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<gchristensen> $29 managed 5 port switch
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<andi-> managed = webinterface?
<andi-> ahh via their controller :/
<cransom> yeah. 'works with unifi controller', they mean 'only works with'
<andi-> That probably means it has an API of sorts that we just wont see documentation for
<gchristensen> you can probably ssh to it
<andi-> > This product has a maximum quantity limit of ${max} per customer
<{^_^}> error: syntax error, unexpected DOLLAR_CURLY, expecting ')', at (string):312:46
<andi-> ah, external javascript. The CDN myth hits again.
<gchristensen> lol
<cransom> i have one ubiquiti ap. not sure if i would buy another. if anything, just not to support the vendor lock in that i can't stand professionally.
<andi-> mine sometimes drops IPv6 RA's towards the radio interface.. reboot helps.. happens ~1x year
<andi-> I am not looking at OpenWRT right now because that would mean I need another way to deploy configuration to devices running some kind of custom firmware. If there would be a nice way to cross-compile OpenWRT images with Nix I'd probably use it. I am not going to maintain an imperative workflow for these things.
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<andi-> Googling for that device also brings up weird reddit posts about port profiles and not actually supporting VLANs
<gchristensen> is it not brand new?
<cransom> to be fair, being managed doesn't say anything about what the hardware supports.
<andi-> yeah
<cransom> nothing in the datasheet says 802.1q
<andi-> I could imagine they support a different native vlan per port
<andi-> and one trunk for uplink
<cransom> trapeze/aruba, the main mode back in the day was tunneling everything back to the controller. i could see that their box here does the same.
<andi-> ouch
<andi-> well but for wifi controllers that kinda makes sense in some situations
<andi-> I am tempted to just invest 29$ and play with it but there is already sooooo much on my list
<cransom> most situations, it's fine/wanted. a central point to manage traffic flow with your firewall.
<andi-> I wonder what one should buy these days..
<hexa-> for what use case?
<andi-> as an unexpensive device that does VLANs, has proper management (via SSH v2; not v1 ;) potentially supports a bit of ip routing, potentially vxlan vtep's...
<hexa-> vxlan .
<hexa-> Unexpensive
<hexa-> Yeah, your cheap "sdn" switch from tplink
<hexa-> Not sure such a 🦄 exists
<cransom> when you start adding in enterprise features, there's no longer an inexpensive.
<hexa-> might as well say it like this
<hexa-> VXLAN = L3/L4
<hexa-> VLAN = L2
<hexa-> L3 is gonna cost you