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<hexa-> indeed
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<q3k> that seems to have worked indeed
<q3k> https://paste.q3k.org/paste/SwjfZPSU#iH7+fEZOJg44AyHUXM1wQ5dF6+0ELxErLNa5tl79hP0
<hexa-> neat
<q3k> doing some more research, it seems like the only way to go is to try using opennsl
<q3k> broadom also has an openflow agent/dataplane implementation, of-dpa, but this targets ICOS and is blobby (ie contains kernel blobs)
<q3k> SONiC might be good to beg, steal and borrow some components from, as they're at least all dockerized
<q3k> seems like it uses SAI against opennsl kernel modules on trident switches, se that should be runnable under modern kernels, after porting the opennsl kernel sources forwards
<mdlayher> I am super curious to see how this goes. I too have longed for a switch that runs NixOS.
<hexa-> same :)
<mdlayher> It's either that or I reverse engineer my Ubiquiti switches and figure out how to make an open source controller. But I suspect that's a pipe dream project.
<hexa-> ugh, no. It's ONIE or nothing.
<hexa-> Ubiquiti switches are low-end hardware.
<q3k> for this low-end hardware you can probably yoink some openwrt switch chip drivers
<q3k> and make a nice little nix layer to configure them
<hexa-> as long as you don't propose using swconfig :)
<q3k> pushed some stuff to https://github.com/q3k/nixos-onie
<q3k> i'll do some more work on this monday, once i get a new SSD to install NixOS on for faster dev cycles
<hexa-> system.stateVersion = "20.04";
<hexa-> huh?
<hexa-> is that an off-by-one?
<q3k> ah yes, cheers!