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<ekleog> ,help
<{^_^}> Use `,` to list all commands, `,foo = Foo!` to define foo as "Foo!", `,foo =` to undefine it, `,foo` to output "Foo!", `,foo somebody` to send "Foo!" to the nick somebody
<ekleog> ,test
<{^_^}> ekleog: Did you mean ask?
<{^_^}> Just ask your question. It's the best way to know if anybody can help.
<ekleog> ,test = test
<{^_^}> test defined
<ekleog> ,test
<{^_^}> test
<ekleog> ,test =
<{^_^}> Undefined test, was defined as: test
<ekleog> > "hello"
<{^_^}> "hello"
<ekleog> hmm, test not conclusive 😇
<simpson> Hm. I just was told to $(nix upgrade-nix), which was alright, I guess, but I'm still being told to upgrade and also my nix-env now is angry?
<simpson> error: unsupported builtin function 'buildenv'
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<infinisil> ekleog: Your test attempted to conclude ..?
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<simpson> Oh, okay.
<ekleog> infinisil: whether I would manage to get it in an infinite loop by making two bots each send a comment to the other :° but then I noticed it was actually a single bot, which afair doesn't read its own messages
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<adetokunbo> hello!
<adetokunbo> I'm using nixpkgs on Ubuntu; I've just installed docker using nix-env -i docker.
<adetokunbo> Is there a recommended approach for starting the nix-packaged dockerd ?
<adetokunbo> Is there anyway to some re-use the nixos module config on Ubuntu ?
<andi-> You want virtualization.docker.enable =true; in your nixos config. Also #nixos is probably a better place to ask. This channel is for off-topic or so
<adetokunbo> andi- thanks, I thought I am off-topic since I'm not running on #nixos :)
<LnL> by using some of the internal options you can build the unit file
<LnL> but it depends on the service if that's useful on it's own
<ekleog> adetokunbo: basically, it's possible, but likely not really easy to do, esp. if you start wanting that your unit file is actually usable from ubuntu-systemd and is automatically upgraded when nixpkgs upgrade
<ekleog> (also, you can use #nixos for generic questions about nix, even on non-nixos)
<adetokunbo> andi, ekleog: thanks! I will switch to #nixos
<adetokunbo> LnL: thanks! is there a link to an example I can start from?
<LnL> don't think so, but
<LnL> firstly make a configuration.nix with virtualisation.docker.enable = true;
<LnL> nix-build '<nixpkgs/nixos>' -I nixos-config=configuration.nix -A 'config.system.build.units."docker.service".unit'
<LnL> if you make sure that has a gcroot you can use systemctl link to activate it IIRC
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<infinisil> I am writing my nix-session repl thing
<infinisil> And darn, it's really really interesting
<infinisil> I get to use graph algorithms
<infinisil> Unfortunately I need minimum vertex cover
<infinisil> Which is NP-complete
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<qyliss^work> tfw you have to ask for nix-daemon to be whitelisted in the corporate antivirus
<LnL> rofl
<joepie91> lolol
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<andi-> github apocalypse?
<sphalerite> andi-: ?
<andi-> https://status.github.com/messages & times out from here. Even got a reject packet a minute ago..
<andi-> and it is back
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<andi-> Is it me or doesn't github show the full all-packages.nix and I can't even quote a few lines from there? :/ It's my GitHub day it seems..
<ldlework> andi-: the file is huge
<andi-> I know.
<samueldr> it's been that way for a long time (the all-packages.nix being unusable in github)
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<andi-> to bad.. was trying to quote a first-time-contributor the lines that he should touch.. Copy&Paste worked as well :/
<samueldr> yeah :/ that's an annoying issue
<pie__> i didnt think about it very hard, could we add warnings to nix shell or something when a script doesnt reference a specifix nixpkgs version or something, i keep running my scripts on the wrong versions of things and wondering why they break
<pie__> i know you can do that, just whether there would be a way to make nix enforce it on me :p
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<andi-> just received my tomu.. have to figure out what to do with it now :D
<samueldr> andi-: if you ever do fun stuff, ping me, got some on the backburner
<samueldr> also, andi-, -> https://github.com/teh/tomu-u2f-overlay
<andi-> ahh nice, just wanted to write that :D
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<andi-> I might make it blind red when the battery is low.. I always miss those subtile hints :D
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<samueldr> a long winded project I thought of is to make it respond to U2F or similar challenges in a reproducible way, not sure the actual value of it since it'd be hard to integrate into automated tests
<samueldr> (no secure element makes actual U2F use dubious, though it all depends on your attack surface)
<samueldr> oh right, and the whole "you need to touch it" makes it useless for automated tests :)
<sphalerite> samueldr: well since the firmware is open source you can disable the you-need-to-touch-it requirement?
<samueldr> yes, though I don't know how U2F works, does it also ping the device to ask "hey, next time you're touched do XYZ"?
<samueldr> and then, it's probably better to implement somehow with qemu? :$
<samueldr> (they were high-level ideas)
<andi-> What did I do wrong here https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/46526 ? :'(
<{^_^}> #46526 (by bitmappergit, 2 hours ago, closed): dart: 1.24.3 -> 2.0.0
<samueldr> I'd guess it's some weirdness from using the github UI to do a PR, if they really did use the github UI
<samueldr> I'd wait a bit see if another PR pops up from them, if not then ask?
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<sphalerite> YAAAAAY rustc builds on armv7 again
<sphalerite> ♥♥♥ to whoever fixed it
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<sphalerite> YAAAAAY my chromebook is finally on a reasonably recent nixos version
<samueldr> :( didn't bother to try on my CS10 due to 1) lack of firepower to build 2) space issues [14GB effective]
<samueldr> though I did hit a similar issue you had with the primary partition table being weirdly read only
<samueldr> used cgpt to manipulate the partitions out of the way
<sphalerite> I'm running off an SD card, so I have more space and no partition table weirdness
<sphalerite> but yeah the previous system revision was built from a nixpkgs from May D:
<samueldr> no reader on the CS10, only one (1) usb port!
<sphalerite> fair enough xP
<andi-> so chromebooks aren't that much fun with nixos after all? :(
<sphalerite> well I'm reasonably happy with mine
<sphalerite> the missing pieces are fast updates (lots of stuff to build myself) and a full-featured browser
<sphalerite> oh yeah and graphics acceleration
<andi-> :/
<sphalerite> it's definitely usable for a lot of things already though
<sphalerite> the first two things should be solved by getting a 64-bit ARM chromebook
<sphalerite> graphics acceleration… I'm still waiting for panfrost :p
<samueldr> armv7 chromebooks are at issue only because of the lack of cache IMHO
<samueldr> aarch64 should be more smooth sailing (hopefully as I intend to get one)
<samueldr> (for nixos)
<samueldr> intel are a non-issue, or should be a non-issue
<samueldr> I have a c720p with a coreboot build with tianocore
<sphalerite> I intend to get an aarch64 one too, as soon as the price drops by £100 again :D
<samueldr> I'm kind of biased to liking the general design of chrome devices
<samueldr> the chromeos project is not managed the same way android is
<samueldr> and it shows
<samueldr> [citation needed] they upstream as much as possible of not everything
<samueldr> if not*
<andi-> will any of you bringe one to nixcon? I'd like to test them out
<sphalerite> andi-: I'll bring mine
<samueldr> YMMV as there are cheap and not-cheap chromebooks
<samueldr> (as in build quality of the flesh-interfacing bits)
<andi-> is there any with built-in GSM/UMTS/LTE radios?
<sphalerite> oh hey the price *is* down £100 again! I might order one right now :o
<samueldr> sphalerite: which one?
<sphalerite> samueldr: c101pa
<samueldr> still 359.99$CAD :'(
<samueldr> (does not include tax, neither shipping)
<samueldr> ~211£ without taxes
<sphalerite> well it's £250 on amazon uk, down from £350
<sphalerite> tax included, and free shipping
<samueldr> ah, misread you, I thought you said "in the £100 range"
<samueldr> ah, so around the same I guess
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<sphalerite> samueldr: ooh but there's a used one on ebay for £150 also…
<samueldr> while some would say it's not financially wise, I only buy new :)
<samueldr> (and even ecologically friendly)
<sphalerite> and the new one from amazon is " Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months "
<sphalerite> which is inconvenient since I'm moving in less than a month
<samueldr> wow, what, one to two months?
<sphalerite> yeah out of stock I'm guessing
<samueldr> though I do have a non-chromeos RK3399 thing ordered
<sphalerite> the thing you mentioned the other day?
<samueldr> once I have it everyone will know it goes with it :)
<samueldr> yes
<sphalerite> samueldr: is the new background — grey with the white nixos logo and a "glow" coming from it — your work?
<samueldr> nope, ericsagnes' sphalerite
<sphalerite> aah ok
<samueldr> I merely replaced the old-logo bearing artwork
<samueldr> (also, that wallpaper was a bit "passé")
<sphalerite> it was a cool surprise when I booted into my upgraded system and found a completely new look
<samueldr> I'm the kind that already customized everything, so I see nothing different :D
<sphalerite> which wallpaper do you mean?
<sphalerite> oh yeah
<samueldr> I also had concerns with the licensing, as there are no traces where the base background comes from, and all google image reverse search returns misc. wallpapers websites
<sphalerite> could well be generated by the author themselves?
<sphalerite> oh jeez it's almost 1am
<samueldr> I asked, never got a reply
<sphalerite> I should go to bed
<samueldr> probably :)
<sphalerite> gnight!
<{^_^}> Night!