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<nh2> clever: I'm implementing it now. Also found that strace's implementation apparenly was bugged: https://github.com/strace/strace/commit/1f84eefc409291354d0dc7db0866eaf27967da42#r32253219
<nh2> unfortunately my implementation always reads 0x00 0x00 at the opcode, not sure yet what's going on
<nh2> clever: ah, never mind, I had some old code still active that tried to access the Instruction Pointer even when we didn't just enter a syscall (namely when we exited); in that case of course there could be garbage like 0x00 0x00 in that place
<nh2> this seems to be working in my Haskell implementation now
<iqubic> What is going on right now?
<iqubic> Are you writting a new haskell compiler?
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<nh2> iqubic: no, I'm implementing a more powerful strace in Haskell
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<iqubic> I wish coreboot supported my current hardware.
<iqubic> I'm running NixOS on a Dell Latitude 5480.
<andi-> Yeah that guys does good work. He is from my local Hackerspace. We have been working on some SUpermicro boards as well.. Good thing is that he is now being paid to work on those projects...
<samueldr> andi-: I presume "Felix Singer"
<andi-> yeah
<samueldr> nice
<samueldr> I gather the system76 hardware doesn't have boot guard turned on?
<samueldr> or, rather, the clevo board targetted
<andi-> No idea about that thing. I only saw him working on the Tuxdeo hardware.
<andi-> *Tuxedo
<cransom> i started building my own keyboard. one of the firmwares in vogue is called qmk. I was dreading having to find depends and set up a build and flashing environment for it ... until i looked in the repo and there was a shell.nix. and it works. nirvana.
<gchristensen> !!!
<etu> cransom: Awesome!
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