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<abathur> I haven't found anything that suggests there's a way for a new volume to piggyback on the filevault FDE
<abathur> I have another macbook just back in from getting serviced; I suspect I'll sell it on swappa but for now that means I've got a spare mojave and catalina device to fiddle with
<abathur> I tried creating a new volume in the same volume group with diskutil but it doesn't seem to like that idea
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<johnw> does anyone have any success building static Haskell executables on Darwin?
<johnw> I'm having trouble linking file-embed, which is needed by servant
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<johnw> LnL: morning!
<johnw> LnL: well, evening, but hey
<LnL> hey, what's up?
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<qbit> hio
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<plumm> Hey, I read somewhere that nix only exports a subset of the libsystem symbols to keep builds reliable, but it appears that I am missing `futimens`
<johnw> LnL: I have an overlay where I'm trying to use certain libraries statically so that I can build a fully static Haskell executable
<plumm> I used to be able to build my project (zig) with brew llvm and clang and etc just fine, but I just switched to nix today and this is the last puzzle piece before a successful build
<johnw> so in my overlay I have: inherit (pkgs.pkgsStatic) pcre gmp libffi libiconv;
<LnL> plumm: yeah nixpkgs is still compatible with 10.12 so anything that's new since then is stripped out to avoid incompatible builds
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<plumm> I'm assuming `nixpkgs.darwin.apple_sdk` is what I need?
<LnL> johnw: hmm, I'm guessing the allowedReferences in the stdenv aren't correctly overridden with their static counterparts
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<LnL> plumm: no, there's (intentionally) no way to do that
<LnL> to work around it (assuming the probject only supports newer) you'd have to make it link directly against the real /usr/lib/libSystem.dylib
<plumm> yes the project's min version is 10.13
<plumm> okay thanks, I will find out a way to do that
<qyliss> Hello, a Rust bump has been blocked for a while on somebody testing on Darwin (since it's too big for OfBorg). Would somebody mind running nix-build -A fd ?
<qyliss> (And let me know if the build succeeds)
<LnL> oh, thought somebody was already on that
<evelyn> futimens is only available on 10.13 or newer
<plumm> Yeah, I don't know cmake so im exploring on how to update the link location to use the real librari like LnL suggested
<evelyn> lots of linux specific documentation still claims that it's missing from macOS too
<evelyn> (but it's not)
<evelyn> anyway
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<LnL> plumm: I think you'll have build with an overridden binutils
<plumm> ya lost me
<LnL> stdenv stuff, looks like we do a good job of making this hard :D
<plumm> I've only been using nix for a couple of hours so take my experience with a grain of salt
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<kronicmage> hey folks, can someone help me figure out why my python3.8 nix-shell isn't working? this is what I'
<kronicmage> 'm getting:
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<LnL> seems like attr is already included in 3.8?
<kronicmage> that may be so, but a different package has attrs has a dependency
<kronicmage> in particular, `hypothesis`
<LnL> probably should be conditional for <3.8 then
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<johnw> LnL: say I want any use of gmp by a Haskell package to use pkgsStatic.gmp. How do I "plumb that through" everywhere, but only within haskellPackages?
<LnL> hmm, isn't there an overrideScope or something/
<LnL> or does that not work for system deps
<johnw> no overrideScope on pkgs...
<johnw> trying some other things...
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