<abathur> interesting thought
<abathur> not sure how "especially for existing stuff" would work in practice, since some things are going to get built on system up, but not write a default config until first run?
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<copumpkin> hi :)
<abathur> yo
<abathur> long time, no pumpkin? :)
<copumpkin> :D yeah, I'm back
<copumpkin> just in time for my nick to expire and to lose all my access
<abathur> doh
<copumpkin> feel stupid for not logging in at least once
<copumpkin> but oh well
<copumpkin> was somewhat refreshing to take a break from it all
<abathur> happens, it snowballs
<abathur> nod
<abathur> still at amazon?
<copumpkin> yup!
<copumpkin> how you doing?
<copumpkin> didja see Mitchell Hashimoto tweeting about using nix-darwin!
<abathur> yes heheh, graham posted it in here a few minutes after it happened
<abathur> doing okay, struggling to defend my non-work productive time during WFH, but at least I'm not on a ventillator
<abathur> :)
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<LnL> copumpkin: o/
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<LnL> woot!
<gchristensen> niiiiice!
<abathur> ooo
<LnL> it's still really rough, but I think this could go somewhere
<gchristensen> me too LnL
<LnL> you referring to my git stuff?
<gchristensen> no, the complicated stuffof apfs filevault encryption :P
<LnL> ah :)
<LnL> abathur: how do you want to deal with that pr?
<LnL> are you ok with iterating a bit more or do I cherry pick most of it and go from there
<abathur> not sure yet, since RosaCtrl is also working on something that sounds more like a "guide" to the options; curious what you and graham think; I was trying to get it up last night for RosaCtrl to refer to as well
<abathur> I'm open to either; I changed enough that I didn't imagine we'd be doing a full merge
<abathur> I could also maybe pull some parts out to independently PR for straightforward merge?
<LnL> there's definitively already lots of good stuff in there
<LnL> a few comments on the docs part but that's already a nice improvement
<abathur> I can also iterate on language in parts if it's unclear; but also not really looking to take over and want to make sure there isn't too much drawn-out iteration that might make it hard for RosaCtrl to get traction filling in the guide, if that makes sense
<abathur> oh, didn't notice graham had already commented; look what I get for staying off github for a few minutes :D
<abathur> LnL: not sure I follow on the t2 case comment?
<LnL> test_filevault currently only returns true for non T2 hardware
<LnL> :(
<abathur> I suspected that would be the case for some people
<LnL> does that change the story or is the warning still ok?
<gchristensen> I'm not sure
<gchristensen> I think I'd like to know a bit more about what it takes to do the encryption bits
<abathur> to be clear
<abathur> if it was a warning, I'd be suggesting it's gated behind the install flag itself
<abathur> so they'll already be running whatever god-awful creation I made
<abathur> --darwin-create-unencrypted-nix-store-volume
<abathur> for exactly this kind of reason--explicit consent
<LnL> let me try to find an example
<LnL> it's a mess with ui stuff involved tho IIRC
<abathur> Rosa may also be of some help here, it sounded like she has this working
<gchristensen> I have no doubt, LnL
<gchristensen> wow
<abathur> LnL: lol; thanks for pointing out that code line; I'd like to comment this for more clarity
<abathur> LnL: do you know what xART in this context is? google just gives me porn and I have no manpage and xartutil --help is pretty useless
<abathur> :]
<LnL> sounds related
<abathur> ah, bog; I've got that at least
<abathur> well, I'll just add a hand-wave comment that says it detects T2
<abathur> I guess that's the key anyways :)
<LnL> no idea what the name stands for but that's the thing communicating with the chip
<LnL> unless this is touchbar specific, don't have a way to test that
<abathur> I don't think so; it works on my MBA
<LnL> oh you have one with just the fingerprint sensor?
<abathur> yeah
<LnL> cool, good to know :)
<abathur> and for the moment, at least, I also have a spare one for testing that I haven't listed for sale yet, and also a 2013 MBA that should be testable for the "old hardware, catalina, filevault" case
<abathur> though it's currently on mojave, and I probably won't bump it up to Catalina before confirming any pre-catalina flows work right
<abathur> ok, I think I've got most of what's come up so far addressed
<abathur> at least in some form
<LnL> only took a quick glance, but looking pretty good
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