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<colemickens> I can't seem to scp/rsync over, any other tips?
<colemickens> oops, theres probably a stage-1 extra packages or something
<colemickens> of course, extraUtils :)
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<colemickens> samueldr: modeset-vsync works, modeset-atomic doesnt, modset-double-buffered is slow, but works.
<colemickens> samueldr: plain old modeset seemed to hang it ?
<samueldr> plain old modeset doesn't swap buffers :)
<samueldr> it "works", but works outside of view
<colemickens> oh okay
<colemickens> is it a good sign that modeset-vsync works?
<samueldr> yes
<samueldr> I think
<samueldr> it must be notifying the driver in some ways that, in turn, does the right thing
<colemickens> I imagine the jedi hand wave, "ways".
<andi-> My OnePlus 3T is finally no longer in use so I can start tinkering with mobile nixos \o/
<samueldr> andi-: great!
<andi-> don't expect too much :D
<samueldr> I don't :)
<samueldr> but it's great nonetheless
<colemickens> samueldr: should I try to run some more things, like Sway ( I think sway wants logind, so idk if that will work) ?
<andi-> It isn't like I find a blackhole to hide my reality in there while I go down that path
<samueldr> I think I don't have a 3T, but a 3, so maybe verify first, but it should be brick-safe since the programmers are out there
<samueldr> colemickens: definitely
<andi-> I did boot it a while ago already when I had to do the last wipe
<samueldr> try anything in stage-2 you can
<samueldr> colemickens: I literally did the minimum effort of configuring x11 for drm and seeing it didn't work
<samueldr> nothing more
<colemickens> I'm sort of confused if I'm actually in stage 2. The NIXOS_SYSTEM partition is mounted at /mnt ?
<samueldr> you're still in stage-1 then
<samueldr> you know about stage-1/stage-2 in NixOS (non-mobile), right?
<samueldr> initramfs is stage-1, then we switch root into the full system
<colemickens> yes
<samueldr> that full system is stage-2
<samueldr> good
<samueldr> just checking :)
<colemickens> yeah I'll dig into that and see why it's not fully switching then. I assume when I get stage-2 proper then I'll get a nix daemon, etc?
<samueldr> yes
<samueldr> you get a bog standard nixos system
<samueldr> there is literally nothing "mobile" about it :)
<samueldr> ¨
<samueldr> this will stop the boot
<samueldr> so if you're using it with the serial console, just exit out of it to continue the boot
<samueldr> (exit as in the exit built-in)
<samueldr> andi-: yeah, I remembered you booted it, and it didn't surprise me that it worked considering what I read about the differences between 3 and 3T
<samueldr> I don't think there is anything challenging with it
<samueldr> specific to it
<andi-> I don't even know what to do with it once it boots NixOS...
<samueldr> there is all the work to get icnss wifi working, then all the work for gpu accel, sound, modems, etc
<samueldr> so if the goal is not to improve the support, probably there's not much for you right now
<andi-> I guess I can give it a try once I'm bored :D
<samueldr> once at least wifi is on, you can make it a toy to look at phone environment alternatives
<samueldr> maybe even useful!
<andi-> true
<samueldr> oh, there might be some mainline work
<andi-> any idea what it takes to get the GSM part working? I've been thinking of adding a backup path into my home-network via LTE.. Could of course use a regular LTE stick but that would be trivial
<samueldr> not yet
<samueldr> still a completely open avenue to me
<samueldr> though I assume hybris support is required
<samueldr> which is too for sounds and probably GPU accel
<samueldr> though before I get to work with hybris to understand it, I have a couple things to do
<samueldr> I guess I should really explore the mainline options soon
<samueldr> I wonder how modem will work on mainline though
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<colemickens> I saw the push from the bot in #nixos, ha.
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> you can't just hide anything from it :)
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<colemickens> what should my expectations be around rndis after stage-2 succeeds?
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<colemickens> (btw, boot selection blocks boot if FBterm is broken ;))
<samueldr> fbterm?
<samueldr> I don't follow
<colemickens> sorry i meant the framebuffer
<samueldr> and yeah, boot selection menu assumes there is an interface
<samueldr> BUT
<colemickens> it fails when showing the boot generation selection
<samueldr> volume keys do work!
<colemickens> I just short circuited it for now
<samueldr> and power button too!
<samueldr> colemickens: rndis might should can work in stage-2, but there is nothing configuring it... if it was already configured in stage-1 it will work in stage-2
<samueldr> that's how I use it
<samueldr> since it's configured in stage-1, it ends up just working
<colemickens> hm, that's what I was hoping.
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<colemickens> I don't have to manually enable dhcpd in stage-2?
<colemickens> It seems like I'm getting a usb0 device but I'm not getting a lease
<samueldr> I enable rndis in stage-1 and use the unmodified rootfs from hydra
<colemickens> same
<samueldr> though I guess sometimes it doesn't have the time to lease?
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<colemickens> do process (like udhcpd) get killed during pivot?
<colemickens> or stage-1 -> stage-2, I should be more speciifc
<samueldr> yes
<samueldr> uh
<samueldr> no
<samueldr> it's hard to explain
<samueldr> I think what will happen is that udhcpcd isn't able to process since files are gone, all mounts are gone
<samueldr> but its process is not culled since we don't do any kind of cleanup in mobile nixos yet
<colemickens> I see.
<colemickens> I can probably just set static ip on my dev machine to unblock then
<samueldr> oh
<samueldr> right
<samueldr> I do that maybe
<samueldr> I don't actually remember
<samueldr> (have I ever said that I don't like networking?)
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<sphalerite> samueldr: I heard you're good at networking, could you help me with this problem I'm having?
<samueldr> >:|
<samueldr> ifconfig eth0 down
<samueldr> or whatever
<sphalerite> re the above, doesn't systemd kill everything from the initramfs? Or am I confusing things?
<samueldr> its own switch_root does
<samueldr> which it's not using
<sphalerite> aaah
<sphalerite> which we're not even using in nixos :D
<sphalerite> regular nixos
<samueldr> also yeah
<samueldr> though I think there's culling of non-@ processes
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<samueldr> I *do* need to implement that
<samueldr> as currently enabling sshd in stage-1 breaks stage-2 sshd
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<kahiru> hey, does the aarch64 image come with dhcp client enabled on all interfaces and sshd enabled or do I have to build my own image with that?
<colemickens> even after setting a static ip, dropbear is rejecting me:
<colemickens> heh
<samueldr> kahiru: dhcp, sshd, but no default password
<kahiru> so anyone can login or noone can login?
<samueldr> though if you put your pubkey at the right location (and with the right access rights) it should work
<kahiru> ah
<samueldr> no password
<kahiru> interesting, worth a tr
<samueldr> and can't login without a password
<samueldr> I'm assuming you'd be using the unstable image to setup
<samueldr> that change for default ssh is recent
<samueldr> it's not in 20.03, not sure it's in 20.09
<samueldr> colemickens: I haven't tried ssh in stage-1 in a good while
<samueldr> maybe things broke
<samueldr> unless this output is from _after_ switch_root, if it is disable dropbear
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<kahiru> eh, guess I'll build my own
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<colemickens> I got greedy and tried to build drm-howto directly on it:
<samueldr> check your kernel config
<samueldr> user namespace stuff
<samueldr> I still need to go through and make a list of all kernel options that needs to be turned on
<samueldr> and plug this right into the tooling that exists already for nixos that verifies the config
<samueldr> anyways, I'm off now
<colemickens> thanks, cheers
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<sphalerite> samueldr: testing out autoport for xiaomi-santoni now :)
<samueldr> nice
* samueldr also runs it
<samueldr> in case there's a bug I can probably instantly fix it
<samueldr> snapdragon 430
<sphalerite> hm, mobile-nixos doesn't know the soc yet. I guess that doesn't count as a bug :D
<samueldr> yeah no, not a bug outright
<samueldr> at some point in the future all SoCs will be known
<sphalerite> whoa
<sphalerite> how?
<samueldr> users like you will add them
<samueldr> sorry if you expected more magic :)
<sphalerite> oh right
<sphalerite> haha
<sphalerite> oh damn, this model has a varying amount of RAM and I don't know how much mine has
<sphalerite> will anything go horribly wrong if I use the lowest amount available on the model?
<samueldr> put the minimum amount
<samueldr> nothing uses that for now
<samueldr> it might be used at some point to recommend options
<samueldr> the screen resolution isn't used yet, either
<samueldr> that one might be used to pre-compute a boot logo for Linux so it flows more cleanly
<samueldr> not to be confused with the splash screens
<sphalerite> ah alright
<samueldr> I'm pretty confident that android_usb is right when it detects it
<samueldr> in fact I'm pretty confident about all of its detection at this point
<sphalerite> I'm guessing the refresher should be used on this soc as well
<samueldr> 99% sure it should be
<samueldr> though you could try it without once you've confirmed it boots
<sphalerite> aw, no kernel.nix autogenerated :(
<sphalerite> err kernel/default.nix
<samueldr> >> It does not provide a complete skeleton yet. Mainly for now it’s missing the kernel derivation. Though we might be able to provide likely source locations depending on some factors.
<sphalerite> right
<{^_^}> mobile-nixos/autoport#7 (by samueldr, 4 days ago, open): Add common known sources to skeleton files
<samueldr> that's something shelved for a bit later, but I intend to guesstimate the repository :)
<sphalerite> hm which kernel do I even want to use here :/ there's the xiaomi release, "msm-3.18 upstream kernel", …
<sphalerite> lineageos of course…
<samueldr> sorry
<samueldr> I was following the logic from issue 7
<sphalerite> "msm-3.18 upstream kernel" being what pmos uses AFAIU
<samueldr> I just wanted to see if it would work, and yeah, seems like the logic for lineageos is right for this device too
<sphalerite> so lineageos is the first one to try?
<samueldr> that's what I'd do
<samueldr> I don't have a strong opinion
<samueldr> though well-known repositories are better than random forks
<sphalerite> hm, lineageos dropped support for the device in 17.x
<sphalerite> ah well, I'll try it anyway
<samueldr> that doesn't really matter for us
<samueldr> it's not like z00t and addison have 17.x support
<sphalerite> well, older unmaintained kernel… though I guess that's not _actually_ different on devices that are still supported x)
<samueldr> exactly
<sphalerite> hm, what's the current state on the kernelPatches arg? Maybe that needs to be removed from autoport :)
<samueldr> oh
<samueldr> yes
<sphalerite> so I just take it out of the kernel callPackage?
<samueldr> yep
<sphalerite> perfect
<sphalerite> now building the first image attempt \o/
<samueldr> (speaking of, I should really use ERB for the skeleton files, as currently it's a mess)
<sphalerite> that was pretty fast.
<sphalerite> oh, hm, where does the kernel config come from in autoport? I have some doubts that that will match up with the kernel sources :)
<samueldr> from the OEM kernel build
<samueldr> though it's a stepping stone
<samueldr> what I would do: (1) commit the from-autoport config (2) run normalize with whatever sources you want and commit _that_ (3) start configuring
<samueldr> alternatively you could download the latest linageos for santoni, extract its boot.img, extract its kernel, extract its kernel configuration
<samueldr> (which at some point will be handled for you in autoport)
<sphalerite> alrighty
<samueldr> if you have doubts about new configs, or failure to build, compare with the santoni defconfig from the lineageos kernel repo I guess
<sphalerite> sounds good
<sphalerite> lol, kernel-normalize-config says "Usage: -e <device_name>"
<samueldr> hm
<samueldr> that sounds like a bug with ARGV[0] handling
<samueldr> can you open an issue?
<sphalerite> mobile-nixos#222
<{^_^}> (by lheckemann, 10 seconds ago, open): kernel-normalize-config gets its name wrong in its usage message
<samueldr> thanks
<sphalerite> -Werror=misleading-indentation broke the kernel build >_<
<sphalerite> I guess that's a hardening option?
<samueldr> check in misc.json, the kernel version string will show which gcc version was used to build it
<samueldr> gcc 4.9 probably
<samueldr> gcc 6 will have more warnings enabled
<sphalerite> aaah
<samueldr> that's why there is enableRemovingWerror
<samueldr> you have a choice of either using 4.9 to build, and probably not have any errors that way
<samueldr> or using gcc6 but removing Werror
<samueldr> it's possible either of gcc 4.9 or gcc 6 will build but fail to boot though
<samueldr> so you might end up having to try either
<sphalerite> well, I'll try 4.9 first I guess
<samueldr> options for the kernel builder are found here
<sphalerite> hm, do you prefer enableRemovingWerror over removeWerror so that all the boolean things start with enable?
<samueldr> >> What's the difference between is* and enable* parameters? is are for intrinsic "properties" of the build. enable*, while enable* serves to enable a feature. The distinction becomes a big hazy with things like enableCompilerGcc6Quirk and enableRemovingWerror, but the same applies. The gcc6 quirk or removing Werror is not a property of the build, but a feature needed for the current implementation to work.
<{^_^}> mobile-nixos#212 (by samueldr, 5 days ago, merged): Review the kernel builder ergonomics
<samueldr> I wanted to make a distinct split between features and properties of the kernel/device
<samueldr> so that led to me using two different prefixes here
<sphalerite> aaah undefined references <3
<sphalerite> <3 vendor Kconfigs
<samueldr> not suprising
<samueldr> going to lineageos you may need to turn on one of those configs that are newly added
<sphalerite> hm, or I could just use the lineage defconfig?
<samueldr> most likely look at the name of the undefined reference, and match it to the added configs :)
<samueldr> you *could*, but I never really had great succes going straight from a defconfig file
<sphalerite> ah ok
<samueldr> though maybe now it's better since I fixed the normalization script to execute with the proper environment for the build
<sphalerite> silly me.
<samueldr> it sure would
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<sphalerite> oh boy, 4 different versions of mostly the same code in this tree…
<samueldr> synpatics driver?
<sphalerite> msm_flash.c
<samueldr> ah
<sphalerite> I'm guessing I want the santoni one though :)
<samueldr> synaptics I've seen commonly be vendored with a variant
<samueldr> yeah, that's a combined tree you're working out of
<samueldr> while the OEM used a tree for santoni only
<samueldr> I'm trying to make a combined bluecross/cheryl2 tree
<samueldr> that's not fun
<samueldr> but if it works out, I can just merge als-bluecross to get an updated kernel
<sphalerite> ooh excitin
<sphalerite> ah crap, the SoC was misdetected?
<samueldr> was it?
<sphalerite> apparently it's msm8940, not msm8937
<samueldr> I think I see what's up
<samueldr> two variants
<samueldr> maybe not
<samueldr> it might be that the OEM filled in the platform weird
<samueldr> or that qualcomm assumes 8940 is compatible with 8937
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<samueldr> >> Snapdragon 425, 427, 430 and 435 are pin and software compatible; software compatible with Snapdragon 429, 439, 450, 625, 626 and 632.
<samueldr> hmmm, so that detection isn't exactly foolproof :/
<sphalerite> right… but I think it might be ok? The main problem here is that it misled me into enabling some msm8937 kernel config options, which stopped the santoni camera code from being used.
<sphalerite> OOH I HAVE A BOOT.IMG
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> you probably don't want to change what's enabled in those options compared to OEM/LineageOS
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<sphalerite> welp, it seems to be trying to boot, but failing
<samueldr> failing how?
<samueldr> if it reboot immediately after a fastboot boot, try another gcc
<samueldr> if it reboots after a small while from fastboot, maybe changing the display backlight level a bit, the kernel started trying to do something
<samueldr> then you could look at ramoops in TWRP
<sphalerite> the latter
<sphalerite> … if I can get twrp running
<samueldr> shouldn't be hard :)
<sphalerite> eeh, it doesn't seem to want to boot that after flashing it.
<samueldr> if the kernel starts, then the gcc used is probably fine
<sphalerite> Just tried fastboot boot twrp….img though, and that works.
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<samueldr> so I guess it'll depend on the ramoops log
<samueldr> if you see the mobile nixos built kernel log, then you have *something else* to debug
<sphalerite> hm, where do I find the ramoops log in twrp?
<samueldr> depends on the vintage of the android version
<samueldr> maybe /proc/last_kmsg
<samueldr> for older devices
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<samueldr> otherwise it's under /sys/fs/pstore/**
<sphalerite> hm, the former doesn't exist, the latter is empty.
<sphalerite> Will try booting my boot.img again, maybe it got lost somewhere along the way.
<samueldr> you might need to go directly to recovery after a failure
<samueldr> yeah
<samueldr> exactly
<samueldr> but sometimes I've had issues getting logs
<samueldr> so sometimes I really had no idea
<sphalerite> that could be tricky, if the recovery continues to refuse to boot from the recovery partition
<sphalerite> yep it does
<sphalerite> I think that might be my cue to go to bed.
<samueldr> haha
<samueldr> >>
<samueldr> Recovery: With the device powered off, hold Volume Up + Volume Down + Power.
<samueldr> not sure what you were using
<samueldr> but lineageos says to hold all of that
<samueldr> it might be only both up/down that is required on poweron though
<sphalerite> yeah, that boot loops
<samueldr> fun :/
<samueldr> oh
<samueldr> is it system as root?
<sphalerite> showing the fastboot splash for a split second
<sphalerite> system as root..?
<samueldr> doesn't look like it
<samueldr> those devices which add skip_initramfs to boot normally, and recovery is in the boot.img partition
<samueldr> xiaomi has devices (like lavender) that are system as root, but recovery is still in a separate partition
<samueldr> not sure if it would have mattered here
<sphalerite> well given that the recovery won't boot from the recovery partition, only from fastboot, I think something else is hosed here :/
<samueldr> yeah, that's something that you might want to check
<samueldr> maybe you need a "firmware" update?
<samueldr> bootloader and other partitions?
<sphalerite> uuuuh how would I do that?
<samueldr> there is a flashable zip that includes only the "vendorey" bits
<sphalerite> that domain looks totally trustworthy :D
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<samueldr> it kind of is due to signatures
<sphalerite> nice
<samueldr> though it is totally verifiable if you want
<samueldr> download the firmware from xiaomi and look at the files
<samueldr> same hashes = okay
<samueldr> you'll have a different install script though
<samueldr> which can be observed
<samueldr> but yeah, that looks sketchy at first glance
<sphalerite> hm, vendor for santoni isn't available, only firmware
<sphalerite> oh boy 30KiB/s download
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<sphalerite> holy CRAP the phone connects to wifi again (with lineageos)
<sphalerite> this was an eternal problem with it, and the reason I have it
<sphalerite> welp, since the firmware download will take another 20min, I'm going to bed
<sphalerite> gnight!
<sphalerite> thanks very much for your help again samueldr
<sphalerite> samueldr++
<{^_^}> samueldr's karma got increased to 278
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<samueldr> you're welcome
<samueldr> hopefully we can get through the issues soon
<samueldr> I would assume starting from lineageos' config would help
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<colemickens> I goofed. I locked myself out, then tried to "start over". Now everytime it tries to pivot to stage-2 it complains that NIXOS_SYSTEM is corrupt. Even though I'm flashing to userdata like I was before? idk
<samueldr> fastboot erase userdata, then retry?
<samueldr> that's weird though
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