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<infinisil> Oh, well darn
<infinisil> I modified NixOS to not build the manual
<infinisil> But I hardly see any evaluation time improvement..
<infinisil> Like, actually no improvement at all
<infinisil> All options (bare the enable ones) are now not evaluated (verified by replacing a random one with `throw`)
<infinisil> Oh wait
<infinisil> Nah it worked
<infinisil> About 50% faster
<infinisil> Yeah no that's not right, it's 1 second faster
<infinisil> Doesn't scale with evaluation time..
<infinisil> So my system which usually takes 13 seconds to evaluate now only takes 12..
<infinisil> gchristensen: It might be the cross stuff after all..
<gchristensen> try an old nixpkgs
<infinisil> My NixOS config won't work with an old nixpkgs
<infinisil> I guess I could just get one with just some random options enabled
<andi-> use a nixos test configuration of the old checkout?
<infinisil> andi-: Like the graphical demo one?
<andi-> yeah, use something which you can reproduce in a year from now ;)
<gchristensen> the kernel is so optimistic about copying to USB. it did like 2GiB/s and then a buffer filled and its down to 24MiB/s
<clever> prior to understanding how that happened, i often force-ejected USB sticks because umount would just hang!!
<clever> but i have since learned to look at `grep Dirty /proc/meminfo` and watch the dirty memory drop to near zero, before i bother trying to umount
<samueldr> ooh, that I didn't know
<clever> and it only does it with usb, any hdd, will buffer small amounts, and block much earlier
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<gchristensen> I guess there was pressure to make it look snappier than reality?
<gchristensen> I can't fathom why else it'd behave like that
<jackdk> what happens if you run `sync` instead of just watching meminfo?
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<infinisil> Just to track what I'm trying for improving nixos-rebuild --switch performance, I opened an issue https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/57477
<{^_^}> #57477 (by Infinisil, 15 minutes ago, open): `nixos-rebuild --switch` too slow, tracking issue
<andi-> Anyone digital ocean spaces as binary cache? I can upload just fine but it appears all files will be set to private per default :/
<gchristensen> yeah I did
<gchristensen> IIRC DO's spaces are all-private or all-public
<andi-> The only "global" setting (per bucket) seems to be listing on/off. Each file then has a private/public field. That is kinda limiting.. They recommend setting a custom Header during upload/PUT...
<andi-> Guess I'll write them.
<gchristensen> hmm
<gchristensen> I dunno :)
<andi-> let me try to set that ACL there..
<gchristensen> andi-: you might need to delete all the files after creating the ACL, and then recreating them
<andi-> gchristensen: yeah.. I can edit at most 50 files at once... re-uploading it is. Thanks for the hints :)
<gchristensen> fingers crossed it gets the job done :)
<andi-> It delets one file per second... Sounds like it is time to take a nap.
<gchristensen> :|
<gchristensen> omg why are you awake andi-
<gchristensen> I was just noting that I'm up so late, and why am I up so late X)
<andi-> At least I have my in-house-hydra working now.. That lets me progress faster then the "normal" hydra since that one is busy doing the other channels :)
<gchristensen> I foolishly told windows update to install updated drivers in addition to firmware updates .... but its a throwaway VM :(
<andi-> lol, that reminds me of my Windows installation last tuesday. I thought doing all the updates and whatnot for my notebook might magically fix the WiFi issues.. Wasted an evening and nothing changed.. Typical.
<gchristensen> oof
<andi-> wow, now I get what you meant with late.. last time I looked it was 2h ago /o\
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<gchristensen> andi-: how many hoursof sleep do you require? :o
<andi-> not many
<andi-> I napped yesterday 4.30pm -> 6pm so that gave me a bit of extra rest..
<gchristensen> goodness
<gchristensen> I am unhappy without 8 :| (I got 5 last night.)
* etu had close to 7 hours and is all messed up
<andi-> I can not do that every day
<andi-> just trying to figure out what hydra wants to tell me with the queue-runner spam is motivation enough to get out of bed :)
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<andi-> So my logs show I uploaded something to my s3 bucked at 9am... now it says it doesn't find it anymore.. Time for breakfast..
<samueldr> web interface and content blocker blocking the request?
<andi-> no web interface involved :)
<andi-> just the log of the queu runner
<samueldr> just checking :)
<samueldr> on the nixos hydra it's easy to conflate a content blocker blocking the request to a log file missing, since the interface will say the log file is missing
<andi-> Oh yes that interface is special.. I am always tempted to add a restart button to individual job /build entries since very often the damn test just need a kick..
<gchristensen> maybe we should do that, then!
<andi-> I was always thinking of doing that in a browser plugin.. but if there is time left today I might work on that :-)
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<elvishjerricco> anyone actually use qute-browser? It seems cool but probably entirely impractical
<andi-> I have seen people use it. It uses webkitgtk which terrifies my security wise...
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<elvishjerricco> andi-: Why's that?
<elvishjerricco> also it seems to be using QtWebKit, not webkitgtk
<andi-> they don't really seem to do stable realses and if they do there is not always a patch for issues that affect those and you are expected to jump to the next release version istead.
<andi-> ahh maybe that changed since I last looked
<andi-> webkit is intersting as well.. Apple patches a few weeks earlier and then decices to upstream patches. Monitoring Apple release notes gives a nice insight in upcoming (Qt,Gtk)Webkit issues
<elvishjerricco> is it webkit or the browser using webkit that's responsible for site isolation via processes?
<andi-> i'd say webkit
<andi-> err the browser sorry
<andi-> Many years ago I wrote a very simple single-tab browser with QtWebkit (or whateve rit was called then) and it looked pretty decent but like a lot of work to implement a real browser due to lack of API exposure
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