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<samueldr> though it doesn't seem to list discrete evaluations
<gchristensen> dat logo
<samueldr> I think my impression might mainly be due to having navigation more "open" to the left, and everything just laid out bare in the page instead of under tabs
<gchristensen> nixos's cache on cloudfront supported ipv6 right?
<samueldr> (before the switch to fastly)
<gchristensen> yea
<gchristensen> I don't understand how https://community.fastly.com/t/i-often-cant-access-fastly-servers-using-https-ipv6-rst-packets-received/1317/5 can be true meanwhile we didn't have this problem with CF
<samueldr> can't tell as my ISP's ISP doesn't allow them to provide IPv6 *sighs*
<samueldr> though my personal experience is that I sometimes have a 503 hiccup, but it usually goes through in one or two retries
<gchristensen> yeah, this one is a different issue :)
<samueldr> yeah, just sharing
<gchristensen> the 503s is definitely part of my thread with fastly
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<gchristensen> I feel crappy saying, essentially, "this didn't happen with CF *shrug*" but ...
<simpson> I feel like we should monitor Fastly ourselves if we want evidence of them not delivering the QoS that we'd like.
<simpson> At the same time, I feel that they're giving us a free product in good faith, and maybe working with them would be possible or fruitful.
<samueldr> it sounds like issues could be distributed geographically, from my limited reading on the nixos issues
<samueldr> so it'd somehow need a diverse set of users to monitor I guess?
<gchristensen> yeah, working wit them is definitely the way to go
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<siraben> iqubic: have you got haskell and nix working?
<siraben> I've been using cabal to set up a haskell project and it works so far
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<etu> Hmm, I mentioned TLP here some week/s ago. That also made me set it up myself on my work thinkpad that had the battery capacity max out at 59.6%, then it got up to 67.6% after I had it bouncing between 96-100% for a week and doing a recalibration.
<etu> And today I managed to charge it up to ~112% capacity again and it's not maxed out yet, but I'll probably get it up to ~76% or something this time
<__monty__> Wow, talk about a mismanaged battery.
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<etu> __monty__: Mostly glued to a desk for close to 3 years so yeahh...
<etu> My next laptop will also be a thinkpad so I can use these features in TLP from day 1
<__monty__> Yeah, TLP's pretty sweet.
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<manveru> so yay, i basically got this working now: `mix2nix { name = "foo"; version = "0.0.1"; src = ./.; mixLock = ./mix.lock; }` and also an alternative with `mixNix = ./mix.nix` to avoid IFD.
<manveru> still got some more tests and docs to write, but this should finally enable us to add a bunch of new elixir apps to nixpkgs
<manveru> maybe wasn't offtopic enough, sorry :(
<LnL> sounds great :)
<ldlework> should I use TLP
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<__monty__> Only if you have a thinkpad.
<__monty__> ldlework: ^
<ldlework> oh ok
<__monty__> manveru: What does Ilford railway station have to do with it?
<samueldr> why only with thinkpads? looks like it's not thinkpad-specific
<samueldr> (though the batteries thing sounds like they are)
<__monty__> Pretty sure the important parts are thinkpad specific.
<samueldr> only the battery stuff AFAICT, I think I was using it successfully in the past (since then I'm almost never unpowered)
<samueldr> and I don't have a thinkpad
<samueldr> it's got a bunch of rules to hopefully help power consumption on battery power
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<__monty__> Yep, though the battery stuff is the only unique bit about it afaicr.
<ar1a> morning all!
<etu> ldlework: Yeah, only thinkpads can do those really cool things:)
<infinisil> Happy Pi day everybody!
<manveru> infinisil: thanks for the reminder, i thought everyone's switched to tau day already
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<elvishjerricco> My cat must think his food is going to escape or something. It's just normal cat food kibble but he always scarfs it down at light speed.
<ldlework> my cats are the same
<ldlework> one sits on the table an hour ahead of time just looking longingly
<ldlework> if she thinks it's taking too long, she starts storming around the house yelling to no one in particilar
<ldlework> its cute as fuuuuuck
<joepie91> train delays --
<elvishjerricco> Haha yea my cat loves to ask for food all morning
<infinisil> Our cats can just eat whenever they want
<elvishjerricco> Some cats can just have food left out 24/7. I envy people with such cats. If I did that, my cat would weigh 50 pounds :P
<infinisil> Couldn't it be that they stop wanting to eat so much once they know they don't have to worry about it anymore?
<__monty__> Probably matters whether the cat gets enough exercise.
<__monty__> I always had outdoor cats and they could eat whatever they want and stay skinny.
<ldlework> the cat owners i really envy are those who teach their cat to poop in the toilet
<ldlework> that's a marvel
<infinisil> Not sure how I feel about that lol
<ldlework> haha
<joepie91> my cat is an indoors cat and she can eat dry kibble whenever she wants and she moderates it well
<joepie91> only need to feed her once a day, by refilling kibble and giving her some wet food
<joepie91> and then I don't need to think about it until the next day
<joepie91> very easy cat :P
<ldlework> we have an autofeeder
<ldlework> fill it up once a week
<ldlework> feeds them 4 times a day
<joepie91> not much point in an autofeeder in my case
<joepie91> it's not like I can leave her alone without humans for >1 day anyway
<joepie91> gets very panicky when that happens :P
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<ldlework> no point other than it's easier
<ldlework> i thought we were all about automation
<ldlework> it's reliable! :P
<infinisil> Reliable IOT devices.. these exist?
<ldlework> isn't that what we're here for
<ldlework> well
<ldlework> isn't that you all are here for
<ldlework> i'm a luser
<simpson> infinisil: I work for a place that could be considered "reliable IoT", although it's probably pretty revealing that we don't use IoT stacks or frameworks.
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<infinisil> I'm so done trying to help scientist! Somebody take over!
<gchristensen> walk away :)
<infinisil> I am, literally
<gchristensen> good
<infinisil> Our microwave asks for confirmation when pressing the turn off button..
<infinisil> A microwave!
<infinisil> Not even my computer does that!
<infinisil> And the microwave takes 1 second to start
<infinisil> (which is still insanely long for a microwave tbh)
<samueldr> to start?
<samueldr> like boot some software?
<infinisil> samueldr: To run the microwave software.. Just the default one, it's a simple press buttons to select functions interface..
<samueldr> software was a mistake
<colemickens> So uh, what's the Twitter chat on Google/FB/iCloud all having massive outtages within 3 days?
<colemickens> Or are we all acting like that's a normal coincidence?
<ldlework> nsa firmware update
<elvishjerricco> colemickens: Don't iCloud and FB use google cloud hosting? Could just be a problem with that hosting service.
<colemickens> I don't know of anyone else that uses Google Cloud that had outtages. I'm not aware of FB using GCloud. FB blamed a "server misconfiguration". iCloud does use some GCloud. They've been largely non-overlapping events though.
<colemickens> Oh well, I don't know what it would be that's worse than what we already know for fact anyway. hurray