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<q3k> hexa-, andi-: just managed to build OpenNSA kernel modules against Linux 5.6 https://github.com/q3k/OpenNSA/tree/master/src/gpl-modules
<q3k> now i'l try to post this to NixOS and actually see if they work, lol
<andi-> q3k: that name always sounded fishy to me :P
<q3k> also '''Open'''
<andi-> what better target for the NSA than broadcom chips :D
<q3k> yeah that for me is just obscured by why the fuck do they keep changing the name of their APIs
<q3k> every couple of years
<mgdm> so they have something new to sell corporates
<q3k> it's still based on the same ancient codebase, as far as i can tell
<q3k> they just keep changing things around because ?????
<q3k> also there's no public docs for opennsl, while there is for opennsa (the old api)
<q3k> bleh.
<q3k> no public docs for opennsa, while there is for opennsl
<q3k> (fuck these names so much)
<q3k> but it really seems like it was just a function rename
<q3k> from bcm_XXX to nsl_XXX
<q3k> ?????????????????????????????????
<q3k> anyway we'll see
<q3k> an interesting thing to attempt to run would be https://github.com/facebook/fboss
<q3k> which is a C++ opennsa-talking agent that exposes a thrift API for programming the switch chip
<andi-> Yeah, I've taken a bunch of inspiration from there. I really like how clean that code base is for being C++ :)
<q3k> which seems like a useful construction block for further experimentation
<q3k> i mean it's very simple/gamedevy
<q3k> it's fine just uh a lot of bare pointers
<andi-> Yeah
<q3k> if you feel like trying to build fboss using nix i'd be much obliged :P
<andi-> I don't have any hardware to run it on or even some kind of even related job where I could need that :'(
<andi-> Not feeling like working in the void, sorry.
<q3k> no worries
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