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<mdlayher> I got my Sierra Wireless MC7455 LTE modem up and running and am wondering how to manage that connection from within NixOS. AFAICT there is no module for mbim-network and friends so I'm considering writing one and pushing it upstream as services.mbim-network or similar. Before I do that, does anyone have any prior experience with MBIM or QMI modem device configs on NixOS?
<mdlayher> i did find this reddit thread but these solutions look bespoke: https://www.reddit.com/r/NixOS/comments/8s44gy/setting_up_an_lte_modem/
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<flokli> mdlayher: I have a systemd unit running some qmicli commands, which works most of the time
<flokli> this is a non-NixOS machine, and somewhat temp, so it's not nice
<mdlayher> i'm building a nice module for it now
<flokli> does mbim-network handle reconnecting etc?
<mdlayher> no idea, i'm new to it
<flokli> my qmicli command approach required some sort of handholding, and timers to restart it
<flokli> not sure if the modem is buggy, the base station is buggy or my userland
<flokli> I could also imagine just running NetworkManager/ModemManager
<mdlayher> i'll submit what i've built for discussion probably later today.
<flokli> cool. feel free to highlight me on it :-)
<q3k> okay, my switch now natively boots nixos
<q3k> i don't have an automated installer
<q3k> but turns out the default grub setup is perfectly fine with onie
<flokli> q3k: native is boring, cross-compilation is the future :-)
<q3k> you just have to add an extra entry to chainload to ONIE
<flokli> sweet
<q3k> boot.loader.grub.extraEntries = ''
<q3k> menuentry ONIE {
<q3k> search --no-floppy --label --set=root ONIE-BOOT
<q3k> echo 'Loading ONIE ...'
<q3k> chainloader +1
<q3k> }
<q3k> '';
<q3k> just this.
<q3k> i'm not writing an automated installer yet, it's easy enough to do it from the interactive one
<q3k> for now i'll focus on actually trying to bring up the switch asic
<q3k> a friendly soul on another channel mentioned i should be looking into opennsa instead of opennsl
<q3k> because broadcom
<{^_^}> #91372 (by mdlayher, 1 minute ago, open): nixos/mbim-network: init
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<kiwiirc> is this chan for nixos on more appliance types than just routers? i'm thinking like opensense based firewalls, freenas storage device, etc