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<flokli> mdlayher: I just have a systemd unit running some qmicli commands
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<mdlayher> flokli: gotcha! do you have a link to your configs by chance? i'm just curious. I suspect I will probably want to write a Prometheus exporter to issue commands to the modem and gather info as well
<mdlayher> i did find someone who has the same modem i bought and wrote up a little tutorial: https://gist.github.com/Juul/e42c5b6ec71ce11923526b36d3f1cb2c
<flokli> mdlayher: No, its not nixos yet, but debian
<mdlayher> oh gotcha
<flokli> But the qmi stuff seems hackable easy enough to get a prom exporter
<flokli> If there's not yet one
<flokli> So if you get to that, feel free to highlight me here :-)
<mdlayher> yeah i'll do some investigation, but my plan was to open a serial connection directly in Go rather than shelling out since the protocols seem simple enough. will do.
<flokli> I also have another wireless uplink, which I'd might want to gather metrics for
<mdlayher> ah so you have a WISP too? jealous. i look forward to eventually (hopefully) having starlink as my backup
<flokli> mdlayher: no, I can also use my neighbors connection :-D
<mdlayher> haha nice. hopefully they aren't on the same ISP as you
<flokli> still, it'd be very interesting to gather things like SNR etc
<flokli> and maybe even have some of this affect routing
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<mdlayher> yeah totally. creating dashboards and alerts for my home infra has been very worthwhile
<flokli> it's another timesink of course :-D
<mdlayher> very true
<mdlayher> do you have any LTE antennas you'd recommend? i had an awfully hard time on amazon finding anything reasonable
<flokli> that thing is indoor, and I'm currently living in the city center, so antenna quality doesn't matter /that/ much
<mdlayher> gotcha.
<mdlayher> Yeah I'm outside of downtown but generally have decent service
<mdlayher> this looks very usefl
<mdlayher> *useful
<mdlayher> anyone have a preferred TFTP daemon? for whatever reason services.tftpd (which uses xinetd) doesn't seem to be working over IPv6
<mdlayher> i was able to hack up a quick little read-only Go thing that did the job though. maybe i should add prometheus metrics and publish it ha
<sshow> as always o.O
<mdlayher> absolutely. my primary one is a nice radvd replacement if anyone here is interested :)
<mdlayher> and https://github.com/mdlayher/corerad for the repo
<mdlayher> real happy with the way this is coming together.
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<flokli> mdlayher: what about matchbox?
<flokli> it's written in go, it has a terraform provider, a nice API, and all the stuff for ipxe too
<flokli> it's currently lacking a NixOS module, but I might end up writing one one I get to it
<mdlayher> nice, that was going to be my next question
<flokli> well, you can beat me and PR first!
<mdlayher> yeah i really just need the TFTP bits although programmability via API is cool too
<flokli> I used it once to boot VMs in a vsphere cluster (don't ask)
<mdlayher> seems neat
<flokli> it is very neat
<flokli> you use dnsmasq only to serve an ipxe binary, and everything else is matchbox - including the classification stuff, so certain boxes get other bootlines than others.
<mdlayher> it must be that dnsmasq is doing the TFTP portion then
<mdlayher> that's all i really need.
<flokli> yes, dnsmasq is doing it
<mdlayher> it'd be tempting to switch to dnsmasq for DHCPv4/6 so i can boot ISC dhcpd. hm
<flokli> mmhh, I just use networkd as a dhcp server currently
<flokli> I don't really need static leases etc
<mdlayher> lol it can really do everything.
<flokli> not everything yet ;-)
<flokli> but my DHCPv6-PD setup works just fine
<flokli> and wide-dhcpv6 just for PD isn't worth the trouble IMHO
<mdlayher> that is something i'd like to set up actually. i've had some weird trouble with dhcpcd.
<flokli> thanks to andi-, you might be able to get all the inspiration from https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/blob/master/nixos/tests/systemd-networkd-ipv6-prefix-delegation.nix
<mdlayher> that is an amazing test.
<andi-> Maybe it should be documentation...
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