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<manveru> can anyone help with the darwin builds for crystal?
<manveru> it seems to fail because of a failure to build `compiler-rt`, which seems like an llvm thing
<LnL> I've seen some compiler-rt fixes pass by recently
<manveru> ah, seems that way
<manveru> https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/88248 fixes crystal they say :)
<{^_^}> #88248 (by ggreif, 2 days ago, open): llvmPackages_10: 10.0.0 -> 10.0.1rc1
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<eraserhd2> Did I ask before why we have to set UserName in launch agents? It seems there is no way to say 'current user', right?
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<__monty__> eraserhd: I assume they're run by a system daemon that has no notion of "current user" or at least has a different one than you might expect? It's not like you have a launchctl --user, like systemctl, right?
<eraserhd> Hmm, but as I understand it, agents are supposed to set up and run a user's login environment, and I don't think separate files are installed for each user.
<__monty__> Oh, maybe you're right. You're talking about stuff from ~/Library?
<eraserhd> Yeah
<__monty__> Yeah, not sure why it couldn't default to whatever user's HOME it found the files in. I assume explicit was just simpler.
<eraserhd> According to launchd.info "The main difference is that an agent runs on behalf of the logged in user while a daemon runs on behalf of the root user or any user you specify with UserName."
<LnL> "agents" always run as the login user, "daemons" run as root or the specified UserName
<__monty__> Oh, there's the agent/daemon seperation too. Well, I know nothink.
<LnL> user agents are just agents configured for a single user instead of all users
<eraserhd> hrmm, I'm not able to make an agent run without specifying a UserName.
<LnL> that's strange, it only works for daemons AFAIK
<eraserhd> Let me try again, make sure I'm not crazy... but this is the one I'm working on: https://github.com/eraserhd/dotfiles/blob/develop/kakoune/default.nix#L63
<eraserhd> and, well it works. I wonder how I messed it up before.
<eraserhd> Proposal: environment.launchEnvironment and a module that uses `launchctl setenv` to set these variables, necessary for me to set environments variables for my GUI apps.
<LnL> I think that's a very easy issue to solve
<eraserhd> How so?
<LnL> :)
<eraserhd> Oh, that's exactly what I want!
<eraserhd> activate is run as root, right?
<LnL> not all of it, but yeah the non user parts need permissions
<eraserhd> hmm, I want to set XDG_RUNTIME_DIR for my login to "$HOME/.run", but this seems not possible
<eraserhd> (just found launchd.user.envVariables, tho'f
<eraserhd> Still, it's shell quoted... Ok, I will ponder this later.
<__monty__> Fwiw, systemd units don't usually (ever?) have access to environment variables either.
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