<samueldr> colemickens: I never really followed up on simplefb
<samueldr> it should be relatively trivial to apply the same to blueline, I can prepare a patch if you want to try
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<colemickens> that requires the same recovery "workaround" like razer2? I can give it a shot. I'm sort of more interested right now in getting my mainline kernel to boot, but that's not going super hot.
<samueldr> I don't know if it'll need the workaround, my gut feeling says no
<samueldr> and in any case if it does need it, the display will work for a short while
<samueldr> I believe for cheryl2 it's that HDR gets enabled
<samueldr> and that totally breaks stuff
<samueldr> though do continue with mainline if it's a plausible way forward :)
<samueldr> I didn't end up being able to boot mainline
<samueldr> alrighty, so with that phone handled... am I really out of phones to port to?
<samueldr> other than much older armv7l phones, and that mediatek phone without a kernel dump, I think so
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<samueldr> I'm kinda annoyed at how "project mainline" will cause confusion with "mainline linux"
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<colemickens> if the simple_fb was working, I would just start seeing stuff on screen yeah?
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<craige> Dropped an SD card into the pinephone today and especially compared to PostMarketOS, the UI was as snappy as you'd expect on device spec'd like that. Looking forward to getting my NixOS build that snappy.
<craige> Unless I've missed something samueldr - the last successful build for the pinephone was https://hydra.nixos.org/build/127941252#tabs-buildinputs <- is that a known issue or something that requires attention that I can look at?
<craige> ugh s/Dropped an SD card/Dropped an SD card with UBports on it/
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<sphalerite> craige: huh, ubports was pretty slow (on the emmc) for me…
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<betaboon> anyone got the pi4 running with vc4 overlay ?
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<samueldr> craige: as built natively on aarch64
<samueldr> craige: yes there is a bug to be looked at
<samueldr> which is "trivial" to work around, or you can use the x86_64-linux cross build
<samueldr> colemickens: yeah
<samueldr> colemickens: I don't know if you saw that you also need to enable it in the kernel config
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<colemickens> I did. :/
<samueldr> I presume there was no display then?
<samueldr> still stuck on the boot logo?
<samueldr> maybe try adding "quiet" to the args, pixel 2 has that weird issue where if "quiet" isn't used things go wrong
<samueldr> too bad, for razer-cheryl2 it just worked
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<colemickens> correct. I can try out quiet.
<samueldr> though I kind of assume it won't help
<colemickens> I do have another question. You have the patch to drop "dangerous android args". I don't have that patch, but I am still able to boot, etc?
<samueldr> good thing it's just an image rebuild
<colemickens> Does the razer2 have more aggressive dangerous args hardcoded or?
<samueldr> uh
<samueldr> you should be needing that
<samueldr> is the bootloader adding `skip_initramfs` to your command line args?
<colemickens> that's my current booted /proc/cmdline
<colemickens> I don't see a skip_initramfs though.
<samueldr> how peculiar
<colemickens> (but it does hardcode init=/init)
<samueldr> skip_initramfs is part of how "boot as recovery" works
<samueldr> or uh, "system as root"
<samueldr> (both sides of the same coin)
<samueldr> looks like it changed
<samueldr> >> Devices that use recovery as a ramdisk must use the kernel command line parameter androidboot.force_normal_boot=1 to decide whether to boot into Android or continue booting into recovery
<samueldr> and AFAIK this isn't used by the kernel, but used by the init
<samueldr> so uh... neat?
<samueldr> so uh... we're not handling that method of entering recovery yet
<samueldr> that might also be needed for fastbootd?
<samueldr> I figure with the android 9 bootloader things would be different
<colemickens> heh, I know things are somewhat different with the android 9 bootloader. I might give that a go today since I think I had mainline booting with it once.
<colemickens> There's also an Android 11 bootloader out for it now, might be worth testing and collecting /proc/cmdline for notes today too, after testing android 9 btldr
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<samueldr> colemickens: one thing I didn't verify exhaustively
<samueldr> it might be that your device isn't using b1-common.dtsi transitively
<samueldr> I didn't end up being able to conclusively prove that blueline was b1
<samueldr> though it makes sense that B1 is Blueline and C1 is Crosshatch
<samueldr> (and other bits and bobs online like misc. dmesg output)
<colemickens> do you know what the "transitive" linking mechanism is?
<colemickens> Is there some magic number in the DTSI that is matched to the board at boot time?
<colemickens> or maybe you don't know and thats why you mention? I can look into it.
<samueldr> I don't think so
<samueldr> I meant transitively in the sense of being #included
<colemickens> ok
<samueldr> though this does bring up the question to me: could you be using crosshatch's FDT?
<samueldr> hmm, probably not
<samueldr> but uh, it's isImageGzDtb, I wonder which FDTs it's bundling in
<samueldr> a good way to check is in the first lines of the dmesg output, the "model" field will be printed
<colemickens> Machine: Google Inc. MSM sdm845 B1 DVT1.1
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<samueldr> alright, that's the one I expected
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<colemickens> Oh
<samueldr> oh?
<colemickens> you patched sdm845-b1-common.dtsi
<samueldr> yeah, open that one
<colemickens> oh doh I just blind-moded and missed the top line
<samueldr> no worries
<colemickens> darn, I was hopeful that maybe it just wasn't included
<samueldr> it's a bit convoluted
<samueldr> can you run `dtc /proc/device-tree > somefile.dts` and share? (with the patch applied)
<samueldr> though just now I'm testing on asus-z00t to see how FB_SIMPLE worked on that much of an older device
<samueldr> and uh... doesn't look good at first glance :)
<samueldr> maybe it was a fluke-ish luck that it worked that easily on cheryl2
<samueldr> lol, I see you on the other channel asking the bot
<samueldr> (which is here too)
<samueldr> ,locate bin dtc
<{^_^}> Found in packages: python38Packages.libfdt
<samueldr> uh
<samueldr> that's not exactly right
<samueldr> pkgs.dtc it is
<colemickens> I don't see framebuffer0 from the patch though :/
<samueldr> I like how you kept "somefile.dts" lol
<samueldr> and yeah
<samueldr> the "good news" is that the FDT is different to what's expected
<samueldr> so it never ended up being tried
<colemickens> grumble, my udev takes 2 minutes to settle on every boot. or something "Wait for... evice initialization" for exactly 2 minutes on every boot
<samueldr> oh
<samueldr> that reminds me of something
<samueldr> I don't recall what
<samueldr> right
<colemickens> (I am not stumped yet, but fwiw I did go ahead and push up exactly what I'm working with)
<samueldr> thuogh I seem to recall having found more details about it
<samueldr> but I don't remember what
<samueldr> I'll be busy in the next few hours, but for simplefb (if that's what you want to work on) you might want to first trace out where in "the chain" the FDT is lost
<samueldr> is it being appended to the kernel you're booting?
<samueldr> is the added node part of the FDT being appended?
<samueldr> if they are, then it's somewhere on the device (I guess) that it ends up being lost
<colemickens> okay.
<colemickens> I think it's loading from the dtbo partition still.
<colemickens> I know things break if I erase it.
<samueldr> it could be
<colemickens> I need to read up on how the appended/partition loading works, tracing the end of the build log will help me grok what's going on too.
<colemickens> Thanks for the guidance, I've got lots of things to explore this afternoon.
<samueldr> if you run dtbs_install in the kernel build, the built FDTs should be in the output of the kernel package
<samueldr> -A config.mobile.boot.stage-1.kernel.package
<colemickens> the dtbs dir is empty :|
<samueldr> is it running dtbs_install?
<samueldr> and does the log include DTC lines?
<colemickens> oops, I think I dropped hasDTB on accident
<colemickens> yeah, I get what you're saying, it's still building :)
<samueldr> so it must not even be using the FDTs it should be appending?
<samueldr> DTC arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom/../msm8939-cdp-zd550kl.dtb
<samueldr> something like that
<samueldr> though the dtbs_install I'm not sure works for every kernel trees
<samueldr> asus-z00t doesn't install them >:|
<colemickens> yeah, I saw the patches
<samueldr> I mean, I just ran the build and it's not copied to the output dir :)
<colemickens> that was in my mainline derivation for a while
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> mainline is different enough that we can't exactly compare
<samueldr> especially since z00t is on a much older kernel
<colemickens> the kernel builder doesn't run dtbs_install if hasDtb isn't set
<colemickens> so I'm setting that and then going to see what the build log looks like
<samueldr> yeah, though it's not a property of the build, but of the platform
<samueldr> hasDTB = platform.kernelDTB;
<colemickens> oh woops
<samueldr> > pkgsCross.aarch64-multiplatform.hostPlatform.platform.kernelDTB
<{^_^}> true
<colemickens> ah
<craige> Thanks samueldr - I'll see if I can throw some time at it this week.
<samueldr> craige: the workaround is to run normalize-kernel beforehand, on the native platform
<samueldr> craige: the fix is to make the normalize bits ignore the few fields that differe here
<samueldr> differ*
<samueldr> it seems that for maximum reproducibility the kernel is saving even more information about the platform and compiler
<samueldr> and uh, native vs. cross brings up different properties about the compiler :(
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<samueldr> colemickens: not sure if this can help you https://github.com/PabloCastellano/extract-dtb
<samueldr> in practice, with a normal appended dtb image yes
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<craige> thanks samueldr
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