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<RosaCtrl> Hello!
<LnL> hi :D
<RosaCtrl> abathur LnL I read the proposed changes to the documentation and in my opinion they are good. I feel inclined to remove the symlink part altogether as one of the comments suggests
<RosaCtrl> Also I noticed that abathur's PR includes changes to the install script. I think it would be nice to have the manual procedure detailed as soon as possible
<RosaCtrl> My understanding is that a fully automated installation script is not ready yet and it may take time to get it right
<LnL> are you referring to the current stuff or encryption?
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<RosaCtrl> Both? I did the Catalina install months ago and I don't know what is the current state of the script TBH
<LnL> it's pretty much ready
<RosaCtrl> Interesting... I may play with it now. In that case ignore my last comment
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<abathur> I'm around as well
<abathur> LnL: curious what you have in mind (like, structurally/visually) for documenting the "ideal" solutions?
<abathur> I could imagine sticking in a footnote, for example, to keep those from interrupting the flow
<abathur> but if you're hoping that, say, people at Apple notice that the process sucks and see a list of what they could do to make it suck less...
<abathur> maybe it should be in some sort of sidebar/admonition/note element with sirens and searchlights? :)
<abathur> FWIW: I'm not really familiar with docbook
<LnL> not really sure
<LnL> somebody at apple seeing it is one reason
<LnL> but more importantly giving somebody that ends up there an indication of "why is this co complicated?"
<abathur> yeah
<abathur> I guess even if we could use groupWith/role to get an additional volume filevault-encrypted along with the boot volume, there would still be race conditions around getting it mounted in time?
<abathur> I roughly intended to get as much unactionable explainerish stuff (like the description of what a firmlink is) as possible out of the flow until the golden path is laid, so by that razor I would be inclined to explain this in the notes on the recommended approach
<abathur> but, it would also be amazing if someone from Apple did notice it sucks and did have an obvious fix in their face...
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<LnL> right that also makes sense
<LnL> don't feel that strongly about it, just a thougt
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<abathur> ok; I think I've pushed something to address each of this round of comments
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