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<ldlework> oh
<ldlework> I think I realize
<ldlework> heh OK so I got it to install, but the binary isn't linked into my profile
<ldlework> hmm and in the store, it just seems to be the package json of the npm module...
* ldlework scratches his head.
<ldlework> ah I think i'm on the right track maybe
<ldlework> wrong channel
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<gchristensen> my Dell XPS 9380 makes the sound of a HDD disk seek every 0.75s while I'm running VirtualBox
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<Ralith> you don't actually have as pinning disk in it, do you?
<iqubic> ldlework: I'm looking to get better at GO. Do you have any resources I can look at?
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<ldlework> Find someone who will play with you and review your games
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* colemickens wants to hear more about the 9380
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<sphalerit> gchristensen: does it still do that if you unplug it?
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<sphalerite> etu: I think I might actually be able to sign your PGP key now!
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<etu> sphalerite: Woo!
<sphalerite> just as soon as I manage to mount my old borg backups, which is proving more difficult than necessary
<sphalerite> because apparently borg mount needs an exclusive lock on the backup archive, which can't be obtained (and also doesn't need to, but it wants to anyway) on a read-only filesystem.
<__monty__> Hmm, that does seem weird. Is it an oversight or could there be reasons with regard to the journal or something?
<etu> gchristensen: #nixos
<sphalerite> __monty__: not if it's read-only :D
<sphalerite> well unless you're mounting a remote filesystem read-only
<sphalerite> but eww
<__monty__> Hmm, aren't they right about the adverb thing?
<__monty__> Who/what would nix indicate as pronoun?
<sphalerite> colloquialism for "nothing", from "nichts"
<sphalerite> but really, it's a noun, so it should be written with a capital N (in German)
<__monty__> Hmm, wiktionary says indefinite pronoun.
<sphalerite> (noun referring to a package manager)
<__monty__> : D
<andi-> sphalerite: as long as you dont need 64GB of RAM to mount the backup of your notebook everything is fine ;) (happened to me...)
<sphalerite> andi-: ouch! How?
<sphalerite> *facepalm* suggested solution from #borgbackup: unionfs to allow borg to mkae changes
<sphalerite> I should migrate these backups into zfs snapshots x)
<andi-> sphalerite: sphalerite I never deleted a single backup and I do a lot of them :)
<sphalerite> andi-: using borg?
<andi-> yes
<sphalerite> ah, fair enough :p
<sphalerite> yeah I'm not a big fan of borg… used to use it, but zfs snapshots with send/recv are so much better :p
<andi-> For my laptop and some systems that might be feasible.. I have a bunch of non-nixos servers that also need backups and there borg is really the go-to solution for me..
<sphalerite> zfs works on other linuxes ;)
<andi-> yeah, if you migrate them to it..
<andi-> I plan to slowly remove all traces of non-nixes from my machines.. It will probably take years
<sphalerite> :D
<__monty__> Wouldn't that bind you to zfs practically forever?
<andi-> what bothers be about zfs send/recv is that there is no additional encryption or is there? The guy owning the storage box reads all the data?
<andi-> Or does it copy the encrypted blocks?
<sphalerite> with zfs native encryption, yeah it copies the encrypted blocks AFAIU
<sphalerite> part of why I'm really looking forward to native encryption landing
<andi-> ok, so that will show up as anoterh volume and prompt me for the encryption key of the source device?
<sphalerite> I think so. Not sure of the exact details.
<sphalerite> hyper_ch probably knows, but "doesn't believe in -chat channels"
<andi-> The new storage server that I have at home is running the ZFS native encryption since a few months.. So far I am loving ZFS and how it works.. Will probably need another L2ARC SSD since the current one is a bit dated and slow.. (peaks at ~100MB/s)
<averell> i recently converted a freebsd zfs setup to nix. i made a couple of mistakes and it still worked great. zfs upgrade took like 30 seconds.
<sphalerite> ugh why can't I export my pool
<averell> lsof showing nothing?
<sphalerite> nope
<sphalerite> all the filesystems on it are already unmounted as well
<joepie91> jD91mZM2: FYI, your rnix crate is showing as "non-standard license" on crates.io, presumably because you specified a license-file instead of an SPDX identifier
<joepie91> (despite being MIT)
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<sphalerit> tilpner: just had the server problem again
<sphalerit> I'll probably just look at getting a replacement from the SB
<tilpner> sphalerit: Order a KVM from them, boot into BIOS, and lower the RAM clock frequency if it's higher than 1333MHz
<sphalerit> there's better offers there anyway
<tilpner> sphalerit: That's what caused my instability, at least
<sphalerit> too much effort :p
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<tilpner> sphalerit: Note that I had my server replaced two times, and it kept crashing
<sphalerit> I mean I'll actually just get different hardware
<tilpner> I couldn't really do that, the cheapest SB server was more expensive and with way worse performance
<tilpner> (29€ for some Athlon thing with 320GB disk)
<sphalerit> huh
<tilpner> And even right now, the cheapest is 28€
<sphalerite> when did you get the current one?
<joepie91> tilpner: you got unlucky I think
<joepie91> tilpner: how about the Intel Core i7-2600?
<tilpner> A few months ago I got one for 24€/month, with i7-3770, 16GB RAM and 6TB disks
<joepie91> it's barely a euro more expensive than the athlons but it's way way faster
<tilpner> Which is just above the hard lower limit of 23€
<joepie91> tilpner: that one is still available now :P
<tilpner> Which country are you checking from?
<tilpner> The 24€ include taxes already
<sphalerite> tilpner: yeah this one has that hardware but for… significantly more money
<joepie91> oh, right, yeah this is without taxes
<joepie91> checking from NL but it never pre-shows taxes for me
<tilpner> So anything I could have switched to, would have been a worse deal
<sphalerite> yeah so I have that hardware you mentioned + an SSD, for €52
<sphalerite> hence the desire to get something better/cheaper
<tilpner> Unfortunately I don't know if/when prices will drop that low again
<tilpner> But you can probably get something better than that right now too
<tilpner> sphalerite: Right now, there's a 30€/month with i7-3770, 2x3TB (ENT) and 16GB
<tilpner> Or for 2€/month more, 32GB RAM but not ENT drive
<tilpner> Though note that you'll lose phone support
<sphalerite> I think I'm looking more at similar price but better hardware
<tilpner> There's a 53€/month one with Xeon E3-1271V3, 32GB ECC, 2x4TB (and Ent. Hdd and iNic)
<tilpner> But it depends on what you want to do with it
<sphalerite> yeah I'm just looking around just now
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<emily> is this about Hetzner?
<tilpner> Yes
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* emily keeps wanting to nab one but gets stuck on things like "are people using sniping scripts? should I be using one too?"
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<tilpner> I only wait if it's less than 10h, and then just one step
<tilpner> I ordered manually, but I could see a price monitor being handy
<tilpner> Curl that, and you can filter the offers and send yourself a notification if it finds a good offer
<emily> should clearly run a script on a Hetzner box to optimise the latency. HFT!
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<ottidmes> gchristensen: interesting, thanks for sharing!
<andi-> I have huge respect for people that can work with such little screen space and still be that efficient..
<gchristensen> little screen real estate?! I have more screen space than I know what to do with!
<infinisil> gchristensen: Damn you have a nice workstation (saw the pic you posted on lobste.rs)
<andi-> gchristensen: I always use an entire 27" screen for IRC / XMPP that is to the left of me. The other 5 screens are randomly assigned to things.. E.g one shows monitoring stuff and music etc.. Also having multiple things that you can just watch when you lean back is nice :)
<gchristensen> okay, time for you to share a picture of yours.
<ottidmes> I have 1x2048x1152 2x1280x1024 1x3840x2160 (although often I keep one of the 1280x1024 off), and I have 2 desks
* samueldr needs to cleanup
<samueldr> I have a rat's nest of wires from before I moved the workstation out of the room; which expanded a bit from the cables the workstation didn't need headless
<gchristensen> all of my desk's junk is hidden behind my 15" laptop ;)
<ottidmes> last time I had to redo my workstation, I bundles all my cables with velcro (thats what Google Translate gives me, a type of fasteners at least)
<andi-> gchristensen: https://s.h4ck.space/desk-2019.jpg the "untidy" version :)
<gchristensen> good gravy
<__monty__> ottidmes: That's a brand name, generic term is "hook-and-loop fasteners."
<infinisil> andi-: Why do you need 6 screens??
<andi-> infinisil: I used to need them more then I do these days..
<gchristensen> apparently he only needs 4 ;)
<andi-> Back when I was still playing online games those were very handy ;)
<gchristensen> andi-: if I had so many monitors I couldn't see outside, and it is really pretty outside :-)
<samueldr> gchristensen: rotate the desk (on the floor plane) 90°, and have the window to your left or to your right :)
<andi-> I have a window next to me but I usually block it with a black curtain because of all the light :P
<__monty__> samueldr: I have that setup. Sucks compared to being able to just look past your computer imo, I miss it.
<samueldr> I prefer controlling the brightness behind my monitors so the contrast is better managed
<__monty__> TIL, andi-'s probably an amateur flight controller/vampire.
<andi-> __monty__: I only ever did that once I had it all set up.. not my kind of thing.. Needs more buttons then I can fit on the desk.
<samueldr> pretty sure I saw andi- out in the sun
<andi-> With age comes tollerance to sunlight or so... At least that is what it feels like for me..
<andi-> 10y ago I'd never be out in the bright sund..
<ottidmes> andi-: once I get the budget for it, I also plan to get such an setup, but I first will need to replace my desktop to even be able to handle that many :P
<ottidmes> __monty__: thats a very descriptive term :P, we call them "klittenband" which apparantly comes from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arctium where the inventor got the idea from
<gchristensen> discord's app freaks me out, the way it fetches updates and what-not
<etu> andi-: That's a nice keyboard
<andi-> etu: yes it is :)
* etu focuses on what's important
<andi-> ottidmes: never invest in NVIDIA cards if you plan to run that many screens on linux.. they rip you off... Many years ago I invested the time to actually figure out how to "enable" the features that are available on Windows but not on linux.. was painful.. check https://github.com/andir/nvidia_patch if you really must use nvidia.. it used to boil down to a single bit flip in the blob (and a kernel patch)
<etu> andi-: Vega nowadays then?
<andi-> yes
<etu> I used to have a Radeon HD card back in 2010 and ran 3 screens on one card :-)
<andi-> and do get displays with LED backlights.. mine don't have that and in the summer it feels nice and warm..
<etu> gchristensen: oh, you have a nice keyboard as well :)
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<cransom> matrox g400 or bust.
<gchristensen> hell yeeah, dual vga
<ottidmes> andi-: thanks for the tips :) I am currently running 4 displays on a Radeon HD 7870 XT
<aanderse> i don't like multiple monitors anymore, i prefer one large higher resolution monitor
<aanderse> too many monitors means my head is bobbing all around
<ottidmes> aanderse: I tried that, since I now have a 4k display, but I actually preferred my 3 monitor setup of 2x1280x1024 1x2048x1152 (in the middle)
<ottidmes> and since I liked 3, I probably will also like 6 if I can stack them with some braces
<aanderse> i'd like to upgrade to a 4k... currently a 30" 2560x1600 which is "good enough"
<aanderse> heh
<aanderse> 6... wow
<ottidmes> or I might go with 4, depending on the size of the monitors
<__monty__> ottidmes: Oh, figured it was inspired by catnip.
<__monty__> Newer generations are inspired by gecko feet I think.
<ottidmes> briliant invention either way
<cransom> i have 4k displays, i thought i'd have amazing text and less eye strain everywhere. but i found that rendering text on 4k is something iterm just doesn't do quickly.
<__monty__> cransom: Have you tried kitty?
<cransom> i briefly tried kitty and alacritty, but i got impatient for the setup change
<__monty__> Did they deliver snappy 4k text?
<cransom> they did better, iirc, but i was stuck on the habits i had over iterms window setup.
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<joepie91> jD91mZM2: when you're around, can you clarify on why there's a distinction between NodeType and Token in rnix? I can't really figure out why some syntax elements are directly a NodeType variant whereas otherwise only exist as a NodeType::Token variant
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<ottidmes> joepie91: NodeType is an enum of the different typed nodes, Token is just the different tokens are identified by the tokenizer
<joepie91> I got that far :P but I have no idea where this distinction comes from, or why it matters
<joepie91> given that you can have a NodeType::Token(Token::whatever)
<ottidmes> joepie91: curious, what are you using it for? I used it for: https://github.com/msteen/nix-upfetch
<joepie91> ottidmes: writing JS bindings for some experimental stuff
<ottidmes> NodeType:Token is for the rest
<ottidmes> the untyped tokens
<joepie91> okay, but why are there typed vs. untyped tokens
<joepie91> what is the significance, practically speaking
<ottidmes> take for example Set, by making a special type for it, it can have a method called recursive, that returns a boolean if it is recursive
<ottidmes> so its there to make life easier for those using rnix
<joepie91> okay, so the distinction is basically just "has node-specific utility methods vs. doesn't"?
<ottidmes> AFAIK thats it yes
<joepie91> okay, that makes sense :)
<joepie91> this should probably be in the docs somewhere...
<joepie91> ottidmes: also, at a quick glance, I don't see any rnix in the repo you linked?
<ottidmes> joepie91: ah yes, I thought I had added a link in the README, but the actual Rust code recides here: https://github.com/msteen/nix-update-fetch
<joepie91> aha, that makes more sense :)
<ottidmes> but thats the internal tool, not meant be used outside nix-upfetch
<joepie91> ah, your code actually modifies the expression?
<ottidmes> yep
<ottidmes> took some thinking, because there was no documentation on how to approach that
<joepie91> "there was no documentation" appears to be a recurring theme in my Nix travels :)
<ottidmes> if you have some feedback on any of the code, I welcome it, this is my first Rust project actually
<mdash> joepie91: come on, you were just gonna read the code anyway ;->
<joepie91> ottidmes: heh, I don't Rust anywhere near well enough yet to give good code reviews, I'm afraid...
<joepie91> might read it for inspiration thoufgh
<joepie91> though*
<joepie91> mdash: >:C
<joepie91> I much prefer not needing to read the entire codebase of a thing before having to use it :P
<ottidmes> joepie91: from my experience with rnix, you will need to look at types.rs quite a bit, but the code is well written and easy to follow, so in that sense it worked well as code as documentation, for me at least
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<tilpner> I just packaged weechat-matrix, and it seems to be working so far
<tilpner> Could be a viable option for anyone who find Riot too... shiny
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<joepie91> ottidmes: right
<MichaelRaskin> tilpner: …and who is annoyed by lack of encryption in weechat-matrix-script
<tilpner> MichaelRaskin: I haven't tested that much from this side yet, haven't figured out how to request keys from other devices yet
<MichaelRaskin> (I am somewhat amazed that _exporting chat history_ from matrix — given chat history storage is probably the main observable benefit of matrix over XMPP — is still a complicated task)
<mdash> yeah what are people doing for that these days? just matrix-recorder still?
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<MichaelRaskin> I want a simple thing, backfill after every reconnect
<MichaelRaskin> Apparently not implemented anywhere
<mdash> last time i did this I just did an sql dump
<tilpner> But that only works for unencrypted rooms, right?
<mdash> presumably
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<andi-> wait, you are saying weechat-matrix supports encryption tehse days?
<tilpner> Want to find out?
<MichaelRaskin> It should inherit support from Python Matrix SDK
<tilpner> Yeah, it seems to have basic support, but I think it's not fully exposed yet
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