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<mdlayher> after setting up NetworkManager/ModemManager yesterday to manage my LTE modem, I am curious if I should give in and switch all my networking configs to them
<mdlayher> or maybe i can make NM work with systemd-networkd and use that backend?
<mdlayher> unsure. it'd just be nice to have everything configured in one way
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<mdlayher> andi-: as a fellow IPv6 enthusiast, i don't suppose I could trouble you for a review? :) https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/pull/91458
<{^_^}> #91458 (by mdlayher, 19 hours ago, open): corerad: 0.2.6 -> 0.2.7
<andi-> mdlayher: do we have a test yet? :)
<mdlayher> andi-: the NixOS module? yep! it makes SLAAC work on a client.
<andi-> mdlayher: looking
<mdlayher> i am curious how people feel about my timestamp file in the git repo
<andi-> didn't github add that file as well?
<andi-> or something similar
<andi-> also what do you need it for?
<mdlayher> hmmm not that i'm aware of. this is something i put in my repo since the github archives don't have the git history packaged so i can't read it from the git tag directly
<mdlayher> it's mostly a convenience for the user. it helps them have some idea of how old a given build is. it's not strictly necessary.
<mdlayher> it looks like SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is set in the environment but it's UNIX timestamp 1 heh