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<pinephonenoob> Hi @ALL
<pinephonenoob> I try to build the IMAGE for the pinePhone. But it fails at build "bind"
<pinephonenoob> checking for cmocka >= 1.0.0... nochecking for linker support for --wrap option... configure: error: in `/build/bind-9.16.8':configure: error: cannot run test program while cross compilingSee `config.log' for more details [CC] ioctl/libdm-iface.cchecking for arpa/inet.h... yes
<pinephonenoob> can not find the config.log in the filesystem
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<samueldr> Mobile NixOS is at the mercy of the vagaries of Nixpkgs sometimes breaking cross-compilation
<samueldr> you can use a Nixpkgs revision that successfully built tested
<samueldr> e.g. here in inputs you can see
<samueldr> 24c9b05ac53e422f1af81a156f1fd58499eb27fb is the last Nixpkgs channel advance that successfully built the tested job set
<samueldr> the tested aggregate job* (not that the name really matters here)
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<patagonicus> steveeJ: Not quite what you are looking for, but I'm working on a 4-node Gluster system built on Odroid HC2s. Those are 32-bit armv7 and I haven't gotten around to fixing a few things I need for automated reboots, partially caused by using full disk encryption, so I haven't gotten to the actual Gluster part yet. But I'm happy to share parts of my
<patagonicus> config or answer questions if I can.
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<steveeJ> patagonicus: gotcha. what have you got in mind to decrypt the disks on reboot?
<patagonicus> Well, system boots off of a MicroSD card, unlock over SSH. My plan is to make each machine check if any of the others is currently in the initramfs and if so send it the unlock key. If all four reboot at the same time, I'll have to manually send the keys from one of my main machines. You could of course add something like shamir's secret sharing to
<patagonicus> make it "2 out of 3 other machines have to be up".
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<patagonicus> The storage HDD will be unlocked by a key that's on /, but I'm using LVM on LUKS, which doesn't seem to be an intended use case of Nix' built in disk decryption things.
<patagonicus> Interesting. At some point I seem to have broken nix store signatures for some of those HC2s, so some of them refuse to copy already built things from other machines.
<steveeJ> patagonicus: I'm using LVM on LUKS as well and is has worked so far with SSH decryption. why do you think it wasn't intended to be used like that?
<steveeJ> however I'm not sure if such a general discussion is welcomed in the aarch64 specific channel ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<patagonicus> Ah, sorry. It works fine for /, but I'm trying to add the second drive afterwards and fileSystems.<name>.encrypted seems to assume you have one LUKS device per filesystem and I don't think it knows to vgchange between unlocking and mounting.
<patagonicus> No idea, but this channel is usually rather quiet, so I'm not sure we're disturbing anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We can switch to #nixos-chat if you want.
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<superherointj> The sooner people start using NixOS mobile the better because many things would be fixed because people are using it. Taking longer implies a loss of opportunity. This might be even more important than getting it to work on many many devices.
<superherointj> Desktop/Servers NixOS users could be jumping to it instead of alternatives.
<superherointj> But I wonder how the 'app store' model will be adapted to NixOS for mobile. It will be weird from a consumer perspective.
<superherointj> Editing files on a desktop/notebook/server is fine. But on a touchscreen interface (without mouse, keyboard) not so nice.
<simpson> Maybe apps were a mistake.
<simpson> (Maybe selling software is economically incoherent.)
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<veleiro> what's the problem with hydra and arm64 builds failing again?
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<cirno-999> perhaps it would be possible for the 'app store' to just add a pkgs.x line to configuration.nix and rebuild?
<cirno-999> it's -kinda- dumb, but nixos is very flexible imo.
<cirno-999> the sky is the limit ^^
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<samueldr> superherointj: I don't know what you're getting at here
<superherointj> samueldr, no worry, you are doing important work. just wish it was in an advanced state.
<superherointj> samueldr, a bit anxious to see your thing at prime time. :D
<samueldr> yeah, I'd like to have a team of people (even small!) working on the different parallelisable tasks :)
<samueldr> I was hoping you weren't berating me for some kind of thing I somehow did or didn't do, and in that case it would have been really weird
<ardumont> samueldr: hello, just had success booting the latest (i think) pinephone community edition (manjaro) with #199 only though
<{^_^}> (by bbenoist, 7 years ago, merged): Fixes and updates on qt-4.8, qtcreator, opera, dia and geany
<superherointj> Oh no. I was just considering how tricky it is to edit files in a mobile (like my configuration.nix). And GUI interface being better for touch devices than files.
<ardumont> don't know if that's expected or not (i gave some details on my failures)
<ardumont> there
<ardumont> thanks for your cool work \o/
<superherointj> ardumont, are you running NixOS in your PinePhone?
<samueldr> mobile-nixos#199 I figure :)
<{^_^}> (by TilCreator, 8 weeks ago, open): PinePhone: Switch u-boot to pine64-org fork
<ardumont> oh yeah sorry
<samueldr> no worries, I was getting confused reading that PR title
<samueldr> ardumont: 3GB variant?
<ardumont> yes
<samueldr> yes, entirely expected
<samueldr> the currently-in-master u-boot revision didn't know that allwinner boards could have mixed ram types IIRC
<samueldr> apparently no board did it before the pinephone
<ardumont> oh yeah, i think i read something on one of the issues but i did not get it
<samueldr> superherointj: I'm thinking helpers for configuration writing will be useful, but shouldn't be a mobile-only goal
<samueldr> superherointj: though in the mean-time, the idea is that you're likely going to deploy to a phone, rather than rebuild on device
<samueldr> ardumont: something about ram not coming in 1.5GiB chips :) so it's 2GiB+1GiB IIRC
<ardumont> in the documentation, i'm a bit confused by the multiple building titles
<ardumont> i gathered the full disk is one choice
<ardumont> and the building u-boot and boot are another, right?
<samueldr> u-boot is installed to the image file; the boot partition is installed to the image file
<samueldr> so when you build the image file, you have built the other two components
<samueldr> u-boot is like the "bios" of the phone, except you write it to the storage you boot from (e.g. SD or eMMC)
<samueldr> [for the pinephone, this is not a totally true statement for other boards]
<samueldr> with the pinephone, it is installed at a specific offset on the SD card
<samueldr> (or eMMC
<samueldr> the boot partition holds the kernel that is used for booting
<samueldr> that page, I get it, can be confusing since it's a collection of useful notes for people that already know about those :)
<superherointj> samueldr, why this limitation on rebuilding limiting to deployment to phone?
<samueldr> not a limitation, but the expected common use case because, as you said, typing your config on a virtual keyboard is going to be a pain!
<samueldr> there will be no limitation in use case, just like with NixOS
<samueldr> as Mobile NixOS is a superset, composed on top of NixOS
<samueldr> another common use case for configuration I guess will be using a physical keyboard, e.g. bluetooth or usb
<superherointj> We might have some frontend application for aiding in mobile use case. That would allow to browser and install something without touching files. That won't be hard. But packaging software I agree it would be best done in a computer.
<superherointj> Actually packaging is the tricky part.
<samueldr> I'm not speculating on tools that don't exist
<samueldr> but yes
<samueldr> pretty much everything that works with NixOS will work on Mobile NixOS
<ardumont> thanks for the detailed answer
<ardumont> (i also got confused because I did not get anything working up to #199 plus having some debugging tools definitely helped ;)
<{^_^}> (by bbenoist, 7 years ago, merged): Fixes and updates on qt-4.8, qtcreator, opera, dia and geany
<ardumont> rah
<ardumont> mobile-nixos#199
<{^_^}> (by TilCreator, 8 weeks ago, open): PinePhone: Switch u-boot to pine64-org fork
<superherointj> ardumont, is NixOS working for you now on your PinePhone 3GB?
<ardumont> that's the next step, actually do something now that it booted
<ardumont> (i stopped to go eat because i was blocking the dinner ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ;)
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<hexa-> wow :<
<hexa-> glad I dodged that bullet
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<andi-> could have been worse. Did they ship yet? :D
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<samueldr> got mine yesterday
<samueldr> but 100mbps isn't a great outlook
<samueldr> and I probably can't do the fix
<andi-> yeah but the fix there doesn't seem to bad to implement
<andi-> oh?
<samueldr> this is small!
<samueldr> I'd much rather see them do a program to send out the boards to be fixed
<andi-> yeah that would be nice
<samueldr> oh
<samueldr> it's less bad than I thought
<samueldr> I forgot it has *two* ethernet ports
<samueldr> one is gbps, the other is 2.5gbps
<samueldr> no need to fix it
<samueldr> it's not like plugging two ports in the same switch would help
<samueldr> or does it?
<samueldr> I'm not a network peep
<andi-> you could do LACP/802.3ad
<andi-> but that requires your switch to support it
<samueldr> would it be any useful if everything on it is gbps anyway?
<andi-> and that wouldn't allow a single flow to transfer >1Gbps anyway
<samueldr> I guess maybe if I had two concurrent uses?
<andi-> yeah
<andi-> (and then if the hashing yields the right distribution of the ports)
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<steveeJ> what are some arguments in favor of aarch64 in comparison to low-power x86_64 systems?
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<samueldr> it's really hard to compare apples to apples with what is available
<samueldr> there is almost no overlap
<steveeJ> samueldr: are you saying they would not be compared for the same intention but instead someone would choose them for different intentions?
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> there's few generalizations that can be made
<samueldr> you really have to look at the use case you want, and see what's available and what matters for you
<steveeJ> so if "building a low-power NAS with a single multi-drive or a few single-drive nodes" is my intention, what would that choice be?
<steveeJ> and I'm leaning towards the latter of the two sub-cases
<samueldr> I don't really know enough about all the offers to help, sorry :)
<samueldr> but once you know all products on the market, independent of their architecture, then you can compare and see what is present or lacking
<steveeJ> no worries :-D I am overwhelmed by the overlap **I** am seeing, but maybe I'm seeing incorrectly ;-)
<samueldr> and then, when you know about *features*, you can then look at the perfs difference (unless perfs was a feature, then you already looked and dismissed)
<andi-> samueldr: looks doable but yea it is probably a challenge
<samueldr> if the wire was at least on the other side of that cap, maybe it would have been easier to approach
<andi-> yeah
<samueldr> but there's no way I can solder that in-between all the passive
<__red__> You doing rework?
<samueldr> no
<andi-> you could probably shield off the upper side with some strip of aluminium foil?
<andi-> but it is going to be tricky
<samueldr> yeah, I sorely lack experience :)
<andi-> Just buy more of the boards ;)
<samueldr> I only have the one for development and my own use
<__red__> I have the skills and equipment to do that here, but that doesn't help you
<samueldr> anyway it's not needed since there's *also* a gbps port right next to it
<__red__> (I would also use magwire to do the jump, not stranded
<__red__> )
<__red__> using stranded would be much harder as you need to dump more energy into the joint on the capacitor
<samueldr> yep
<__red__> and if you're not experienced in such things or don't have the right kind of equipment - you're going to lift that capacitor off the board
<samueldr> yep
<samueldr> maybe if it was one of the bigger ones like those you see on the edge
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<samueldr> I already did some minor questionable quality rework on such sizes, removing a passive and replacing with a small bit of wire
<samueldr> and already I was way uncomfortable
<__red__> they're either 0603 or 0402
<__red__> hard to tell from the picture
<__red__> yea - if you're not comfortable with it it's not worth the risk
<__red__> and it's a double-sided board too so you can't preheat it
<__red__> (which would be the other way to make it easier)
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> aaaand, it's not even needed
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<superherointj> You could use at 2.5Gbps :)
<samueldr> if I had the hardware
<superherointj> No hardware with SFP?
<samueldr> nope
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<superherointj> Cheap mikrotik/ubiquity routers/switches have it. I use them here. And work fine. And I actually wanted to install NixOS on them!
<superherointj> But I did not have the courage. :(
<ryantrinkle> superherointj: does nixos have drivers for the switching hardware and stuff?
<ryantrinkle> wouldn't want all your packets going through the CPU :P
* superherointj wants NixOS everywhere... ***everywhere***. Looks to TV, and think NixOS.
<ryantrinkle> superherointj: my thermostat runs NixOS :D
<superherointj> ryantrinkle, well done!
<andi-> my thermostat doesn't have a computer. Feels good.
<ryantrinkle> it's a Pine64 A64-LTS
<ryantrinkle> with the touchscreen added on
<ryantrinkle> i live in NYC, so my heating is ridiculously bad: it's just steam radiators that i have zero control over
<ryantrinkle> whenever the (very large) building decides to turn the boiler on, i get heat whether i want it or not :P
<superherointj> ryantrinkle, some hardware have open drivers/parts. But it can be hit or miss I have not checked it. OpenWRT project has a lot of drivers.
<ryantrinkle> so i strapped 10 Noctua fans on the radiator and got a onewire thermometer and relay
<ryantrinkle> when the temp's too low, fans come on, forcing more air over the radiator
<ryantrinkle> it keeps the place within about a 2-3 degree range :)
<gchristensen> oooh nice
<gchristensen> easier to solve than apartments which are way too hot
<ryantrinkle> haha yeah
<ryantrinkle> i lucked out that the building supplies almost, but not quite, enough heat to my unit
<ryantrinkle> so the forced air was enough to get it where it needed to be
<gchristensen> I think I saw a similar project but it starts with building a box around the radiator, which limits condensation in the radiator and reduces the heat that is left in your apartment
<ryantrinkle> though it's pretty standard in NYC to have the heater on and the window open, so iI could have done that :P
<ryantrinkle> yeah, mine already had a box around it
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<gchristensen> ahh nice
<ryantrinkle> gchristensen: yup, this is pretty much exactly my setup :)
<ryantrinkle> though my thermometer is a remote one
<gchristensen> even better
<ryantrinkle> in the center of the apartment
<gchristensen> my thermostats are all mercury, but my garage door runs nixos
<ryantrinkle> nice! for remote control purposes?
<gchristensen> yeah
<gchristensen> the clicker died, and was proprietary / not replaceable
<gchristensen> now we use iOS's Shortcuts app which as built-in support for SSH
<ryantrinkle> that's very cool
<ryantrinkle> what hardware are you running on>?
<gchristensen> I think it is an rpi4, with a pimoroni relay hat
<gchristensen> automationhat
<gchristensen> it just has to do a momentary closing of a circuit
<samueldr> I think you're using an rpi3, as the 4th wasn't released when you made that
<samueldr> unless you upgraded in-between :)
<gchristensen> I think you're right
<gchristensen> I can never remember how to SSH in to it in a way that doesn't trigger my garage door ...
<samueldr> >> dear, the neighbour's updating the garage door opener again
<gchristensen> lol