
<clever> nh2: continue just forces it to keep going
<clever> nh2: you may want to add boot.shell_on_fail to the kernel args
<clever> then youll have the choice to get a shell, and can debug it further
<nh2> clever: there are 2 more things that I don't understand:
<nh2> 1) before, without `checkJournalingFS = false`, it booted through when I pressed continue. Why does skipping the check result in an error?
<nh2> one that I cannot skip past?
<clever> nh2: no idea
<clever> getting a shell in either case could help debug
<clever> as would getting a diff of the ext related CONFIG_'s
<nh2> 2) I also got before this change, and still get, various modprobe errors before that:
<nh2> ahci ums_realtek intel_agp i915 ext2 ext4 dm_mod
<nh2> and the same for
<nh2> modprobe: FATAL: Module uhci_hcd not found in directory /lib/modules/4.4.178
<nh2> loading module uhci_hcd...
<nh2> clever: however, those can't be critical, as without the check disabled, I can just press * to continue
<clever> yeah, id just ignore those for now
<clever> oh wait
<clever> ext4 not loading
<clever> nh2: that would explain why you lack ext4 support!
<clever> ext4 is just ext with some special features
<nh2> clever: the reason for that mismatch might be non-perfectly-same kernel options as you identified yesterday, but it's still unclear why not-disabling that check "fixes" it
<clever> yeah, thats a weird thing
<clever> try making ext4 built into the kernel
<clever> then modules wont play a role in mounting rootfs