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<LnL> Any thoughts on #3584?
* cole-h hopes it gets merged ASAP.
<cole-h> Would this be another eval step, or would it just be tacked on to a single/all other steps?
<LnL> I could probably make a one line patch for that which can be applied to nix in the deployment
<LnL> one of the current checks is nix-env -qaP --no-name --out-path
<LnL> my thought was to just add it there
<cole-h> SGTM. I didn't know if it would need to be added to all the steps in order to see the benefit or not.
* cole-h hasn't consciously looked at all the eval steps and what they execute
<LnL> it's the reverse of what I was thinking
<cole-h> LnL: How would you translate that PR into a one-line patch in deployment?
<cole-h> Oh
<LnL> changing --out-path to use queryOutputs(true)
<cole-h> Heh.
<LnL> a slight behaviour change but not really a big deal for ofborg I think
<cole-h> Man, overloading in C++ still gets me sometimes
<cole-h> "Wait, how can the same function take both 0 and 1 arguments?"
<LnL> it looks like that's only used by the rebuild checker however
<cole-h> LnL: So, how does changing `--out-path` to use `queryOutputs(true)` change the behavior?
<LnL> that true is onlyOutputsToInstall
<LnL> ^ note how --out-path includes all outputs while --outputs only has bin;man
<LnL> because of meta.outputsToInstall
<cole-h> OK, so `bin=...;dev=...` is from `--out-path`, and `--outputs` is `bin;man`?
<LnL> yep
<cole-h> Got it. So if you just opted to set that to true in your PR instead of adding a flag, it would break people's scripts if they somehow rely on that format being stable.
<LnL> yeah, then there's no way to query all the outputs anymore
<LnL> but for the rebuild checker, if anything in a package changed all outputs will be different
<cole-h> Could I ask you to to run that `--outputs` stuff on a nixpkgs that was affected by that PHP change? I'm interested in what the output would be (and am currently bouncing back and forth between IRC and writing an essay lol)
<LnL> only difference that a meta change would also show up
<cole-h> Oh, OK.
<LnL> specifically for outputsToInstall that is, everything else still won't be counted
<cole-h> Perfect. Hope somebody in the know gives you some feedback soon, so it can be merged shortly :D
<cole-h> btw LnL I just noticed the "checks completed" and "builds received" stuff :D Dashboard very pretty now
<LnL> not great but at least it gives a better indication of steps happening
<LnL> wish there was a way to make an event show up as a single dot without changing the resolution
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