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<Ke> compatible with requested version "5.15.3".
<Ke> Could not find a configuration file for package "Qt5Quick" that is
<Ke> I get this error for freecad, but presumably it compiles for x86-64, wonder how can this be arch dependent
<Ke> one would think version numbers are one of those things that would be portable
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<Ke> maybe kind of fixed, channel just has not advanced or something
<{^_^}> #118164 (by rowanG077, 3 days ago, closed): freecad no longer builds
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<mvnetbiz_> flokli: Are you using xilinx-bootgen for Zynqmp boot images?
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<mvnetbiz_> Ah, found your pynq repo, this looks like it will be helpful!
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<flokli> Cool!
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<cirno-999> hola
<cirno-999> any leaks about pinephone backplates? ;)
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<superherointj> Greetings fellow nixers! Is it possible to donate hardware to hydra so that there is some automated build process to test OS on it?
<superherointj> I'm using RockPro64 boards.
<gchristensen> what kind of hardware? it may be possible depending on the hardware, as long as we take physical possession of it
<superherointj> gchristensen, my use is RockPro64. I would be fine donating it if you could automate test of OS on it.
<superherointj> gchristensen, if interested, tell me what you want from PineStore, and I'll pay the order delivered to you.
<superherointj> (you can include other items as needed)
<gchristensen> we wouldn't do that work, we would take it to enable the community to do the work
<superherointj> What do I need to do then?
<gchristensen> I'll need to defer to samueldr as the subject matter expert on army bits
<superherointj> samueldr, hello!
<superherointj> Maybe I could deliver it to him?
<gchristensen> no, samueldr can't put it in to hydra :)
<gchristensen> but could advise on if it is feasible to support, and what it'd take
<superherointj> Right.
<gchristensen> what kind of automated tests would you like to see?
<superherointj> Anything is better than nothing. Anything doable would be good.
<superherointj> As RockPro64 are slow, ideally tests should run there after they have not failed on aarch64.
<gchristensen> is the rp64 not aarch64?
<superherointj> It is.
<superherointj> Do you think it should be guaranteed of working still?
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<superherointj> As an user ideally I'd want to be able to download a latest, ready, checked image that would work on a RP64. Today I don't have this certainty. I need to guess the right version and do extra steps.
<superherointj> Without guarantee it will work unless I test it myself.
<superherointj> Somehow I thought this should be automated.
<simpson> Isn't this dependent on which support tier aarch64 is in? IIRC there's recent conversation about that.
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<superherointj> simpson, does it mean it cannot be improved upon?
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<simpson> superherointj: I'm just addressing your user story. The levels of support that a user can expect should be derived from support tiers. I could have sworn that there was a discussion earlier this week about bumping aarch64 up in support, but I'm not finding it for some reason.
<{^_^}> rfcs#87 (by kisik21, 3 weeks ago, open): [RFC 0087] Promote aarch64-linux to Tier 1 support
<samueldr> gchristensen/superherointj: the rockpro64 is GRWS, generally well-supported AFAIUI, rk3399, many users have NixOS running on it
<gchristensen> what is GRWS?
<samueldr> oops
<samueldr> generally regarded as well supported
<gchristensen> cool
<samueldr> tried to borrow from the FDA's GRAS
<samueldr> (just thought about it, but failed a bit)
<superherointj> samueldr, would be helpful having RockPro64 for builds? Ideally generating a RockPro64 specific image (and having it tested somehow)?
<samueldr> we strive to support no boards!
<samueldr> which is a weird thing to say!
<samueldr> what this means is that there shouldn't be any goal to have any board be special and supported, everything should be supported by upstream mainline projects and we just end up composing from that
<samueldr> I don't know if it actually is the case, but I believe the rockpro64 is supported in mainline linux, and in mainline u-boot
<samueldr> so in theory the generic image should work as long as you have a u-boot going for it
<samueldr> "a u-boot going for it" is a hot topic :)
<samueldr> it could be stored on the SPI flash, and then your board works almost like a normal computer
<samueldr> or you could store it on the main storage where the disk image lives, at a specific offset
<superherointj> samueldr, do you want to have a RockPro64? I can donate you one.
<samueldr> it is a board popular enough that it'd help testing when people are in trouble
<samueldr> and I could validate things do work on another RK3399 board
<superherointj> samueldr, go to PineStore, see what you need. And I can transfer you the money to pay for it.
<samueldr> though I was preparing an answer
<samueldr> I don't think I'll be able to dedicate any time to it
<samueldr> so I'm not sure I'm the better individual to look into that
<superherointj> samueldr, if you can use it to automated builds. It can be helpful.
<samueldr> I still have a queue of some SBCs to setup sitting in here
* samueldr checks order date
<samueldr> oh, mid-2019, more recent than I assumed
<samueldr> I thought it would have been at least 2018
<samueldr> so, while I find the thought nice, I really don't think it would be worthwhile :)
<superherointj> Right.
<samueldr> d'aw, was looking at someone else who is getting involved in good ways with NixOS and AArch64... but they already have a RockPro64 AFAICT
<samueldr> (tested & work, I assume mic92 has one)
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<samueldr> thinking about it a bit more: it depends on what you want to get from that donation, superherointj
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<superherointj> Initially I thought of it for builds as being helpful in having a ready-latest NixOS available for RockPro64. But now I guess any marginal improvement, like having someone else using RP64 and keeping it updated to master would be great enough.
<superherointj> Where I live taxation is so high (120% over HW). Deliverying HW to Europe is way cheaper for me than buying for myself. I pay half to deliver to you. I just want to keep RP64 well maintained. If you just use it for yourself it can be a win-win. That is good enough for me.
<simpson> Okay. But labor is expensive everywhere, and labor's the bottleneck. Like samueldr and others here, I have a backlog of hardware that I'd like to get around to hacking on but haven't got time/energy to do.
<samueldr> yeah, my main constraint is time :)
<samueldr> and there's also the fact that I see it as a total non-goal to "support" "one board"
<samueldr> (but testing on specific arbitrary and diverse boards is important!)
<samueldr> what I'm saying is that, for ARM-flavoured boards, you shouldn't need to think about "is my board supported" any more than with your x86_64 hardware
<samueldr> (in an ideal world)
<samueldr> and we're not *that* far from it
<samueldr> I think 80% of what is lacking right now is education / reading material about this
<samueldr> (education for users and developers)
<samueldr> and 20% (which is probably more in actual effort) would be finishing touches in some other things
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<superherointj> Understood.
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<samueldr> well, anyone really
<samueldr> but clever might be somwhat more interested
<hexa-> tried to wire up u-boot for rpi4
<hexa-> boot without uboot
<hexa-> stuck with uboot
<hexa-> i'm probably missing two files that the installer image copies
<samueldr> hexa-: I see 5.4, rpi-foundation or mainline?
<samueldr> I don't think mainline 5.4 is expected to work
<hexa-> ah ok, 5.4 rpi-foundation
<hexa-> silly me
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<hexa-> like … what is the installer image doing?
<samueldr> generally nothing?
<samueldr> (half serious here)
<hexa-> colleague just reported he saw uboot on his rpi4 in the sd-image-aarch64
<hexa-> like with generations and so an
<hexa-> so, mainline could work?
<hexa-> i'm not sure what the best sources are to check up on that without trying it out
<samueldr> 5.4 from the foundation on u-boot should work
<samueldr> 5.11 mainline maybe works, I heard tales it should work
<samueldr> (hadn't had the energy to climb the yak shave mountain to boot it on my boards)
<hexa-> so, pkgs.linuxPackages_rpi4 should work?
<samueldr> I believe so
<hexa-> sadly it gets stuck for me
<samueldr> though I don't know what the right console= params are
<hexa-> hm fair
<hexa-> but it didn't respond to pings anytime soon after
<samueldr> hm, they didn't keep the warning that the files are not expected to be kept in Nixpkgs when they split and moved everything sd image
<samueldr> for the raspberry pi 4
<samueldr> that'll sting when it gets removed
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<superherointj> In a RockPro64, Latest NixOS w/ latest U-boot errors this way: ... Any idea of what I am doing wrong?
<hexa-> funny, my log on the rpi says "Starting kernel" right after that :D
<superherointj> Last build?
<superherointj> Latest build?
<hexa-> rpi4, don't think you can compare those
<superherointj> I think it is a bad u-boot version.
<superherointj> Using an old version worked.
<samueldr> hmm, odd, so using what I figure is 2020.11 worked?
<superherointj> '/nix/store/k66wvh5h5vwdhx6n78nb50zpsn9ss2sg-uboot-rockpro64-rk3399_defconfig-2020.07' worked.
<superherointj> this works.
<superherointj> I still need to test other newer versions but latest.
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